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Place distributor tube in tank. If not already done,
wrap top of distributor tube with black tape or insert a plug
to resin from entering tube during media filling.
Add base gravel using funnel.
Add softening resin.
Remove black tape or plug from distributor. Do not pull up
distributor tube when removing tape.
Fill softener tank (not brine tank) with water.
Screw on control valve carefully, do not cross thread.
Follow piping and installation instructions making
sure inlet is installed in the inlet arrow on the bypass
valve and outlet is on the outlet arrow and connect
backwash line to drain.
Control v alv e
Sof tener tank f ree-space:
Distributor tube
Sof tening resin
Grav el coarse
Flush softening resin clean of color by running cold water
in a bathtub or laundry sink, or hose bib (some faucet
without an aerator) until water runs clear.
10 Attach brine tank 3/8" black poly line to control valve, and
add 1 to 7 bags of salt to the brine tank (OK to fill it up with 7
bags of salt). Add 5 gallons of water to the brine tank.
11 Plug in control valve and put into a manual regeneration.
See page 2 for more instructions on how to set the timer and/or
read the Fleck 5600 control manual for detailed instructions..
CWS 2006 Page 1 of 2
Installation and Start-up Procedure (Cont’d.)
The water softener should be installed with the inlet, outlet and drain connections made in accordance with
manufacturer’s recommendations and to meet applicable plumbing codes.
1. Manually index the softener control into the service
position and let water flow into the resin tank. When
the water flow stops, open a softened water tap until
all air is released from the lines, then close the tap.
NOTE: The various regeneration positions may be
dialed manually by turning the knob on the front of
the control until the indicator shows that the softener
is in the desired position.
2. Set water usage program wheel using any one of the
following procedures:
Typical Residential Application
To program, just set the time, set the hardness and it
regenerates only when necessary. To set time of day
press red time set button and turn 24 hour gear until
present time of day is at “time of day”. Set program
wheel by lifting the “people” dial and rotating it so that
the number of people in the household is aligned with
the household grains per gallon water hardness.
Release the dial and check for firm engagement at
setting. (This method will provide reserve capacity
based on 75 gallons per person.)
Optional Programming Procedures
Calculate the gallon capacity of the system, subtract
the necessary reserve requirement and set the
gallons available at the small white dot on program
wheel gear. Note, drawing shows 850 gallon setting.
The capacity (gallons) arrow denotes remaining
gallons exclusive of fixed reserve.
3. Rotate the program wheel counterclockwise until it
stops at regeneration position.
4. Manually index the control to the back-wash position
and allow water to flow at the drain for 3 or 4 minutes.
5. Remove back cover plate.
6. Make sure than the salt dosage is set as
recommended by the manufacturer. Manually index
the control to the brine fill position and allow the brine
tank to fill to the top of the air check.
7. Manualy index the control to the brine rinse position
and allow the control to draw water from the brine
tank until it stops.
8. Plug in the electrical cord and look in the sight hole in
the back of the montor to see that it is running.
9. Manually advance the control to the beginning of the
brine fill position and allow the control to return to the
service position automatically.
10. Fill the brine tank with salt.
11. Replace back cover on the control. Be sure cable is
not pinched between cover and housing.
12. Make sure that any by-pass valving is left in the
normal service position.
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