SuStainability DevelopmentS SecurityanD protection

Security AND
Developments in
in Radiation
Medical Applications
5th European IRPA Congress
4 - 8 June 2018
The Hague, The Netherlands
Encouraging Sustainability
in Radiation Protection
April 2017
Sponsorship Prospectus
International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)
Encouraging sustainability in radiation protection
Congress Characteristics6
The Congress Venue7
Become a sponsor/exhibitioner at IRPA 2018!
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Congress information16
Dear prospective sponsors/exhibitioners,
Since 2002, radiation protection professionals from all over
Europe and beyond gather every four years at regional European
IRPA Congresses. The Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS)
is pleased to host the next Congress in this series.
The EU Directive on minimum health and safety requirements
regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical
agents (electromagnetic fields) raised many fundamental and
operational queries, so a 5th main topic on Non-Ionising Radiation
has been added to the theme.
The 5th European IRPA Congress is scheduled
to take place from June 4 - 8, 2018. In the
wonderful city of The Hague, The Netherlands.
The five day programme of the Congress will offer a whole range
of plenary, parallel and e-poster sessions on all relevant scientific
and operational topics in radiation protection, as well as plenty
of opportunities for sponsors and/or exhibitors for full audience
or personal contacts. From the experience of former European
IRPA Congresses we may expect more than 700 participants
from Europe and all over the rest of the World. The radiation
protection professionals cover a wide variety of industries, scientific
and medical institutes and consultancy firms. These radiation
protection professionals play an important role in decisions
concerning the materials and methods to be used, the investment
in the instrument and the equipment to generate, use and
measure ionising/non-ionising radiation and/or required NORM
(decontamination) services.
With the central theme “Encouraging Sustainability in Radiation
Protection”, the Congress will focus on the various aspects required
to ensure that we have, and will continue to have, adequate
equipment, staff and resources to allow optimisation of the
benefits of the use of ionising and non-ionising radiation, balanced
against the adverse effects of radiation on human health and
our environment. Consequently, activities for and by the younger
generation of radiation protection professionals will be strongly
supported. A sub-theme “Security and Emergency Preparedness
in Radiation Protection” coincides with The Hague’s aim being
‘security city’.
The Congress provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet
these radiation protection professionals by means of sponsoring
the Congress as well as the exhibition of your equipment, products
and/or services. More information about these opportunities is
presented in this prospectus.
We look forward to welcome your company or institution as a
sponsor or exhibitioner during the 5th European IRPA Congress!
Under the central theme several main areas have been
defined covering the complete spectrum of ionising radiation
1) Fundamental and General Issues
2) Research and Applications
3) Industry (from Power Plants to NORM)
4) Medical (from Therapy to Diagnostics)
Hielke Freerk BoersmaGert Jonkers
Congress President
Congress Treasurer &
NVS Board Member Congress AffairsSponsorship Coordinator
International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)
IRPA is the international society for radiation protection with as main purpose to provide a medium whereby those engaged in radiation
protection can easily communicate with each other and through this process improve radiation protection in many parts of the world. This
includes branches of knowledge such as science, medicine, engineering, technology and legislation, to protect mankind and its environment
against the hazards caused by ionising radiation, and thereby implicitly facilitating the safe application of medical, scientific, and industrial
radiological practices for the benefit of mankind.
IRPA comprises about 18000 individual members representing
50 national and regional societies in 65 countries. Through these
associate societies, benchmarks of good practice are provided and
professional competence and networking is enhanced.
One of the major tasks for IRPA is to provide and support
international (regional) meetings for the discussion of radiation
protection. Ever since 1966 international congresses have been
organised for radiation protection practitioners to gather and
exchange achievements, scientific knowledge and operational
experience in radiation protection.
The Dutch Society for Radiation Protection ‘Nederlandse Vereniging
voor Stralingshygiëne’ (NVS) is pleased to organise and host
the upcoming European IRPA Congress in 2018 in The Hague.
The NVS constitutes of almost 900 national members, from
which many are involved and interested in the organisation of
IRPA 2018. This shows the large interest in the field of radiation
protection in The Netherlands.
Encouraging sustainability in radiation protection
Building on the experiences of previous European and International IRPA Congresses and in line with the general theme of the Congress,
special attention will be paid to (activities for) both the young and future generations of radiation protection professionals.
