Scope of works - Bubbles Bathrooms

Scope of works
TBA -1
P. code
Project: Bathroom Renovation
.01 Demolition
Strip out and remove from site:
• All existing fixtures, fittings and cabinets (except products intended for re-use)
• All existing wall tiles, and or plaster, and or render as required
• All existing floor tiles and or floor cladding as required
Rubbish removal: A bin will be provided for the removal of all waste related to this project. It will need to be
positioned on your property. If this is not possible and permits are required for the bin to be
located on council property. These permit fees vary from council to council and will be an
additional cost that is not included in this specification
Please note: If asbestos is found during the demolition we have trained asbestos removalist on staff and if
it is a small amount of blue asbestos or a large quantity of white asbestos is found then this
will be removed by a specialist asbestos removal company. We will pass on any charges
incurred. This will delay the project by the additional time taken to arrange asbestos removal.
.011 General building works
Frame up bath and line in readiness to tile or stone clad (if applicable)
Create wall recesses for wall cabinets and shower niche
Trim out ceiling joists where possible for lights and fan
Install structural support where necessary for accessories fixing and support
Remove, re-fit and make good existing architraves and skirting's where necessary
Install all cabinetry as specified in the product checklist
Install all accessories as specified in the product checklist.
Install water stop angles adhered to membrane for shower as needed Supply and fit doorstop at back of door (70mm chrome) if required
Silicone all control joints with appropriate colours.
.02 Floor preparation - Timber floor
• Make good to non-structural flooring after demolition stage in preparation for laying
of the new tiles
• Remove and replace any water damaged non-structural flooring
• Modify and strengthen structural flooring as required to create a ramped floor for the shower
• Lay 6mm ceramic tile underlay over new flooring (glued and nailed)
Please note: We have assessed there to be no significant structural water damage to the bathroom, if there
is minor water damage this is to be repaired and made good. All non-structural water damage
will be removed and made good
.03 Wall preparation - Stud and plaster
• Straighten walls in preparation for tiling by plaining down or packing out the studwork
as required
• Removed wall cladding is to be replaced with 6mm cement sheeting flush finished and sealed
in readiness for painting and/or tiling
• Repair and make good the wall cladding above wall tile level if needed as a result of
wall removal
.04 Ceilings and cornice - repair
• Patch all holes from relocation of lights and fan
• Cornices are to be removed and new cornices installed when replacement of ceiling plaster
is specified (Includes repair of squareset if required)
.05 Doors and Windows
• The proposed layout sketch specifies what is required in regards to door and window
• The careful removal of architraves and skirting for re-use is good building practice and also
good for the environment. To ensure this is practiced the builder will replace these with similar
at no cost if needed. (However if a custom replication is necessary only the supply and delivery
is to be an extra cost.)
Please note: • MDF architraves and skirting should not be used where they are at significant risk of water
exposure therefore if existing materials are not suitable for reuse this would be supplied
at an extra cost.
• Where window and/or door alterations require new brickwork, the bricks will be supplied by
client or selected by client and supplied as an extra cost.
• Where new entry points have been specified, doors are relocated or had the size changed.
We have not allowed for flooring or floor surfaces to be repaired or replaced. We will discuss
the options and associated costs when they are known.
.06 Plumbing - General Information
Please note: • If a Hot water tempering valve is not installed or not functional, you are required by law
to do so. This is so that your household are protected from hot water burns. The plumber will
inspect and advise if one is required.
• The cost to install tempering valve at hot water service if required will be $280
• It is presumed that the existing plumbing has been constructed in accordance with the
Australian Plumbing regulations, if not additional charges may apply.
• Disconnection or re-connection of the hydronic system should be attended to by your
regular hydronic specialist and therefore is not included as a part of this scope of works.
• When a Gas hot water system or gas for the kitchen is being installed the entire system must
be tested the repair of any existing leaks or the up-grading of any gas pipes if required are
not included as a part of this scope of works.
.061 Plumbing
• Cap off all existing plumbing points during the demolition stage and rough-in plumbing
• Divert water supply pipes and waste plumbing from existing locations as needed
• Connect into existing waste water, hot and cold water as required
• Fit and connect all plumbing fixtures as specified as in proposed layout sketch and
or Product Checklist
• All plumbing inside the bathroom is to be altered to suit new layout and products
• Supply a certificate of Plumbing compliance
We have based the construction component of your project on the installation of all fixtures
and fittings listed in the product checklist, if the quantities are adjusted we will adjust the
construction costs accordingly up or down but don't worry we will keep you well informed and
documented through the project management system.
