The GTR series automatically starts and stops
generators during mains power failure when user
defined criteria are met. Operating status as well as
fault readout is clearly visible on the front panel LED’s
and or LCD display (GTR-8x GTR-9x)
Network connectivity is provided no matter how long
the distance. Monitoring and servicing to a much larger
clientele base. Instant monitoring services and
parameter setup to get your customers up and running
in the shortest possible time without even leaving the
office. An advantage for the service industry is the
real-time and simplified functionality and maintenance
of the GTR series controller. These features provide
fast and professional service.
Power source connectivity protection; a protective
circuit LED readout will indicate when reverse power
source connection is made. System protection is
assured. Anti-Crash watchdog circuitry and software
programming provide a real-time operating system that
corrects itself in case of unwanted interference in
program processing. Quick-Snap connectors prevent
wrong cable connections. Auto self-recovery fuses
protection for input/output current. (No replacement
GTR units are constructed with a strong and appealing
cast aluminum casing. The sand blasted aluminum
finish creates a long lasting hard finish. Oxidation
treatment prevents rust and deterioration. Special slide
tray design protects the vital internal components.
The GTR series is a versatile generator/engine
controller equipped with all of the basic vital functions
found in most controllers on today’s market. The major
difference in our systems is the accessibility of the
system either from the control panel or from a remote
site via telephone line or broadband connection.
Digital Detection:
High Water Temperature Switch
Low Oil Pressure Switch
Low Water Level Switch
Low Fuel Level Switch
Emergency Stop Switch
‹ Frequency Value
Rotary Switch Function:
‹ Off: Generator shutdown (no action).
‹ Manual: Operator controlled engine start up.
‹ ATS: Auto start function will be activated by
detecting shorted signal of terminal 17, 18.
‹ Network: Allows online authorized user entry for
monitoring and control. (Note: ATS is also functional
in this mode).
Push-Button Function:
Easy real-time monitoring and parameter setup are
accomplished through a network connection to the
control center. The GTR-85 controller is designed for
real-time generator/engine monitoring and control. Both
Analog and Digital readouts of system information are
visible on a personal computer through an RS-485
communication port. The GTR-85 is one model in a
series of GTR controller systems made by Monicon
Technology. It’s multi-functionality, compact size, easy
maintenance and lightweight make it possible to meet
your specific application requirements.
‹ Info. Page: Change LCD page for reading more
‹ Light Test: Test lights for solid, clear, brightness
and alarm.
‹ Reset: First time “Reset” shutdown the alarm.
Second time “Reset” clears fault lights. Holding
down for a longer period will produce 1st and 2nd
time “Reset” functions
Analog Readout:
Water Temperature (℃, ℉)
Oil Pressure (PSI, Bar)
Fuel Level (%)
3 Ф AC Ampere
3 Ф AC Volts (phase to phase, and phase to neutral)
Battery Volts
RPM (Generated from battery charger “W” output
Ver: SG85V007E
Protective Functions
Over Crank
Low Oil Pressure
High Water Temperature
Low Water Level*
Over Speed
High Frequency
‹ Over Load
‹ Short Circuit
‹ Low Voltage
‹ High Voltage
‹ Low Frequency
‹ Battery Fault
‹ Emergency Stop*
‹ Low Fuel Level*
* Indicates that function is user definable.
Data Log:
Fuse1: 100 mA
Fuse2: 750 mA
Fuse3: 6 A
The GTR-85 also provides metering and alarm
facilities via the LCD display which is accessed via the
'Inf. Page' push button. The following instrumentation
displays are available:
DC Supply:
8 ~ 36 VDC (Over 36 VDC the system will shutdown
DC input.)
Power Consumption:
Max. 10 W
Measuring Voltage:
10 ~ 300 VAC (Phase to Neutral, Accuracy 1 %)
Measuring Current:
../5 A (secondary detection readings below 0.15 A
show zero display reading, Accuracy 1 %)
Measuring Frequency:
0 ~ 80 Hz (Min AC Volts: 8 V, Accuracy 0.25 %)
Charger AC Output Voltage Sensitivity:
1 V ~ 70 V Peak to Peak
Charger AC Output Frequency Sensitivity:
62 Hz ~ 10,000 Hz at rated engine speed
Relay Output:
10 A /30 VDC
Software Platforms:
Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Communication Protocol:
RS-485 (Dynamic encryption by Monicon Instruments)
Operating Temperature Range:
-10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Dimension (W x H x D):
144 mm x 144 mm x 74 mm
Panel Cut-out (W x H):
138 mm x 138 mm
1.4 Kg (3.08 lb.)
Timers AND Functions
Ver: SG85V007E
3 Ф AC Ampere.
3 Ф AC Volts.
Generator R-N、S-N、T-N Volts.
Generator Frequency Hz.
Engine Speed RPM.
Engine Oil Pressure (PSI).
Engine Temperature (℃).
Engine Fuel (%).
Plant battery Volts.
Engine Hours Run.
Power Factor
Emergency Stop Input - N/C DC
4 Fully configurable Warning / Alarm / Trip, or
Shutdown inputs
Start Delay timer
Stop Delay timer
Crank/Crank Rest timers
Safety On Delay timer
Energize to Stop hold timer
Pre-heat timer
Over-speed Overshoot timer
LCD Back-lighting for low light level Operation
Alternator Under/Over Volts Warning / Alarm / Trip,
or Shutdown
Alternator Low/High Freq. Warning / Alarm / Trip,
or Shutdown
Under/Over Speed Warning / Alarm / Trip, or
Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
High Engine Temp Shutdown
Low Battery Volts Warning / Alarm
Generator Over/short Current Warning / Alarm /
Trip, or Shutdown
Under/Over Generator Volts Warning / Alarm /
Trip, or Shutdown
Charge Fail Warning
Emergency Stop
Over Crank
Crank Attempts
Three fixed function output (DC12V/24V depend
on Battery Voltage): Valve, Motor, Alarm
Three fixed function relay: Trip, Aux. Output 0,
Aux. Output 1
Two configurable function output: Aux. Output 2,
Aux. Output3
AC Voltage VR
AC Ampere VR
Water Temp. VR
Oil Pressure VR
Fuel Level VR
RS-485 Communication Port
OK: Solid “green” LED display
O.V.: Solid “red” LED display
Polarity fault
Note: VR adjustment for matching tolerance between
external and internal measuring meter readout
Input 0~3 are user Configurable
Output 2~3 are user Configurable
Frequency Input (FD.1, FD.2): Generator output power
Ver: SG85V007E
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Back View
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Ver: SG85V007E
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