Main AREAS for IRPA 2018
Fundamental and/or General Issues
»» Sustainability in radiation protection.
»» Security of sources, installations and plants.
»» Fundamental safety and security objectives and principles of
protection, safety and security, and education and training
»» Emergency preparedness and (risk) communication.
»» Existing and planned exposure situations.
»» Ethics in radiation protection.
»» Stakeholder involvement.
»» Presentations of radiation protection programmes and policies
at the national, multi-national and international level on these
issues are particularly encouraged.
Research and Applications
R&D, licensing, construction, operation, effect on people and
Regulatory/public acceptance and radiation protection aspects
of (new) developed isotopes and applications for medical and
industrial use.
Modelling, calculation and assessment of the radiation dose
received by people and the environment (e.g. animals and
Low-dose radiation risk assessment and modelling. Cosmic
radiation and space travel.
»» All radiation protection activities and issues related to the safe,
secure and economical use of radioactive isotopes and X-rays in
health care applications, including education and training.
»» Dose optimisation for patients, workers and the general public.
»» Operational radiation protection practices at e.g.
» NPP’s;
» production laboratories exploiting X-ray analysis techniques;
» waste storage/disposal facilities for artificial nuclides as well
as for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM);
» re-processing plants;
» decommissioning projects, etc.
»» Operational radiation protection practices in industries
producing materials with elevated NORM levels.
»» Operational radiation protection practices in industries applying
sealed radioactive sources in their production process or in
non-destructive testing.
Non-ionising Radiation
UV-radiation protection and UV health effects, skin cancer
prevention, balancing UV-health hazards and benefits.
Solar and artificial UV-exposures in environmental, medical,
cosmetic and industrial situations for public, patients and
LASER safety and protection in medicine and industry.
EMF-exposure and possible health effects in industrial, medical
and environmental situations, including:
» cell phones;
» power lines;
» MRI;
» RF-transmission stations, etc.
Public perception of risks, regulatory principles of protection,
Congress Characteristics
A dedicated Congress application programme (“congress app”) for smart phones is currently being developed. Additional to the main topical
presentations, refresher courses on several subjects may be attended, technical visits to facilities where operational radiation protection plays
an essential role, pioneering e-poster sessions will be held and an extensive social programme will be organised.
Congress App
»» A dedicated congress application programme (“congress app“)
for smart phones (under development, advertising options
explored) will allow participants to define their own personal
congress programme and to contact each other and/or
exhibitors/sponsors to make individual appointments.
Refresher Courses
»» An innovative two tiered (basic, advanced) system for
refresher courses will be employed. The Monday morning and
Wednesday will be devoted to refresher courses. Thus we offer
participants the possibility to compose a coherent and concise
programme of refreshers. Some of these refresher courses may
be combined with a technical visit.
Technical Visits
»» An extensive programme for technical visits has been set up
(cf. 2nd announcement). The Wednesday will also be devoted
to the technical visits to various facilities such as a nuclear
research institute, a manufacturer of medical scanners, NORM
and/or radioactive waste disposal facilities, industries that
unwillingly generate NORM, the European Space Agency,
a harbour container scanner facility, etc. thereby offering
participants the option to witness radiation protection in
(another) practice.
»» Via the congress app participants will be able to contact each
other to make an appointment to show/discuss an e-poster on
one of the large (± A0 size) interactive computer screens in the
e-poster area in a time slot that is optimal for both.
Social Programme
»» The social programme is almost completed and comprises of
a welcome reception, a congress dinner in the Kurhaus and
a morning charity run in the nearby Scheveningse Bosjes
(Scheveningen Bush) are planned. The option for a beach
barbecue is being explored.
the Netherlands
The Dutch – all 17 million of them – live in 41,528 square
kilometres, little more than half the size of Scotland. This makes
The Netherlands one of the world’s most densely populated
The Netherlands is best known for its tulips,
windmills and clogs. It is also known
for its low altitude and vulnerability to
Less well known is that The
Netherlands has the sixteenth
The Netherlands
The Hague
largest economy in the
world, and ranks 10th in
gross domestic product
per capita.
Equally little known is that several Dutch
scientists have won Nobel prizes
for chemistry, physics, medicine,
and peace or that the world’s planners and
flock here to learn about Dutch solutions for this crowded country.
