“Beer: so much more than just a breakfast drink” Anon

“Many of the world’s best-known beers are almost tasteless. Their sales may be huge, but
like many popular products, they are not memorable.”
Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter)
Today our first mental image of beer is usually a pale golden lightly flavoured lager beer that
originated in the Czech Republic in the mid 19th century, but for thousands of years before that beer meant a dark,
warm and almost flat ale – not in any way like today’s frothy lager.
Beer is made by fermenting grain into liquid form. Barley and wheat are the most widely used grains, but other cereals,
such as oats, rye and even rice can be used. Extra flavour and character come from the addition of hops, spices, fruit
and herbs. Great beer is generally made where wine is not - this is so because the very cool climate needed to produce the finest grain crops, water supply and maturation process is usually not suitable for grape growing. If you drew
a horizontal line through the center of Europe you would find most great breweries on the north of the line & most of
the great wineries below.
Earliest records indicate that over 5,000 years ago Sumerians started cultivating barley and
fermenting it into beer in the area that is now know as Iraq. The Chinese and the native tribes of Africa and America
soon followed suit. In early civilizations, beer-making had been woman’s work, but during the Dark Ages, after the fall
of Rome, the job was taken over by the European monastic orders. Monks made beer partly because poor sanitation
meant that beer was safer to drink than water, and partly because the sale of ale to travellers provided a steady income
for the monasteries. Once upon a time many monasteries owned their own breweries and pubs, but with the rise of the
Protestant Church, and a more austere regime in the Catholic Church meant brewing moved into the towns and kings
and governments began to regulate and
tax the beer trade.
There are two main types of Beer – Lager and Ale. Both types have given rise to a multitude
of different styles. Traditionally Ale is produced by a top fermenting yeast over a week at around
16 degrees, where Lager is made using bottom fermenting yeast over three weeks at around 10 degrees. Ale is often
aged in wooden casks and Lager in metal tanks.
Over the next few pages are about 100 beers we consider to be of the highest quality and of intrinsic value
to anyone with even the most fleeting interest in beer.
We are a tiny restaurant and have but a few fridges and very little space and as well as beer we also have
a large range of Champagnes and wines to store, so we only keep a small number of each beer cold, so
please forgive us if you manage to drink us out of a particular line of cold beers! But on the plus side...there
are 100 others to try!
“Beer: so much more than just a breakfast drink”
Pale Ales & India Pale Ales
English Pale Ales are often copper & amber in colour and are so named because when
they were introduced they were considerably paler than standard ales of the time. The
style is generally well bittered with resinous hop character and a good dose of malt to
balance. Generally less intense & better balanced than the U.S. versions,
and also with less carbonation.
American Pale Ale is the product of the US craft brewing movement running riot
throughout the 1980’s & 90’s. The style is usually higher in alcohol & increasingly large
portions of in-your-face floral and bitter hops thrown in. These beers are continually
pushing the hop flavour envelope & often have floral, citrus & grapefruit thrust. Usually
quite high in carbonation.
India Pale Ales originated in London between 1780 & 1820. They are characterised by
pale malts, long maturation, massive hop levels & high alcoholic strength.
The latter was necessary to ensure beer survived the long months at sea for the India
stationed English troops.
750ml 7.4%
Consistently in my top 5 IPA’s ever. Very “un” American. Rich mid palate. Defined malts. Lasting flavours. Amazing beer.
Big, roasted & malty with grassy overtones & limited tropical explosions you may expect from over the ocean.
DESCHUTES Fresh Squeezed (USA) 355ml
This mouthwateringly delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Soft mouth feel, round,
with fair sweetness; the malt flavor is good, without caramel or other declinations that may cover too much the hops;
plenty of fruits, mango, strawberries, red forest berries - soft finish that not overly bitter. 2014 Staff Fave!
SIERRA NEVADA Torpedo (USA) 355ml
The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA is a big American IPA that is bold, assertive and full of flavour and aromas;
highlighting the complex citrus, pine and herbal character of whole-cone American hops. To put it simply - its bloody
delicious and is the poster-child for this style of West Coast brewing.
GOLDEN ROAD Point The Way IPA (USA) 355ml 5.9%
Point the Way IPA is an ode to the hop-crazed patrons of Los Angeles. Its light malt body elevates the citrus zest, tropical
and pine notes contributed by a generous hop dosing. At 5.9%, this session-able West-Coast IPA finishes dry for optimal
repeat-ability. A super session can with 60 IBU’s of hop goodness.
Calling itself an IPA, but to my mind its really just a great session pale ale - albiet hightly hopped with a singular hop - the
super Galaxy hop from Tasmania. Massively fragrant on the nose, but relatively restrained on the palate. It would be
pretty easy to blow the froth of a few of these!
IPA is Dead “2015”
Now in its 5th year the “IPA is Dead” series sees the same base beer augmented with four
very different hops, in quantities that truly showcase their characteristics. The base is a 7.2%
IPA brewed with Extra Pale Malt and US Ale yeast, in order to provide a clean and balanced
structure for the hopload that follows. And boy, does it follow: a flurry of kettle hops, and then
a heavily enthusiastic dry-hopping regime leave each IPA is Dead beer at 70 IBU and with the
hops ringing loud and clear.
Mandarina Bavaria (Germany) - Like sucking on tangerines.
Pioneer (UK) - Lemon, cedar, citrus pith zing from Kent.
Chinook (USA) - All pine and spice.
Ella (Australia) - Our own super soft floral hop.
More Pale Ales
BEER HERE Rocketfuel (Denmark) 330ml
Beers from this mob are always under-rated. This one has a hazy golden body with a medium off white head. Aromas
of citrus fruits and, pine. Fruity taste featuring peach, grapefruit, and some more pine. Dry bitterness, a hoppy aftertaste
and a long pleasant finish. Not too high in alcohol - just an all-round excellent Pale Ale.
BIRRA DEL BORGO ReAle Extra (Italy)
I liked this beer so much last time it came in I didn’t even put it on the list...just drank them all myself! There is nothing
flashy about this beer - not overly malty, or hoppy, not too sweet or bitter. It’s just one of the best balanced beers in
ages. Like an ESB crossed with a Pale Ale. These probably won’t last long...
British Maris Otter and German Pilsner malts lends solidity, balance and bready flavors to brace up a beer that’s
beautifully hoppy, strangely quaffable and oddly compelling. Minerally hop bitterness is followed by a shock wave of
flavor and aroma. You won’t even know what hit you.
OMNIPOLLO Nebuchadnezzar IIPA (Sweden) 330ml
Hazy golden orange pour. Aroma is powerful pine resin hops (think West Coast IPAs) with some tropical
fruit. Palate is similarly big pine and mango/tropical fruit. Serious full and complex bitterness. Really
good smooth palate, just richer than normal. Incredibly balanced IIPA. Lookout USA!!!
