Portable and In-Ground Spas Operating Manual
Portable and In-Ground Spas
Operating Manual
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Congratulations…on becoming the owner of a Jazzi Spa. You’ll find the control systems in our spas have been
designed for simplicity and can be programmed to suit your individual preferences.With the proper care and service of
your new spa, and the correct chemical maintenance of the water, your spa will provide years of enjoyment.
Please take time to read this manual carefully before operating your spa.
Do not power up your Spa until you have read this entire Operating Manual. Improper installation may result in
equipment damage and void the Spa Warranty.
Spa Hardware Orientation
Important Safety Instructions
Preparing a foundation for Your Spa - Indoor/Outdoor Portables
Electrical Connections
- Requirements, Note To Electrician, Electrical Terminations
Touchpad Control Centre
Spa Maintenance
-Hygiene, Cleanliness, Chemical Management
Draining The Spa
Acrylic Shell Maintenance
Spa Hardcover - Maintaining Your Spa Cover
Jet Information
Air Control, Aromatherapy Dispenser, Air Injectors
Massage Selector / Diverter Valve
Trouble Shooting
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Spa Hardware
Touchpad Control Centre – located on the topside of your
spa. This touchpad operates pump/s, blower, temperature
adjustment and other ancillary functions that you may have, such
as filter cycles, lights and diagnostic codes.
Control Box - where power supply, blower, ozone (if used) and
circulation pump are connected. Located in the engine bay of your
Main and Boost Pump (if applicable). Located in the engine
bay of your Spa, this is the largest of the pumps in size and power.
Used for creating water pressure through jets. Also used for
filtration in the case of a 2-speed pumps option (refer to Controller
Ciirculation Pump (if fitted) – located in the engine bay of
your spa. This highly efficient, small power usage pump is used in
the filtration and circulation of water through the heater.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Spa Hardware
Ozone (if fitted) – used for water purification. For additional
chemical requirements when using ozone, contact your Authorised
Dealer. There are two types of ozone units used in The Moment
Heater – Housed with the control box.
Blower (if fitted) is located in the engine bay of the spa. Its
purpose is to blow air through the air injector to create bubbles.
Aromatherapy Canister (if fitted) is located on the topside of
the spa. This canister holds the Aroma Beads. To access the
canister, unscrew the cap in an anti-clockwise direction. Ensure
blower is not operational when removing cap.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
General Information
Your spa warranty covers the spa and associated equipment you have purchased. Please ensure you read and
understand the Warranty and complete and forward any Warranty information to Jazzi . Return of this information is
critical in activating your Warranty.
IMPORTANT NOTE: As stated in the Pre-Delivery Manual, when installing the spa, ensure there is 500mm
unobstructed clearance around the entire perimeter of the spa. Ensure service access panels can be removed
without obstruction. Failure to allow sufficient clearance may result in additional charges when servicing, general
repairs or the need for warranty occurs.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
General Information
Important Safety Instructions
Do not power up your spa until you have read this entire Operating Manual. Improper installation may result in
equipment damage and void the Spa Warranty.
Please take note:
• You must contact local Authorities in relation to pool fencing and other manditory regulations that MUST be
adhered to when installing a spa.
A permit to fill your spa may be required from your local government department.
1. Do not use the spa while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as they cause drowsiness and can result in
2. Before entering the spa, the user should check the water temperature with an accurate thermometer.
A temperature of 38°C is considered safe for a healthy adult. Special caution is suggested for young children.
3. It is recommended that you use the spa for no longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.
4. Do not put your head below water level.
5. Consult a doctor before using the spa if taking any medication. Pregnant women should seek medical advice
before entering a spa.
6. Always disconnect spa from power supply before servicing your spa.
7. Always supervise children using the spa.
8. Do not use a spa that is not properly maintained and chemical balanced.
9. Ensure all electrical connections meet the appropriate codes and standards.
10. The spa is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they have been adequately
supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the appliance safely.
