Perfect food...
Sure and safe!
air-o-system, a new combi oven and
blast chiller, the most innovative solution
for a completely integrated Cook&Chill
process. air-o-system optimizes the
workflow in the kitchen, increases food
shelf life and reduces waste. Cook&Chill
to perfection while saving money.
Why choose
Cook & Chill?
electrolux air-o-system
takes care of your business
You want to express your creative talent and, at the same time, make
it a successful expression of living, an easier way of working.
Every element of the Electrolux air-o-system is specifically designed
to fit your particular needs.
Energy 9%
Other 2%
Margin 10%
Ingredients 38%
Manpower 41%
Annual savings with air-o-system
€ 579.060,30
€ 260.190,70
small restaurant
100 meals a day
kitchen staff:
3 people
280 working
days a year
€ 55.510,70
large restaurant
250 meals a day
kitchen staff:
8 people
280 working
days a year
500 meals a day
kitchen staff:
16 people
365 working
days a year
1000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
32 people
365 working
days a year
To make your own calculation enter
our web site
in the cost saving section.
Calculation factors:
• Meal consists of: 150g of meat
and 60g of vegetables
• Cost of meat per kg: 10 Euro
Cost of vegetable mix per kg: 2 Euro
• 60% of purchased meat is frozen
• Low Temperature Cooking
used for 20% of processed meat
€ 136.800,30
€ 23.840,50
• Up to 38% of the overall running costs
of a kitchen consists of ingredients
Less weight loss results in a huge return
on your investments - every gram counts!
• air-o-system presents solutions able
to limit food weight loss, but also able
to make the whole cooking process
simple, clean and safe while saving
time and energy
• These solutions begin from defrosting
to cooking, from cooking to chilling
and freezing and then to food
• Use the “air-o-system Calculator”,
in our web site, to understand
the potential benefits of the Electrolux
Professional solutions for your own
production kitchen
3000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
100 people
280 working
days a year
electrolux air-o-system
air-o-steam® benefits
Electrolux is continuously innovating even those products which are
already innovative and successful. Thanks to this philosophy we created
air-o-steam®, a new dimension in cooking.
Perfect cooking
thanks to:
• air-o-clima: perfect atmosphere for all
kinds of cooking
• air-o-flow: uniform heat distribution
• 6 Point Multi Sensor: precise control
• Perfect food quality throughout food flow
process - until served
Easy to use
• air-o-clean: automatic built-in
cleaning system
• Easy to see control panels
(visible from a distance of 12m away)
Time saving
Integrated system solution
• Complete banqueting and handling
accessories - designed to perfectly fit
ovens and chillers
• Integrated handling throughout the
air-o-steam® process
• Allows planning the kitchen workflow
more efficiently and effectively
Saving money with air-o-system
• Reduced weight loss - more servings
• Healthier preparation - less fat
• Higher efficiency and lower emission of
toxic gases certified by Gastec, 20% less
gas consumption
electrolux air-o-system
two ways to interpret the art of
Two ovens, two different styles, a compliment to any kitchen.
Version A: for the chef demanding the
most from the oven and from himself.
Version B: for the chef whose cooking is
driven by his/her personal experience and
Version A
Version B
Humidity control
Air Circulating System
Version A
Version B
By-pass technology
Semi automatic
6 Point Multi Sensor
Core probe
Programs (Cooking phases)
Yes (7)
No (2)
100 Free
20 Pre-set
electrolux air-o-system
Low Temperature Cooking
50% less weight loss
Electrolux air-o-steam® allows you to standardize quality in order to
increase your business. Weight loss is reduced by 50% compared to
traditional cooking cycles.
200 °C
160 °C
120 °C
Finishing-off phase
(actual core temperature=
target core temperature) Cook and hold
65 °C
0 °C
0,5 h
Up to 24 hrs.