The Hague
The Hague is the international city of peace and justice and the
third largest city in The Netherlands. It is also the official seat of
the Crown and government, home to hundreds of international
organisations and multinationals and one of the world’s top three
UN cities.
The Hague is a true place of deliberation and sets the perfect
setting for high level conferences and business events. The Peace
Palace has become an icon of international justice. In fact, the
city has conferencing and high-level decision making in its DNA.
The Hague’s international orientation makes it a highly attractive
location for all types of businesses and organisations.
The Hague offers conference and meeting organisers a variety of
great possibilities. The Hague also has some 9,000 hotel rooms
in all price categories, including key international brands such as
Accor, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Holiday Inn and Starwood.
The Congress Venue
The World Forum is the leading international convention centre
in The Hague and is perfectly situated between the city centre
and the beach. It successfully hosted the largest summit in the
history of the Netherlands: the Nuclear Security Summit 2014.
This international conference was attended by the leaders or heads
of state of more than 50 countries. It attracted around 5,000
delegate members and thousands of journalists to The Hague.
The venue provides a safe, secure and flexible environment. The
World Forum has become a leading specialist in this area due to
the extensive knowledge and experience it has gained in this held
over the past decade.
Become a sponsor/exhibitioner at IRPA 2018!
You can create your own sponsoring package, which provides you different sets of benefits. The different offered packages are mentioned
in the table below. The detailed options can be found in the following colour tables. The options may be limited in number of sponsors/
exhibitioners. If an option is limited this is indicated by the number in between brackets. Apart from the Young Professional and Student
Lunch Seminar and Sponsor Lunch Seminars (your target audience) all options will involve all participants.
Your requests has to be send to IRPA 2018 Europe Congress Office and will be handled on a first-come first-served basis as some options
may be limited in number. If you have other innovative ideas with respect to sponsoring or exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact the
IRPA 2018 Europe Congress Office.
Package name
1× Orange option
1× Green option
1× Bag insert (Purple option)
3x2 m Standard IRPA booth*) (including 4×
sponsor entrance pass)
Name/logo in Congress app
Logo on website (large)
€ 18750
1× Blue option
1× Green option
1× Bag insert (Purple option)
3x2 m Standard IRPA booth*) (including 3×
sponsor entrance pass)
Name/logo in Congress app
Logo on website (medium)
€ 12500
1× Purple option
1× Green option
1× Bag insert (Purple option)
3x2 m Standard IRPA booth*) (including 2×
sponsor entrance pass)
Name/logo in Congress app
Logo on website (small)
€ 8500
2× Green option
3x2 m Standard IRPA booth*) (including 2×
sponsor entrance pass)
Name/logo in Congress app
Logo on website (small)
€ 5250
*) The booth will be provided by the IRPA organisation with a backdrop wall and is equipped with a
power socket (1kW). The image shows an example of a standardised IRPA booth.
Orange Options (limited number)
Plenary sessions
Plenary sessions will be held on Monday (incl. Opening Ceremony),
Tuesday, Thursday (“Young Professional” session) and Friday (incl. Closing
Ceremony). The sponsor will be acknowledged at the final programme, on
the Congress website promoting the plenary sessions and with company
logo display on stage during the selected session. Travel support will be
provided for plenary sessions speakers, who will be informed of the funding
source. The sponsor, however, has no influence on the selection of plenary
session speakers. Divider slides (16:9) will be shown in between the
keynote presentations. Each sponsor may select a plenary session, in which
the divider slides will be shown to the audience. The sponsor should provide
the slide to be shown and is responsible for the slide contents.
Internet Area
The dedicated space for participants to access the internet at their leisure
via the monitors provided. The internet connection will be named for the
sponsor and signage with the sponsor logo will be displayed. It provides the
sponsor with a strong platform to stand out and create brand recognition.
The sole sponsor can have their logo and branding on promotion material
within the internet area. There will also be the opportunity to supply and
distribute additional branded items like mouse mats in the area at the
sponsor’s own expense.
BLUE Options (limited number)
Coffee/Tea Break
Opportunity to support the morning coffee/tea in the exhibition area for one
day during the Congress. The exact coffee break schedule will be assigned
by the organiser. A signage with the sponsor’s logo will be erected at the
service points during the break. Additional features include:
» Company logo shown on menus at buffet stations.
