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With the ITALCAFFÈ ESPRESSO SYSTEM you can enjoy
the following products.
- A mix of exotic Arabic and
Robusta coffee flavours, carefully selected
and roasted just right to offer a creamy coffee
aroma with a sweet, robust flavour.
A true Italian-style espresso in its most
traditional form.
- A decaffeinated blend
with an extraordinary aroma. You won’t miss the
cream, body and aroma of the best espresso bar
To get a good cup of coffee, a good blend is not
enough. You also need the right equipment.
The capsule espresso machines Italcaffè Espresso
System is a first-class coffee maker that ensures a
top-quality Italian-style cup of espresso coffee,
and also allows you to enjoy other hot drinks depending on your taste.
- It is the result of an
accurate selection of the best varieties of the
Arabica species, known for its low caffeine content. Its pleasant rich and long-lasting aroma
make it the favourite coffee of the real
Capsule system advantages
Automatic capsule brewing system
Capsule holder
Used capsule removable container
Equipped with a steam and hot water wand /
Capsule characteristics: 6.8 grams of optimum
ground, measured and pressed coffee. Usage
simplicity: Anyone can prepare a perfect
espresso coffee, even the inexperienced.
Maximum cleanliness and hygiene: Once the
coffee is done, the capsule is collected into a
container and is ready for disposal without any
leftovers or residue; therefore, no waste.
Net weight: 5,0 kg
Dimension: 32,0 x 26,0 x 24,0 cm
Container capacity: 2.0 litres
Italcaffè Espresso System is sealed quality.
The innovative sealed capsules are individually
packaged and protected to preserve the
just-roasted coffee freshness and aroma.
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