TME Series Automatic Setback Thermostats

TME Series
Automatic Setback Thermostats
The TME is a stand alone, non
communicating, commercial, low voltage,
setback thermostat used in retail stores,
restaurants, convenience stores and other
spaces for simple, single zone HVAC
The TME is a low voltage, solid state,
automatic change over, heating/cooling
thermostat with digital display showing
setpoints and room temperature. Retrofit
installations can utilize existing HVAC wiring.
The thermostat is field adjustable to allow for
preconditioning of the building prior to
occupancy by counting the hours of desired
setback. The thermostat incorporates two
stages of heat, two stages of cool, fan
Occupied temperatures are user adjustable;
however, the thermostat incorporates
factory set temperature limits to prevent
overheating or over-cooling the space
during occupancy.
Dependent on model, the thermostat
provides automatic setback for heating, and
setup for cooling based either on interior
light levels or on outside signal coming
across contact closure terminal. Setbacks
are factory set.
Stand Alone Non-Communicating
No Programming, No Clocks, No Batteries
§ One-piece design eases installation at
each location.
§ One model fits single or dual stage:
gas, electric heat, or heat pumps.
Local Control Features:
§ System ON/OFF switch to shut down
HVAC equipment and thermostat.
§ Temperature adjustment buttons.
§ FAN control button to set fan for AUTO
or ON operation when applicable.
§ “Check” button to cancel time delays
§ “Display” button toggles between room
and supply air temps.
§ Dip switch settings for equipment type,
fan control, remote or on-board room
sensor, and precondition settings.
Wiring Requirements
Installation Features:
§ All wiring should be minimum #18
AWG. Shielding is not required.
§ Wire-for-wire installation replacement
of existing thermostat (common wire
§ Remote room and supply air are
optional. Remote sensor cables do not
have polarity. Shielding is not required.
§ Refer to the Lightstat Installation
and Operation Manual for complete
instructions prior to installing or
using the Lightstat TME thermostat.
Standard Features Include:
Factory Configuration
§ 1 amp relay switching of up to 6 HVAC
§ 5° F deadband between heating and
cooling to prevent short cycling of
§ Control up to two stages of heating and
§ Proportional Plus Integral (PPI) control for
accurate, even temperature control.
§ Stages of heat and cool stagger ON.
§ Minimum ON and OFF time delays for
compressor protection.
§ A1-A2 isolated dry contact outputs for
shutdown of dampers or equipment
during unoccupied mode.
§ Pre-condition feature to pre-heat or precool the building prior to opening.
§ Choose temperature limits; Heat Max
and Cool Min in the range of 50° to 85°
Deg F.
§ Choose setback limits for energy
savings during unoccupied times.
§ These configurations are factory set
and cannot be changed in the field.
Field Configuration
§ Choose Heat Pump or Conventional
§ Choose compressor time delays.
§ Choose O/B output to be on with
heating or cooling.
§ Gas/Electric switch (refer to the HVAC
equipment manufacturers instructions
for details on how to set this switch).
Model TME Series
The TME may be able to use existing
thermostat wiring for thermostatic control
(requires common wire). The alarm model
will require two additional conductors.
Dimensions.……. 6.0”W x 4.25”H x 1.5”D
Mounting………………. Fits standard,
horizontal, single gang electrical box.
Electronic (solid state)
Voltage Rating ................. 24 to 30 VAC
Switching Current..0.2 to 1.0 amp(max)
Intended for NEC Class 2 Circuit for Low
Voltage (24VAC) systems only
The Lightstat must be installed on a single
transformer system.
Do not attempt to use directly with Line Voltage
(120 VAC or higher), DC (Direct Current),
millivolt (thermopile) or proportional control
Operating Temp Differential………1.0°F
First to Second Stage Differential..1.0°F
Heating-Cooling Deadband……….5.0°F
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