11. Young children should be supervised at all times whilst in and around the spa.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Preparing A Foundation For Your Spa
Indoor / Outdoor
Your spa needs a good solid foundation. The area that your spa sits on must be able to support the weight of 500kg/
m2 (1000kg/m2 for Swim Spas). If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift or settle after the spa is in place, causing
stress to the shell.
Note: Damage caused by inadequate or improper foundation support is not covered by the Spa Warranty. It is the
responsibility of the spa owner to provide a proper foundation for the spa. (please refer to paragraph below)
Place the spa on an elevated foundation so that water drains away from it. Proper drainage will keep components
dry and protect them from continual damp conditions, and will also aid you when draining the spa for maintenance.
If you are installing your spa indoors, pay close attention to the flooring beneath it.
Always remember that the spa is filled with water. Choose flooring that will not be spoiled or ruined from water
damage. Spa Industries Global will not accept responsibility for water damage caused through spa being placed in
unacceptable surroundings.
If the spa is to be located on decking ensure the deck is capable of withstanding the combined weight mentioned
above. It is recommended that a qualified contractor prepare the foundation for your spa. A base of 100mm (4inch)
minimum concrete pad or equivalent is required to place your spa. If mounting on a deck centre supports must be
installed to support the centre of the spa.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Electrical Connections
As stated in the Jazzi Manual, a qualified Registered Electrical Contractor must undertake all electrical connections.
You must also have a Certificate of Electrical Safety issued by the Electrical Contractor at completion of the
installation. This certificate may need to be presented to your Authorised Spa Dealer or Jazzi in the event of a
warranty claim.
1.Extension cords are not to be used under any circumstances.
2.Ensure the power supply is correctly rated.
3.Ensure all electrical connections meet the appropriate codes and standards.
4.Keep electrical connections dry at all times.
5.A licensed electrician ONLY, must connect the power.
6.Ensure spa is connected on a dedicated circuit protected by a safety switch.
7.Ensure spa is permanently and reliably connected to the fixed wiring.
8.Spa should be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) with a rated tripping current not exceeding 30mA.
9.Parts containing live parts, except parts supplied with safety extra-low voltage not exceeding 12V, must be
inaccessible to a person in the spa.
10.CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent resetting of the thermal cutout, the spa must not be
supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on
and off by the utility.
Note to the Electrician:
Drill appropriate size hole through base for cable and conduit entry. Ensure cables are fitted through base prior to
filling with water.
Never rest spa on power cords.
Power Consumption
The power consumption of your spa can be found on the Identification / Compliance Label of your spa (read about
in ‘Indentification / Compliance Label section of this manual.
Power consumption is expressed in ‘Full Load’ and also ‘Load Shed’
Full Load - is the maximum full load current draw of the spa.
Load Shed - is a feature of the Control System which by a minor setting change will cause the heater to shut down
when the boost pump or blower is actuated. Hence the lower power consumption valve.
Directions on ascertaining this setting can be found on the back of the Control Box lid.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Power Consumption
Electrical Terminations
With all Jazzi, you will usually find the Control Box at the same end of the spa as the controller Touchpad Control
There are a number of electric controllers that you may find on your Spa Industries Global Spa. The Balboa System
is the unit most widely used by Spa Industries Global. If it requires direct wiring the terminal connection can be found
inside the Control Box.
The Balboa System has a Terminal Block in the control box similar to that in adjacent photo.
To gain entry to the Engine Bay, remove service access
doors with Allenkey (supplied). The Engine Bay can be
found below the Digital Touchpad Control Centre.
Be sure to take extreme care when connecting power
cables to the unit, as incorrect connection can cause
damage to the Control System.
Power supply to the spa needs to be on a dedicated circuit
and be protected by a Residual Current Device (Safety
Switch), as well as the correct size cable and circuit breaker
Terminal Block
In-ground spas are controlled from air buttons located on the topside of the spa. All electrical equipment must be
located away from the spa itself. (The distance may vary, depending on the state and
country codes and standards). Please read instructions supplied with the air switches in relation to mounting
distance from the air buttons installed in the spa shell.
