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Shower Room Design Guide
Durable. Reliable. Diverse.
Are you in pursuit of the commercial
shower solution designed to provide a
solid foundation for your functional and
aesthetic values – and withstand the
test of time?
So are the experts at Bradley.
In fact, this approach to enduring, classic
design has been our passion – and secret
to success – for over 85 years.
Bradley offers the most comprehensive
line of shower valves and shower systems,
in addition to lavatories, faucets, partitions, thermostatic valves, solid plastic
lockers, washroom accessories, and emergency fixtures. The goal is to provide
you and the people who rely on your services with the widest array of design
solutions available anywhere.
This Shower Room Guide has been designed to help you see how
you can get the most from your relationship with Bradley.
Bradley: the solution for shower applications
Sc h ool
Pa r k a n d R e c
I n du str ia l Pla n t
Sta diu ms or Are n a
He a lth Clu b
Stu de n t Hou sin g
1 person built-in
1 person prefab
2-3 person prefab
• Familiar to users and
maintenance staff
• Each shower built on
site (in wall)
• Requires independent
supply connections
• Layout flexibility
• Eliminates
in-wall piping
• Preassembled – no
need to “build” on site
• Requires independent
supply connections
• Accommodates
exposed or
concealed piping
• Best in tight spaces
• One set of
supply connections
• Preassembled – no
need to “build” on site
• Soap dispensing can
be incorporated
• Accommodates
exposed or
concealed piping
In-Wall Shower
( 1C )
In-Wall Shower
( WS-1WCA )
Group Wall Shower
( WS-3W )
column prefab
wall panel prefab
• One set of supplies for
up to six stations
• Preassembled
complete with
drain system
• Water wear on
walls eliminated
• Ideal for remodel
• Small surface to clean
• Preassemble
• East access to
supply piping
• One set of
connections per panel
• Layout flexibility
• Ideal for remodel
Column Shower
( COL-4C )
Panelon® Wall Shower
( 1PA )
l – Shower is applicable to facility type
Person-toProduct Ratio
Schools K-12
The pathway from kindergarten through high school
is probably one of the ultimate test tracks in any
product’s life cycle. Only proven, solid solutions that
can withstand the rigors of children and young adults
will make the grade. Bradley shower products score
high on this test.
Key points:
Elementary Schools
• Shower rooms should have their showers
installed at 5'6"
• Showers without partitions allow for
easier supervision
High Schools
• Shower rooms should have their showers installed at 6'0"
• In situations where an entire class must shower in a limited time,
maximum space utilization must be achieved
• Provide adequate number of showers for time limitations (3 minutes)
• Utilize a layout design that allows maximum supervision
Air Metering Valve
Reliably meters water from preset intervals of
5 to 45 seconds. ADA compliant.
Column Shower
Maximize shower space while virtually eliminating water
wear on walls. One set of supply lines complete with its
own drain.
Choose fixtures that combine
the showerheads, piping,
control valves, and soap trays
or dispenser into a single unit
Consult on privacy
requirements with appropriate
school representative prior to
project starting
Use vandal-resistant
showerheads and valves
The installation of electronic or
pneumatic control valves in
push button configurations
shut off automatically after
preselected time increments
Electronic metering valves
prove more reliable than
mechanical valve versions
Gender differences may impact
privacy needs – avoid providing
too little – especially for girls
Enclosed piping, low-profile
designs with fixed directional
spray protect the fixtures
Properly positioned
partitions add privacy within
budget limitations
Stainless steel construction
offers long-lasting durability
2.5 or lower GPM
flow restrictors
for the showerheads
School facilities must now balance creating resilient and safe environments that are also
welcoming. Furthermore, proper restroom and locker room planning must account for a
multitude of issues from security and vandalism to traffic flow, ADA compliance and ease
of maintenance.
TouchTime® Metering Valve
The most reliable metering valve in the industry is easy to install, just plug it in and go. Performance
is guaranteed since there are few moving parts and
its operation is unaffected by most chemicals and
minerals often present in municipal water supplies.
The solid state digital circuitry is completely sealed
within the push button cylinder, so water and humidity
won’t affect performance. Available pre-set in 60- or
180-second cycles.
ADA compliant.
EconoWall Shower
reat solution for limited space and ease of
use. Comes completely preassembled for
quick installation.
Person-toProduct Ratio
Student Housing
The transition from home into one’s first experience
with independence is a major moment in any person’s
life. And as schools look for new ways to compete for
the best talent, not surprisingly, housing presentation
is playing a greater role in defining a parent’s comfort
level, and a student’s ultimate decision. That is why
today’s student housing market calls for both durable
yet increasingly upscale bath and shower solutions.
Key points:
• Student housing and shower rooms are increasingly
private accommodations
• Showers provide a space and moment for relaxation
in an otherwise hurried day: focus on systems and
designs that appeal to feelings of “home”
• In public spaces, focus on designs that encourage
social interaction, while offering a sense of privacy
with respect to personal space
Pivoting Wall Shower
With an industry-unique hinge for easy access
and quick installation.