» Company logo on serviette may be provided (for one morning) at the
sponsor’s own expense.
Coffee/Tea Break
Opportunity to support the afternoon tea/coffee breaks in the exhibition
area for one day during the Congress. The exact coffee break schedule will
be assigned by the organiser. A signage with the sponsor’s logo will be
erected at the service points during the break. Additional features include:
» Company logo shown on menus at buffet stations.
» Company logo on serviette may be provided (for one afternoon) at the
sponsor’s own expense.
WiFi Q&A
The WiFi capacity of the World Forum is far too limited to allow 700
participants (often with more than one WiFi device) access to the internet.
Besides, the organisation likes to stimulate the interaction between
participants and the presenters via on-line Question and Answer sessions.
Questions will be stored, so that the presenter will be able to react in a later
stadium to the question raised by a participant. Options to show the sole
sponsors logo on the Q&A opening page are currently being explored.
Young Professional
Lunch Seminar and
Gathering (1)
The Tuesday lunch seminar is dedicated for the gathering of Young Professionals
and Students. Around 100 Young Professionals and Students will be invited
for a lunch seminar/workshop under the direction of an expert on risk/dose
communication with stakeholders. The sole sponsor is allowed to open the
lunch workshop and address the young professionals in a short speech.
Lanyards (1)
The sole sponsor’s logo will be printed on the lanyard, which will be
distributed to every participant attending the event together with the
Congress logo and the organiser’s logo (lanyard production costs inclusive).
Purple Options (limited number)
Bag inserts
Participant bag inserts and product catalogues are to be distributed in
the participant bag. The final artwork file is to be provided by individual
sponsors. Printing and shipping costs are to be borne by sponsors. One
product catalogue of less than 8 pages, and not more than 150 grams for
each page.
Sponsor Lunch
Sponsors will have the opportunity to hold a lunch seminar in a lecture
hall, seating varies from 70 to max 120 participants. The session will be
of 60 minutes duration and the exact seminar schedule will be assigned by
the organiser. Food and drinks are to be provided for the audience at the
sponsor’s own expense. The Congress secretariat will assist in this.
YPA event
Distributed to every Congress participant upon registration, Congress
bags are used by participants throughout the Congress to carry notes
and belongings and are often retained as a memento after the event.
Sponsorship of the Congress bags offers a prime promotional opportunity,
as the sponsor will be a constant presence for the duration of the event and
beyond. The Congress bag offers space for four distinct sponsors.
Additional features include:
» Company logo will be printed on the bag in one colour.
» Sponsor may place 1 item in the bag.
GREEN Options
Bag inserts
Participant bag inserts and product catalogues are to be distributed in
the participant bag. The final artwork file is to be provided by individual
sponsors. Printing and shipping costs are to be borne by sponsors. One
promotional leaflet/flyer in A4/A5/B5 size, and not more than 150 grams
Stationary Items for
Congress bag
The sponsor can highlight the company name on a stationary item (e.g.
note pad, pen, post-it-notes or highlighters) continuously used throughout
the Congress. The selected item will be distributed in the participant bag
and should be supplied by the sponsor that will bear the production costs.
This sponsorship offers excellent exposure, as the sponsor will be a constant
presence for the duration of the event and beyond. Each stationery sponsor
is entitled to insert one item into each bag. The secretariat reserves the
right to include a number of each item of distinct colours (post-it-notes or
highlighters), but may also refuse the sponsorship of a particular item if too
many are pledged.
Parallel sessions
Divider slides (16:9) will be shown in between the Congress presentations.
Each sponsor may select one scientific session, in which the divider slides
will be shown to the audience. The sponsor should provide the slide to be
shown and is responsible for the slide contents.
It is also possible to sponsor a specific (separate) part of the Congress. These options may be limited in number (n) and are not included in
the different packages mentioned before and can be selected separately:
option A
Congress Dinner
(1 or 2)
option B
e-poster Area
option C
Congress App
The Congress dinner intended for all Congress participants
consists of pre-dinner drinks (incl. musical entertainment) and
a three-course menu. A sole sponsor may sponsor the complete
Congress dinner, but also the pre-dinner drinks (incl. musical
entertainment) and the three-course menu may be sponsored
separately. The company name and logo will be printed on
€ 25000
dinner menu and on the Congress website with a direct link
to your website. A short introductory speech may be given
during pre-dinner drinks by the sole sponsor. All sponsors will be € 15000
per item
memorised during the musical entertainment.