Annual savings with LTC
€ 56.000,00
€ 24.337,00
€ 12.167,00
€ 1.867,00
small restaurant
100 meals a day
kitchen staff:
3 people
280 working
days a year
€ 4.667,00
large restaurant
250 meals a day
kitchen staff:
8 people
280 working
days a year
500 meals a day
kitchen staff:
16 people
365 working
days a year
Calculation factors:
• Meal consists of: 150g of meat
• Cost of meat per kg: 10 Euro
• Low Temperature Cooking
used for 20% of processed meat per year
1000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
32 people
365 working
days a year
production kitchen
3000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
100 people
280 working
days a year
• LTC intelligent and gentle cooking
procedures are perfect for: roast beef,
tenderloin, rump of beef, big joints, turkey,
leg of lamb, venison, veal and pork
• LTC ‘fast maturing’ process: 1h with LTC
is equal to 1 day maturing in the
refrigerator; advantage: use of fresh meat!
• Repeatable top results
• Algorithm for Residual Time Estimation
(ARTE). Lets your plan ahead, an indicator
informs when the cooking process
will terminate
Excellent food quality
• Meat retains most of its juices when sliced
• Limited crust thickness (around 1mm)
• Tenderness is guaranteed throughout
the joint
• Typical roasting aroma and excellent
• Colour of the slices is consistent throughout
• Specific for bulk production and banqueting
• Holding ‘stand by’ solves problems caused
by a delay in the arrival of guests
• Extended holding phase for ‘fresh cut
service’, e.g. Pos, Bake-off station
• Standardized quality of food increases
your business
• Weight loss is more than halved with respect
to the traditional cooking cycles
6 Point Multi Sensor
• 6 sensors, one every 15mm, to measure the
temperature of the food at different levels
• Precise temperature monitoring: only the
minimum measured temperature is taken into
account by the air-o-steam®. This guarantees a
precise measurement of the actual core
temperature, even if the probe is not inserted
properly or is in contact with bone or other parts
that heat up faster than the rest of the food
electrolux air-o-system
perfect cooking conditions
For sponge cakes raising to perfection and chickens both juicy and crisp,
no matter how many you cook at one time, in addition to a quick and easy
cleaning at the end of a busy day!
Perfect cooking conditions
• Precise control of cooking
• Constant cooking performance:
not dependent on food load, guaranteeing
throughout the same juiciness, browning
and crispiness
• Energy & water saving: the steam
generator will produce only the steam
needed, taking into consideration the
humidity generated by the food itself
• air-o-clima physically measures the
actual humidity level inside the cooking
chamber and reacts accordingly,
based on the set value
• air-o-clima automatically regulates the
intake of fresh air, the ideal steam emission
and the outlet of excess humidity,
thus guaranteeing a perfect cooking
atmosphere under all conditions
electrolux air-o-system
perfect evenness
Air Circulation System, bi-functional fan, air-break system. Three main
elements to guarantee a perfect cooking atmosphere under all conditions.
Cooking evenness
• Constant temperature, thanks to
the pre-heating of the incoming fresh air
• Heat distribution inside the cooking
chamber is kept even thanks to
the revolutionary bi-functional fan and
the Air Circulation System
air-o-flow = Perfect evenness
air-o-flow consist of 3 main elements:
• Air Circulation System: guarantees even
distribution of the pre heated incoming air,
from the heating elements into the cooking
• Bi-functional fan: draws fresh air from
the outside and spreads it evenly inside
the chamber
• Air-break system: double air-break for
water in- and outlet, to avoid contamination
of the plumbing system and for the
air-o-steam® to be directly connected to
the drainage system
electrolux air-o-system
the integrated solution
Express your talent in total freedom, is the great opportunity
of air-o-system. Modularity, technology, evolution of design will please
you in a very special way.
Food quality
The air-o-system: Added Value package
• Perfect food, sure and safe
• More menu flexibility
• Sous-vide application
• Only one production kitchen for different
meals, avoiding risk of food contamination
= Higher Quality
= Greater Savings
= Higher Margins
Selective purchasing
Easier handling – less labour costs
More efficient work-flow management
Improved offer – higher turnover
Energy savings due to reduced cooking times
Reduced weight loss
Increased profits
electrolux air-o-system
Cooking cycles
automatic pre-heat function (removable via software)
Steam cycle
25 °C to 130 °C
Perfect for all foods that can be cooked in water. Low temperature steam is
ideal for very delicate products.
