Data sheet
Ready Deploy Plus Service
Service benefits
Service overview
•Experience end-to-end delivery,
installation, and deployment
Ready Deploy Plus delivers business-ready HP devices through
end-to-end deployment, data migration, and old device disposal.
•Get devices up and running quickly
•Benefit from HP expertise
•Work with a single point of contact
for deployment
•Rely on 30-day post deployment support
Service highlights
•Detailed implementation plan tailored to
fit your needs
Appointment scheduling and
implementation planning
HP, or its authorized service provider, will contact the person listed on
your order and schedule an appointment to plan implementation.
Desk-side delivery
HP will pick up products from your receiving or staging area and
deliver them to the specified location (e.g., an end-user’s cubicle,
office, lab, or room).
Unpacking and waste removal
HP will inventory the shipment against the packing list and unpack
all delivered products. HP will also remove packaging materials
to an on-premise location in the same building where the product
is delivered.
Power on/boot up
HP will turn on the device and execute initialization procedures with
the installed image.
Third-party hardware integration
HP will procure and integrate HP or non-HP hardware components
into HP units to help ensure that the devices are delivered to your
site business-ready. HP will manage the logistics and inventory in
HP’s systems, execute defective on arrival (DOA) processes with
suppliers, and complete system-level integration testing to improve
the user experience from the time that the devices are received. This
service also provides the structuring of PC hardware devices in an
HP database management system and the procurement and storage
management of third-party hardware devices.
•Desk-side delivery, unpacking, and
waste removal
•Third-party hardware integration
•Data migration of the end-user’s files
•Old device disposal options either to
recycle or reuse
Data sheet | Ready Deploy Plus Service
HP software and tools service
HP offers several service choices that provide flexibility and help
ensure that devices arrive tailored to your IT and business needs:
•Initial receipt from a customer: Once you provide all necessary
information, your requirements will be accessed by an HP Engineer
for initial evaluation
•Customer data validated and tested: Depending on the order type,
the HP software may be installed to a test machine and new drivers
added. HP software may also be checked with a virus scanner to
ensure the integrity of the software after installation onsite
•Retirement of old revisions: Depending on your requirement, the old
version of HP software may be kept for subsequent orders, or you
may request that the data be deleted
•Application installation: Provides setup and installation of
HP Software and Tools. HP will identify and apply additional
configuration settings to help ensure that applications load
HP will place the device in your designated location and physically
connect peripherals, network cables, and power cords.
Security settings
HP will configure the basic parameters (BIOS password, computer
name, administrator name, administrator password, user account/
name, and user password).
Network connection and
HP will physically connect the device to your network and join the
domain. This assumes that the network is already set up, configured,
and operational.
Deployment tracking and reporting HP will report the unit serial number and, if attached to the PC, the
PC asset tag number by location (e.g., cubicle or room number) on a
Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.
Data sheet | Ready Deploy Plus Service
End-to-end coordination
Depending on your needs and what is included in your final
scope-of-work, the coordinator can provide an initial environmental
assessment to gain an understanding of your installation needs and
requirements. State-of-the-art tools are used to provide this service,
which includes:
•Site and customer readiness assessment for deployment and
potential migration
•Methodology, processes, and tools to specifically manage
a PC deployment assessment and provide the same user
experience worldwide
•Gathering of requirements and documentation to scope PC
Deployment Project Management Services and any hardware
configuration or offsite staging requirements
•Validation that the site and, if applicable, the factory or staging
center, is appropriately prepared, and confirmation that power,
network connectivity, the workspace, and other factors are set
up and ready for hardware deployment
•A detailed implementation plan
Single point of contact for
HP’s single point of contact coordinates with HP’s professionally trained
workforce to monitor the delivery of hardware to the designated
sites/staging area, the installation and/or migration of the hardware
according to the planned schedule, delivery to the employee’s desk,
and decommissioning of the old hardware as planned.
Data migration
HP will move end-user data files and folders from the end-user’s old
PC to the newly installed PC.
