Thank you for your purchase of the National Geographic
Talk Abroad® International SIM Card
+44 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Your National Geographic International SIM Card works in compatible
unlocked GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) handsets.
Our goal is to provide every customer with an exceptional yet inexpensive
solution for international cell phone service. Please take some time to
familiarize yourself with the contents of this User’s Guide before your next
Main Features:
• Seamless coverage in more than 200 countries
• Free incoming calls in over 70 countries
• Prepaid service (no contract or bills, no credit check)
• Affordable outgoing rates
• Toll-free U.S.-based 24/7 customer service from abroad
Setting up your International SIM Card:
1. Find your SIM Card, located inside the back cover of this User Guide!
2. Write down your phone number on page 1 - your phone number is
printed on your SIM Card
3. Learn how to make an outgoing call. This is a “callback” service; read
the dialing instructions prior to making a call
Getting Started
Insert your SIM card into your unlocked, internationally compatible device.
Most countries outside of the US require 900/1800 MHz GSM capabilities.
Most newer handsets do have this capability but if you are not sure, please
check the use manual for your device. In addition, your device needs to be
carrier unlocked. For handset-specific SIM chip installation help, locate the
instructions for installing a SIM chip in your handset manual.
Making your first outgoing call
You must make calls using a ‘call- back’ method. To make an outgoing call
you must dial with the “+” symbol (or 00) before the country code and phone
number, followed by the “#” symbol. In some countries, the “+” sign is not
recognized and will need to be replaced by “00”.
To make a call to the U.S./Canada:
+1 (area code) (phone number) # SEND.
To make a call to the U.K.:
+44 (area code) (phone number) # SEND.
Minimum Handset Requirements
Inserting Your SIM Card
Your Phone Numbers
Your PIN Code
Dialing Instructions
Balance Check
Adding Call Credit
Service Life
Using your Voice Mail 11
Contents continued
Text Messaging
Rates and Coverage
Setting up Data
Data Rates
How much Data will I need?
Cellular Abroad’s One Year Limited Warranty
Reference Guide
Your SIM Card & Quick Reference Guide Card
If you purchased the National Geographic International SIM Card from
Cellular Abroad the SIM card is active at the time of purchase.
• If you purchased your National Geographic International SIM Card
from a retailer other than the Cellular Abroad website, you will need to
register online at and click on the “Register”
• Toll-free: 1-800-287-5072 from within North America.
• From overseas: +1 310 591 2035.
• Via email:
• Online at
Minimum Handset Requirements
To guarantee effective use of your National Geographic International SIM
Card, your handset should conform to the following standards:
• Dual-, Tri-or Quad-band frequency. To get the best use from the Talk
Abroad Service network, we recommend Quad-band phones.
• Unlocked. This means the phone should not be “locked in” to a service
provider. Locked phones will typically display “Insert correct SIM” if you try to
replace the existing SIM chip with another.
All phones purchased from Cellular Abroad are unlocked with Quad-band
frequencies, unless stated otherwise in their documentation or packaging.
Installing your International SIM Card
IMPORTANT: If you purchased a National Geographic Travel Phone, your
SIM is already inserted.
Your SIM Card is the credit-card sized plastic card that holds your SIM chip.
• The standard size SIM chip is about the same size as a postage stamp. It
has a gold contact plate on one side, and a notched corner to aid correct
placement inside your handset. You may also have received a nano SIM
card with adapters allowing your SIM to be compatible with different
devices requiring different size SIM cards. Insert the SIM into your phone
as per the phone manufacturer’s instructions. If the phone displays
“Invalid SIM,” check to make sure the SIM was inserted properly and that
you are using an unlocked handset.
Your Phone Numbers
You have both United States and United Kingdom phone numbers. Both are
active at the same time but you can only make an outgoing call or text from
your UK number. In order to view your phone numbers, dial *133# followed
by the call button.
• Your U.S. number can be reached the same way as all conventional U.S.
based lines; dial 1, then the area code and number.
• Your U.K. number starts with +44, followed by the additional nine digits
that make up your individual phone number.
