1. General Information The Tradesmen+ Program is designed for

1. General Information
The Tradesmen+ Program is designed for contractors
engaged in building construction, maintenance, or repair;
contractors with a special trade; and service contractors
who provide a service but do not build or construct.
Contractors may sub-contract up to 40% of their gross
annual receipts. The program is NOT intended for
“paper” general contractors.
The following risks do not qualify:
General (B1/Paper) Contractors who sub-contract
more than 40% of the work
Roofers of any kind
A valid contractor’s license is required for those trades
where a license is available. Licensed Handyman Repair
provided jobs do not exceed $500.00 each. An exclusion
for jobs exceeding this threshold will apply.
Architects and Engineers
Contractors who also hold a license for a trade that is
ineligible for the program cannot be considered due to
the exposure of past, present or future work performed
under that license. We can reconsider if the insured can
provide a statement that they have performed no work
under that license for the past 10 years and de-activates it
with the Contractors License Board.
Applicants who perform work for Condominium or
Homeowners Associations (work for individual
unit owner is acceptable).
2. Eligibility
Applicants who perform or sublet any demolition or
blasting operations (interior demolition in connection
with remodeling acceptable).
Applicants involved in the new construction of
condominiums, tract homes, apartments or town-homes.
Applicants involved in heavy, industrial
construction, including airport, bridge, and highway
Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements of our
preferred auto program and are on the Eligible
Classification List, are welcome from authorized
AmCom business partners:
Applicants whose operations involve bulk storage,
handling or distribution of fuel oil, gas or
Applicants whose business is one of the classes
listed in the “Eligible Classes” section of this
New business ventures if the owners have less than
three years experience operating a business will be
debit rated accordingly.
Applicants who sub-contract no more than 40% of
their annual receipts.
We will consider General & Specialty Contractors
who engage in remodeling work including room
We will consider Contractors who build no more
than fifteen (15) Custom Homes per year if they do
not subcontract more than 40% of their gross
receipts (roofing work must be sub-contracted to a
licensed and insured subcontractor). The custom
home must be built for specific owners under
contract. “ Spec” or “Owner/Builder” homes are
NOT eligible.
Applicants whose operations involve any hazardous
material, substance or waste, including storage tanks
and containers.
Applicants whose work involves exposure to pollutants
such as asbestos, lead, and chemicals.
Applicants with current or past exposures to
Contractors who Build or Grade slopes or hillsides
with a grade of 6% or more and/or on landfills.
Applicants who have filed bankruptcy in the past five
years or have a weak financial status.
Applicants with a 3-year loss ratio of 65% or more.
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3. Ineligible Risks (applicable to past, present or future
Operations. “Past” means within the past 10 years.)
Any Maritime operations
Waterproofing operation
Construction Management for a Fee
Painting of Storage Tanks
Sign Erection/Repair/Service Above 3 Floors
Rental and/or Leasing Equipment to Others
Foundation/Footings concrete contractors
Public Street/Road/Highway contractors
Fire or Security Alarm Install and/or
Monitoring, - except pre-wiring
Excavation below eight (8) feet
Work above 3 stories (except interior work)
Scaffolding over two (3) stories
Framing Sub-Contractors
Underground (below 8 feet)
Work at or related to Airports or Hospital
Surgical facilities
Gas Stations, Oil Refineries or Railroads
Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS)
Sandblasting Work
Window Washing (above 3 floors)
Earthquake Retrofit Work (incidental strapping
of water heaters acceptable)
Installation or set up of Mobile or
Pre-Manufactured Homes
4. Coverage
The following coverage and limits choices are available.
Limits of Liability
Each Occ. Aggregate
Commercial CGL,
Personal &
1,000,000; or
Advertising Injury, & 1,000,000
Fire Legal Liability
Medical Payments
5. Forms
ISO Commercial General Liability, Occurrence,
CG 00 01 (12/04) and ISO and Company Endorsements
are applicable.
6. Territory
State of California, follows ISO Territory Definitions.
7. Deductible
Standard to all operations is $500, Per Claim, Bodily
Injury and Property, with options for ‘0’ to $5000.
8. Policy Term
Maximum of one year (12 Months) policy term
9. Application
Signed ACORD 125 & ACORD 126 & the following:
• AmCom Contractors Questionnaire
• History
Minimum of 3 Prior years, preferably
for the Past 5 Years;
• Financial
Latest Full Annual and Year To Date ,
Income/Expense & Balance Sheets
• Reference 3 Completed Work References
• CA License CC of CA License(s)
• Payroll
Substantiation of Payroll Records
10. Payroll Definition
Each Owner/Officer/Proprietor/Partner, Payroll to be rated is
Field Employees, payroll rated at actual paid value.