HP deinstallation service
HP will remove assets from end-user locations (cubicle, office, lab,
or room) to an on-premise location. The service includes packing
and stacking the old hardware, plus a deinstallation register in
Microsoft® Excel format that includes the product description, serial
number, and, if present, the asset tag number. The equipment to be
deinstalled can include a PC, monitor, docking station, keyboard, and/
or mouse that must be in the same office, cubicle, office, lab, or room
where the new hardware was installed.
Old device disposal logistics
HP will make arrangements for materials to be loaded for transport
and picked up at your location. A bill of lading will be prepared by the
logistics team.
Recycling and HDD destruction2
HP Recycling Service will collect and remove old, deinstalled assets
from centralized collection areas and transport them to a disposal and
recycling center of HP’s choosing. Recycling includes the disposal and/
or destruction of the retired, removed assets, including HDD destruction.
HP will make sure materials are received at the HP facility, check them
against the bill of lading, and follow up on any discrepancies. Once your
equipment has been disposed of, a recycling certificate will be provided
upon request within one month of when the material was processed.
Recovery value through reuse
including data wipe2
HP experts give you peace of mind by securely disposing of all of your
IT devices, regardless of brand, and helping you comply with local
policies and regulatory requirements. For any material that will be
remarketed, Sanitation Service will wipe all accessible hard drives using
industry standard software and a three-pass wiping process.
HP will forward the receipt reports to designated contacts after
equipment is received and processed. An audit and settlement report
will also be provided with processing and financial details. Service
charges and hardware resale payments will be in accordance with
regional and local regulations. Data wipe and Logistics fees will be
deducted separately from the Reuse value of the old unit.
Data sheet | Ready Deploy Plus Service
Delivery specifications
Delivery specifications
•The contact provided to HP must either
possess native language (site specific) skills
(written and spoken) or be able to speak,
read, and write English
•Your device data must be in standard
Microsoft folders with Microsoft files, such as
Microsoft Office (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
and Microsoft Outlook Mail and Calendar
•Unless otherwise requested and/or
scheduled, installation services will start
within one week of hardware delivery
•Delivery completion times are subject to
HP’s and authorized service providers’
•Your receiving or staging area must be in the
same building as the cubicle, office, lab, or
room where the products will be delivered
•Data migration requires:
––An upfront legal clarification in case of
data loss
––Less than 10 GB of data (no operating
system or applications); data size
requirements greater than 10 GB are
available via our HP Get More Services
––The provision of correct end-user
HP responsibilities
•Providing onsite or dispatched technicians
•Troubleshooting and determining issue or
cause of failure
•Replacing parts, if necessary, to bring the
device to a functional condition
•Testing for device hardware functionality
•Documenting the steps, work performed,
parts used and other specific work performed
•Any safety changes to the HP device
required of HP by a governmental or
regulatory entity (“Engineering Changes”)
will be made at no additional charge at the
time that the service is performed
•Cleaning up work area of any materials used
to provide the service
•HP may subcontract the performance of any
of its obligations (in whole or in part) to a
third party, including HP authorized service
providers, or assign or transfer this service
agreement to another HP entity at any time,
subject to written notice
•Providing 30 days post deployment support
•Third-party hardware integration
service requires:
––Components that fit inside the
selected products
––Devices with available slots to support the
service request
•Packing and shipping pre-consolidated,
pre-palletized devices to an HP location
for disposal
•Performing secure data wipe in case of
reuse option and HDD destruction in case
of recycle
•Remarketing, reusing or recycling devices in
an environmentally responsible way
•Determining the devices included in
recycling or reuse options
•Providing return labels for remote users
to ship their old equipment to an HP
disposal facility
––Specification if a mechanical adapter is
needed to support the component
Customer responsibilities
––Verification that the components to be
integrated are not hazardous or prohibited
materials with documented proof of
Restriction of Hazardous Substances
•Contacting an HP service specialist within
90 days of date of purchase to schedule the
delivery of the service
––RoHS compliance (via letter or email) for
all non-HP components
––Requested products that have
documented proof of Energy Using
Products (EuP) Lot 6 compliance (via letter
or email), Microsoft® certified (signed)
Windows® drivers, and appropriate
internal/external power supplies
––Included sample units
––Volume projections for each hardware
device that will be integrated
•Acknowledgment of onsite installation and
deployment, data migration and old device
disposal services received from HP
•Scheduling a validation review of the
pre-deployment phase and validating