Advantages: maintains nutritional value, colour, texture and typical taste of
the products.
Combi cycle
Max. 250 °C
Ideal for all kinds of roasts and meats, stuffed vegetables, lasagne, seafood, bakery products
and desserts. Advantages: reduced cooking times and food shrinkage – higher yield. Juicy
roasts, inviting colours and perfect baking results. Below 50 °C the combi cycle automatically
becomes a leavening cycle with a reduced fan speed, suitable for bakery products.
Convection cycle
Max. 300 °C
Ideal for grilling steaks, au gratin, breads, pastries, fresh or frozen
convenience products, baking and browning.
Advantages: perfect results, partial and full loads, high energy reserves.
Advanced functions
Delay Start and allows to insert a pause between sequential cooking phases
or at the end of a program.
Pre-programmed, ideal cooking atmosphere for regenerating whole menus,
single or multiple portions, banqueting.
Cook and Hold
Ideal for large joints of meat, overnight cooking, can be combined with hot air
and steam cooking cycles. It can be also used to keep the food warm and ready
to be served. Its gentle intermittent ventilation is suitable for very light items.
HACCP monitoring via a local printer (HACCP BASIC) or an integrated PC
network (HACCP advanced).
Semi automatic
cleaning function
Semi-automatic cleaning program: manual detergent injection – the rest is
1/2 fan
For delicate cooking such as baking cakes, soufflés, fish, large roasts, filets,
and other delicate foods. Compatible with all cooking cycles.
1/2 energy
For small loads and overnight cooking, avoids power peaks and reduces
running costs.
For delicate cooking of large joints of meat, highest possible quality and
reduced weight loss – highest possible yield.
Cooking chamber exhaust
valve control
Keeps the exhaust valve open to avoid excess humidity in the chamber.
Manual water injection
Instantly increases the humidity within the cooking chamber by the injection
of water. Advantages: Improves baking results in terms of crust, colour and
surface finish.
Manual Steam
generator emptying
Steam generator emptying can be activated manually. Steam generator
empties automatically every two hours of use to reduce scale build-up.
Quick cool down
Quick cool down can be activated manually to pass from one type of cooking to
another. Quick cool down is activated automatically when necessary (e.g. before
air-o-clean starts if temperature in the air-o-steam® is above 70 °C).
Prepare an entire menu, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert, using the 3
specific cooking cycles of your air-o-steam® for satisfying even the most
demanding guests.
Cooking cycle selection
• Steam
• Combi cycle: steam + convection
• Convection
Actual temperature
Actual time remaining
Core temperature
air-o-clima humidity control
(preset and actual humidity)
Pre-set temperature
• Open door indicator
• Steam generator scale
build-up indicator
• Steam generator
status indicator
Advanced functions
Pre-set time
Core temperature
Main control knob
Programs Control Set
• Program Settings
• Cooking library
• Delay start
• air-o-clean® programs
• Low temperature cooking
with ARTE (Algorithm for
Residual Time Estimation)
Manual functions
air-o-chill® blast chiller and freezer
Top performance in absolute simplicity in order to face the extreme
workloads of your kitchen. A specific cycle to respect every product
Cruise cycle
Turbo cooling and programs
(2 per cycle)
Customizable, by the ice-cream cycles
they can be replaced via software
temperature value
HACCP and malfunction alarms
Chilling/freezing cycle selection:
• Soft chilling
• Hard chilling
• Positive holding
• Shock freezing
• Freeze holding
NF/UK standards
or customized settings
Real time with self-diagnostic
Residual time estimation
for probe driven cycle
Advanced functions
• Manual start for
the defrost function
• Core Probe selector
(up to 3 probes)
• UV sterilizing
• Norms profile selection
• Advanced settings
• HACCP recall
• Operation Alarms recall
Central selector arrows
• cycle
• time
• core temperature
• advanced functions
electrolux air-o-system
Chilling cycles
with probe the ARTE (Algorithm for Residual Time Estimation) activates automatically
Automatically adjusts the working temperature to the type of food. It reduces
the chilling time and prevents superficial burns.
