You’ll need the following cleaning supplies:
• Toothpicks
• Cotton swabs
• Dishwashing liquid
• Vinegar
• Baking soda
• Coffee or tea (this is for you. You’ll need the boost eventually).
How to clean small kitchen appliances:
Submerge the jar in hot, soapy water. Wipe down the motor base with a soft, damp cloth. Soften caked-on
residue by wrapping the base in a hot washcloth and letting it sit for a few moments. Use toothpicks or cotton
swabs for any cracks or crevices.
Ever wonder how to clean a coffee pot? Well, buckle up. Fill the carafe with equal parts water and white vinegar and run it
through half of one coffee-less cycle. Allow to sit for an hour. Then, complete the rest of the cycle. Run it through a few
water-only cycles to completely rinse the vinegar and coffee oils. Hand wash the carafe, using baking soda to release baked-on
coffee. The same method applies to the burner and machine chassis.
Be careful when cleaning this small appliance. The plastic carafes of food processors are easily scratched, so never
use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners. Cleaning the blades and disks are simple, though, just throw them in the
top rack of the dishwasher. Use cotton swabs and toothpicks to whip the base into shape. Clean after each use.
These are the heavy beasts of the kitchen. The most important element to keep clean is the heat vent, typically located on
the back of the mixer. Dislodge debris with a toothpick. Using additional toothpicks, clean out crevices as necessary. Wipe
down this beauty after every use.
Before using any kind of cleaning supplies, be sure to unplug! Then, carry it to the sink, turn it upside and gently tap all the
crumbs loose, tipping the toaster back and forth to remove everything. Remove the crumb tray and wash clean. Wash the
exterior with mild dishwashing liquid. If your toaster is chrome, be sure to use cleaning products without ammonia, as it may
discolor the surface.
These are just a few tips for a fast, easy clean and to keep your kitchen looking great.
For more intense cleaning, we can recommend an excellent cleaning company.
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