Save costs and ensure quality with the cooking oil tester testo 270.

Testo Solution
Application example
Save costs and ensure quality with the
cooking oil tester testo 270.
Regular monitoring of cooking oil is a legal requirement in
You benefit three-fold when you use the cooking oil tester
many countries. The polar component content (TPM – Total
testo 270 for regular TPM value checks:
Polar Materials) may not exceed a certain percentage.
1. You comply with the legal stipulations.
The polar components provide information on the age and
2. You reduce your cooking oil costs by up to 20 %.
quality of the oil. If it is aged, it shows an increased TPM
3. Consistently high quality deep-fried food means satisfied
value. As a result, qualitatively inferior deep-fried goods are
produced, and can additionally contain health-damaging
substances. Cooking oil develops its best potential between
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14 and 20 percent TPM.
Testo Solution Ensure cooking oil quality
First measure,
then rinse the sensor
and finally dry it off – done.
The challenge.
The staff can now see the quality of the oil at a glance, and
Regularly monitoring cooking oil and using it at its best can
can react accordingly if a replacement is due. After the
be a great challenge for many businesses.
measurement of the oil, the “TopSafe” protective cover is
The time factor plays a crucial role in this. Regularly
simply removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. The oil can
checking cooking oil quality during ongoing operations,
be removed from the breakproof, embedded sensor under
interrupting the strict work routine in order to carry out the
running water using a mild detergent.
measurement, explaining the handling of the measuring
instrument to the staff, and in spite of all this still working
The advantages:
hygienically according to the HACCP guidelines, is no easy
The highly accurate testo 270 cooking oil tester guarantees
that the oil and the foods prepared in it are of the highest
It is essential that the measurement is carried out efficiently,
quality, which in turn means satisfied customers. Regular
e.g. by having the instrument immediately ready for use
measurement prevents the oil from being replaced too early
at any time. Apart from this, every member of staff must
or too late – this can reduce your cooking oil consumption
be able to carry out the measurement without previous
by up to 20 %, thus saving costs.
knowledge and intensive training. Nor can compromises
ever be made in matters of hygiene. The measuring
An example calculation:
Consumption per month: The solution.
Cost per litre of oil: Measurements with the testo 270 follow a simple principle:
20 % cost savings per year: 1,000 L
0.70 €
1,680 €
Switch on, simply immerse in hot oil, measure, finished!
The tester is ready for use immediately after switching on,
and operable with only three self-explanatory buttons.
More information.
The TPM limit values can be defined by the user according
More information and answers to all your questions
to individual quality requirements. The Auto-Hold function
concerning cooking oil quality and testo 270 at
is very useful, as it shows when the measurement value
is stable. The TPM content of the analyzed oil is now
displayed twice: on the one hand as a percentage on the
easy-to-read, backlit display, and on the other hand, as a
warning bar indicating the quality of the oil according to the
traffic-light principle.
0981 8734/cw/I/04.2014 – Subject to change without notice.
instrument must therefore be easy to clean.
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