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Tender Document for Technical Bid
For Implementation of Managed printing Solution
per Page Cost
RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
Issued by
Computer Center Manager
IIM, Bangalore
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
1. Tender Notice………………………………………………………………………….3
2. Introduction ……………………………………………………………………. ……..3
3. General Terms and Conditions ………………………………………………..3
4. Eligibility Criteria & scope of work ………………………………………….4
5. Right of Rejection / Compliance to Tender Enquiry Document..5
6. General Contract Terms…………………………………………………………...6
7. Specification of printers ………………………………………………………….6
a Scanner Specifications
c.Spiral Binding & Comb binding
d .Universal Print Driver
e. Consumable / stationery Management
8. Centralized Monitor and printer Management tool…………………7
9. SLA for the Incident support ……………………………………………………8
10. Billing & Payment conditions ………………………………………………..8
11. Evaluation Process ………………………………………………………………..9
12. FORM ‘A’ ………………………………………………………………………….…..11
13. FORM B ……………………………………………………………..………………………………13
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
Managed printing solution per page cost
1. Tender Notice
IIM Bangalore is inviting proposals for managed printing solution to the students and staff per
page cost. The bidder should have capability of deploying and maintain the printing solution in
the campus for the period of 3 years and extendable for another 2 years as per the service
performance with per page cost inclusive of paper & manpower cost
Bidder shall deploy the 2 numbers of MFP printer in Hostel block and 2 numbers in computer
centre MFP printer should have option of printing (B& W & Colour) scanning and copier.
a. The detailed pre-qualification documents can be down loaded from IIMB
Website www.iimb.ernet.in/opportunities/commericial
b. Date of submission of Tender Document on or before 20th June 2016 by 4.30 pm
c. Date and time of opening of Technical Bid will be intimated later.
d. Place of submission of the Tender Document – Tender Drop Box at Computer
e. Name and Address for communication - CC Manager, Indian Institute
Management, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – 560 076. Email
2. Introduction
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) , 100 acres oasis is a Premier
Business School located at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. It has Academic and
Administrative Blocks, Residential facilities for Students, Executives, Employees and
Faculty of the Institute.
3. General Terms and Conditions
This tender document is intended for obtaining a technical proposal from reputed
organizations (hereinafter called ‘Bidders’) to supply, design, install, test, commission
and support the Managed printing solution cost per page for IIM Bangalore.
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
4. Eligibility Criteria & scope of work
a. The bidder should be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Authorized Service
Providers for managed print solutions.
b. In case of authorized service providers of the OEM, the bidder must submit a
certificate from OEM, addressed to IIM Bangalore, certifying that the bidder is an
authorized service provider for the services concerned and should be tightly
supported by OEM in case of exigency.
c. OEM /ASP should ensure that SLA commitments, to be signed after mutual discussion.
d. OEM /ASP should have experience of on premise/campus print room solution for
minimum 5 year with more than 2000 user’s environment.
e. The company should be a profit-making company in each of last two financial years
and should have at least Rs. 2 crore of annual turnover for each of two last financial
OEM should be sole responsible for the entire solution and IIMB Bangalore will
directly involve with OEM for any escalations and business requirements.
g. The bidders should not have been blacklisted by the regulators, Govt. agencies or
public sector undertakings in the last two years. Self certification on judicial stamp
paper of INR 50
h. OEM /Bidders should use only ISO certified paper and OEM tonners.
OEM /Bidders should be signed the Service Level Agreement between Vendor and IIM
Bangalore for the period of 3 years and extendable for another 2 years
All the incident tickets need to be resistered with OEM in ticket management tool.
k. OEM/Bidder should share the complete technical specification of the proposed MFP
printer and must deploy new printers in campus if chosen.
Bidder shall have to deploy the 24 X 7 manpower support for operating the printer in
the Hostel block for helping the students for printing and other related activities.
m. Bidder should submit duly signed and stamped documentary proof in support
of all the Pre-Qualification Criteria mentioned above along with the Technical
Bid. Offers submitted without valid supporting documents will be summarily
n. This tender is not transferable.
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
o. Bidder should also sign and submit this tender document as a proof that Bidder has
thoroughly read and understood the conditions in this document.
5. Right of Rejection / Compliance to Tender Enquiry Document
IIMB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals or to cancel this
tender in its entirety. Any proposal received, which does not meet the requirements of this
tender, may be considered to be non-responsive, and the proposal may be rejected. Bidders
must comply with all of the terms of this tender and all applicable Constitutional laws and
regulations. IIMB may reject any proposal that does not comply with all of the terms,
conditions, and performance requirements of this tender.