pre-deployment results
•Assigning a designated person from their
staff who will grant all approvals, provide
information, and is otherwise available
to assist HP in facilitating the delivery of
this service
•Adhering to licensing terms and
conditions regarding the use of any HP
service tools to facilitate the delivery of
this service, if applicable
•Ensuring access to the building, floor, and
individual cubicles, offices, labs, and rooms
where the service will be delivered on the
date and time that the delivery is scheduled
•Showing or escorting the HP technician to
the end-user desk or work site
•Providing working space and facilities within
a reasonable distance of the products, as
well as access to and use of information,
customer resources, and facilities, as is
reasonably determined necessary by HP,
to provide the deployment service for the
products and to allow the HP service agent
to help with the installation of the new units
•Providing second- or third-level support
to HP technicians for customer developed
software application or networking
support, as needed
•Providing a detailed installation plan
(building, floor, pillar, desk, user, new device
model, etc.) to the HP authorized service
provider to enable desk-side delivery
•Ensuring that the LAN and WAN networks
are ready and operational prior to the start
of domain join or data transfer as needed
•Ensuring that the PCs to be installed
have a bootable image already installed
on them, or ordering the On-site Image
Installation Service
•Backing up all files, data, or programs prior
to the commencement of any installation
services, being able to reconstruct them if
lost or altered, and maintaining a separate
backup system or procedure
•Notifying HP if the working area poses
a potential health or safety hazard to
HP or service agent employees. HP may
postpone deployment services until such
hazards are remedied
•Ensuring that equipment is free from
contamination by chemicals, biological
agents, or other substances that are not
integral to the original new equipment or
otherwise associated with a normal office
environment. You will also need to make
certain that all deinstalled equipment
waiting collection, are located in a safe
working environment
•Providing any special materials such as
bags or corrugated boxes that you want
deinstalled assets or removed HDDs to be
placed in
•Acknowledgment of onsite installation
and deployment, data migration and old
device disposal services received from HP
Data sheet | Ready Deploy Plus Service
For more information
For additional information on
Ready Deploy Plus Service in your region,
Service limitations
•Services are performed during local standard
business hours on normal business days, not
including local public holidays. Any services
provided outside of HP standard business
hours may be subject to additional charges
•HP reserves the right to re-price this service
if the customer does not schedule and
provide for subsequent delivery within 90
days of purchase
•HP’s ability to deliver this service is dependent
upon your full and timely cooperation, as well
as the accuracy and completeness of any
information and data you provide
•HP may apply travel charges; onsite coverage is
restricted to certain locations
•Peripherals are limited to a monitor, docking
station, keyboard, and mouse. The service does
not include wall mounting
•The service applies to PCs only (does not apply
to tablets, USB devices, or other storage media)
•Waste removal is limited to empty boxes,
cartons, inserts, and cushions
•Data migration service is limited to Microsoft
Windows® operating systems and does not
apply to encrypted machines unless the
end-user is present with the correct keys to
decode them
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•Ready Deploy Plus Service is recommended in
multi-country, multi-site deals with more than
300 devices that will require over one month to
be deployed
•Although reasonable measures will be taken to
provide secured transportation, HP cannot be
held liable for unexpected equipment losses
during transportation
•HP assumes no liability for assets placed
in the customer-designated deinstallation
location in case of damage, theft, fire,
and so on
•HP will not be able to return units once they
have been picked up or delivered
•For device reuse, your device must be in a good
working order
•HP is subject to local shipping availability,
restrictions and fees
This service may not be available in every
location. Please contact your local HP sales
representative for country-specific coverage and
limitations. PC Deployment Project Management
Services are available for notebooks, desktops,
thin clients, workstations, retail point-of-sale
(RPOS) systems, and attached peripherals,
including monitors, docking stations, keyboards,
and mice. Recycle or Reuse Services are not
available in all countries, and some restrictions
may apply in each country.
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Third party hardware integration is only for monitors, printers, and headsets
Devices selected for recycling cannot be concurrently selected for reuse and vice versa. The net recovery value may differ from the original quote to the
extent and the variance in the expected equipment quantity conditions and specifications.
HP Services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of purchase. Customer may
have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service
or the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.
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