BRASH The Bollocks Imperial IPA (USA) 650ml 12.5%
The name of this brewery couldn’t be more apt. This is a massive in your face typically West Coast styled IPA.
110 IBU’s of goodness make it a monster. Seriously rich and hoppy. Bitterly strong and steadied by sweetness. The
nose is of stone fruits and candied oranges. The flavors have bold citrus, some candy and finishes with a huge piney
bitter. The full body is sticky and substantive, complex and big. Yipeee!
DESCHUTES Pine Drops (USA) 355ml
This West Coast IPA is made using Pilsner base malt, it is light on malt but not hops. With a hop bill consisting of
Amarillo, Centennial, Northern Brewer & experimental hop X, its pine packed along with the citrus notes you expect.
HAWKERS Pale Ale (Melbourne) 330ml 5.2%
One of the better Victorian Pale Ales we have had in ages. A quintessential American style pale ale, hop forward and
yet very balanced. This beer is a real thirst quencher. At $6 a pop we reckon its the best value craft beer in the land.
Get on it. Be good to your mum. Enjoy.
GOLDEN ROAD Wolf Among The Weeds (USA) 473ml 8.0%
A balanced showcase of the majestic hop species, in Latin, Humulus Lupulus, which translates “Wolf Among Weeds”.
A Californian hop-forward IPAs. The “Wolf” will sneak up on you from behind the robust citrus and dank earthy hop
notes mirrored in its aroma and flavour profile. 80 IBU’s of Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe and Columbus hops. This is
probably the easiest to drink 8% beer you’ll ever have. We’d almost go as far to say its kinda light and fluffy...Secretly
we are pretty sure Jim Bob puts it on his cereal for breakie. This is the staff beer of choice.
HERETIC Evil Cousin (USA) 650ml
Evil Cousin is Heretic’s take on a West coast imperial IPA. This beer is a bold, in-your-face hop monster. It has a light,
easy drinking malt character that allows the hops to stand out. The hop character in this beer is intentionally on the
dank side; big, sticky, and aggressive. This beer is for those of you who can’t get enough hops. Drinking this makes me
feel dirty...in a good way. Join them on the dank side.
“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure”
Czech Proverb
More Pale Ales
STONE BREWING COMPANY “Enjoy After” Brett IPA (USA) 750ml
What you hold in your hands is an experiment. This IPA is spiked at bottling with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that, over
time, brings about charmingly unpredictable complexities of spice, funk, acidity, and more. The operative words in this
beer-cellaring thesis are “over time.” For those of you who are impatient or like to experiment, the beer won’t be fully
carbonated until the date on the bottle. Ideally, you’ll want to cellar the beer up to--or beyond--the Enjoy After date to
help it reach its full evolutionary potential. At that point, some facets of the Brett characteristics will have mellowed, while
others will have become more profound; it all matures into a fascinating and delicious culmination. Individual results will
vary...and that’s both the beauty and the intent behind this beer.
GOLDEN ROAD Heal The Bay IPA (USA) 473ml 6.8%
A pale malt body takes a backseat to Citra, Centennial, and New Zealand hops for a bright, citrus forward, Spring time
drinking IPA bonanza...A good sized tinnie of tropical goodness. Rock on...
GARAGE PROJECT Bossa Nova (New Zealand) 650ml
Translated from Brazilian Portuguese it means the new style. This beer is uncharted territory for the Garage. Brewed with
a hop cocktail of Equinox, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and El Dorado, Bossa Nova is fermented with a wild strain of yeast,
giving it a unique tart pineapple and mango character. To this idiosyncratic base, they added a fruit medley of guava,
mango, papaya, passionfruit and lime creating a beer that is part IPA, part tropical fruit cocktail. It’s always good to try
something new. And this is a truely unique one off, must be tried brew - get onto it.
YEASTIE BOYS Gunnamatta (New Zealand)
Haven’t had this in for a while, but nice to see it return. A very pretty label is indicitive of the beer itself. Lifted notes
of florals and bergamot due to the dry hopping with Earl Grey tea. Imagine having a little rumpy pumpy with Nigella
Lawson, just without the hard drugs and the man handling. A sexy, sultry beer thats very appealing indeed.
RENAISSANCE Marlborough Pale Ale (New Zealand)
Marlborough Pale Ale, or M.P.A. for short, is a uniquely Kiwi take on an American Double India Pale Ale. . Rather than
simply copying the Americans, Renaissance Brewing has taken the concept and turned it into a Kiwi brew by utilising only
New Zealand grown hop varieties. M.P.A. is massively hopped. A normal brew has 3 or 4 hop additions, M.P.A. had 13
additions, and this yielded an ale with approximately 120 hops per bottle.
PELICAN BREWING Imperial Pelican Ale (USA) 650ml
Clear golden-orange with ample off-white head that dissipates quickly leaving spotty lacing. Tons of
caramel maltiness in the aroma with some hints of pine, resin and marmalade. Taste follows with piney,
resiny, dank and malty tones, followed by caramel candy and ample bitterness. Mouth is medium-to-full
bodied, with medium carbonation, and a silky finish. Overall, a big, malty, dank, medium-bodied double
IPA - what I would consider a good example of the West Coast Style.
GARAGE PROJECT Garagista (New Zealand) 330ml
Ignore convention, experiment, test the limits, and look at things a little differently. Brewed and double dry hopped with
New Zealand, Australian and US hops. Great things can come from the garage. Best looking beer can ever??
BREWDOG Restorative Beverage (Scotland) 330ml
Screw any semblance of balance. This beer is like injecting hops straight into your tongue with a needle.
Inspired by that other great era for India Pale Ales, the mid-nineteenth Century, Restorative Beverage is
going to be impossible to remonstrate with, or counter. Its entire foundation exists on the basis of scientific
fact. One case for me, one case for the customers...
MOOR BEER COMPANY Hoppiness (UK) 660ml 6.5%
From the UK comes this brilliant Californian styled Hoppy IPA. Floral, citrus, lemongrass, pine and toffee. I’d have to put
this in the top 10 UK beers we have ever stocked here. A bloody rip snorter of a beer.
“Who cares how time advances? I am drinking ale today”
Edgar Allan Poe
Even More Pale Ales
DAINTON BREWING COMPANY Bastard Brother (Bendigo) 330ml
We are well chuffed with this beer. Brewed right here in little old Bendigo. Dan the man has taken things up a notch
on the usual conservative Aussie IPA world. This is A Belgian inspired rye IPA. Bitter orange peel and loads of new
world and US hops, combined with a special Belgian yeast strain give this brew a complexity of craziness. 8.0% ABV
and 115 IBUS, this one is for the beer geeks and flavour kings alike. We highly recommend this.
Stone’s session IPA. Boasting all the gloriously bitter, citrusy, piney flavor of their bigger industrial-strength IPAs, but with
a significantly lower ABV. This beer allows IPA fans to enjoy more of this amazingly, hoppy beer over a longer session,
without giving up any of that gloriously crave-able botanically-driven hop dankness. well, maybe a little.
