PrioVino Premier
Translation of
Original Operating Instructions
Status: January 2018
First edition January 2018 / © PrioVino GmbH
Reprint – even in extracts – only upon written
permission by PrioVino GmbH (ISO 16016).
1. General information
1.1 Information about these operating instructions
1.2 Safety warnings
1.3 Limitation of liability
2.1 Proper use
2.2 General safety instructions
2.3 Safety instructions for battery and battery charger
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
3. Before use
3.1 Unpacking the device
3.2 Parts and accessories included
3.3 Names of working parts
3.4Correct placement of the device
3.5Checking electrical connections
3.6Charging the battery
4. Set-up and operation
4.1 Inserting the battery
4.2 Setting the desired temperature
4.3Removing the battery
4.4 Mains operation
5. Cleaning instructions
7. Service and maintenance
9. Technical information
10.Declaration of conformity
The reproduction, distribution and utilization of this document as well as the
communication of its contents to others without express authorization is prohibited.
Offenders will be held liable for the payment of damages. All rights reserved in the
event of the grant of a patent, utility model or design.
1. General Information
1.1 Information about these operating instructions
These are the operating instructions for the wine cooler PrioVino Premier
(hereafter referred to as the device). It provides important information for
the safe operation of the device and must be carefully studied by anyone
who sets up, operates or cleans it. Non-compliance with the instructions
laid out in this manual can lead to injuries to the user and/or damage to
the product. Please keep the user manual at a safe and easily accessible
location at the operation site of the device.
You can download the operating instructions from our website, where it is
available at also in additional languages.
Content and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
1.2 Safety warnings
indicates warnings about situations that could lead to serious injury
or constitute a fire hazard.
indicates a warning about situations that could be hazardous
to the user or cause product damage.
1.3 Limitation of liability
The information, facts and figures, diagrams and technical instructions
contained in these operating instructions were compiled with the utmost
care in order to make the set-up, operation and cleaning of this device safe
and easy. Illustrations may be exemplary.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage or injury caused by
non-compliance with the instructions in these operating instructions as well
as for any damage caused due to improper repairs, technical modifications
to the device or the use of third-party spare parts.
All translations of these operating instructions were carried out by
professional translators. The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage
or injury caused by incorrect translations. In doubt, please refer to the
original operating instructions.
2. Safety
This device complies with all statutory safety regulations. However,
the improper use of the device may lead to injuries, material damage or
damage to the product.
2.1 Proper use
Use the device only for the intended purpose. Improper use or
non-compliance with these operating instructions can have very
dangerous consequences.
2.1.1 Personnel requirements
The device may only be operated by personnel authorized, suitable,
qualified, instructed and trained by the contractor therefor.
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
The operator is obliged to inform the operating personnel about changes
to the device and to train them if necessary.
2.1.2 Predicted area of operation
The device is only intended to keep cool pre-cooled wine bottles with
a diameter of not more than 9.4 cm mainly in the commercial area.
The intended temperature range for the bottle is 5 °C – 20 °C.
The device may only be operated in technically flawless condition and for
proper, safety-conscious and risk-conscious use while observing the
operating instructions! Especially, malfunctions which pose a safety risk
must be fixed right away! Proper use includes closely following the
operating instructions as well as the compliance with the maintenance
The device is designed for the environmental conditions described in
section “9. Technical information“.
Modifications to the device need the written approval by PrioVino GmbH.
A conversion of the device has to be carried out and tested prior to use
by PrioVino GmbH.
2.1.3 Unauthorized area of use - foreseeable misuse
A different use or a use the exceeds the described range is considered
improper. PrioVino GmbH is not liable for any resulting damages. The risk is
solely borne by the operator.
The device is not designed to cool down or heat up wine bottles.
In particular, it is not allowed to misuse the device e.g. as shelf, coat stand
or standing aid. It is also not allowed to introduce liquid into the bottle
opening – even for cleaning purposes.
2.2 General safety instructions
• Inspect the device before use and do not switch it on if there is
any visible external damage.
• Children may not be left unattended with the device or operate it.
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
• Injuries could result from the falling down or toppling over of the
cooler or its stand.
• The device may only be operated by persons with mental,
physical or sensory impairments if they have been instructed about
the safe operation of the device as well as possible dangers or
if they are supervised.
• If you plug your device into a mains power supply, please fasten
the power cord to the cooler stand with the Velcro strips provided,
in order to minimise the risk of anyone tripping over the power cord.
• If you carry the cooler along with its stand, please ensure that you
hold on to both the cooler as well as the stand, as they are not
attached to each other. Pregnant women should not – in the
commercial area must not – carry the cooler and/or the stand.
2.3 Safety instructions for battery and battery charger
This device can be operated on a battery or on mains power.
