Trade-in your old coffee machine and receive
$1000 off a new IMPRESSA X9 Platinum
IMPRESSA X9 Platinum
Preparation times
A pot of coffee (600 ml)
3 minutes
2 latte macchiati
1 minute 28 seconds
2 cappuccini
1 minute 20 seconds
2 caffè latte
1 minute 5 seconds
2 cafés crème
1 minute
2 espressi
35 seconds
2 ristretti
26 seconds
Hot water (200 ml)
28 seconds
JURA – If you love coffee
Simply versatile
Offer your customers, your guests, your staff and yourself top-quality coffee at its best. Users and coffee connoisseurs
alike are singing the praises of the IMPRESSA X9. Whether it’s for the office, a bar, a hairdressing salon, car showroom,
­seminar or gas station, it delivers the goods in any environment. Operating it is child’s play, even for people with little
or no experience of fully automatic machines. The display dialogue system, with its clear text display and easily
­understood graphics, takes you through the entire process. And with its elegant design and first-class materials, the
­IMPRESSA X9 is at home in any surroundings.
Coffee specialities
Two precision grinders
Simple operation
Although the IMPRESSA X9 is able to conjure
To meet the demands of particularly choosy
The platine-plated cover slides elegantly
up more than 20 coffee specialities, each of
coffee connoisseurs, the machine comes
upwards to reveal the programming panel
them adapted to your own personal taste,
with two precision grinders. The two bean
with a vast range of possible settings. This is
using the machine couldn’t be simpler. The
hoppers, each holding 650 g, can be filled
also where you can start the various cleaning,
backlit keys and switches produce the desired
with different coffee varieties and combined
maintenance and descaling programs or
coffee speciality in seconds – literally giving
to ­satisfy individual needs – and that for
activate the integrated cup counter. And if you
you enjoyment at the push of a button.
each product! Of course, you can select your
­prefer to restrict programming authorization
Whether it’s ristretto, espresso, café au lait,
preferred fine­ness for the two coffee blends
to a limited circle of users, nothing could be
coffee served in a glass, cappuccino or a
individually and thanks to the active bean
simpler. All you need to do is generate code
fashionable latte: all that counts is your taste!
management system, you’ll know exactly
And preparing up to 100 cups of coffee a day
when you have to refill your favourite blend.
presents absolutely no problem either.
Trade-in your old coffee machine and receive $1000 off a new IMPRESSA X9 P
­ latinum
Benefits at a glance
Coffee specialities
Two precision grinders
Simple operation
Individualisation function
JURA – If you love coffee