Great beer is for everyone and anyone with the good taste to recognize it, not just a niche group like us über beer
geeks. This pleasantly bitter, deliciously citrusy, hop-driven IPA is a “peoples” beer for sure. It’s a flavorful, cuttingedge, modern-day IPA for everyone. Lemondrop and El Dorado hops provide plenty of fruity citrus character and a
burst of hop zing that sings on the palate. These guys are undoutably the IPA legends of the USA, but this may just be
the very first IPA that convert even the mildest palate used to bland corporate styles. Incredible beer.
SIERRA NEVADA Hop Hunter IPA (USA) 355ml
Hop Hunter IPA harnesses the complex flavors of just-picked hops through all-new method of steam distilling wet hops
before they even leave the fields. Revolutionary technique captures and intensifies the natural flavors, creating a unique
and intensely aromatic beer. Super light an easy drinking. An incredible IPA experience.
Selected as a benchmark for the Beer Judge Certification Program used in all American based beer judgings.
Centennial IPA has quickly become the IPA of choice. Pour yourself a bottle of this complex flavorful ale and bask in the
frothy head’s floral bouquet. Relish the immense citrus accents, achieved by the abundance of dry hopping.
This ale’s sweet, malty undertones balance the hop character with a finish that never turns too bitter.
BRIDGE ROAD / MIKKELLER Dark Harvest (Beechworth, Vic)
6.6% $15
Easily one of the most anticipated beers of the year. A unique collaboration between the mighty Bridge Road Brewers
and the undisputed king of world craft beer at the moment; Mikkeller. This beer could easily be slotted into the dark
beer/stout section but really to me its a cracking IPA that just happens to be dark.... With a unique experimantal hop
variety that gives the beer an intriguing orange/mandarin character. Apparently the only entirely wet hopped beer of its
kind in the country and a return to the 2012 original recipe that made it great. Kinda like a subtle hop infused jaffa...
Only brewed once so it will be gone pretty soon.
To-Øl Final Frontier (Denmark) 330ml
Large and creamy beige head atop lightly hazed deep amber body with nice lacing. Aroma is moderately sweet
featuring pineapple, some grapefruit & some alcohol. Taste is moderately sweet, grapefruit, bread, some more
pineapple, oatmeal and light alcohol. Medium-full body, some resin, stickiness and punchy hop bitterness. Golden.
BREWDOG Dead Pony (Scotland) 330ml
Dead Pony is the invigorating surf that pounds the iridescent shoreline yards from the salt-encrusted asphalt of Route 1.
The hop-heavy west-coast wonderland awaits. Dive in and the toasted malt base soon yields to a huge box-fresh hop
hit, washing tropical fruit, floral garlands and spicy undertones all over your palate. Inspired by US-Style pale ales,
Dead Pony is a low amplitude, high voltage hop hit; California dreaming for the craft beer generation.
Pilsners, Kolschs & Premium Lagers
Pilsners are highly subtle, elegant with crisp light bodies, subdued maltiness & lifted
floral hops to balance. They are a great alternative to the faceless bland mass marketed
lagers out there. Lagers are the most popular beers in the world nowadays.
Unfortunately most lagers are often drab, flavourless & essentially just another way
for countless big multinational companies to hypnotise unadventurous & uneducated
drinkers with glossy marketing campaigns. Think Corona, Crown Lager, Pure Blonde,
VB, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Budweiser, Miller, Heineken, Cascade, Asahi etc...these are all
basically the same boring formulaic flavourless beer designed to take your money and
giving you very little in return.
Fortunately, there are still some interesting lagers still available.
GARAGE PROJECT Triple Day Of The Dead (New Zealand) 650ml 11.0%
It’s a lager, but definitely not as we know it. Triple Day of the Dead. Black lager inspired by Aztec beverage xocolatl - this
batch brewed extra strong with smoked chipotle chili, cocoa and agave, then aged for over a year in freshly emptied
Tequila barrels, and finished on raw cocoa nibs. Incredibly rich and dark, Triple Day of the Dead possesses a uniquely
complex mix of spice, oak, smoke chocolate and restrained chili heat. A true celebration of the dark side.
To-Øl Raid Beer (Denmark) 330ml
If only all lagers were created equally! This is hands down one of the best lagers on the planet. Stunning use of hops to
extract as much perfume and flavour as possible. Plenty of tangerine, bread and spice. Super pleasant and carbonated
in the mouth with leafy green notes, and touches of caramel to balance. Never drink Heineken again.
HAWKERS Pilsner (Melbourne) 330ml
I’m going to be really honest here...we think most Pilsners are just rubbish...basically brewed to taste like nothing at all,
so they can be mass-marketed at the yobbo Australian male audience who have been brainwashed to believe that beer’s
like Corona, Becks, Pure Blond, Cascade, Heineken, Asahi, Peroni and VB have some merit in the beer world. They
don’t. I’m not actually sure any of them actually qualify technically qualify as beer. Most look and taste like stale hay or
dust flavoured water. A cordial of sorts then I guess...And then along came Mik who poured us this. Bloody delicious!!!
Grassy, nutty, and with licks of grain, a stain of hops and a bazooka of refreshing splendiferous beer action. On top of
everything else, it actually tasted the way a beer should. Josef Groll would be proud.
SIERRA NEVADA Beer Camp Hoppy Lager (USA) 355ml
A collaboration with San Diego’s Ballast Point and designed for a hop-head twist on a crisp lager. They
remixed this encore which is loaded with whole cone hops in the brew kettle and then into their Hop Torpedo
to deliver a bold aroma backed by smooth malt flavor.
BIRRA DEL BORGO My Antonia (Italy) 330ml
One of my dream beers. Made in conjunction with Dogfish Head and just a brilliant, fruity and clean imperial pilsner.
Good balance of florals, hops, subtle spice and firm carbonation. Seriously brilliant.
To-Øl Mikropolis (Denmark) 330ml
A GLUTEN FREE beer!!! The taste is super surprisingly great for a pilsner. Fresh fruity/citrus, crisp carbonation and a
real distinct bitter note that is much more hoppy than most Pilsners. Bitter tart and citrus aftertaste. And GLUTEN FREE!
GARAGE PROJECT Smoke And Mirrors (New Zealand) 650ml
Originally conjured up from the Dark Arts as a pretty piece of prestidigitation for a NZ food Festival, Smoke & Mirrors is a
bock beer of clean, rich malt complexity with caramel notes, just a touch of beech wood smoke and a little slight of hand.
A tricky balance of savoury smoke and malt sweetness make it a magical match with food. Levitate a glass and practice
your own vanishing act. Another GP rarity. A lightly smoked, darkly staged Lager.
“Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example,
there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.”