Touchpad Control Centre (Portable Spas)
The spa is fitted with a Balboa Touchpad Control Centre. The instruction sheet for your Spa Control Centre will be
supplied with your spa. The instruction sheet shows step by step operation procedures to operate pumps, blower,
light (if applicable), ozone (if applicable) also for the control and setting of filter times and filter durations.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Star Up
• If spa is a plug-in model, plug the power cord into the power point and switch the power on. If the spa is hard
wired, turn power on at the main isolator. When the unit is powered up, it is normal operation that the spa pumps
may turn on and run for up to 4 minutes depending on the type of controller.
• Chemical addition. Contact your local Authorised Spa Dealer in relation to the best chemical selection for your
• To heat your spa adjust the Temperature Button up, or to decrease heat simply adjust the Temperature Button
down, depending on the model of the spa (Refer to your control instructions).
• Check for leaks, replace service access panels.
Note: Depending on water capacity, heater size and ambient temperature, it can take up to 12 hours to heat the spa
to approximately 38°C. Swim Spas will take possibly twice as long.
Spa Maintenance
You are responsible for the maintenance of your spa.
The ‘home’ environment can affect the condition of your spa water. You should always shower prior to entering your
spa. Good personal hygiene assists with water maintenance.
Our bodies need to adapt to the spa. Body oils will expel from your skin at a faster rate until your body adjusts to the
spa environment. The same will occur when your friends come over to enjoy your new spa.
This may mean your filters will need cleaning more frequently in these instances.
Your spa should be kept free from dirt and grit at all times. This will minimize the likelihood of particles being lodged
in the jets or your spa’s operating equipment.
It is wise to have a mat or foot wash near your spa, so that the spa users can wipe their feet before they enter the
spa. Dirt and grit in your plumbing system is not covered by Warranty, and can cause damage to your spa.
Chemical Management
It is extremely important to maintain your water chemistry of your spa, not only for health reasons, but also for the
protection of spa components. The pH level should read between 7.2 and 7.8 to ensure clean water. The total
alkalinity should read between 80 and 120 parts per million. Making sure all these requirements are correct will
ensure your spa is clean and free of dirty water. If you don’t maintain your water within these requirements you are
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Draining the Spa
Approximately every 8-12 weeks, or more frequently depending upon usage, you should completely drain your spa.
About 1/3 of the water capacity should be drained off every month in addition to the above procedure to keep the
water manageable.
The frequency of complete drainage depends on a number of variables including the amount of use, attention paid
to water quality, maintenance etc. You will know it is time for a change, when you cannot control foaming and/or you
can no longer get the normal feel or sparkle to the water even though the key water balance measurements are all
within the proper parameters.
1. Isolate power at Circuit Breaker.
2. Remove center cap on drain and connect the supplied garden hose adaptor.
3. Turn the lock nut anti-clockwise and pull it out
(10mm approximately) (Fig E). Allow the water to drain from the spa. This would generally take 5-6 hours to drain,
so it is a good idea to let it drain overnight. Drain water to a suitable location
4. Use a bucket and a sponge to remove any remaining water from seats / foot well of spa.
5. After draining the spa remember to turn the drain valve to the off position.
Note: If draining for winter and the spa is going to be left empty for periods of time, loosen barrel unions to pump to
remove all water from the plumbing system, and tighten once all the water is removed.
Make sure hardcover is put back over the spa as continous direct sunlight can damage acrylic shell. Damage from
UV or sunlight is not covered by Warranty.
(if fitted) Your spa has a recessed external drain valve (Fig D), usually located on the front of the cabinet. This has
been designed as the most practical and easiest way to empty your spa.
Figure D.
Figure E.
Figure F.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Acrylic Shell Maintenance
Ensure spa is not continually exposed to the elements, the acrylic shell can reach very high temperatures if spa is
located without shading or cover. Damage due to sunlight or extreme temperatures is not covered by the Spa
Warranty. Exposure to the elements while not filled with water, while hardcover is removed or by simply no shading
of the spa may cause damage to the acrylic shell.
With normal use of your spa, oils, lotions and hairsprays will build up on the surface of the water sometimes leaving
a scum line around the perimeter of your spa shell.