Soft Chilling
air temperature: -2 °C
Ideal for delicate foods, such as leafy or cut vegetables, seafood, small
portions of meat, pastries, small cakes, biscuits, pasta.
Hard Chilling
air temperature: -20 °C
Ideal for solid or firm foods, such as vegetables (grown below the ground),
soups, stocks and sauces, stews and casseroles, whole joints of meat and
Shock freezing
air temperature: -36 °C
Ideal for freezing all kinds of food – raw, half or fully cooked – that need to be
stored over a long period of time. (Version chiller-freezers)
Holding at:
+3 °C
Automatically activated at the end of each cycle, to save energy and maintain
the target temperature.
Can also be activated manually to turn air-o-chill® into a storage refrigerator
or freezer. (Version chiller-freezers)
-22 °C
Turbo cooling
(2 per cycle)
Alarms the user to set a working temperature between -36 and +3 °C.
Indicated for countinuous and bulk production.
Can be replaced (via software) by the “ICE CREAM” Freeze and Hold
and the “ICE CREAM” turbo cooling cycles.
Advanced functions
Manual start
for the defrost function
Intelligent defrost cycle is activated automatically whenever necessary and
as long as necessary.
Can also be activated manually.
Core Probe selector
It allows to alternately monitor the temperature of 3 different core probes
(optional) inserted in different kinds or sizes of food.
UV sterilizing
Built–in UV lamps (only on request) to sterilize the cooling chamber after use.
Norms profile selection
Through this function, it is possible to select the reference norms (UK and NF
are pre-programmed).
A third profile, can be created to match local or customer specific regulations.
Setting of the following parameters:
• date and time • customer profile limits • alarms and HACCP options •
bactericide cycle time (only with UV lamps)
HACCP recall
Calls up the HACCP events stored in the memory.
Operation Alarms recall
Calls up the operational events registered by the auto-diagnostic system.
electrolux air-o-system
Raw material
Cooking: air-o-steam®
Chilling: air-o-chill®
electrolux air-o-system
Discover the ideal dimension of contemporary cooking:
high technology, easy cleaning, comfort, energy control.
Try the air-o-system and feel free. You no longer need to wait until
the end of the cleaning cycle.
Automatic built-in cleaning system
• Fully automatic, hassle-free cleaning of the
internal chamber at the push of a button
• Built-in and easy to use: no additional
devices or tools have to be inserted, just
select the appropriate cycle and press start
• 4 pre-set cycles: 32 minutes up to
104 minutes, according to the customer’s
needs - no unnecessary waste of detergent
or water
• Automatic cool down of the cooking
chamber if the temperature is above 70 °C
• Automatic stand by mode: it is not necessary
to wait until the end of the cleaning cycle: just
start the program and go home
• Best results are obtained with Electrolux
recommended detergents
• Safe: in case of power failure during
cleaning, the air-o-steam® oven, on power
return, automatically rinses the chamber to
remove any eventual detergent residue
electrolux air-o-system
High efficiency, low emissions
The new patented burners of air-o-steam® ovens are environmentally
friendly and offer increased savings.
• The new gas burners
(cavity and boiler) and the ribbed heat
enhance the efficiency of the heat
transfer to the cooking chamber
of the air-o-steam ovens.
They are designed to get the highest
efficiency and save up to 20% of gas
consumption versus the traditional
blown burner combi ovens.
Gastec approval* for high efficiency
• The innovative conception of the
burners also guarantees 20% lower
noxious emissions for a healthier
working environment.
Gastec approval* for low emissions
Annual savings with air-o-system
gas burners
€ 7.056,00
Calculation factors:
• Comparison with standard high
efficiency combi oven
• Cost savings measured on a mix
of cookings (lasagna, roast beef,
steamed potatoes...)
€ 2.352,00
€ 1.176,00
€ 294,00
small restaurant
100 meals a day
kitchen staff:
3 people
280 working
days a year
€ 588,00
large restaurant
250 meals a day
kitchen staff:
8 people
280 working
days a year
500 meals a day
kitchen staff:
16 people
365 working
days a year
1000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
32 people
365 working
days a year
production kitchen
3000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
100 people
280 working
days a year
High Efficiency
Low Emissions
electrolux air-o-system
air-o-chill® cruise cycle
gain five days of freshness!