N.B. You may select to be the sole sponsor (€ 25000, including 6 sponsor entrance passes and 6 × free dinner access), or pre-dinner or three-course sponsor (€ 15000 per item, including 1 sponsor entrance passes and 2 × free dinner access).
There will be a designated area in the Congress venue for
electronic display of video’s and posters. This platform is a
new feature of the Congress and is a crucial networking and
learning opportunity. The sole sponsor’s name and logo will be
prominently displayed on the touch screen monitors along with
the Congress logo and will also appear on the instruction to
video and e-poster presenters.
€ 25000
The sole sponsor’s logo will be posted in a prominent position in
the Congress mobile application programme for smart phones
and tablet computers (production costs inclusive). Next to this
the sole sponsor is entitled to send one pop up advertisement
per Congress day.
€ 25000
option D
option E
Transport Ticket
option F
School Event
In previous years, 75% of participants attended this popular
event where substantial snacks and beverages will be served.
The evening will be an excellent networking opportunity,
while banners at the entrance with the sponsor’s logo will be
erected during the reception. The sponsor’s logo will appear
on the backdrop, banner and signage in the venue wherever
appropriate. In the welcome speech of the Congress president
all sponsors will be thanked for their support.
€ 15000
A public transport ticket for every Congress participant. The
sponsor name and/or logo will be displayed on the public
transport ticket along with the Congress logo.
€ 14500
To enhance the public awareness of radiation protection and
to promote the profession of radiation expert on Wednesday
afternoon a school event will be organised inside the World
Forum. Secondary school students (fourth year and higher)
will be exposed to attractive experiments or set ups with
(non-)ionising radiation (two times an hour) and to ‘radiation
protection theory’ provided by an enthusiastic and inspiring
lecturer (one hour). During the school event several banners
with the company logo of the sponsor will be erected around
the area, where the experimental set ups are located, and
in the lecturing hall. An excellent event to show the social
responsibility of your company. A photographer will be present,
where photos of the event with the company banner in the
background will be available to the sponsor.
€ 5000
option G
Charity Run
option H
The sponsors will have the opportunity to sponsor this charity
run intended to raise funds to lower the Congress fee for Young
Professionals and Students. Sponsor’s logo will appear on
the event invitation and promotional material, including the
Congress webpage of the Charity Run. Also special T-shirts with
the sponsor’s logo will be produced specially for this Charity
€ 1500
The stand/table will be placed in a prominent position within
the Conference Centre for the display of promotional items
for related workshops, conferences, symposia, congresses,
etc. The table will be restocked with these items as necessary
by Congress staff. The promotional items (or files in portable
document format) should be sent to the Congress secretariat in
advance. In case a file is sent in pdf format, additional printing
costs will have to be paid.
€ 500
Other Sponsoring Ideas?
Make us an offer! If you can think of a sponsorship idea that we have not offered but you would like, please contact the Congress
Secretariat. We will do all we can to make it possible.
If you consider to sponsor the 5th European IRPA Congress, please visit our sponsor website, where you will find available sponsoring options
and the sponsor registration form.
In case of a limited number for the selected (package) options, the requests will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.
All sponsor fees are subject to the standard VAT rate in The Netherlands, currently 21%.
N.B. The Congress organisers reserve the right to reject any presented sponsor item, if they believe that it does contain inappropriate contents.
Congress information
Congress Officers
Congress President:
Hielke Freerk Boersma
Congress Secretary:Bert Gerritsen
Congress Treasurer:Gert Jonkers
Scientific Programme Committee:
Lars Roobol and Ronald Smetsers
Organisation Committee:
Jan Kops
Congress Website
For queries on sponsoring or more information about the Congress, please contact:
Congress Secretariat
A Solution Events
Newtonlaan 51
3584 BP Utrecht, The Netherlands
T: +31 85 90 22 833
Register your interest
Complete the online form on the Congress website to be kept informed of all the latest news about the Congress.
We are grateful for the support of the UK Society for Radiological Protection (SRP)
in establishing our scientific programme.