.07 Waterproofing
Second only to design, Waterproofing is the most important stage in the renovation process,
Water damage constitutes 70% of all faulty workmanship claims in the domestic building
industry. Attention to detail is required to avoid being a part of these statistics.
• Waterproof membrane must cover the entire floor where tiled, and extend up all walls to the
wall tile level or to the height of the shower outlet as a minimum all round the bathroom walls
as an un broken layer. It is not required on the un-tiled areas. Either applied by a
waterproofing professional or inspected and certified.
• Metal angles are to be installed behind cement sheeting for all internal corners in wet areas.
• Un recessed Cement sheeting joints NOT to be but joined without the recommended gap
for a polyurethane joint sealant to be installed before membrane application.
Please note: • Tile adhesives are to be supplied by the waterproofing manufacturer and compatible with the
waterproof membrane and polyurethane jointing products. Drying times must be adhered to
in accordance with the manufactures guidelines.
• Be weary of claims that silicone and grout are layers of waterproofing. These elements are
necessary components of the tiling system but not a waterproofing element. For further
information on the importance of membrane and tile adhesive compatibility please
ask your designer.
.08 Tiling - General Information
Note: Because tillers charge rate changes according to tile size, laying pattern and tile type,
we have defined what your quote is based on. When the product's are selected adjustments
may be required. Your designer will calculate the difference when assisting you to select
your tiles so you can make informed decision. The quote will be adjusted up or down accordingly.
.081 Tiling - Walls
Bathroom - Lay wall tiles from floor to ceiling all around the bathroom walls
Wall tile laying cost based on ceramic tiles laid in block style
All external corners to be mitred where appropriate
Block style tiling with a maximum tile size of 300 X 600 is specified
.082 Tiling - Floors
• Bathroom - Lay floor tiles to floor area shown in proposed layout sketch
• Floor tile-laying cost based on porcelain tiles laid in block style
• Block style tiling with a maximum tile size of 300 X 600 is specified
• Newly laid tiles will terminate under the door. If a gap remains between the existing floor
finish and new tiles, standard chrome colour floor trim is to be used to bridge the gap.
Note: We have specified Porcelain floor tiles for two main reasons namely that they are robust
and have less natural distortions (especially in larger sizes)
.083 Tiling - Feature tiles
No allowance at this stage, If feature tiles are of the same type and general size there will
be no extra charge.
.09 Electrical - General Information
Not all electrical work is listed in the electrical scope of works some of it is to be found in the
Product side of the project.
For example - under tile heating, the estimates and or costing’s include the labour component.
This process makes adjustments to the electrical scope of works efficient and transparent
• Extra power points are charged at $88 each if installed in solid walls and $66 in timber walls
• Extra down lights or under cabinet lights are charged at $122 each (supply and install)
• Extra Vanity lights are charged at $210 each if installed in solid walls and $144 in timber
walls (Install cost only)
.091 Electrical
• All existing electrical points and light fittings will be either moved to the new locations layout
or terminated and made safe as per proposed layout sketch
• Supply and Install 1 fan as specifications as in Product Checklist
• Fan is to be on a separate switch to the lights
• Supply and Install 1 power point with extra switches above bench top as per proposed layout
• Supply and Install 1 double power point in wall cabinet as per proposed layout • Install only 1 vanity light, switch is to be on the power point at the vanity
• Our licensed electrician will carry out an inspection when he is on site. Should a new safety
switch or circuit to your existing electrical board be required a variation to the contract price
if required $350 will apply. It is not included in this quote.
• Supply a certificate of Electrical compliance
Please note: • We have presumed that the electrical work in your property in accordance with the
Australian electrical regulations. If not additional charges may apply.
• All electrical switches are white colour Clipsal unless otherwise supplied or specified
.10 Ventilation
Airflow is a complicated science and there are numerous factors that will affect an extraction
system's ability to maintain air quality. The 3 most important things we can do maximize
good airflow and air quality are:
1. To vent the extraction to the atmosphere in sealed roof spaces
2. Maintain a minimum of 22 air changes per hour (standard bathroom fans do not do this)
3. Under cut the door by 10 - 15mm to allow airflow
Although these are not required by the building code, we believe it to be good practice and is
therefore included in this scope of works. (Including the appropriate high volume fan)
.11 Glazing
A glazier generally installs shower screens and mirrors, therefore the installation cost is
assumed to be included as a part of the product cost.
