Slice for slice precision …
... Bizerba slicing machines A 400 and A 400 FB
Cost-effectiveness and precision are in demand wherever different types of sliceable food are produced in
large volumes. The fully automatic slicing machines
A 400 and A 400 FB from Bizerba offer both – so you
are always a cut above.
Fully automatic high performance …
... with cutting edge technology ...
Two experts at work
Butchers, food retailers and caterers need slicing machines which
are ready for use at any time and adapt to everyday demands. The
fully automatic models A 400 and A 400 FB not only show what
they are capable of in these areas but also in selected industrial
sectors. Efficiently, durably and with perfect results.
One line, two versions
Both models are absolutely identical in terms of their
smooth handling, first-class quality material, performance,
easy cleaning and maintenance.
What distinguishes them is the FB suffix, which stands
for “Förderband“ in German, or conveyor belt in English.
This additional function means that the only slight differences between the two models are in terms of automatic
transport and external dimensions, which are shown in
the technical data at the end of this brochure.
The demands made of a fully automatic slicing machine are as varied as the produce they cut. Bizerba knows
what a wide range of jobs can come up and provides
you with mature technologies which leave no questions
An abundance of functions ...
Professional machines with 200 programmes
When it comes to producing cold cuts Bizerba‘s slicing machines
are real multi-talents, with a practical approach to automatic
transport, slicing, portioning and presentation. It starts with their
memory capacity for 200 presentation programmes which enable
them to reveal their full potential in continuous operations.
Securing the produce is only thing that needs to be done manually; after that everything runs according to the programme chosen
by the operator.
Stacking, fanning, shingling, the number of slices or portions,
produce size and slice thickness – all your specifications are carried
out automatically.
n Carriage with integrated powered produce feed
n The product clamp retracts automatically once all produce has been cut
n Carriage lengths of 200, 400 and 600 mm can be
selected to avoid wastage at start and finish
n Programmable, continuously variable adjustment of carriage strokes from 30-55 strokes/min.
n 3-digit PLU key to save and retrieve defined slicing
parameters such as slice thickness, presentation pattern, slicing speed etc.
n Best presentation by lowering the receiving tray, enabling particularly high stacks of max. 90 mm
n Extremely precise and even slice width
Your staff should find it easy to work with, without
extensive training. And that is a particular feature of
the A 400 and A 400 FB slicing machines. With clear
operating elements and simple handling they set standards which revolutionise cold cutting technology.
For enormous flexibility ...
Strong performance, sensitive solution
Clarity at first sight
In terms of produce to be sliced the A 400 and A 400 FB are varia-
The heart of the fully-automatic A 400 and A 400 FB series is an
ble fully-automatic machines of a very high quality. Sausages, ham,
innovative operating terminal with easy-to-read, graphic-enabled
bacon, smoked or roast meats, roast beef, raw meat, cutlets or
LCD display and self-explanatory symbols. It enables radically sim-
cheese – they are all cut into accurate slices and laid out in a deco-
plified and safe handling without any special knowledge. A total
rative and appetising way. The slicing speed is programmable and
of 6 individual slicing parameters (e.g. for fan shape or stacks) and
continuously variable, so it can be adjusted precisely and sensitively
12 dynamic direct keys provide a wealth of different programming
to delicate produce.
options. Attractively presented food can be produced at the touch
of a button.
Convincing technology
Always spick and span
The fully automatic A 400 has three carriage models and the
A 400 FB two, so that even long produce can be fed through
Hygiene has absolutely top priority in the food industry. That’s
without the need for reclamping, which saves time. A powerful
why Bizerba has provided the operating unit with a splashproof
motor and the proven hollow-ground blade made of special hard
keyboard and placed it outside the soiling area. It is also movable
chromium plated steel ensure constantly high slicing quality.
and can be set to an optimal operating position at any time.
And that’s not all.
The slice tray can be programmed for different packaging
lengths, so that portions can be packaged manually after
First-class operating comfort ...
We’ve thought of everything ...
One programme, one product
Rapid and simple identification of your products during the cutting
process is absolutely vital. Using a 3-digit PLU key the Bizerba
slicing machines enable flexible programming and adapts to your
product range at the same time. By entering numerical PLUs
multiple slicing parameters can be saved and retrieved and saved
products can be sorted in no time.
Operations made easy
The new operating panel from Bizerba makes the dialogue
between human and machine as easy as can be. It uses just five,
clearly structured menu items to cover a multitude of programme
options – receiving tray, working area, PLU area, measurement
area, information area.
The benefits at a glance
n All slicing parameters are set automatically when the corresponding programme is retrieved to avoid wastage
n The product clamp retracts automatically once all
produce has been cut
n The sharpening and cleaning programmes can be
activated safely and simply via direct key
slicing machine
A 400
Even for intelligent technology the first impression
is what counts – and that is mostly a matter of appearance. Bizerba hasn’t just equipped its fully automatic
machines with an attractive exterior, but also with
a safe, hygienic interior.