Dave Barry
Jester King
Brewery - Austin, Texas
Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to making wild ales and
spontaneously fermented beers that reflect the unique character of their location in the
beautiful Texas Hill Country. Like small farmhouse breweries that inspired them, they
pursue beer making that involves time, patience, unique fermentation, full attenuation,
and refermentation in the serving vessel. They use water from their own well, locally
grown & malted grains & native wild yeast to make beer with a sense of place unique
to their own brewery.
This is only the second time Jester King beers have ever made it to Australia. It was
over 2 years ago when they were last here. They make such tiny quantities they rarely
leave Texas. We are fortunate enough to be one of only very few bars in the country
to be offered a tiny allocation of their beers in May 2015. In fact less than 10 cases
of each of these beers made their way to Australia - making these the rarest beers in
the Australia. Yes, they are expensive. But they are also incredibly good and extremely
unique. I have but a few bottles left of each beer listed here. Don’t hesitate!
JESTER KING Gotlandsdricka
750ml 6.6%
Bottle-Conditioned Smoked Ale Brewed with Juniper and Sweet Gale
Gotlandsdricka, meaning “Drink of the Land of Goths,” is believed to have been the beer of the
Vikings. This rendition of this ancient style is inspired by the traditional farmhouse ales once brewed
on the island of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden. Pours a hazy gold with a shallow, creamy, finegrained head. Nose is smoke, lemon, stone fruit, sea salt, and peeled green wood. So smokey and
so meaty, it’s got to be good for you. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.
1500ml 4.2%
Farmhouse Ale Brewed with Ginger, Salt and Tarragon, and Refermented with Cantaloupe
A collaboration with Chef Paul Qui to create an authentic, well-integrated table beer to pair with the
nuanced, complex flavours and textures in Chef Paul’s cuisine. Subtlety, restraint, and balance were
all principles taken to heart in Equipoise’s design & execution. Probably the most smashable beer
ever made by Jester King. Unfiltered, unpasteurized,
and 100% bottle-conditioned.
JESTER KING Repose 750ml 8.3%
Farmhouse Ale Brewed with Hay and Aged in Brandy Barrels
Inspired by the dusty, hay-filled stone barns of the Nord de France that likely gave way to the rise of
Bière de Garde, they have included a small portion of hay in the mash for this beer. Taking a further
cue from the slow and steady winter fermentation of the style, they allowed Reposé to rest in brandy
barrels for almost a year. Unfiltered, unpasteurized,
and 100% bottle-conditioned.
Jester King
Brewery - Austin, Texas
Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to making wild ales and
spontaneously fermented beers that reflect the unique character of their location in the
beautiful Texas Hill Country. Like small farmhouse breweries that inspired them, they
pursue beer making that involves time, patience, unique fermentation, full attenuation,
and refermentation in the serving vessel. They use water from their own well, locally
grown & malted grains & native wild yeast to make beer with a sense of place unique to
their own brewery.
This is only the second time Jester King beers have ever made it to Australia. It was
over 2 years ago when they were last here. They make such tiny quantities they rarely
leave Texas. We are fortunate enough to be one of only very few bars in the country to
be offered a tiny allocation of their beers in May 2015. In fact less than 10 cases of
each of these beers made their way to Australia - making these the rarest beers in the
Yes, they are expensive. But they are also incredibly good and extremely unique. I
have but a few bottles left of each beer listed here. Don’t hesitate!
JESTER KING Hibernal Dichotomous 2015
750ml 4.9%
Farmhouse Ale Brewed with Beets, Oranges, and Thyme
750ml Farmhouse Provisional Ale
Zest & juice from Texas winter citrus, shredded root vegetables from Johnson’s Backyard Garden,
thyme grown at Pure Luck Farm, native yeast and bacteria, and cooler fermentation temperatures help
embody the Texas winter in this unfiltered, unpasteurized & bottle-conditioned beer.
“Provision Ale” is a rough translation of the French term “bière de provision,” which was sometimes
used to describe special beers that were suitable for extended storage and aging. The name “Mad
Meg” refers to a peasant woman from Flemish folklore, also known as “Dulle Griet” or “Dull Gret,”
who leads an army of women to pillage hell. She’s famously depicted in Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s
1562 painting by the same name. Mad Meg is a dry, unspiced, highly attenuated Provision Ale unique
to our land in the Texas Hill Country. Naturally occurring wild yeasts impart a sense of place to this
unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally conditioned beer.
JESTER KING Sin Frontera
750ml Rare Collaboration Farmhouse Ale
Cerveza Sin Frontera is an incredibly rare three part collaboration between Jester King, Crooked Stave
Artisan Beer Project in Denver, Colorado and Brasserie Trois Dames in Sainte Croix, Switzerland. The
concept behind Cerveza Sin Frontera was to brew an identical recipe, referment it in the same type
of barrels (Spanish sherry) at three different locations on earth, and allow the microorganisms unique
to each brewery to impart interesting and differentiating characteristics to the beer. In other words,
Cerveza Sin Frontera seeks to explore the impact that mixed culture fermentation has upon an identical
recipe for wort (unfermented beer). It highlights how fermentation that exists outside the world of pure
culture brewers yeast has the ability to create unique beer wit sense of place. A truly unique & insanely
rare Farmhouse Ale.
Classic Ales
red, bitter, abbey, cream, smoked, amber & golden
Ale is an all-together different beast to lager. They come in various unique, exotic
and complex guises, but some are just cracking, straight-forward easy drinking beers
- just usually with a lot more flavour and texture than their lager counterparts. Golden
Ales are quite a varied category usually very malty with pronounced rich and complex
flavours, but still with a refreshing acidity & a beautiful golden hue.
Often higher in alcohol than the average beer, Abbey ales insane spicy quaff ability
can be misleading! Bitters are an age old style originating from the UK. Usually hand
pumped Pale Ale style beers, with little carbonation, lower alcohol, a whack of bitter
hops and a good dose of malt. Traditional ales also come from the UK, often with
darker colours, malt accented and usually little discernible bitter hop character.
BREWDOG Abstract AB:16 (Scotland)
375ml 10.6%
Super rare, smooth and luxuriant Belgian Quad infused with coffee beans. Smells of warming clove and nutmeg, cafe
latte, dark fruit notes & hints of candied lemon peel. Tastes smooth & fruity espresso, milk chocolate, and warm brandysoaked currants, with spicy and peppery Belgian character. Luxuriant and rich and very rare indeed.
MOON DOG BREWERY Holdin Hay Time (Melbourne)
Part of their “Double Scoop” Ice Cream dedication two-pack, this is their ode to the mighty Golden Gaytime. Basically
this is a toffee-vanilla-chocolate-honeycombe-ish sorta kinda type ale...Make of it what you will...
NORTH COAST Grand Cru (USA) 500ml
Truly rare and unique brew. 67% Ale brewed with agave nectar and aged in oak barrels. The other 33%
is also brewed with agave nectar, but not aged in barrels. Combined for a stellar look at the almighty
behemoth this beer is. Surprisingly easy to drink with a boozy palate of caramel, malt, wine and bourbon
barrel vanilla sweetness. Hints of tequila in the background. Fascinating beer.