Please observe the following safety instructions in order to avoid
dangerous situations:
• Make sure that the battery does not get overheated. Keep it away
from open fireplaces, heaters or radiators and do not leave the
battery in the hot sun (e.g. in a locked car).
• Do NOT drop the battery and protect it from any hard shocks
or blows.
• Do NOT allow the battery to get wet.
• Do NOT touch the battery charger or any of the plugs or electrical
connections with wet hands.
• If you notice any damage to the plugs or the power cable,
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
do NOT switch on the device, and contact our service department
immediately so that the damaged part can be repaired or replaced.
• Do NOT open the device, as parts in the interior of the device
could be current-carrying. Changing the electrical or mechanical
design of the device can result in severe electric shocks or
device malfunctions.
• Do NOT submerge the device in water or any other fluid.
• The device is NOT dishwasher safe.
• Please ensure that the air vents are always free of any blockages.
Do not cover the air vents because this may cause the build-up
of heat and create a fire hazard.
• Do NOT insert any objects into the air vents. Contact with currentcarrying parts in the interior of the device will lead to electric shock.
• Only use batteries manufactured by PrioVino GmbH. The use of
third-party batteries constitutes a fire hazard and can also result
in damage to the product.
3. Before use
3.1 Unpacking the device
• Take the device out of the outer carton and remove all accessories
from the packaging material.
• Packaging material is not a toy. Please do NOT allow children to
play with packaging materials to avoid the danger of suffocation.
• After unpacking, please check that the delivery is complete and without any
visible damage. Please contact us immediately if you receive an incomplete
or damaged delivery.
• Keep the outer carton and packaging materials in a safe place so that you
can return the product to us in its original packaging, should this ever
become necessary.
3.2 Parts and accessories included
• Cooler
• Stand
• Battery
• Battery charger with attached charging plug
• Power cord
• Velcro strips
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
3.3 Names of working parts
lid release
air vents
LED low battery alert
cooler tray
stand rod
stand base
User interface
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
set button
plus/minus buttons
to set temperature
battery enclosure
Battery charger
socket for
C8 plug
charger plug
power cord with C8 plug at
one end and power plug at
the other end
3.4 Correct placement of the device
The cooler can be placed on its stand or directly on any other suitable
surface. It is important that all four supporting legs below the device lie
within the holding ring of the cooler tray. This ensures that the device is
securely anchored to the cooler tray by its own weight.
• Make sure that the device is placed on a firm, even and perfectly
horizontal surface with sufficient load-bearing capacity.
• Do NOT place the device in a damp or wet environment, or close
to open fireplaces or hearths.
• Make sure that the battery charger is not covered and ensure that
there is enough space between the charger and other objects.
If heat is allowed to build up around the battery charger, it could
result in a fire hazard.
We would be happy to provide consultation about the correct placement
of the device on ships, aircraft, or other non-stationary surfaces. Please
contact us for more information.
3.5 Checking electrical connections
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
Before you connect the device to a mains power source, compare the
voltage and frequency of the battery charger with that of the power source.
In order to prevent damage or malfunctioning of the product, these values
must match. The type plate on the battery charger displays the relevant
In addition, please note the following:
• The electrical outlet to which the battery charger is connected must be
protected by a circuit breaker (minimum 10 A).
• The device may only be connected to a mains power source with the
power cord included in your delivery. Do NOT plug the device into a
multiple power outlet or power strip as this can lead to a fire hazard due
to overload.
• Ensure that the power cord does not lie over or under a hot or sharpedged surface.
3.6 Charging the battery
The battery should be fully charged before you first switch on the device.
The battery should only be charged with the battery charger supplied with
the device.
• To charge the battery, insert the charger plug of the battery charger into
the battery.
• Use the power cord to connect the battery charger to the electrical outlet.
This will cause the lower LED to light up red.
• The upper LED will light up green while the battery is charging and will
begin to flash once charging is complete.
• Disconnect the battery charger from mains power.
• Disconnect the battery charger from the battery.
• If the upper LED lights up red or begins to flash in red, this is an
indication of a malfunction. Discontinue the charging process
immediately by removing the power plug from the electrical outlet
and then contact our service department.
4. Set-up and operation
This device can be powered by an exchangeable and rechargeable battery
or by being plugged into a mains power source.
4.1 Inserting the battery
• Open the lid by pressing on the first ‘O‘ in the company logo on the
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
cooler lid.
• Insert the battery into the battery enclosure until it clicks into place and
the blue lamp in the on/off button lights up.
4.2 Setting the desired temperature
• To switch the device on, press the on/off button until the blue temperature
display lights up.
• To set the desired temperature, first press the set button. The display will
begin to flash.
• Use the plus/minus buttons to set the temperature you require.
• Then press the set button once again to confirm the temperature setting.
The display will stop flashing and your desired temperature will be
indicated in the temperature display.
• Press the push-up pin downwards.