Leased Employees, payroll rated at what would have been paid
if the leased workers had been direct workers.
Clerical Office Employees, payroll is excluded.
11. Auditable Premium
Liability premium and exposures are estimated and subject to a
final and possibly a mid-term audit of the records of the insured.
At the Company’s option, a self-audit may be used to determine
the final premium.
When the Company decides to do a physical audit of the records
of the insured, the insured is not responsible for the expense of
the audit.
12. Program Fees
All fees are fully earned and non-refundable.
Inspection Fee - $350
Covers cost of phone and/or site inspection services as well as
any financial services needed to analyze the risk such as credit
reports, and any audit of records.
Reinstatement Fee - $100
Covers costs of re-writing/reinstating coverage that has been
disrupted by a cancellation process.
Billing Fee - $15 Per Bill
Covers the cost of inputting premium items other than annual
premiums (installments/monthly reports etc).
13. Sub-Contract Work
If the insured uses sub-contractors, a premium will be earned
and charged on the total cost of the sub-contracted work. The
cost of the sub-contracted work includes both labor and material
All sub-contractors must furnish the insured with an
endorsement and certificate indicating the insured is a Named
Additional Insured on the sub-contractors liability insurance
policy. Sub-contractors must have at least $1,000,000 CSL
Limits of Liability.
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14. Certificates of Insurance
Certificates may be issued by the Producer on ACORD
certificate forms only
Certificates are not valid if the ACORD form is altered,
including but not limited to:
♦Crossing out words.
♦Adding wording such as Additional Insured or
Waiver of Subrogation, without reference to the
correct form number.
♦Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation and Primary
wording requires prior written approval.
♦Utility Companies or other entities requiring
completion of their own certificates/endorsements
are to be cleared and issued by AmCom.
♦Certificates requiring any alteration to the ACORD
certificate form require submission for consideration by
an AmCom underwriter. See AI Request Form.
Certificates must be filed with Amcom within one week
of issue. AmCom will enter all certificates in data base
and notify all holders of any cancellation.
15. Additional Insured Endorsements
Additional Insured Endorsements are available for the
charge shown below. All Additional Insured requests
require a submission for approval to issue.
See AI Request Form
We require a description of the project, the work being
performed by our insured, and the cost of the total project
versus the insured’s job cost portion.
Homebuilders, Developers and Homeowner Associations
are not eligible for Additional Insured coverage except
where required for our contractor to gain access to do
work for an individual unit owner.
Scheduled Additional Insured Endorsement Rates
CG 20-10 & CG 20 37
$100 Each, or
1% of the unmodified liability premium for Blanket,
subject to a Minimum Charge of $500 for Blanket.
The 07/04 Date of the CG 20 10 will be utilized for any
significant Products & Completed Operations exposures.
17. Cancellations
Pro Rata Cancellation
Policy is cancelled pro rata and return premium is rounded
to the next whole dollar when cancelled:
At Company’s request
Cancelled and rewritten in the same Company
Non-Payment of Premium
Inured no longer has an insurable interest in the
business operation
Short Rate Cancellation
When the policy is cancelled for any reason other than the
preceding, a short rate factor will be applied.
Fees are fully earned regardless of the cancellation
Reinstatement With Lapse
To avoid a coverage lapse, all issues that initiated the
cancellation process must be cured prior to the effective
date of the cancellation.
18. No Binding Authority is Extended
Complete application information must be submitted to
AmCom for written confirmation of binding:
The Producer may fax, mail, or Email, the information
required to consider binding coverage:
Complete/signed applications
Complete Project list
Reference from Completed Jobs
3-year currently valued (within the past 90 days)
loss runs or if loss runs are not available, a letter on
the insured’s letterhead stating 3-year loss history,
signed by the insured, may be acceptable.
(Note-Company loss runs and three years of prior
premiums are required for Experience Rating)
Substantiation of employee payroll
Copy of the Contractors license
Written request to bind coverage, stating effective
Date and Payment Choice
Evidence of the deposit payment made by applicant.
if outside financed, the name and address of the
Premium Finance Company.
16. Payment and Billing Option
Producer Full Payment Option
Remit the full estimated annual premium plus fees net
of producer commission.
Premium Finance
Producer collects a Deposit sufficient to cover fees and
commission and Finance Company Deposit requirements.
Producer remits fees and deposit net of commission to
AmCom and Finance Company remits net annual
premium direct to AmCom.
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