FOUNDERS Dirty Bastard (USA)
Dirty Bastard is an absolute beautiful beer to behold. Dark ruby in color and brewed with ten varieties of imported malts
this beer continuously lives up to its reputation as a bold and powerful ale. Dirty Bastard is complex in the finish with hints
of smoke & peat paired with a malty richness, finalized with a good bit of hop attitude.
GARAGE PROJECT Hellbender (New Zealand) 650ml 11.2%
You are about to be tested. This bottle contains Hellbender, a leviathan of a beer made with over a tonne of malt and a
mountain of American hops. Brewed in late 2014. Conditioned in bottle until July 2015. You know it would taste great
right now, but a beer this big will get better with age. Massive flavours. A behemoth of the beer world. Rare.
“Work is the curse of the drinking class”
“Oscar Wilde”
More Classic Ales
red, bitter, abbey, cream, smoked, amber & golden
ROGUE New Crustacean Barley wine Imperial IPA Sorta (USA)7 50ml 10.8%
Clear and brassy orange with off white head. Smells of orange blossom, pine, caramel, alcohol. Syrupy sweet and
twangy. Halfway between barley wine & IIPA. Great solid caramel body with prominent hoppy citrus rind bitterness.
GARAGE PROJECT Smoke And Mirrors (New Zealand) 650ml
Originally conjured up from the Dark Arts as a pretty piece of prestidigitation for a NZ food Festival, Smoke & Mirrors is a
bock beer of clean, rich malt complexity with caramel notes, just a touch of beech wood smoke and a little slight of hand.
A tricky balance of savoury smoke and malt sweetness make it a magical match with food. Levitate a glass and practice
your own vanishing act. Another GP rarity.
OMNIPOLLO Leon (Sweden) 330ml
Leon is assertively hopped & fermented dry using champagne yeast. The yeast and the hops in combination with a simple
malt bill provides the beer a rich taste, yet also refreshing. Aroma is fruity, grassy, citrus with touch of Belgian yeast. Also
some spices (pepper) are noticable. Taste at first is light bitter, but after a while it turns into medium/strong bitter. Very
fruity with some biscuit and grainy notes, but still Belgian yeasty character is noticable. Dry and light body with medium
carbonation, fresh and crisp palate. Finish is dry and semi-bitter (hoppy). Good, refreshing beer for those who love a
crisp blonde Belgian Ale - though this one certainly will also please the Hopheads.
BIRRA DEL BORGO Stars & Stripes (Italy) 330ml
Allegedly a Golden Ale, but you’d be forgiven for thinking its a re-interpreted hoppy Czech Pilsner, such is its easy going
and refreshing nature. Intense hoppy aromas, and flavors of herbs and citrus throughout. All contribute to a crisp, light,
and refreshing beer in the mouth at surprisingly low 3.5% ABV.
VICTORY Golden Monkey (USA) 355ml
A magical, mystical Monkey whose golden soul glows with the wisdom of the ages. This warming, flavored ale is rich
in the spirited tradition of Belgian-inspired brewing. Golden Monkey is both playfully delightful & profoundly satisfying.
Exotic spices from the East round out this global journey to joy. Its rare that a Strong Golden Ale ever comes along that
actually competes with Duvel (the benchmark). Well, this beer is actually better. Yep, Better than Duvel! As the Pixes said
“This monkey’s gone to heaven”.
GARAGE PROJECT Texas Tea (New Zealand) 650ml
A spicy and bold Texas brown ale brewed with a heady dose of American hops, habanero chili and prickly pear. Looks
great, pours the colour of Malt Vingear, and has a great head. Nice aroma, and you can pick hops and malts. Then the
taste is initially a bitter burst, short pause and a chilli hit! Delicious chili heat.
RED HILL BREWERY Hop Harvest Ale (Red Hill) 330ml
We look forward to this beer every year. Released once a year and quickly sells out upon release - and its easy to see
why. A delicious English ESB styled ale that’s trumped up with the addition of fresh hops from their own hop garden on their
Mornington Peninsula property. Rather than be an overblown hoppy pale, this is a true ESB with considered maltiness, a
touch oily and the slightest hint of creamy sweetness, as well as some citric hop influence. Tasty.
‘Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer.
Oh I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as
well with pizza”
Dave Barry
More Classic Ales
red, bitter, abbey, cream, smoked, amber & golden
They forge this beer with barley malt and hops from Germany, aromatic raw sugar from Mauritius and yeast from
Belgium. Behind the full golden color you’ll find an alluring aroma and a dynamic complexity of flavors, Belgian flair,
Brooklyn fortitude and a dusting of our special yeast. Using the old technique of 100% bottle re-fermentation, a practice
now rare even in Europe. It gives this beer a palate of unusual depth. One of the best US Golden Ales.
BROOKES BREWERY Brown Ale (Bendigo) 330ml
Barely a year old and Bendigo’s Brookes Brewery is making a name for itself. We reckon this is the best
beer they make. Good rich, dark and malty, but with a lightness that transcends the visual look.
Easy drinking, tasty local brew - what more could one want.
ROGUE XS Old Crustacean (USA)
750ml 11.5%
An unfiltered and unrefined Barley wine. Intense, robust, malty and dark. The cognac of beers. A huge beer in a little
bottle, this is a beer designed for sipping. Old Crustacean is best when aged for one year. Ceramic bottle.
TOOBORAC BREWERY Maple Cream Brown Ale (Tooborac) 660ml
One of our local breweries has made this extremely easy going and almost creamy brown ale. Its a smooth ride that’s for
sure. Malty and gently sweet, but quite refreshing.
ROGUE Voodoo Doughnut 4 - Lemon Chiffon Ale (USA)
Let’s be honest - this whole serious is about as normal and comfortable as kissing your sister. An outrageous
beer concept, they continue to stretch the boundaries of what beer “should” taste like. Well this may be
their best effort yet. Aromas of big lemon zest, lime, citrus peel, vanilla, marshmallow, lemon cake, cookies,
and light herbal hops. Taste is much the same as the nose. Slight citrus peel bitterness on the finish; with
lingering notes of lemon zest, lime, citrus peel, marshmallow and vanilla.
A pretty good attempt at creating that lemony cookie cake dough type flavour.
French Oak Barrel Series
MIKKELLER French Oak Barrel Series (Denmark) 375ml
Come with Mikkeller on this amazing and exhilarating ride through the French forests.
This super strong ale is Barrel Aged in six different barrels.
Three different types of French oak are used, and each variant is light and medium roasted.
I have 2 bottles of each available. The brewery has already sold out & these are now collector’s items.
Choose from “Forést de Tronçais”, “Forést Limousin” or “Forést du centre”
Each one is different and side-by-side would be the best way to try them.