• Dialing to your U.K. phone number from North America
• Dial 011 44 7 followed by your individual phone number, e.g.
011 44 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
• From overseas, dial 00 44 7 followed by your individual phone
number, e.g. 00 44 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Your PIN Code
Your PIN Code is an optional 4-digit security code, but it is not enabled
when you install and use your SIM chip for the first time.
• You will not need your PIN Code unless you plan to lock your SIM to avoid
potential unauthorized use.
• If you are prompted to enter a PIN Code, contact our customer service
team immediately at 1-800-287-5072 to obtain your unique PIN Code.
Testing your phone from your personal home, or cell phone:
• Dial the U.S. number directly, or you can dial the UK number by dialing
011 followed by your U.K. number and the # sign.
• Let your phone ring - you don’t have to answer.
• If the test call does not connect, verify that you can make international
calls with your long distance provider.
Dialing Instructions
• Confirm your handset screen displays a network, e.g. T-Mobile.
• You must have call credit worth at least 1 minute to make and
receive calls.
• Calls must be dialed with the international dialing prefix; instead of
“00” please dial the + symbol by pressing and holding the 0 or * key on
your phone until the + symbol appears.
i. To a U.S. number: +1, area code and phone number and then #
ii. To a U.K. number: +44, city code and number and then #
iii. Local numbers in Europe typically feature a 0 in front of the
number, e.g. the U.K. foreign commonwealth office phone
number is 0845 850 2829, but must be dialed without the lead-in
zero: +44 845 850 2829#
Balance Check
Check your account balance for free as often as you like:
• Dial *187# and SEND.
• Your balance will be displayed on the phone screen, or the screen will
display “Short code received” and you will receive a text message with
your balance.
• Alternatively, you can go to and click on “Check
NG SIM Balance”. Enter your UK phone number followed by the “Look
Up” button and your balance will be displayed.
Adding Call Credit
When you purchase or register your SIM card online, you have the
option of adding credit using our Auto-Credit Top Up feature. Whenever
your credit drops to less than US$10, you will automatically be charged
US$29 and will receive a US$29 top up. Alternatively, call credit is
available manually in US$29 increments which can be purchased directly
over the Talk Abroad® network from the handset as long as you have
registered a valid credit card on
• Dial *161# and SEND.
• Your credit card will be billed and a confirmation of your purchase,
new balance and order number will display on the screen.
Service Life
Your National Geographic Talk Abroad International SIM Card service life is
valid for exactly one year from the last time it picks up a network. If you do
not plan on using your SIM card within one year from the last usage, simply
turn on your phone, wait for it to connect to a network and then turn it off.
Using your Voice Mail
Your National Geographic Talk Abroad® voice mail account is automatically
enabled and ready to use.
• All calls will be forwarded to your voice mail if you do not answer a
call, if your handset is switched off, or if you are in an area with no cell
phone coverage.
• There is a fixed standard voice mail greeting.
• If you are unable to receive voice mail, please dial *122# SEND and
wait for a confirmation message.
• If this is unsuccessful, or you are still having problems, please dial *101#
and SEND to speak to customer service.
Listening to your voice messages:
• Calls to your voice mail box are only $0.45 per minute in most countries.
• Dial *121# and press the SEND key to access your voicemail.
• The voice prompt will play your messages.
• Press 1 to save/skip the last message, 2 to repeat the last message, or 3
to delete the last message. Undeleted messages will be saved and available
for playback from the main menu.
Text Messaging
Text messaging from your National Geographic Talk Abroad® International
SIM Card is no different from regular text messaging; it costs $0.50 per outgoing text, and inbound messages are free to receive. Please note that you
may only send a text message from your UK number.
Sending a text message:
• Compose your text message in the handset’s message center.
• When prompted for the recipient’s phone number, you must enter the
international dialing symbol, country code, and then the recipient’s
area code and phone number, e.g. +13105912035
• You will not need to dial the # symbol.