Terreon® Shower Pan
olid surface, textured floor with ribbed
bottom for extra strength. Available in white,
bone, taupe and gray.
Equa-FloTM HD
ressure-balancing valve for heavy usage
applications, with soft flow showerhead.
Reduce valve-servicing expense
by specifying simplified,
single-handle, pressurebalancing or thermostatic valves
Consult on specific student
housing privacy requirements,
which may vary by institution
Vandalism may be minimized
or eliminated in more public
spaces in the following ways:
We suggest avoiding
metering valves and other
options that restrict water flow
and temperature controls, to
respect personal requirements
and preferences.
Consider Bradley’s durable
Terreon® shower pans for both
long-lasting and aesthetic
design options
Gender preferences indicate
that private showering and
changing units are essential
for women, and of increasing
interest to men
Balance visual goals with
durable pressure-balancing, or
thermostatic valve with metal
stem and control handle
Durable chrome-plated
brass showerheads also
extend useful life
Select water-conserving
shower-heads with 2.5 or
lower GPM flow controls
Privacy can be selectively
designed into public spaces by
the use of Bradley’s partitions;
available in a variety of materials
and finishes
You need accessory options and we have
them to fit every washroom and every budget.
Satin finish stainless steel design to match
any decor in recessed, semi-recessed and
surface-mounted styles.
Shower Room Accessories
hower curtains, grab bars, soap
dispensers, towel/robe hooks
and more.
Person-toProduct Ratio
Fitness Clubs
At the heart of things, fitness clubs are about
maintaining a sense of connectedness and balance
in one’s life. And so the club’s physical environment
ultimately needs to mirror the membership experience.
Competition, personal challenge and achievement, are
the things that get reinforced every time a member “hits
the showers” at the end of a workout session. It’s also
what keeps them coming back. Bradley solutions help
reinforce the right impression every time.
Key points:
• Members, especially in private clubs, typically prefer
more personalized spaces that balance privacy with
social ease
• Demographic needs should be considered, especially
in more traditional settings, or in areas catering to
retiree members
Lenox® Lockers
esign flexibility, 20-year warranty, and shipped
fully assembled for easy installation.
• Better alternative to metal because they are
unaffected by moisture, humidity, or chlorine.
• Completely corrosion-proof
• Can be easily with soap and water.
• Absorption rate of nearly zero
Barrier-Free Hand-Held Shower
Includes thermostatic mixing valve to maintain consistent water
temperature. Showerhead is connected to a 60” stainless steel
flexible hose. A lever handle diverter controls the flow of water
between the hand shower and the showerhead.
Equa-Flo C5
ressure-balancing valve with
deluxe showerhead.
Reduce valve-servicing
expense by specifying
simplified, single-handle,
pressure-balancing or
thermostatic valves
Both women and men
prefer individual shower and
dressing stalls – especially in
exclusive clubs
Vandalism is not usually
a concern at membershipdriven fitness clubs
To respect personal
requirements and preferences,
avoid metering valves and
other options that restrict personally desired water flow
Consider Bradley’s hinge
design Pivoting Individual
Wall Shower Model WS-1X
which allows servicing
without dismantling
Generously sized shower
stalls, which are balanced for
space/frequency contraints,
are generally preferred
Always use pressurebalancing or thermostatic
valves to maintain consistent
temperature and avoid scalding
“We were confident that the Lenox Lockers would perform well in securing items, they look
good and they’re easy to clean. The only challenge our maintenance staff has is water
inside the lockers when they’re cleaned with a pressure washer…we can handle that.”
Recreational manager
Muehlenbeck Center
Bradley’s WS-1X individual
shower and WS-1X-HN individual
showers provide options at the
fitness club.
The club also features Bradley’s
Express® Lavatory MG Series,
Lenox® solid plastic lockers and
pedestal benches, Mills® stainless
steel partitions, and washroom
Person-toProduct Ratio
Sport & Rec Facilities
There are few places on earth that see as much
rugged foot traffic and rigourous use as a sports and
recreation facility. Especially when it comes to shower
room fixtures. Designed to handle the roughest
traffic flows in the business, count on Bradley’s
enduring quality and flexibility to handle any team’s
(or fan’s) peak-performance needs.
Key points:
Public and Private Sports & Recreational Facilities
• Multi-generational usage means showerheads
should be installed at varying heights
•It is essential to comply with all public-use rules,
including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Water conservation is of high interest to owners
looking to contain costs
• Specify vandal-resistant fixtures
Stadium & Arena Shower Rooms
• Specify quick clean up, vandal-resistant fixtures
• Showerheads to accommodate athlete heights
• Avoid metering valves that restrict duration of water flow
University & College Athletic Facilities
• Provide independent temperature control
•Design with aesthetics in mind – as these facilities are
often showcased for athletic recruiting
Coverall Wall Shower
reassembled, for easy installation, heavy-duty
construction. Ideal for Park and Rec usage.