Once these are gone, they will never be back - a real “try before you die” beer.
“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps to have some kind
of football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer”
Frank Zappa
Farmhouse Ales and Saisons
Biere de Gardes, Saisons & Farmhouse Ales can be found in 750ml bottles with corks,
like a Champagne bottle. They have pronounced hoppiness or fruity maltiness and are
typically highly carbonated with spicy characters, mild acidity & caramel notes.
The word Saison means “Season” and refers to Summer, when these beers were
designed to be drunk. They have grown to prominence largely because a decade ago
Men’s Health Journal declared the Dupont Saison the “Best Beer In The World”.
DUPONT Saison (Belgium)
Firm and dry, unfiltered and hoppy, this lively beer is widely known and very highly regarded in its homeland and
nearby areas. A true staff favourite - its a seriously impressive beer. Considered by all in the know to be “THE” saison
benchmark. Dupont’s particular yeast strain has been copied the world over - particularly in the USA.
Hard to argue that pound-for-pound this isn’t the greatest value beer in the world.
HAWKERS Saison (Melbourne)
Decent head and exciting carbonationbegin...closely followed by aromas of banana, spice, sugary fruits and then big
flavours of lemom, clove, nutmeg and white pepper kick in. A pleasant dough, hop resin and slightly weird green
banana flavour rounds out. Great Aussie Saison that will appeal to those who prefer a slightly sweeter Saison.
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a classic Saison, an unfiltered golden farmhouse ale with a wonderfully clean malt flavor and the
hero, the quirky Sorachi Ace hop, standing front and center. Dry-hopping releases Sorachi Ace’s bright, spicy aromatics
to tickle the nose before ascending into a fine harmony between pilsner malt and playful Belgian yeast.
Named after the Sorachi region of Hokkaido, Japan, the Sorachi Ace hop was developed by a large Japanese brewery
in the late 1970s. A cross between British Brewer’s Gold, Japanese “Beikei No. 2” and the famed Czech Saaz, it had a
unique lemony-herbal scent, but this hop was odd and ended up being quickly banished to a laboratory. In 2008, the
Sorachi Ace hop was quietly revived by a family farm in Washington State. Less than a year later, Brooklyn Brewery made
it the star of one of our favorite beers ever. Dry, sharp and crackling with flavor, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is reminiscent of
lemongrass, verbena, dill and lemon peels. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace has to be in the Top 20 beers we have ever stocked...
and we have stocked over 500 beers. Get it while you can.
DUPONT Bon Voeux (Belgium)
Bons Vœux (Good Wishes) is a blond high fermentation beer, re-fermented in the bottle. Founded in 1970 , this beer
was offered to the most loyal customers of the brewery (hence the name “With the best wishes of the brewery
Dupont “). The success this beer earned lead to it being made commercially, while retaining its original name. Although
very popular, it was brewed in limited quantities, the bottles reserved many months in advance. A coppery blond beer
with aromas of hops for the Bon Voeux is a beer tasting combining mellow bitterness and fruity flavours. The selection
of yeasts and a long maturation phase with hopping gives it flavor and a characteristic and complex taste. The true
fermentation in the bottle , which can be extended very long in your cellar, resulting in a balanced and harmonious beer,
surprising and complex aromas. A strong Super Saison is the best way to describe this beer.
BREWFIST / FLYING MONKEYS Basilisk Saison (Italy)
A winter Saison of sorts. Orangey with a small head. Sweetish palate with nice carboantion. Some malt, some honey
and some nice spicy nettle character with an almost gingery zing. Odd liquoricey finish. Very herbal. Very unique.
BRIDGE ROAD BREWERS Chevalier Saison (Beechworth, Vic) 750ml
My favorite Australian beer. Quite sour and briny in flavour. Great acidic palate with tartness and a salty and lemony
tang to round off the phenolic straw compounds. If you have never tried this beer, then you owe it to yourself to give it a
crack. You will not be disappointed. A revelation 8 years ago - equally now.
LA SIRENE Super Saison (Melbourne)
8.5% $22
For those times when a normal Saison is just not enough. Built with all the same Saison principles in mind but with the
volume turned up to 11. Super Spicy, super citrussy, super yeasty and with a rich sweet finish. There is definitely a lot
more sweetness going on here in comparison to a traditional Saison. Sweet spicy goodness.
“24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?”
Steven Wright
Wheat Beers
Belgium Wit bier and German Weissbier are growing in popularity.
The Germans are unable to use any raw wheat in their mix due to their Purity Law,
but both countries generally use about 50% wheat along with the barley
to create their wort.
The special yeast strains they use impart the beers with a distinct clove and banana
taste that is a revelation the first time you try one. Very refreshing.
ST. BERNARDUS Wit (Belgium) 330ml
Brewed with the help of master brewer Pierre Celis, who is considered the father of Hoegaarden. Brilliant Belgium white
ale. Lashing of coriander and orange on the nose, bright peppery smooth palate & a tart richness on the finish.
Weihenstephan Vitus (Germany) 500ml
A light-coloured, spicy single-bock wheat beer, for both beer lovers and the beer connoisseur. Extra long and cold storage in
our monastery cellars makes this single-bock a really special beer with full body and a distinctively great mouthfeel. Loads of
wheaty pale malt, funk, yeast and white pepper. Solid.
To-Øl Wit or Witout (Denmark)
Aromatic refreshing hoppy Wit beer brewed with curacao orange peel and dryhopped with Vic Secret, Simcoe
and Hersbrucker. Pours clear golden color with a large white head. Very floral aroma with some herbs and
subtle wheat notes, fair amount of hops and some lemon also. Flavor is citric, moderately spicy, wheat and
yeast is also there. Light bodied, refreshing and hoppy. You could have several of these quite easily.
RED HILL BREWERY Wheat Beer (Red Hill) 330ml
Cloudy in appearance, aromatic and highly carbonated. Lightly hopped with their own Tettnanger hop flowers. Noticable
“banana” aromas, created by the special type of yeast used and the higher fermentation temperatures. This is balanced by a
tart finish on the palate which is caused by the high percentage of wheat malt in the grain bill.
SHOFFERHOFFER Hefeweizen (Germany) 500ml
A commendable, yet typical Hefe. Fresh aroma with banana, yeast and a slight spiciness. Gorgeous Hefe-appearance
with a massive white head and a beautiful hazy and cloudy orange colour. Taste is fresh, somewhat bitter, yeasty, slight
banana and a bit spicy. Medium body, good carbonation and a nice finish. A really nice Hefe that has good firm
bitterness to add backbone to the light fluffy nature of the beer.
“Everybody has to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink.”
W. C. Fields
Stouts, Porters & Very Dark Beers
R obust or Stout Porters – to give them their correct name – have outlived other members
of the porter family, thanks to Arthur Guinness and his Irish dry stout.