IIMB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to waive variances in technical proposals
provided such action is in the best interest of IIMB. Where IIMB waives variances in
proposals, such waiver does not modify the tender requirements or excuse the Bidder
from full compliance with the tender. Notwithstanding any variance, IIMB may hold any
Bidder to strict compliance with the tender.
Tender should be in exact compliance to the tender enquiry conditions. All Annexures
duly filled up along with necessary documentation as requested in the tender enquiry
and / or required to support claim must be enclosed with the tender. Bidders have to
specifically confirm the compliance to the tender enquiry conditions along with
deviations, if any, specifically highlighted as deviation statement.
6. General Contract Terms
Interested Bidders shall submit their bids within the deadline stated above and in
compliance with all the terms stated herein. Any bids received after the prescribed
deadline will be returned unopened to the Bidder.
2. The
http://www.iimb.ernet.in/opportunities/commercial during the period mentioned above.
Interested Bidders should check any correction or corrigendum related to this Tender on
the website before submitting their bids
3. If IIMB determines that a Bidder has provided, for consideration in the evaluation process
incorrect information which the Bidder knew or should have known was materially
incorrect, that proposal shall be determined non‐responsive, and the proposal shall be
4. IIMB reserves the unilateral right to amend this document in writing at any time. IIMB
also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the document at its sole discretion. If an
amendment is issued it shall be provided through website, whose intent to respond to
this RFP is known. Bidders shall respond to the final written document with exhibits,
attachments, and amendments.
5. All proposals and other materials submitted in response to this tender become the
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
property of IIMB. Selection or rejection of a proposal does not affect this right.
6. The comments/amendments/corrigendum to any of the terms and conditions of this
Tender Documents issued & circulated to all the bidders as per the conditions set forth in
this document should be construed as IIMB’s final policy and shall supersede all the
previous written/verbal communications including this Tender Document in that regard,
other conditions remaining the same and unchanged.
7. It is presumed that the Bidders have examined all instructions, forms, terms and
specifications in the bidding documents. Failure to furnish all information required by the
bid documents or submission of bid not substantially responsive to the bid documents in
every respect will be at the Bidder’s risk and may result in the rejection of its bid without
any clarifications.
8. No commercial or technical conditions or clarification of any sort shall be indicated by
the Bidder in his Envelope of the Tender. Any Tender which proposes such alterations or
clarifications to any of the conditions laid down or proposes any other conditions of any
description whatsoever is liable to be rejected.
9. Bidders shall not contact IIMB on any matter relating to their Bids from the time of
submission to opening of the Technical Bid. If a firm wishes to bring additional
information to the notice of IIMB, it should do so in writing at the address indicated. Any
effort by the firm to influence IIMB in its evaluation, proposal comparison or contract
award decisions may result in the rejection of the Bidders proposal.
10. Canvassing in any form in connection with the tender is strictly prohibited and the
tenders submitted by the Vendors who resort to canvassing will be liable to be summarily
7. Specification of printers
A4 &A3 B&W and colour printing documents
Simplex & Duplex printing of A4 and A3
Max Print Resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi
Output Speed 45-ppm or higher
Paper Sizes supports - 8.5" x 11" (A4), 5.5" x 8.5" – 12" x 18", Envelopes, Width: 3.5" – 12.6"
(90 – 320 mm), Length: 5.8" – 23.6" (148 – 600 mm) Fax/Printer; 5.8" – 18" (148 – 457 mm)
Paper Types - Plain, Recycled, Letterhead, Cardstock, Pre-printed Paper, Bond Paper, HighGloss Coated Paper, Color Paper, Envelopes, Labels* & OHP* *Bypass Tray Only
Network Interfaces 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T Ethernet, USB2.0 Type A (3 Ports),
USB2.0 Type B & SD Slot on Operation Panel
Network Protocol Support TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
Max. Stored Documents 3,000 documents
Printer should have E-print solution
Pinter should have Apple MAC support
a. Scanner Specifications
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
Supported File Formats -Single/Multi-Page TIFF, PDF, High Compression PDF &
PDF/A Single Page JPEG
Scanner Resolution - B&W and FC scanning at 100 – 600 dpi, Up to 1200 dpi for
TWAIN scanning
Scanning Speed (B&W & Color LTR) - 110 ipm Simplex / 180 ipm Duplex
Compression Method
Scanned copy to email
Resolution- 200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi
Scanning Speed Up to 82 spm
Back to Back copy with auto feeder
c.Spiral Binding & Comb binding
Vendor should able to provide on demand Spiral Binding & Comb binding facility on charges.
d .Universal Print Driver
Universal Print Driver provides a single intelligent advanced driver, which can be used across
your fleet of Multifunction Products and Laser Printers.