Equa-Flo HD
ressure-balancing valve keeps
water temperature and pressure at a
consistent level. Shown with soft flow
Reduce valve-servicing expense
by specifying simplified, singlehandle, pressure-balancing or
thermostatic valves
Privacy is preferred in
shower stalls for both men
and women in public sports
and recreational facilities
Consideration of valves without
volume or temperature controls
is recommended for bathers
in public facilities. Enclosed
piping is also recommended
Consider electronic control
valves with automatic shutoffs
in public facilities
Consider Bradley’s line
of durable stainless steel
wall showers
Privacy is of less concern in
athletic stadium shower rooms,
or university athletic facilities
Heavy-duty, institutional
showerheads featuring lowflow design and fixed
directional spray patterns
are recommended only in
public facilities
Select water-conserving
showerheads with 2.5 or lower
GPM flow restrictions
Recreation Facilities that cater
to families, larger shower stalls
make it easier for parents with
young children. Consideration
should also be given to a
Family Locker or Shower
Room for moms with boys
or dads with girls
Avoid metering valves and
other options that restrict
desired water flow in athletic
facilities and stadiums
Allow for independent
temperature control in
athletic facilities
“It’s been a year and a half since we started the shower renovation with Bradley...There are
no drips and the shower rooms are dry. We have had no maintenance on any of the showers,
which has saved us huge dollars in labor and parts, as well as the water savings.”
Maintenance manager
Edmonton Mall
Person-toProduct Ratio
Industrial Plants
Supporting the manufacturing goals of throughput
and uptime was the original inspiration behind Bradley’s
first industrial group shower and washroom systems.
The designs spearheaded an industrial revolution of
their own by helping employees feel and ultimately
deliver their best. Now, more than 85 years later,
Bradley is still refining solutions to help meet employee
needs for both comfort and safety, keeping the wheels
of industry turning.
Key points:
• Industrial settings typically prefer privacy showers in
both women and men’s locker rooms
• These settings also must appeal to individual needs
and preferences, including selective temperature
controls, while avoiding use of metering valves and
extremely low-flow conservation showerheads
• Specify heavy-duty fixtures
• Accommodate peak demand with an ample supply
of showerheads
Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Reliable wax-filled thermostat with
adjustable set point. Positive shutoff of
hot supply.
refabricated modular showers can be
built to your specifications
Panelon® showers and
prefabricated modular shower
systems are recommended,
especially for open shower
room applications
Check with management’s
preferred privacy requirements
Vandalism is not a
common concern. However,
if present, it can be minimized
or eliminated in the
following ways:
To respect personal
requirements and preferences,
avoid metering valves and
other options that restrict
personally-desired water flow
Consider Bradley’s hinge
design. Pivoting Individual
Wall Shower for streamlined,
trouble-free servicing,
without dismantling
Adult men and women prefer
use of private shower stalls
Balance aesthetic goals with
durable, pressure-balancing, or
thermostatic valve with metal
stem and control handle
Specify simple, single-handle
pressure-balancing valves or
thermostatic valves to reduce
valve-servicing costs
Durable, chrome-plated
brass showerheads also
extend useful life
Privacy Multi-Stall
nit complete with curtain and necessary
hardware for installation. Panels available in Solid
Plastic or Stainless Steel.
Showerhead Configurations
for Models 2C–5C
ADA compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive civil rights law enacted in 1990
to establish various rights to people with disabilities. Following are some considerations for
providing barrier-free shower room access that meets ADA. More information/guidelines can
be obtained at
Designing the Room Layout
• Obtain specific rules from ADA regarding
mounting heights, clearances and
ease of operation
• Recheck all measurements for
entire space – as it is considered in
the guidelines
• Consult local codes for any
special requirements
ADA Shower System
• 36” x 36” shower stall
• Seat mounted 17-19” from floor
• Seat is full depth of stall wall
• Grab bar installed on the control
side and back side of stall 33” to 36”
from floor
• Spray unit must offer both hand-held
unit with 60” hose and fixed showerhead
• Controls are 38-48” from floor
• Shower controls must require less
than 5 lb of pressure to operate without
any grasping
• Suggest Bradley’s Equa-Flo pressurebalancing valve or TouchTime® metering
valve with tempered water supply
Layout Considerations
Maximum Space Efficiency
Can be achieved by utilizing the center of the
shower room. Back-to-back panel showers,
conventional showers or the use of column
showers provide multi-station showering.
Minimum Practical Clearances
For additional Shower room layout
information, refer to Bradley’s Technical Data
found on the web:
The clearances shown are absolute
minimums. Always allow a minimum of 24” for
traffic to/from a station.
Indicates outermost body position
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W142 N9101 Fountain Boulevard
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
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