Save time, money and stress. air-o-chill® allows you to better organize the
workflow in your kitchen. Food can be prepared during less busy moments,
for longer conservation, to be used when needed giving the best service to
your customer.
What is the cruise cycle?
The ‘Cruise’ cycle automatically controls
the chilling process according to the type
and size of the food load. It terminates the
process within the normative limits and
preserves the food quality without
“superficial burns”.
What is it for?
It’s easy to use: press & go - the chilling is
automatically controlled and the operator
doesn’t need to choose between hard or
soft cycles. It ensures higher quality of the
food: the chilling is automatically adapted
to the type of food, preventing superficial
burns. It saves time: up to 40% less.
How to use it?
Insert the probe inside the food and press
Whom is it for?
Canteens, Institutional Kitchens and
Restaurants: easy to use and avoids burns
caused by excessive cold.
It has never been so simple!
Insert the probe and press ‘CRUISE’.
Soft chilling (temperature: -2 °C)
Hard chilling (temperature: -20 °C)
Holding at +3 °C
Shock freezing
(temperature: -36 °C)
Holding at -22 °C
electrolux air-o-system
sure, safe and perfect chilling
Optimum results without wasting time: your food goes immediately from
the oven into the blast chiller while air-o-check assures the maintenance of
your set parameters in any condition.
• No need for pre-cooling: a more streamlined process
• Increased durability of the compressor
• air-o-start is activated automatically after more than 24
hours of inactivity of the air-o-chill®
• Thanks to the air-o-start (automatic impulses at start-up),
the oil of the compressor is distributed evenly throughout
the pipelines
• Guarantees the safety of the chilling or freezing cycles,
even if the core probe has not been inserted correctly
• By verifying the correct insertion of the core probe into
the product and automatically selecting the “core probe”
or “time controlled” cycle accordingly
certifying authority:
11, Avenue Francis de Pressense
93571 Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex - France
conformity with regulation NF031
certified guarantees: fitness for cleaning,
thermal performance
electrolux air-o-system
ARTE: Algorithm for
Residual Time Estimation
The residual time function estimates the residual time left until the end of
the chilling. An Electrolux cook & chill system allows a better planning of
activities in the kitchen and this results in saving money.
What is ARTE?
ARTE is the Algorithm for Residual Time
Estimation and estimates the residual time
left until the end of the chilling.
What is it for?
ARTE is automatic: for every probe-driven
cycle, freezing included, ARTE tells when
the chilling or the freezing will be over and
the chiller free to be used for another cycle
It allows a better activity planning.
How to use it?
ARTE is automatic. Insert the probe inside
the food and start the desired cycle.
After a while (10-40 min., according to the
type and size of the product), the residual
time estimate will light up.
Whom is it for?
Canteens and Institutional Kitchens, which
can develop their own recipe books
(product type, product quantity, time for
chilling) Cook & Chill Restaurants, because
you can easily plan what to do between
one cycle and the next.
The special conical design of the probe
facilitates easy extraction even after
a freezing cycle, by rotating it 90°.
Probe options:
• The Electrolux chillers and chiller/freezers
include 1 single sensor probe as standard
• They can be upgraded with 3 single
sensor probes, useful when it’s required
to chill/freeze several food types at once
• Alternatively, if the main food is meat, we
recommend using a 3 sensor probe for an
accurate temperature measurement
electrolux air-o-system
Turbo cooling cycle
The Turbo Cooling cycle provides non-stop chilling/freezing: the impellers
are always on and defrosting is automatic. Just set the temperature and
food can be moved in and out, taking advantage of the Electrolux air-osystem handling for a smooth process.
What is ‘Turbo Cooling’?
The ‘Turbo Cooling’ cycle allows the
user to set a working temperature between
-36 and +3 °C. The Chiller works to keep
the set temperature, the impellers are
always on and defrosting is automatically
managed. It’s the perfect tool for very busy
kitchens and pastry shops.
What is it for?
For continuous production: when different
cooked foods come in and out of the
cooking equipment.
For bulk production of single items: when
the process (time of chilling) of a specific
food is well known and the quantity to chill
is massive.