Use a recommended cleaner or simply wipe down with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. (eg methylated
spirits). Clean while spa is drained for servicing or water change-over.
For hard water stains consult your Authorised Spa Dealer for an acceptable Spa cleaner/polish.
• Never allow your spa surface to come in contact with acetone (nail polish remover), nail polish, dry cleaning
solution, lacquer thinners, gasoline, pine oil, abrasive cleaners, citrus cleaners or any other harsh chemical. These
chemicals can damage your spa shell and void your Warranty.
• Do not use cleaning agents that will leave suds in your spa water.
• Adjustable jets should be removed and washed thoroughly to remove any dirt and grit build up. (Removal of jets
is outlined in the ‘jet’ section)
Note: Minor scratches can be removed by using fine wet & dry sandpaper and car polish. Please consult your
Authorised Spa Dealer before attempting this method.
Spa Hardcover
Using a Spa Hardcover any time when the spa is not in use will significantly reduce your operating costs, heat up
time and maintenance requirements.
Getting The Most From Your Spa Cover
1. When cleaning your cover, use a mild soap and water.
2. Do not walk, jump or lie on cover.
3. When moving your cover, LIFT at all times, do not drag, drop or slide cover.
4. Do not lay cover on rough surfaces.
5. Approximately every four weeks, use a vinyl conditioner on top of the cover. Your Authorised Spa Dealer can
best advise you of an appropriate cleaner.
6. Remove foam liner from Hardcover every 12 months and rotate to eliminate saging of the Hardcover. It is most
important that you connect the lockdown clips to the cabinet, to ensure safety for your family.
Ensure hardcover is fitted on spa at all times when not in use.
Note: Damage to spa caused by the elements due to hardcover not being used correctly will void Warranty
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Jet Information
Air Control
These controls allow you to regulate the amount of air that is mixed with
water entering through the jets. This significantly increases the jets
performance and massage effect.
Air Control’s should be in the closed position when spa is not in use, to aid
in heat retention.
Aromatherapy Dispenser
On the lip of your spa there is a screw cap (if fitted), by adding specially
formulated Aroma beads into the dispenser, beautiful scents are infused
into the spa via the bubbles, enhancing relaxation and overcoming
chemical smells. The scent is drawn into the water when the blower is
When the scent becomes faint simply replace the Aroma beads, these
can be purchased through your Authorised Spa Dealer.
Air Injectors
When the Blower button on the control pad is pressed, an air blower
pumps air directly to individually plumbed air injectors located in the seats
and foot well.
Air injectors further massage and caress your body.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Jet Information
To keep your jets perfoming at their best,you should regularly remove adjustable jets and clean them(approximately
once every 3 months).
Clean the jet face in hot soapy water. Make sure all fittings are moving freely before re-inserting.(Sand and grit in jet
will not be covered by Warranty)
Ensure all soap redidue is removed prior to re-installation of jet face.
If you are having trouble removing the jet face a tool can be purchased through you Authorised Spa Dealer.
Massage Selector / Diverter Valve
Some models are fitted with a Massage Selector or Diverter Valve. This valve is designed to change the flow of the
water from one seat to another.
It is normally designed to divert the jets the following ways:
1. To the lounges/recliners (Position 1) or
2. To the hot seat in the corner (Position 2) or
3. The entire spa working simultaneously (Position 3)
Do not force the selector handle. If the handle becomes hard to turn, consult your Authorised Spa Dealer.
When heating the spa, leave the massage selector in (Position 1) to the Lounge area, or the hot seat area
(Position 2). Do not leave selector valve in the center position (Position 3) with all the jets working, as the spa may
not heat due to low flow at the heater.
Neck Jet Diverter:
If the Spa is fitted with reverse molded neck jets, a small diverter will be fitted adjacent the neck jets. Used to divert
water to and from neck jets. This componet serves purely as a diverter not an on / off control. When water is diverted
away from neck jets a small amount of water may expell from the jets.