• Recipients stored in your phone book with the # symbol may not
receive your text message. Be sure to delete the # symbol from their
phone number before sending your text message.
• Due to the fact that SMS messaging is supported differently by the
many GSM networks around the world, we are not able to guarantee
text messaging in all countries.
Rates and Coverage
Rates and countries where there is service is available at
• All outgoing SMS messages are $0.50 (up to 160 characters).
• Billing increments: 60 seconds.
• You will be billed 1 minute for every portion of a minute used,
e.g. 1:01 = 2 minutes.
• Calls to voice mail typically cost $0.45/min from most countries.
• Surcharge for incoming calls made to your U.S.-based phone number:
$0.25 per minute.
Setting up Data
Different phones require different settings, but Cellular Abroad offers support
for a wide range of handsets. If you are having trouble getting data service,
please call us at 1-800-287-5072.
Below are directions for two popular handset options. For more instructions
WARNING: Data service not guaranteed on RIM BlackBerryTM handsets
• Navigate to ‘Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings.’
• Select the ‘APN’ and enter ‘mobiledata’
• Leave the username and password blank
Android handsets:
• Navigate to ‘Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks’
• Check ‘Data Roaming’
• Select ‘Access Point Names’
Setting up Data continued - Android handsets (cont.):
• Bring up the options by pressing the menu or selection button, and select
“New APN”
• Set the following case-sensitive options:
Name: NatGeo
APN: mobiledata
Leave other options as “not set”
MCC: Do not edit this record
MNC: Do not edit this record
Authentication type: “None”
APN type: Tap this option - leave blank if it’s a text box, or choose
“Internet” if given a dropdown list
• Tap the menu screen again and select “Save” or “Save APN”
• Your new APN should appear in the list on the “APNs”
• To activate your data account, tap the dot next to the APN name to turn it
green to activate.
• Once activated, you can start browsing.
There are slight differences depending on your Android OS; some Android
phones require ‘data roaming’ to be activated in the SIM settings.
Most other handset models have similar data setup - the APN must be set to
“mobiledata” in all cases.
Data Rates
For a complete list of data rates and coverage, please refer to http://
Data charges are incurred every 10kb, and you must have more than $5.00
of credit left on your International SIM card to be able to connect.
How much data will I need?
The average traveler will typically use roughly 30~100MB of data per month;
most travelers only use data to answer emails and browse websites. A single
data session connected to a social networking site will typically use 1~2MB of
Here are some helpful statistics:
Web browsing
100KB per page
10 webpages
Emails (text only)
4KB per email
260 emails
Emails (HTML)
15KB per email
70 emails
Emails (with small attachment)
100KB per email
10 emails
Emails (with standardres photo attachment)
1MB per email
1 email
Streaming high quality
audio (160kbps)
500kb per minute
2 minutes
Streaming low quality
audio (56kbps or less)
100kb per minute
10 minutes
Streaming high quality
video (360p or higher)
2MB per minute
30 seconds
Streaming low quality
video (240p or less)
500kb per minute
2 minutes
WARNING: Android and smart phone handsets may remain connected
constantly so they can synchronize your email, calendars and other
connection dependent apps.
To avoid loss of service due to prolonged connectivity charges, you may be
able to turn data roaming off in your phone’s data settings menu; consult
your handset manual, or the manufacturer website for more information.
If you are experiencing problems, please read this section carefully before
contacting us to report your issue.
Phone will not switch on/displays “Insert SIM:”
• Open the back cover on the phone and remove the battery.
• Make sure the SIM chip (a small plastic card) is in the phone and is not
loose. Replace the battery and retry.
Can not make or receive calls or connect to data:
• Check to make sure you and your friends/family are dialing correctly.
See page 8.
• Dial *187# to ensure you have sufficient call credit.
If this is the case, dial *161# to add one unit of credit.
• Check your phone coverage. If the phone is not displaying a network
operator, locate the “Network” submenu.
• e.g. Menu > Settings > Network > Available Networks
Choose “Search” then choose a new network from the list.
• If none of these steps work, check that you are using the correct
frequency band.