• Replace the cooler lid.
• Insert the wine bottle into the bottle chamber.
When the battery is down to ~15% of full capacity, a blue LED lights up
behind the air vents. This low battery alert is a reminder to either change the
battery or plug the device into mains power.
Turn the device off when it is not in use to avoid unnecessary power
consumption or battery drain.
4.3 Removing the battery
• Open the lid by pressing the first ‘O‘ in the company logo on the cooler lid.
• Switch off the device by pressing the on/off button.
• Press down lightly on the battery for it to be ejected.
• Press the push-up pin downwards.
• Replace the cooler lid.
4.4 Mains operation
• Make sure that the battery is still in the device before plugging the device
into mains power (see section 4.1 Inserting the battery). Powering the
device using mains power is not possible unless the battery is inside
the device.
• Insert the charger plug of the battery charger into the corresponding
socket underneath the cooler.
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
• Connect the battery charger to the power cord using the C8 plug.
• Now connect the battery charger with the electrical outlet using the
power plug.
• The battery will be automatically recharged while the device is connected
to a mains power source.
• Do not remove the battery without first disconnecting the device from
mains power.
Turn the device off when it is not in use to avoid unnecessary power
consumption or battery drain.
5. Cleaning instructions
To prevent damage to the device and to protect the exterior from scratches,
we recommend regular cleaning and care. Before cleaning, please switch
off the device, disconnect it from mains power and remove the battery.
Please follow the cleaning guidelines outlined below:
• Wipe the device with a soft, damp cloth. Make sure you dry the device
thoroughly after cleaning.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning products or solvents of any
kind, such as petroleum.
• Ensure that no water or humidity gets into the interior of the device
through the air vents while cleaning.
• We recommend wearing cloth gloves while handling the device, in order
to protect the surface of the device from being scratched.
• Do NOT submerge the device in water or any other fluid.
• This device is NOT dishwasher safe.
6. Storage
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
When storing the device overnight, please make sure that the device has
been disconnected from mains power before storing it in a safe and dry
location. When storing for longer periods of time, please ensure that the
device is kept in a safe, dry and dust-free location. Remove the battery
before storing for longer periods and keep the battery in a safe, dry and cool
place with a maximum temperature of no more than 30 °C.
7. Service and maintenance
Repairs or maintenance on this device should be carried out solely
by PrioVino professionals. Improper repairs or maintenance can
cause damage to the product and represent significant danger to
the life and well-being of the user.
For your own safety and to avoid malfunctions in the device,
only use original spare parts supplied by PrioVino GmbH.
When making your request for repairs or maintenance on the device, please
include the product identification number. This number can be found at the
bottom of the battery enclosure or on the original product packaging.
8. Disposal
In case of disposal of the device, dispose the device, the battery and the
battery charger in accordance with local ordinances and regulations for the
proper disposal of electrical and electronic equipment.
9. Technical information
DeviceElectrical wine cooler
Temperature range
5 °C – 20 °C
Temperature intervals
0.5 °C
Bottle opening
9.4 cm diameter
Height of cooler without stand
28.5 cm
Total height with stand
73.5 cm/93.5 cm
Total weight (without battery)
10.3 kg/11 kg
Battery charger input
220 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz
Depending on the model:
12 V/5 A
Battery charger output
12.3 V/4 A
– Refer to protection notice ISO 16016 –
Mains adapter output
Permissible environmental 5 °C – 40 °C
conditions for operating
15% – 85% relative humidity
Emission sound pressure level
<70 dB(A)
10. Declaration of conformity
The device complies with EC Directive 2006/42/EC and EU Directives
2011/65/EU and 2014/30/EU.
For details, refer to the complete declaration of conformity on page 14.
Manufacturer and service address
PrioVino GmbH
Eschenweg 21
72076 Tübingen
Phone:+49 7071 1473016
Fax: +49 7071 610982
EC Declaration of conformity
According to EC Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex II 1. A
We hereby declare,
PrioVino GmbH, Eschenweg 21, 72076 Tübingen
that the device referred to as
Serial number:
Year of construction:
Wine coooler
as of PVP0002
as of 2018
complies with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
The device also complies with the following directives:
The following harmonised standards have been applied:
DIN EN 60335-1:2012-10 +
B1:2014-04 + B2:2014-11
DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03 + B1:2013-08
DIN EN ISO 13732-1:2008-12
DIN EN ISO 13732-3:2008-12
DIN EN ISO 13857:2008-06
The following national or international standards (or parts/clauses thereof) and
specifications have been applied:
DIN ISO/TR 14121-2:2013-02
Responsible for the assembly of the technical documents:
Moritz Ortwein, PrioVino GmbH, Eschenweg 21, 72076 Tübingen
Moritz Ortwein, Technical Director
Date: 25.01.2018
Revision: A
PrioVino GmbH
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