Position 3
Position 1
Position 2
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
Trouble Shooting
Spa does not operate
1.Power not connected
2.Power supply fault
1.Check power is connected
2.Check fuse or safety switch at
meter box/switchboard
Power available,but pump
Does not run
1.Air lock in plumbing work
Reduced water flow from jets
1.Shut off valves,closed/off
2.Insufficient water levels
3.No flow through jets
1.Loosen barrel union situated
above pump to release build up
of air.Release a small amount of
water as well
1.Open up the shut off gate valves
to let water through
2.Add more water to Spa
3.Jets in off position,turn jet
clockwise to on
4.Kink in delivery hose,remove
access panel and check hoses
4.Check water lever
4.Pulsating jets
Air blower not operating
1.Blower not plugged in
1.Make sure blower plugged into
socket on control box
Underwater light not
1.Light not plugged in
1.Make sure light plugged into
power point or control box which
ever is applicable
2.Replace globe
2.Blown globe
Spa will not heat
1.Thermostat turned
down low
2.Air blower on all the time
3.Excessive heat loss
all the time
4.Filter cartridge dirty
5.Spa set on economy
or sleep mode
Spa turns on by itself
1.Normal automatic daily
Filtration or anti freeze cycle
1.Automatic timer has shut
punp off
2.Motor overheated and
automatic protective device
has shut down pump(s).
Pump or Blower shuts off
Unexpectedly while in use
If any of the above procedures fail to rectify the list
1.Turn thermostat up to incerase
2.Turn blower off,heating does not
occur with blower load sharing
3.Fit hard cover to Spa
4.Clean cartridge
5.Increase time clock cycles or set
to standard mode(as per controller
1.No action requied
1.Push JETS button again down to
start another cycle
2.Leave for 10 minutes push JETS
button to restart
ocal Authorised Spa Dealer for assistance.
■Damage is caused by improper maintenance of spa water
chemistry or by allowing undissolved spa chemicals to lie on
the spa’s surface.
■Damage is caused by failure to install, maintain and operate
the spa in accordance with the recommendations contained
in the Jazzi Operating Manual. Pre-Delivery Guide or any
other printed instructions, notice or bulletin from The Moment
■The spa has been fitted with non genuine Jazzi filter. If non
genuine The Moment Filters are used this could cause
damage to the filtration, heating and control system of the
spa and will void the warranty of these compinents.
■Loose barrel unions were not tightened prior to start up or
checked regularly, this is not a warranty item.
With the exception of the Three Year Equipment Warranty,
this Jazzi Spa Warranty is void if any of the following occur:
The spa has been subject to alteration, neglect, misuse or
■Any repairs are attempted by anyone other than an
authorized agent of Jazzi Spa.
■The spa has been used in a non-residential application or
in an application for which it was not designed.(Warranty on
all components reduced to 12 months for Commercial Use).
■Damage is caused by an Act of God or any other cause
beyond the control of The Moment Spa.
■Damage is caused by the addition or use of any non-approved mechanical or electrical component, or chemical
■Damage is caused by shipping, moving, mishandling,
improper installation or electrical hook-up by someone other
than a licensed Electrician
■Damage to the spa shell is caused by excessive heat
build-up due to failure to cover spa while empty of water
and/or exposed to direct sunlight.
■Damage is caused by operating the spa outside the water
temperature range of(10°C-40°C)
Exclusions three/one
Serial Number:
Model Type:
Spa Details
Jazzi Spas and its authorized agents shall not be liable for any
injury, loss, cost or other damage, whether incidental, consequential, special or punitive, arising out of any defect covered by this
limited warranty, including without limitation, loss of use of Spas
have been advised of the possibility of such damage. The liability
of Jazzi Spas under this limited warranty, if any, shall not exceed
the original amount paid for the defective product. Coverage
under this limited warranty shall commence as of the original date
of purchase and the duration of such coverage shall not extend
for any reason whatsoever beyond the stated time period. These
disclaimers shall be equally applicable to any service provide by
Jazzi Spas or its authorized agents. Damage caused by delivery
is not covered by this warranty.
This limited warranty takes the place of all other warranties,
express or implied, in fact or at law, including implied warranties
of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All warranty service must be performed by The Moment Spa or its authorized agent. No agent, dealer, distributor, service company or
other party is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of
this limited warranty in any manner whatsoever.