The frequency band setting depends on your location. Your phone must
be capable of using the 850/1900 frequencies in the Americas, and
900/1800 everywhere else.
Troubleshooting continued
Changing your frequency band:
• Locate your handset’s “Band” or “Frequency” sub-menu; it should be in
your handset’s Network menu:
Menu > Settings > Network > Network Setup > Band
• Set the band to “Automatic.”
• Call customer service. If you can’t find a network, or you can get a
network but can not make or receive calls, try to reach Cellular Abroad
by dialing *101# and SEND. You can also reach Cellular Abroad via their
international toll-free hotline:
00-800-3623-3333 or email
Cellular Abroad’s One-year Limited Warranty
Cellular Abroad, Inc. (“Cellular Abroad”) warrants that this device (“Product”)
is free from defects in material and workmanship that result in Product failure
during normal usage, according to the following terms and conditions:
1. The limited warranty for the Product extends for ONE (1) year beginning
on the date of the purchase of the Product. This one-year period is extended
by each whole day that the Product is out of your possession for repair under
this warranty.
2. The limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser (“Consumer”)
of the Product and is not assignable or transferable to any subsequent
purchaser/end user.
3. The limited warranty extends only to Consumers who purchase the Product
in the United States of America.
4. During the limited warranty period, Cellular Abroad will repair, or replace,
at Cellular Abroad’s sole option, any defective parts, or any parts that will not
properly operate for their intended use with new or refurbished replacement
items if such repair or replacement is needed because of product malfunction
or failure during normal usage. No charge will be made to the Consumer for
any such parts. Cellular Abroad will also pay for the labor Charges incurred
by Cellular Abroad in repairing or replacing the defective parts. The limited
warranty does not cover defects in appearance; cosmetic, decorative, or
structural items, including framing; and any non-operative parts. Cellular
Abroad’s limit of liability under the limited warranty shall be the actual
cash value of the Product at the time the Consumer returns the Product for
repair, determined by the price paid by the Consumer for the Product less
a reasonable amount for usage. Cellular Abroad shall not be liable for any
other losses or damages. These remedies are the Consumer’s exclusive
remedies for breach of warranty.
5. Upon request from Cellular Abroad, the Consumer must prove the date of
the original purchase of the Product by a dated bill of sale or dated itemized
6. The Consumer shall bear the cost of shipping the Product to Cellular
Abroad. A Return Mail Authorization (RMA) will be issued after contact
between the Consumer and Cellular Abroad has been established. Cellular
Abroad shall bear the cost of shipping the Product back to the Consumer
after the completion of service under this limited warranty.
Limited Warranty continued
7. The Consumer shall have no coverage or benefits under this limited
warranty if any of the following conditions are applicable:
a. The Product has been subjected to abnormal use, abnormal conditions,
improper storage, expo- sure to moisture or dampness, unauthorized
modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair, misuse,
neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts that
are not the fault of Cellular Abroad, including damage caused by shipping.
b. The Product has been damaged from external causes such as collision
with an object, or from fire, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, lightning,
earthquake, or damage from exposure to weather conditions, acts of
nature, or battery leakage, theft, blown fuse, or improper use of any
electrical source, damage caused by computer or Internet viruses, bugs,
worms, Trojan Horses, cancelbots, or damage caused by the connection to
other products not recommended for interconnection by Cellular Abroad.
c. Cellular Abroad was not advised in writing by the Consumer of the
alleged defect or malfunction of the Product within fourteen (14) days after
the expiration of the applicable limited warranty period.
d. The defect or damage was caused by the defective function of the cellular
system or by inadequate signal reception by the antenna, or viruses or other
software problems introduced into the Product.
e. Cellular Abroad was not informed of any malfunction or defect by the
Consumer before the device was returned.
