Start & Adjust “Quick Step
The following is a “quick step guide” to expedite four (4) critical adjustments of your
new Howe Ice Flaker. When done properly, these adjustments will insure proper operaE
tion of this equipment and minimize costly callbacks and or warranty claims.
Optimum Evaporator
Pressure Settings
1000 MODEL 32.6 PSI
2000-6000 MODELS 28 PSI
1000 MODEL 34.8 PSI
2000-6000 MODELS 30.5 PSI
1000 MODEL 24 PSI
2000-6000 MODELS 20 PSI
For other refrigerant pressures, contact Howe factory.
EPR set properly
EPR set too low
Above photos of gauges are examples based on
R-404A refrigerant on 2000-6000 models.
Evaporator Pressure Regulator Adjustment
Suction temperature should be adjusted with use of an Evaporator Pressure Regulator (EPR).
Models 2000 - 6000 Howe Flakers have an optimum suction temperature setting of between -5°F
and -10°F. Model 1000 Howe Flaker has an optimum suction temperature setting of between 0°F
and +5°F. These optimum suction temperature settings are to be checked and maintained at the
flaker evaporator suction connection. They can vary slightly due to the effects of water temperatures,
water hardness, ambient air temperatures and ice quality requirements.
Improperly adjusted TXV
Adjusting TXV
Properly adjusted TXV
Thermal Expansion Valve Adjustment
Howe Flake Ice Equipment’s Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) must be adjusted visually (by sight) to
assure optimum ice quality and ice harvesting. Superheat settings are not a reliable method of
adjusting TXV on Howe Flaker. Please note how ice appears in photo above for a properly adjusted TXV. An even layer of ice should form completely from top to bottom of the evaporator. If ice on
the lower 1” to 4” of the evaporator looks different than the ice above it, this normally indicates the
TXV is underfeeding and requires opening. Failure to make proper TXV adjustments may cause
unwanted ice build-ups in evaporator, damaging component parts, and void warranty.
Howe Corporation recommends installing a suction heat exchanger on its ice flakers when a
10°F TD (temperature differential) equivalent is not maintained between the central rack systems “head pressure” and “liquid temperature”. Installing this heat exchanger helps assure
the liquid is adequately sub-cooled to provide a steady column of liquid to the flaker’s TXV.
Hi-Amperage Overload Adjustment
Off-Delay Timer Adjustment
The proper adjustment of Howe’s hi-amperage
overload device will insure protection for the
machine and help avoid nuisance service calls.
To set the overload device correctly, mark location of the setscrew before adjustment is made,
as a point of reference. Place a small flat blade
screwdriver in adjustment screw, gently and
slowly turn counter-clockwise (left) until overcurrent LED on control board illuminates (do
not force past the bottom stop). Then turn
screw clockwise (right) 1 hash mark and stop.
Press the reset button to start the machine
Under normal conditions (not during cleaning
cycle) the off-delay timer should be adjusted
to run approximately 2 minutes after solenoid
valve shuts off the refrigeration to the ice flaker. For proper adjustment, turn knob counterclockwise (left) all the way until it stops. Then
turn clockwise (right) 1/8 turn and stop. (30
minute setting is for clean cycle only).
For more complete information on how to adjust and maintain your Howe Flaker, please refer to
the troubleshooting guide in the installation manual (included with every ice machine), or download the most current manual from our web site at (follow the link for parts &
Item # GP-QSG Rev. 8/12