Brilliant design à la Bizerba …
Stylish design, durable technology
The fully automatic slicing machines A 400 and A 400 FB put on a
stylish performance in every workplace. Their discrete and robust
anodised aluminium casings are as functional as they are brilliant.
Combined with superlative materials, high-quality finishing and
talented technology they attain the quality our customers deserve
and expect: at first sight modern, at the second precise,
and after that timeless and lastingly reliable.
Always on the safe side
The fully-automatic A 400 and A 400 FB slicing machines
have been developed in accordance with Machines Directive No. 89/392/EEC for safety and hygiene and approved
by an accredited test laboratory under registered design
test No. 94106 and GS safety test No. 94107. The EC
Declaration of Conformity contained in the operating
manual certifies compliance with the regulations. Some
models are also UL and cUL approved.
- A 404 US
- A 404 FB US
- A 406 US
- A 406 FB US
- A 404
- A 404 FB
- A 406
- A 406 FB
slicing machine
A 400 FB
… Bedienkomfort vom Feinsten …
Rapid cleaning and maintenance
Thanks to their smooth, closed surfaces maintenance and hygiene
work can be carried out on this series in a flash. To clean the machine in safety, just start the cleaning programme. The slicing width
closes automatically, the carriage is released for tilting and all other
machine functions are disabled at the same time. The integrated
blade sharpening programme offers additional comfort and
can be activated at the touch of a button. This automatically opens the slicing width to allow the sharpening device
to be attached. Once the sharpening device has been
fitted and the start key is pressed, the blade begins to turn.
Individual elements such as the feeder device, receiving
arm, conveyor belt, produce clamp and blade cover can all
be removed in just a few steps. Large radiuses and plenty of
space between the components also make the fully automatic machines easy to clean.
50 432(17.01“)
1110 (43.7“)
1042 (41.02“)
545 (21.46“)
2,5/1,4 1)
860 (33.86“)
810 (31.89“)
400 (15.75“)
Voltage varies according to country
Blade diameter
n 330 mm
Blade speed
n 266 rpm
207 (8.15“)
Max product size
n Round: min. 50 mm, max. 180 mm
Square: min. 50 x 50 mm, max. (W x H) 240 x 175 mm
(22.4“)50 (1.97“)
490 (19.29“)
Slice thickness
n 0,5 - 12 mm
Programme memory
n 200
58 (2.28“)
361 (14.21“)
410 (16.14“)
569 (22.4“)
min. 205 (8.07“)
440 (17.32“)
phase AC kW
830 (32.68“)
phase AC A
Hz A 400
350 (13.78“)
Nominal input 810 (31.89“)
Current type
Voltage1) Frequency Number of strokes
n Variable 30 - 55 strokes per minute
Stack size
n Max 60 mm (FB), 90 mm (tray)
Receiving tray
n 254 x 346 mm
Ø 8,5 (0.33“)
A 400 FB
1862 (73.31“)
Paper/foil size
n 1/8 sheet, min 360 x 240 mm, max 375 x 250 mm
917 (36.1“)
810 (31.89“)
50 (1.97“)
550 (21.65“)
1228 (48.35“)
1160 (45.67“)
545 (21.46“)
65 (2.56“)
400 (15.75“)
Footprint (on work surface)
n (W x D) 410 x 490 mm, reduced: (W x D) 410 x 400 mm
Working area
n A 402, (W x D x H) 990 x 860 x 810 mm
Carriage for 200 mm produce length
n A 404, (W x Dx H) 1190 x 860 x 810 mm
Carriage for 400 mm produce length
n A 406, (W x Dx H) 1300 x 860 x 680 mm
Carriage for 600 mm produce length
n A 404 FB, (W x Dx H) 1190 x 1730 x 1510 mm
Carriage for 400 mm produce length
n A 406 FB, (W x D x H) 1300 x 1730 x 1380 mm
Carriage for 600 mm produce length
180 (7.09“)
361 (14.21“)
569 (22.4“)
min. 110 (4.33“)
205 (8.07“)
610 (24.02“)
670 (26.38“)
610 (24.02“)
III108e © 2
Gross weight
n A 402, A 404, A 406, 155 kg
Stand 23 kg
n A 404 FB, A 406 FB, 188 kg
Stand 23 kg
Packing crate
n A 402, A 404, A 406, (W x D x H) 108 cm x 90 cm x 102 cm
n A 404 FB, A 406 FB, (W x D x H) 132 x 90 x 105 cm
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50 (1.97“)
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1075 (42.32“)
998 (39.29“)
1536 (60.47“)
1365 (53.74“)
440 (17.32“)
275 (10.83“)
External dimensions
n A 402, (W x Dx H) 850 x 800 x 680 mm
n A 404, (W x Dx H) 1050 x 800 x 680 mm
n A 406, (W x Dx H) 1250 x 800 x 680 mm
n A 404 FB, (W x D x H) 1050 x 1730 x 1380 mm
n A 406 FB, (W x D x H) 1250 x 1730 x 1380 mm
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