8. Cellular Abroad does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation
of the Product. If a problem develops during the limited warranty period, the
Consumer shall take the following step-by-step procedure:
a. The Consumer must call Cellular Abroad toll-free at 1-800-287-5072 or
our landline at +1 310 862 7100 to report their problem. Failure to do so
may exempt you from coverage or benefits under this limited warranty.
b. The Consumer shall ship the Product prepaid and insured to Cellular
Abroad. Visit our website at: for the
return shipment address.
c. The Consumer shall include a return address, daytime phone Number
and/or fax Number, complete description of the problem, proof of
purchase, and service agreement (if applicable). Expenses related to
removing the Product from an installation are not covered under this limited
d. The Consumer will be billed for any parts or labor Charges not covered
by this limited warranty. The Consumer will be responsible for any expenses
related to reinstallation of the Product.
e. Cellular Abroad will repair the Product under the limited warranty within
30 days after receipt of the Product. If Cellular Abroad cannot perform
repairs covered under this limited warranty within 30 days, or after a
reasonable number of attempts to repair the same defect, Cellular Abroad
at its option, will provide a replacement Product or refund the purchase
price of the Product less a reasonable amount for usage.
Limited Warranty continued
f. If the Product is returned during the limited warranty period, but the
problem with the Product is not covered under the terms and conditions of
this limited warranty, the Consumer will be notified and given an estimate
of the Charges the Consumer must pay to have the Product repaired, with
all ship- ping Charges billed to the Consumer. If the estimate is refused,
the Product will be returned freight collect. If the Product is returned after
the expiration of the limited warranty period, Cellular Abroad’s normal
service policies apply and the Consumer will be responsible for all shipping
9. You (the Consumer) understand that the product may consist of
refurbished Equipment that contains used components, some of which have
been reprocessed. The used components comply with Product performance
and reliability specifications.
10. Any implied warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular
purpose or use, shall be limited to the duration of the foregoing limited
written Warranty. Otherwise, the foregoing limited Warranty is the consumer’s
sole and exclusive remedy and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or
implied. Cellular Abroad shall not be liable for special, incidental, punitive,
or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of anticipated
benefits or profits, loss of savings or revenue, loss of data, punitive damages,
loss of use of the product or any associated Equipment, cost of capital,
cost of any substitute Equipment or facilities, downtime, the claims of any
third parties, including customers, and injury to property resulting from
the purchase or use of the product or arising from breach of the Warranty,
breach of contract, negligence, strict tort, or any other legal or equitable
theory, even if Cellular Abroad knew of the likelihood of such damages.
Cellular Abroad shall not be liable for delay in rendering service under the
limited Warranty or loss of use during the period that the product is being
11. Some states do not allow limitation of how long an implied Warranty
lasts, so the one-year Warranty limitation may not apply to you (the
Consumer). Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental
and consequential damages, so certain of the above limitations or exclusions
may not apply to you (the Consumer). This limited Warranty gives the
Consumer specific legal rights and the Consumer may also have other rights,
which vary from state to state.
12. Cellular Abroad neither assumes nor authorizes any authorized service
center or any other per- son or entity to assume for it any other obligation
or liability beyond that which is expressly provided for in this limited
Warranty, including the provider or seller of any extended warranty or service
13. This is the entire Warranty between Cellular Abroad and the
Consumer, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements
or understandings, oral or written, relating to the Product, and no
representation, promise, or condition not contained herein shall modify these
14. This limited Warranty allocates the risk of failure of the Product between
the Consumer and Cellular Abroad. The allocation is recognized by the
Consumer and is reflected in the purchase price.
Limited Warranty continued
15. Any action or lawsuit for breach of warranty must be commenced within
eighteen (18) months following purchase of the Product.
16. Questions concerning this limited Warranty may be directed to...
Cellular Abroad, Inc.
Telephone: 1-800-287-5072
Quick Reference Guide
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credit purchase
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24/7 Customer
+1 310 591
“2” & “3”
Display balance
Voice mail
Voice mail on/off
*122# / *123#
Repeat “1”, Save “2”,
Delete “3”
Voice mail status
Call Emergency
Connects to local
emergency hotline
Toll-free hotline (United States and
Main office hotline (International)
+1 310 862 7100
24/7 e-mail support
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