How to use it?
Select the cycle and set the target working
Whom is it for?
• Butcher shops: limited menus but large
quantities to chill
• Restaurants: limited quantities but large
• Gastronomy departments: large variety
and small quantities
• Canteens: bulk production
• Pastry shops: to stop the cooking at the
exact point
Simple but effective, the door stopper keeps
the door open in order to avoid the formation of bad smells.
electrolux air-o-system
Ice Cream cycles
Even ice cream is a question of form: Freeze & Hold or Turbo Cooling,
the best choice for ice cream shops.
What is it?
• There are two ‘Ice Cream’ cycles:
Freeze: by probe or time, the chiller brings
the ice cream fresh from production down
to the target temperature of -14 °C (modifiable via software)
Hold: the cycle is automatically activated
after freezing
• Turbo Freezing for Ice Cream: the working
temperature is set at -16 °C directly by the
chef in order to make the freezer a storage
point for ready to serve ice cream
What is it for?
• Freeze & Hold (program 1) is required
right after the ice cream is produced
(generally the ice cream comes out at -7 °C )
• Turbo Freezing (program 2) is used to
make firm the shape of the ice cream
ready to be put in a display counter
How to use it?
Select the parameter to activate the
Ice Cream cycles (which replace the
customizable programs).
Use the programs area to select between
“Freeze & Hold” and “Turbo Freezing”
• Blast chilling and chilling &
freezing cycles in compliance with
UK/NF regulations
• Can be customized according to
local regulations
• UV sanitizing lamps, available on
• Hygienic chamber design:
NF certified
• High-density polyurethane
insulation, 60mm thickness
• HCFC-CFC free
• Evaporator with anti-rust
• Electric heating on the door frame
for easy opening, even after hard
chilling or shock freezing cycles
• Pivoted air baffle to easily access
the evaporator for cleaning
• Inner chamber with round corners,
sloping base with drain to facilitate
cleaning – no dirt traps
• Magnetic gasket: easy to remove
for complete cleaning
electrolux air-o-system
Make your frozen fresh
From frozen to fresh at the touch of a button. Food quality is
guaranteed with air-o-defrost saving time and reducing weight loss while
respecting maximum hygiene conditions.
air-o-defrost: fresh food directly
from the freezer!
air-o-defrost: for a unique, revolutionary
and patented thawing process that
retains full flavor, all nutritional values,
original texture and appearance of fresh
products. The secret is the unique
combination of low temperature steam
injection and high-speed airflow inside
the cabinet during the thawing process.
Compared to traditional thawing
methods (e.g. 3 °C cold room)
• Reduced thawing times: up to 80%
• Reduced weight loss
• Maintains the nutritional values
• Easy to use (on-off operation)
• Hygienic (bactericidal cycle)
Annual savings with air-o-defrost
€ 79.709,00
€ 37.636,00
€ 17.318,00
€ 2.657,00
small restaurant
100 meals a day
kitchen staff:
3 people
280 working
days a year
€ 6.672,00
large restaurant
250 meals a day
kitchen staff:
8 people
280 working
days a year
500 meals a day
kitchen staff:
16 people
365 working
days a year
1000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
32 people
365 working
days a year
production kitchen
3000 meals a day
kitchen staff:
100 people
280 working
days a year
Roll-in refrigerators
The air-o-system refrigerated roll-ins
are available for 10 GN 1/1, 20 GN
1/1, 20 GN 2/1 systems since they are
fully compatible with their trolleys and
are all equipped with Smart electronics
granting full HACCP control and the
lowest running costs. In addition they
further reduce logistic costs caused by
loading/unloading operations.
Smart Roll-in 750 l HACCP history
When the temperature exceeds critical
limits, acoustic and visual alarms are
activated. All events are recorded
displaying dates and times, max
temperatures and start and end times of
the HACCP alarm.
Smart electronic defrost
The defrosting cycle is activated only
when necessary which means that if
the evaporator is covered with ice the
defrosting cycle will start automatically,
resulting in less energy consumption
and a better uniformity of the storage
electrolux air-o-system
the new dimension of cooking
Steam, poach, stew, braise roast and bake with the new air-o-convect.