Portable Spa Warranty
Jazzi Spa extends warranty coverage solely to the
end-user purchaser(“Owner”) of any portable Jazzi Spa
manufactured on or after September 1st, 2017 and later
models installed for residential use all over the world.
Our warranty is given in addition to the Consumer
Guarantees and does not excluded them.
10-year Shell structure warranty
Jazzi Spas warrants the Jazzi Spa shell against degradation for 10 years from the original retail purchase date
of the spa. After one year from the original spa purchase
date, the defective spa must be sent to Jazzi Spa for
repair at no charge. This warranty specifically covers
leaks from the spa shell.
One-year shell surface warranty
Jazzi Spa warrants the surface finish of Jazzi Spas not to
crack, fade, wrinkle, blister, peel or delaminate for one
years from the original spa purchase date. This warranty
specifically covers the spa shell and the repair method is
at the discretion of Jazzi Spas.
Two/One-year eternawood cabinet and
tuffbase warranty
Jazzi Spa warrants the Eternawood cabinet sections of
the Jazzi Spas against degradation and cracking for two
years for material, one year for labour from the original
spa purchase date. This warranty specifically covers the
cabinet corners, door and side panels and the moulded
spa base. The doors are deemed Easily Remove
Components, and when found defective, will be replaced
free of charge at your authorized The Moment Spa
Dealer or by sending the defective component(s) to
Three/One year equipment warranty
With the exception of intentional damage, Jazzi Spa
unconditionally warrants the electrical and mechanical
equipment(excluding the Stereo System and remote
controls) of the Jazzi Spas, along with its associated
piping and fittings, against failure that would require
repair or replacement for three years for parts, one year
labour from the original spa purchase date. This warranty
specifically covers the pump(s), heater, control
system(including fuses), LED light, ozone unit, jets,
stainless steel escutcheons, filter caps and other Jazzi
Spas mechanical equipment, and leaks from any
component or plumbing fitting located beneath the spa
shell. Defective components that are easily removed
from the spa, such as the LED light, jet nozzles and
other Jazzi mechanical equipment that can be readily
replaced by the customer and do not require specialized
tools or knowledge or create personal safety issues, all
of which are deemed Easily Removed Components, will
be repaired or replaced free of charge at your authorized
Jazzi Spa Dealer or by sending the defective component(s) to Jazzi.
Other Warranties
■Jazzi Spas warrants the Jazzi Spa Stereo System and
Blowers against defects in materials and workmanship
for one year from the original spa purchase date.
■Jazzi Spas warrants the Jazzi headrests, filter
cartridge(s) and spa covers against defects in materials
and workmanship through time of delivery.
■All other spa accessories attached to the Jazzi spa
Portable Spa after date of manufacture are not covered
by this limited warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer
of such products for information regarding warranty
Warranty Performance
Jazzi Spas or its authorized agent will repair or replace any malfunction
or defective component, on the Jazzi Spa, that are covered under the
terms of this warranty and was purchased from an authorized Jazzi
spa dealer. In doing so, Jazzi Spas reserves the right, at its option, to
either repair or replace the defective spa or component. If Jazzi
determines that the repair of the defect is not feasible, we reserve the
right to, instead, provide a replacement spa equal in value to the
original purchase price of the defective spa, shipping cost of the spa
owner. Jazzi reserves the right to use either dealer may charge you
reasonable travel mileage fee for travel or replacement shall provide no
new warranty coverage, but shall retain only the remaining portion of
the original product’s warranty. To obtain warranty service, contact your
authorized Jazzi Spa Dealer or Jazzi and submit proof to be from the
Manufacturers date. After one year any defective warranty repair and
must be pre-authorised by Jazzi with pre-paid freight. Return freight will
be paid by Jazzi on all warranted components, if the entire spa is sent
to the factory for repair, all costs of removing and re-installing the spa
at spa owner’s location will be the responsibility of the spa owner.
Repair of replacement, as described above, shall be Jazzi’s sole
liability for any breach of this warranty.
Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd.
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