All window glass below 2m from floor level in a bathroom is required to be safety glass. If
specified in the proposed layout sketch it is included as a part of this scope of works. If not
then it is assumed that the existing window glazing is compliant. If for some reason this is
found to not be the case, the glass will need to be changed to comply with the
Australian standards as an extra cost.
Please note: To ensure best-fit possible, the shower screen is measured for manufacture. Once the tiles
have been installed, the screen will be fitted up to 3 weeks after completion of tiling
When the bathroom is commissioned, a temporary screen may be necessary if you intend
to use the shower. If this is the case please inform us before commissioning stage and the
temporary screen will be supplied and installed at no extra cost to you.
.12 Painting
• No allowance at this stage
• Any damage to solid render or plaster outside the immediate work area is to be repaired
to a paintable finish. We will take all possible care to avoid this occurring
Please note: During the course of the renovation process there will be some damage to adjoining rooms.
It is impossible for this not to occur. We cannot predict what the scope of works will be for
both the repair of these surfaces or the painting that will be required as a result. The question
is how much is acceptable? And how will this be dealt with? If this is left open with a no
responsibility clause on behalf of the builder, this could result in a no responsibility therefore
no care attitude. Or on the other hand, if we were to make an estimate the allowances would
have to include a worst case scenario.
We don't see either of these options resulting in equitable outcomes for either party.
Therefore our approach is that we take responsibility for the cost to repair any damage that
may occur to a paintable finish and we will get the painting quoted when it is appropriate
(when the exact scope of works is known) and then you can decide if you want this to be
added to the scope of works or not.
.13 Others
• Any pre-existing structural defects or damage, unless otherwise stated, will be repaired
as a variation on a cost plus basis.
• We will not install cabinetry supplied by clients unless a written guarantee is provided that
the materials used in the manufacture are free from formaldehyde.
• Client will provide a final list of products for removal and re-installation. However, this is
undertaken on an "all care but no responsibility" basis, for damage or loss
.14 Building permits
• No building permit has been included at this stage as the proposed layout would not
trigger a building permit.
.15 Guarantees
• Workmanship: All work will be carried out to the highest standard of tradesman ship and
professionalism. All workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed for an amazing 10.5 Years
this represents 50% more value than a standard 7 year guarantee and we will issue a guarantee
certificate upon receipt of final payment.
• Guaranteed commissioning date Or WE pay YOU $100 per day until your bathroom
is commissioned
• Electrical: All electrical workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years and a certificate of
compliance will be issued upon completion
• Plumbing: All plumbing workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years and a certificate of
compliance will be issued upon completion
• Waterproofing will be Inspected the manufacture's representative is guaranteed for
10 years and a certificate of compliance will be issued upon completion
.16 Quality control
• Supervisor: Our site foremen are amongst the best craftsmen in the industry. Many of them
having won multiple bathroom renovation awards for their outstanding work. Your site
foreman will take the responsibility to oversee the project from start to finish; being on-site
most days during the renovation process.
• Inspections: We guarantee at least 3 inspections during the renovation process. These will be
carried out by an unrestricted licensed building practitioner who is not your site foreman. One
inspection before the contract signing, another before tiling commences and finally, an
inspection done at the completion of the project. Inspections are also done randomly during
the renovation process.
• Archicentre: Archicentre will inspect and give a report before final payment is requested
(for multiple renovations this inspection will be done at the completion of the last remaining
renovation) valued at $464 per bathroom or laundry.
Please note: • Archicentre inspection cost can be refunded in full either before or after the project is
completed if you decide it is not necessary
• Standards and codes: We will adhere to or exceed the requirements of:
1) The Australian Building Code
2) Guidelines set out by the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute
3) Waterproofing Council of Australia
4) The Building Practitioners Board.
• Chemical reactions: We have researched and have written guarantees' for most of the
chemical reaction issues surrounding membranes, adhesives, silicones and polyurethanes.
So you can rest assured that those who are providing the materials for your project will be
held accountable if the products fail
(How much do you value the peace of mind for this level of quality control?)