De'Longhi Appliances s.r.l - Divisione Commerciale Ariete
Model: 4203/1
Code: 00P420310AR0
EAN: 8003705108950
Multipurpose, pull-along steam cleaner. Ultra-compact and lightweight for everyday cleaning. The strap
and manual cord winder make it extremely practical, as well as quick and easy to use. 1,400 Watts of
power, together with pressure of 3.5 bar guarantee a constant, powerful steam jet for deep-down cleaning
of floors and other surfaces. The new design, with its modern style and innovative detergent function
make this appliance the perfect way to get rid of stubborn dirt. A special trigger on the handle means it is
possible to inject, small amounts of detergent, when needed, to maximise the deep-down cleaning effect
of the steam. The detergent reservoir is separate, independent and easy to refill. Complete with on and
steam ready light. Also available with water reservoir empty light (mod. 4203/2). Vapori'Fresh New
Product specifications
Aluminium boiler tank, capacity
0.7 litres
Safety cap
On and steam ready light
Detergent reservoir capacity
70 cc
Manual cord rewinder
Floor brush + cloth
Small brush wrth window cleaner attachment
Cloth cover
Round brush
De'Longhi Appliances s.r.l - Divisione Commerciale Ariete
Extension tubes
Accessories bag
Shoulder strap
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