Printer should be compatible for Windows ,Apple MAC & andriod/IOS based mobile printing
e. Consumable / stationery Management
All the printer consumable/stationery (in original)are to be supply by Vendor
Bidder need to ensure that consumable / stationery for the printers (A4 paper 100
rims and one set of toner for all the printer ) are stocked and detail to be shared to IT
8. Centralized Monitor and printer Management tool
• Detailed cost reports – A summary or detailed line-by-line report provides information on all
Multi-Function Print activity for cost tracking or billing purposes and also all the reports need to
be downloaded to PDF or Excel format
• Integration of Smart card printing - Existing RFID Smart card based authentication for all the
MFP activities
• Real-time monitoring – Usage statistics and account balances are updated on the spot as users
make copies, scans or prints. Administrators have access to the latest information and can
generate reports at any time.
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
• Cost setting for each MFP resource – Cost parameters can be set for copying, printing, and
scanning based on each type of resource; paper size, colour or black-and-white, single-sided or
duplex, print or scan.
Managing the print jobs – Users can release and collect their print jobs from any MFP that is
registered with centralized management tool regardless of which device they print to.
Auto logged out- for the printing security auto logged out feature to be enabled
Report Format (as per the table given below)- Monthly print /copier usage report to be
generated for the print users as per the below mention format by the bidder and by the printer
Management tool
Detailed print document- The tool should able to provide detail print report (which includes
printed document name )
type (print
Time /copier
page Paper (B&W,Duplex,colour Amount
9. SLA for the Incident support
24 X 7 service support for H/W and software
Standby printer need to be facilitated (NBD) by vendor in case of printer failed
All the S2 incident need to be addressed with 2hr and resolution should be with 8 hr
All S1 incident need to be addressed by 1hr and resolution should be4 hrs
All the parts (in original) need to be replaced next business day
Software related incidents need to be responded with 1hr and resolution should be 4 hr
10. Billing & Payment conditions
Vendor should able to provide detailed Billing for the following which includes Paper
Simplex B& W printing copier per pager (A4, A3 & Custom Size)
Duplex B & W printing / copier per pager (A4, A3 & Custom Size)
Simplex colour printing /copier per pager (A4, A3 & Custom Size)
Duplex colour printing /copier per pager (A4, A3 & Custom Size)
Spiral Binding
Comb Binding
Payment will be made monthly as per the Invoice received and report generated from the
Centralized Monitor and printer Management tool verification.
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
All the payment will be made by NEFT in favour of authorized partner
11. Evaluation Process
The Technical Evaluation will be carried out as per the evaluation methodology published in
the tender. The recommendations shall be put up before a Technical Evaluation Committee
formed for this specific purpose.
IIMB will conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of all proposals received in
response to this tender submitted by the proposal due date and time specified in this
document. The categories that shall be considered in the evaluation of proposals include
Qualifications and Experience, Financial Strength, Market Share, Proposed Solution, Technical
Approach, Subject Knowledge and Commercials.
Only those proposals will be evaluated which contain requirements like turnover, experience,
submission of mandatory certificates, documents or papers etc. which asked in the tender
Bidder’s Experience
OEM /Vendor should have experience of on
premise/campus print room solution for
minimum 5 year with more than 2000 user’s
environment. (8 organisation and 2
Educational Institutes)
Financial Strength of Bidder
Average Turnover form last 3 years starting
from FY 2013-14 Rs. 2crores
Certifications (Products & Process)
ISO certification of OEM or the bidder
In case of authorized service providers of the
OEM, the bidder must submit a certificate
from OEM, addressed to IIM Bangalore,
certifying that the bidder is an authorized
service provider for the services concerned
and should be tightly supported by OEM in
case of exigency
Quality of Proposal
Neatness of Proposal (presentation,
document flow, clarity etc.)
