Va r a d e r o X L10 0 0 V O p t i o n s
Genuine Honda Accessories
The Varadero XL1000V is a supreme two-up adventure sports machine and the toughest
transcontinental express on the road. To complement its go-anywhere attitude
the Varadero XL1000V has a specially designed range of Genuine Honda Accessories,
r w ra
so that your Varadero can literally go anywhere you want.
Top Box 45 ltr
Rear Carrier
Fixing Kit
Top Box Colour
Panel Set
Stores two full-face helmets. Lockable and detachable. A rear
carrier and fixing kit must also be purchased to fit this top box.
Colour panel sets are available.
Genuine Honda Accessories
Top Box 45 ltr Inner Bag
Black nylon bag with
expandable capacity from
21-33 litres. Handy front
pocket with Honda Wing
logo, (takes A4 file),
adjustable shoulder belt
and carrying handle.
Pannier Inner Bag Set
Pair of black inner bags.
21 litres capacity each.
Designed to be the same
shape as the panniers.
Decorated with a silver Wing
logo. Handy carrying handle.
38 litre, durable, plastic panniers
that will hold one full-face
helmet and more. A pannier
stay set and rubber seal should
also be purchased.
For your peace of mind
Genuine Honda Accessories
are carefully designed,
researched and stringently
tested to the highest
standards. And since they’re
Honda approved you’ll know
that they’re just as tough
and well made as your
Honda motorcycle.
Pannier Set 38 ltr
Pannier Stay Set
Pannier Colour Panel Set
Tank Bag
A 23 litre tank bag featuring
the Honda Wing logo,
detachable waistbag,
reflective zippers and an
additional rain cover.
Fixing straps included.
Honda Wing logo which can
be used with a top box or
pannier set.
Handlebar Bridge
Easy to fit aluminium bolt-on
bridge, installed to carry a
handlebar pocket bag.
Cargo Net
Useful net to secure luggage
to rear carrier and/or pillion
seat. Available in Black.
Tank Pad 2
A specially designed tank
pad to protect your tank from
Steering Handlebar
Pocket Bag
Heated Grip Switch
Designed to offer greater
security. Complete with
tamper-resistant barrel and
key. Easily stored under seat.
These specification details do not apply to any particular product which is
supplied or offered for sale. Manufacturers reserve the right to vary their
specifications, including colours, with or without notice and at such times in such
manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every
effort, however, is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in
this brochure. This publication shall not constitute in any circumstances
whatsoever an offer by the Company to any person. All sales are made by the
Distributor or Dealer concerned subject to and with the benefit of the standard
Conditions of Sale and Warranty given by the Distributor or Dealer, copies of
which may be obtained from him on request. This publicity material applies to the
UK only Trade Descriptions Act (1968). Whilst efforts are made to ensure
specification accuracy, brochures are prepared and printed several months in
advance of distribution and consequently cannot always immediately reflect
either changes in specification or in some isolated cases the provision of a
particular feature. Customers are always advised to discuss specification details
with the supplying Dealer especially if your selection is dependent upon one
of the features advertised. Subject to availability.
Protective Film
This self-adhesive, clear
film can be cut to fit any
area of paintwork, to help
prevent scratches.
Top Box Pad
A backrest pad on the
top box gives greater
pillion comfort.
Body Cover
Manufactured from water-resistant, breathable fabric that enables
the motorcycle to dry. Offers good protection from UV rays.
A rope is included to tighten the lower edges to avoid damage in
bad weather. Also there are two holes in the front so that a lock
may be used.
Flexible, adjustable grip heater to warm fingers on cold winter
mornings. The grip heater incorporates a plate that heats the
underside of the grip. Integrated circuit to protect the battery
from drain. For connection you should purchase items 18, 19
and 20.
U-Lock 120/340
U-Lock 105/245
Conventional centre stand,
providing optimal stability on
variable ground surfaces,
while facilitating rear wheel
Handy bag to sit on the
handlebar bridge of the
motorcycle, easily turned
into a waist bag.
230 x 100 x 50 mm.
Grip Heater Kit
Sub Harness +
Sub Harness -
Centre Stand
Tank Pad
Rugged, padded tank
protector, featuring
3D Honda logo.
Honda Bond A
A special, heat-resistant
glue to be used when fitting
heated grips.
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