Stouts and porters can come in any number of styles – dry, medium or sweet and many
are even flavoured. Some are overtly hoppy and others creamy and malty.
FOUNDERS The Big Lushious (USA)
A deep rich stout that’s packed with flavor: roasted malts, all-natural dark chocolate, a subtle suggestion of burnt coffee
grounds and a kiss of tart raspberries. At 7.8% ABV, it’s big, sumptuous and extravagant, but also balanced.
To-Øl Liquid Confidence (Denmark)
12.3% $33
Dark fat smooth imperial stout brewed with Chipotle, Ancho and Guajillo chillies, that adds a smokyness and a bit of
acidic spicyness to the big imperial stout. This totally rocks out with its cock out.
BRIDGE ROAD / MIKKELLER Dark Harvest (Beechworth, Vic)
6.6% $15
Easily one of the most anticipated beers of the year. A unique collaboration between the mighty Bridge Road Brewers
and the undisputed king of world craft beer at the moment; Mikkeller. This beer could easily be slotted into the dark
beer/stout section but really to me its a cracking IPA that just happens to be dark.... With a unique experimantal hop
variety that gives the beer an intriguing orange/mandarin character. Apparently the only entirely wet hopped beer of its
kind in the country and a return to the 2012 original recipe that made it great. Kinda like a subtle hop infused jaffa...
Only brewed once so it will be gone pretty soon.
LA SIRENE Praline (Melbourne)
6.0% $40
One of the more luxurious beers we have ever tried. Originally brewed for GABS14, this was voted people’s choice
of the festival. A very special Belgian chocolate ale. Building on a Belgian stout base, it is brewed with organic vanilla
pods, cacao nibs from Mexico and hazelnuts and with a creamy body, it is velvety, dark and seductive.
PRAIRIE Wine Barrel Noir (USA)
355ml 11.0%
These guys are stout experts - and this is no exception. Aged, quite clearly, for some length of time in red wine barrels.
The flavour is incredibly pronounced with fruity red wine, stewed plums and even sour cherries. A unique and rare trip
into the world of barrel aged Imperial stouts. This is a big, bad, Leroy Brown of a beer!
To-Øl Liquorice Confidence (Denmark)
14.0% $40
Already quite fond of the beer Liquid Confidence. This is their super dooper high end version of that already amped up
chili stout. Deep rich and engaging. This is a monster in every way. Super rare and limited. Never to be seen again.
Jump in head first and come out the other side gasping for breath.
To-Øl Black Malts & Body Salts (Denmark)
9.9% $21
When a brewer is stirring the kettles while steam arises from the mash and when they actually do put some effort into
our work, an occasional drop of sweat will drip down into the mash. So this is a salute to all the hard working proletarian
brewers around the world. Giving you the perfect amount of body salts, mixed with french press coffee and IIPA’ish
amounts of bittering, flavour and dry- hops… Perhaps a slightly schizophrenic beer, but still damm good.
To-Øl Black Maria (Denmark)
8.1% $19
Black Maria is an American inspired Black IPA. It is black as an stout and hoppy as an IPA. The beer has been brewed
with a good amount of highly roasted Carafa Malts, but with a relatively low amount of caramel and chocolate malts.
This way you get the burned bitter and delicate chocolate notes in the beers, that goes well with the bitter and fruity
aromas of the hops. The lack of caramel & chocolate results in less residual sweetness that you normally pick from a
Stout. A mix of Columbus, Centennial, Galaxy and Cascade for the hop profile.
GARAGE PROJECT Aro Noir (New Zealand)
7.1% $17
A rich black behemoth made with 4 different malts as well as lashings of Chinook and Summit hops. Pitch black, full
flavoured, oily and rich. Hopped for a bitter counterpoint to the roasted treacle, coffee and chocolate flavours. I’ve had
few better balanced Southern Hemisphere dark ales. A little black can of goodness.
NOGNE-O Dragonwort Stout (Norway)
141% $30
One of our new favourite beers. A massive beast that spent 2 years in Armagnac barrels before being released into the
world. Big, thick, rich and malty. One of the best stouts we have ever come across.
More Stouts, Porters & Very Dark Beers
PELICAN BREWING Tsunami Stout (USA) 650ml
Pours a lovely liquid dark chocolate black in the glass. Light Brown frothy head reaches nearly two inches with no
problem. Nose is soft but full with tones of chocolate, sweet malt and dark very ripe fruits. First sip yields an amazing
smoothness to the palate. Creamy layers of coco and milk chocolate mixed with those same dark fruit notes that are
rarely seen. This is a high class stout from a quality micro-brewery that is nearly 20 years old.
STONE BREWING COMPANY Imperial Russian Stout (USA) 650ml
This is a rare release that enters the market each year just once, and is quickly snapped up. The Stone Imperial Stout
label describes the brew as being “intensely aromatic (notes of anise, black currants, coffee, roastiness and alcohol)
and heavy on the palate...expect this mysterious brew to pour like used motor oil and taste even heavier! Its a doozy
for sure. Intense and rich, a full throttle expression of Stout. There is just enough sweetness on the back palate to
balance the insane denseness and high alcohol kick.
GARAGE PROJECT Cherry Bomb (New Zealand) 650ml
We don’t see this often - a rare re-release of their 2012 classic fruit and spice porter.
Cherry Bomb is an imperial porter - a complex, decadent dessert beer, spiked with sour cherries and
cacao nibs. The finished beer has a rich ebony hue with a pronounced, bitter-sweet, dark chocolate and
ripe tart cherry character. Warning - may contain hints of stone age love. Get it whilst you can.
DESCHUTES Obsidian (USA) 355ml
Deep, robust and richly rewarding, this is beer to linger over. Obsidian has distinct notes of espresso, chocolate,
roasted malt and black barley, with just enough hop bite to cut the sweetness. Hands done one of the best around
and if your looking for the perfect cool weather session stout, then look no further.
GARAGE PROJECT Cereal Milk Stout (New Zealand) 650ml
Dark brown to black in colour. Sweet stouts come in three main varieties - milk stout, oatmeal stout, and foreign stout.
Milk stouts are made with the addition of lactose, and are sweet, low-alcohol brews. Oatmeal lends a smooth fullness
of body to stouts, while foreign stouts are stronger, and have a sweet malt profile and high esters. All of the sweet
stouts are noted for their restrained roastiness in comparison with other stouts, and low hop levels. Cereal Milk Stout
evokes the familiar and comforting taste of the last few mouthfuls of a bowl of cereal. It’s a session-strength stout
brewed with oats, chocolate wheat malt, a dose of lactose and actual cornflakes. As always Garage Project have
made a beer that warrants constant thought & evaluation whislt enjoying its charms.
BEAVERTOWN Holy CowBell (UK) 330ml
Kinda like a baby version of the Black Betty. A session black IPA. This vividly flavoured stout is a great example, with
powerful piny hoppy notes melding with chocolate & oozy brown malt and wafts of tropical fruit on the nose.