20 points for
more than 15
Work Orders &
10 points
5 points
5 points
10 points
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
15 points
Completeness of Proposal as per Tender
Document compliance
Quality of Solution
Implementation Methodology (Plan,
Timelines, quality control, PM schedule,
Review formats, Technology advancement)
Solution Architecture Diagram, Proposed
Solution, ease of use/process/friendliness,
Specification & features more than that
requested above eg. Energy saving etc….
Project Manpower
Project Manager Experience & Certification
Project Team Experience & Certification
5 points
Service Manpower
Certified Service Engineers employed by the
bidder for quoted makes
More than 20
More than 10
More than 5
Less than 5
Suggestion towards better and cost effective
MPS solution for IIMB
MPS Selection for IIMB
6 points
9 points
5 points
Proposal & OEM
Proposal & OEM
15 points
10 points
5 points
0 points
5 points
Only those bidders who scored more than70 % in the above matrix shall be considered to be eligible
for submitting the commercial bid, provided the bidder satisfy the committee with a presentation or
demonstration of the solution. The commercial bid shall be evaluated purely on the basis of the
lowest cost.
1. The evaluation process is designed to award the procurement to the Bidder with the
best combination of attributes based upon the evaluation criteria. Therefore, proposals
are evaluated against the evaluation criteria in this tender.
2. IIMB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to request clarifications of technical
proposals or to conduct discussions for the purpose of clarification with any or all
Bidders. The purpose of any such discussions shall be to ensure full understanding of
the proposal. Discussions shall be limited to specific sections of the proposal identified
by the IIMB and, if held, shall be after initial evaluation of Technical Proposals. If
clarifications are made as a result of such discussion, the Bidder shall put such
clarifications in writing.
3. IIMB may request for the technical presentation about the solution which bidder must
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
able to do within 5-7 days (2 days advance notice).
4. In case of authorized service providers OEM representative must accompany with you
during the presentation /discussion
5. In case a demo/poc is required, the bidder should able to make it within 15 days(5 days
advance notice) of equivalent model/features
12. FORM ‘A’
Name of the Company
Registered Office Address
Year of Incorporation (Attach the attested copy)
In the business of computer hardware since (the
Corporate Profile:
Chairman Managing
Director Directors
Key Personnel involved in Support/AMC/FMS
Details for Correspondence:
Contact Person’s Name
Whether your company is registered under Municipal Act
And/or K ar na t ak a Govt. Shops and Establishment
Income tax no. (GIR/PAN)
(Attach Photostat / true copy of latest Income
Sales/service Tax Regn. No. and Date
(Attach Photostat / true copy of latest Sales or Service Tax
Financial Details (for last 3 years)*
a. Turnover (Rs. In lakhs)
b. Profit after Tax (Rs. In lakhs)
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
Employee Profile:
a) Service Engineers (L1 & L2)
b) Sr. Technical Staff (L3 and above)
If the bidder is Authorized Partner/Dealer,
mention the name of principal company (OEM) and the
relationship, like, distributor, dealer, etc. *
Brief particulars of facilities for support and maintenance of
equipment and availability of spares
Details regarding technical support staff (no. of service
engineers, qualifications, number of years of experience, etc.)
Employee attrition rate for last 3 years
No of locations outside Bangalore where bidder’s engineers
are present ( no tie-ups )
No of order and maintained by MPS
handled by bidder which
had more than
100 users
currently handled by bidder which have more
than 5000 users
Have you received ISO certification for IT services
Are you OEM / system builders? (Yes/No) – Please
provide brief details.
* Please attach copies of certificates issued by the principal company in this regard
a) The bidder should attach the relevant documents related to financial details such as
-Copy of the audited balance sheet of the company (s)
- Certificate from the Chartered Accountant
- Certificate from Bank Manager of a nationalized/scheduled Bank clearly
Stating the net solvency of 30 lacs
- Copy of the audited Profit &Loss Statements for each of the last 3 financial years
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
- Self declaration, certified by auditor declaring not been blacklisted by a
Central / State / Local Government Organization / Institution / PSU
- The bidder shall have at least one support office in Bangalore
Copy of the relevant trade license issued by State Govt. or competent local body mentioning the
address. Copy of Service Tax Registration mentioning the address
The bidder must provide the details as per the below format for similar pan-India branch
rollout projects of at least three customers.
Sl. No.
Name of the Client,
Date of the Assignment Details
Contact person, Designation
assignment done for
& Telephone No.
the client
Note: The list should include organisation and Educational Institutes clients.
{End of document}
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RFP No. IIMB/ManagePrint/2016-17/018
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