Offer perfectly cooked dishes while granting safe food according to
HACCP regulations.
Bi-functional fan
• The curved blades of the bi-functional fan allow hot air to reach every
corner of the cooking chamber. The fan takes in fresh air through the
holes in the back and ejects the excess humidity. The fresh air from
outside goes through the fan, through the heating elements where it is
pre-heated and finally hits the food
• The Hold function (pulse ventilation) is suitable for baking and slow
cooking, while full speed is perfect for cooking meat, fish and
Food probe
For perfect cooking control you can insert the food probe, set the desired
core temperature and air-o-convect will stop when the target core
temperature is reached.
Bi-functional fan
2 step cooking
Two different cooking phases in the same cooking process.
First, high humidity for an even cooking, then a higher temperature for
extra-crispy results.
According to the system requested, it is possible to record the cooking
data with the oven’s printer (optional) or directly on a PC.
Food probe
Double glass door
• Protection against burning
• Cleaning is made easier
• AISI 304 stainless steel
• Equipped with drip pans to collect all condensation, preventing liquids
from falling on the floor
Drip pan
Double glass door
electrolux air-o-system
11 Humidity settings
air-o-convect the only oven that guarantees the maintenance of humidity
without a steam generator!
11 settings for your automatic humidifier
No additional humidity
(browning and
Low humidity (stewed
Medium-low humidity
(au gratin vegetables,
roasted meat and fish)
Medium humidity (all small
portions of meat and fish)
Medium-high humidity
(large pieces of red meat)
High humidity (large
pieces of white meat,
baking and pre-cooked
food regeneration)
electrolux air-o-system
Automatic cleaning
Cleaning your oven has never been so easy.
Choose between the several automatic or semi-automatic cleaning options.
4 automatic cleaning options:
Choose between 4 cleaning cycles, from “soft” to “extrastrong”, from 32 minutes up to 104 minutes according to the
customer’s needs
• Fully automatic cleaning process of the internal chamber
• Built-in and easy to use system. There are no additional
devices or tools to insert in the cooking chamber
• Automatic cool down of the cooking chamber when its
temperature exceeds above 70°
• Automatic stand-by mode: it is not necessary to wait until
the end of the cleaning cycle
• In case of power failure during cleaning, the air-o-convect
oven, on power return, automatically rinses the chamber to
remove any eventual detergent residue
Semi-automatic cleaning:
• 17 minutes for a complete cleaning process.
7 minutes of steam loosen the dirt, an alarm prompts the
operator to spray the detergents, 2 minute pause lets the
detergent act, 8 minutes of steam to combine the power
of steam with detergents. At the end, a manual rinse is
activated for a safe and clean cooking chamber
• 6-10 liters of water for steam and manual rinsing
• It is possible to use any kind of detergent
The ‘extra-strong’ program was designed
to clean an oven after a full load of chickens
cooked 3 times at 200°C for 45 minutes.
electrolux air-o-system
The simple and powerful
control panel
Double step cooking
(indicated for meats)
Main switch
Start/stop the cooking
Automatic humidifier
Digital temperature display
Time/food probe
Cleaning cycles
Exhaust valve control
Manual water injection
Rapid cooling
electrolux air-o-system
11 settings from braising to par-steaming
The green digits indicate the actual temperature, the small red digits
show the set temperatures. Both are displayed at once for the operator’s
probe display
The large green digits indicate the real time while the small red digits
communicate the set time. Both are displayed at once for operator’s
Pulse ventilation recommended for baking, slow roasting and keeping
food warm
HACCP monitoring via a local printer (HACCP BASIC) or an integrated
PC network (HACCP advanced)
Choose between 4 automatic cleaning cycles (from soft to extra-strong)
or the low impact of the semi-automatic cycle
valve control
Keep it open for extra-crispy results
Central dial
Central dial for setting the humidity, cooking chamber temperature, time
and food probe temperature
Manual water
Increases the moisture instantly according to your judgement
To pass from one type of cooking to another in a blink of the eye. This
function is also automatically activated when the temperature becomes
lower than the actual one
The Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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