To-Øl Battle Royal Imperial Miso Stout (Spain)
11.0% $25
A collaboration between our favourite Euro producer and small brewery in Barcelona, Spain called Nomada. Pours
jet black color with a a medium sized beige head. Very roasty aroma with dark chocolate and some coffee notes,
oat, very faint tar and event peat notes on the background. Thick malty flavor with dark chocolate, oats, cocoa
powder, espresso and caramel. Quite bitter malty kick at the end. Very rich and full, quite heavy too. Excellent slow
sipper. Brewed just once, so get it before its gone forever!
MOON DOG BREWERY Ogden Nash Pash Rash (Melbourne) 330ml
With 6 different malts 6000 Redskins this takes the meaning of a rich, sweet stout to a whole new level. Redskins give
the stout a thick texture and fruity nose while the malts create smooth velvety chocolate and coffee flavours.
Lambics, Sours, Gueuzes and Fruit beers
The modern world has over 6000 breweries...and those that use wild yeasts can be
counted on the fingers of two hands. Theirs are the Lambic beers; unique to Belgium.
Lambic beers can be similar in flavour to sherry and chardonnay.
Lambic beers are aged in oak casks.
They are hard, but not harsh; bone-drybut not astringent.
They are often tart and sour. Many are often flavoured withfruit and fruit juice to
sweeten them for untrained palates.
Blends of old and young Lambics are called Gueuze.
It takes about 3 weeks to make a great ale, 3 months to make a great lager and 3
years to make a great Lambic.
RODENBACH Caractere Rouge (Belgium)
A super limited edition Rodenbach which is the result of a six month maceration with fresh fruit (sour cherries,
raspberries and cranberries) before being matured in oak casks for two years. Tastes like a classy Burgundy.
To-Øl Kentucky Uncommon (Denmark)
6.0% $18
Pouring a hazy amber with thick white head. The nose is filled with earth, funk, lactic acid, cider vinegar, doughy soft
fruits and orange sherbet. The taste is generous and bitter with more earth, sherbet, sour green apple, wood, and
another decent hit of lactic acidity. The beer finishes with orange peel, zesty lemon, wet leaves, mustiness and light
alcohol with a dry finish. Nice foamy carbonation and punchy acidity.
FOUNDERS Blushing Monk (USA)
Super rare - just a couple of cases in the country. Brewed about once every 4 years. A ridiculous amount of
raspberries and a Belgian yeast strain are fully loaded into this beast. The perfect dessert beer.
BIRRA DEL BORGO Fragus (Italy)
Aroma of saison, geuze, kriek, fermented strawberries, apples, cherries. Dark yellow colour with a small white head.
Complex flavours of dry champagne, citrus, bitterness and sour grapes and some far away sweetness of strawberries.
Bitter and sour aftertaste. Very interesting and unique sour/saison hybrid.
BOON Kriek Oude 2012 (Belgium)
Basic old and young lambic are matured in oak casks, then added to one year-old lambic about 400 grams of real
cherries per litre. This creates a second fermentation in the casks. Then it undergoes a further fermentation in the
bottle. After several months, the flavour has matured to the desired taste - which is...bang on delicious.
DE RANKE Cuvee (Belgium)
De Ranke Cuvee is an ale of mixed origin like many Belgian breweries used to make. The production
process is nearly the same as for the Kriek, the difference being that no cherries are added. It is a
naturally acidified ale in which reaches the perfect balance between sweet and sour. This amber-coloured
ale contains 7% vol and can age really well. It has aroms of grape peel, matured vinegar, and malt.
It tastes sour with some pleasant astrigency and light sweeteness. Lots of barnyard flavours with malts,
lactic acid and light citrus notes. Very good balanced sourness, sweeteness and astrigency.
You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”
Dean Martin
The history of cider goes back to ancient Egypt. Apple trees were known to
havegrown along the Nile delta. In Medieval times cider became the most popular
alcoholic drink in both England and France. Cider is not normally made from
eating apples, but from dedicated cider varieties,
which tend to be too sour to eat.
There are four categories of cider apple: sweet, bittersweet, sharp and bittersharp.
The differences between them are based on the acidity, tannin & sweetness of each
apple. Broadly speaking, there are two styles of cider: English and French. Both
styles tend to be dry, and the English style is usually stronger. The best English
ciders are often compared to great beers, whereas the French model their best
ciders on sparkling wines.
Cider can also be made from pears. This is known as Perry.
BLUE ELEPHANT Cider No. 2 (Harcourt, Victoria)
330ml 5.0% $9
Made entirely with Pink Lady apples, this local cider is soft and elegant with balanced acidity and a refreshingly
sweet palate. Designed off-dry for those who prefer a rounder, softer and sweeter drink.
CO-OP Pear Cider (Goulburn Valley, Victoria)
330ml 4.8% $10
Wonderful new Pear cider made in a very delicious dry style - though the intense and sweet nature of the quality
pears used means the cider tastes quite naturally sweet on the palate - still with good zesty acidity to make it a
very refreshing drink. A very generous concept whereby the makers are helping the struggling fruit farmers in the
Goulburn Valley who have been adversely affected by the Ardmona SPC troubles.
A cause worth supporting.
HENRY OF HARCOURT Original Cider (Harcourt, Victoria)
500ml 8.6% $12
This cider is from Pink Lady Apples, bottle conditioned, dry crisp and lean. There is a Champagne like presence
and Nashi crunch on the palate. Great easy-drinking style, but packs a real punch.
DOMAINE DUPONT Cidre Reserve (Normandy, France)
750ml 7.0% $60
This natural cider has matured six months in oak casks which had previously contained Calvados and has been
bottled at the Domaine Dupont. Considered by many as one of the greatest ciders on the planet.
ZEFFER Red Apple Cider (Auckland, New Zealand)
500ml 5.0% $19
The Red Apple Cider captures the fresh flavour of the unique Mahana Red apples used to make it. Grown in the
sunny Nelson region of New Zealand these flavourful and aromatic apples result in a juicy full flavoured cider.
Kinda like toffee apple juice.
BRESS (Harcourt, Victoria)
750ml 7.0% $48
This is an expensive Cider. That cannot be helped. Handmade with love and care, its an expensive thing to
make...but a thing of beauty. This is easily the best local cider we have ever had. Its a knockout. French in style
and 100% Harcourt in attitude and flavours. This is a cider made from 9 different cider apples grown on their
biodynamic property just 20km’s from here. They are individually pressed and fermented before blending making it
a unique cider to Australia and can age for 5 or more years
VICTOR GONTIER Cidre Bouche (France)
750ml 4.5% $45
A true farmhouse cider from France. This will divide people as it always has. Some will love the funky character
and slightly pongy nose. The tart and rustic flavours will again divide - many will think it tastes of mouldy cheese
and body odour...and many will love it because of this!