110 Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries and Compatible

ES System Accessories
UL, ULC Approved*
Batteries and Battery Cabinets; 110 Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries and Compatible
Battery Cabinet (without charger)
2081-9279, 12 V, 110 Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery
• Output terminals are high current posts; connecting hardware is
included with battery cabinet
• UL, ULC fire alarm system requirements are satisfied when these
batteries are used with a compatible charger and compatible battery
• Batteries have UL 924 recognized pressure relief valves
A2081-9280 Battery Cabinet (ordered separately):
• Use when fire alarm control panel internal charger is capable of
charging 110 Ah batteries (not applicable for ULC listed 4100ES
• For compatible Autocall 4100ES systems, connection requires two
wires to a A100-5128 Battery Distribution Terminal Block located in the
• Refer to data sheet AC4081-0002 for 4100ES compatible battery
cabinet with charger
Figure 1: 2081-9279 Batteries, 2 required for
24 VDC system (actual appearance may vary)
2081-9279, 110 Ah rechargeable sealed-lead acid batteries provide
reliable and repeatable discharge and recharge characteristics for use
in fire alarm and other systems applications. For use with Autocall fire
alarm control panels with battery chargers capable of up to 110 Ah,
mount these batteries in external battery cabinet A2081-9280, located
close-nippled to the control panel.
Battery Details
Series Connections.
Connect two of these 12 V batteries in series to produce 24 V system
voltage. Battery sets must be of identical voltage, model number,
appearance, and approximately the same date of manufacture for
proper operation.
Battery chemicals and materials can be recycled. Refer to information
shipped with the battery or on its case. Return to the battery
manufacturer or to a similarly qualified battery processing facility for
proper disposal.
Figure 2: A2081-9280 Battery Cabinet
Battery capacity testing is recommended to be performed by using a
sealed lead-acid battery tester designed to withdraw a minimum of
battery charge. Testing is available through your local Autocall product
Additional Information.
Refer to Installation Instructions 574-670AC for Battery Cabinet
installation details. See 4100ES basic panel data sheets AC4100-0031
and AC4100-0100 for additional power supply/battery charger
Compatible Autocall Battery Chargers
4100ES Standard System Power
Supplies (SPS), or Enhanced Power
Supply (EPS+)
4100ES Additional EPS+
4100ES Additional EPS
SKU Reference
A100-9xxx Series
A100-5311, A100-5313
A100-5325, A100-5327
* Additional listings may be applicable; contact your local product supplier for the latest status.
AC2081-0012 Rev. 5 6/2013
Batteries and Battery Cabinets; 110 Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries and Compatible Battery Cabinet (without
Table 1: A2081-9280 Battery Cabinet
Hardware Included
Battery Protection
Wiring Terminals
Total weight
26-1/2" W x 12" H x 12" D (673 mm x 305 mm x 305 mm)
Terminals and cables for compatibility with 2081-9279 batteries
Internally mounted fuseholder with 80 A fuse, included
14 AWG to 2 AWG (2 mm² to 32 mm²)
Cabinet = 49 lbs (22.2 kg)
Cabinet with two batteries = 213 lbs (97 kg)
Table 2: 2081-9279 Battery Reference Information
Dimensions (per battery)
Discharge Voltage
Total weight
11-3/16" W x 9" H x 10-½" D (284 mm x 230 mm x 267 mm)
110 Ah @ 20 hour discharge rate
12 V per battery, 2 required for 24 V system
High currect terminal posts
82 lbs (37 kg), per battery
Cabinet with two batteries = 213 lbs (97 kg)
4100ES Wiring and A2081-9280 Battery Cabinet Detail Reference
Battery wiring to panel, connects to battery distribution
terminal module in panel cabinet (order seperately)
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AC2081-0012 Rev. 5 6/2013
Batteries and Battery Cabinets; 110 Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries and Compatible Battery Cabinet (without
Wiring Distance Chart
Table 3: Wiring distances
Minimum Wire
Maximum Distance per Battery Discharge Current Range
0-15 A
16-20 A
21-30 A
31-40 A
41-55 A
26 ft (8 m)
41 ft (12.5 m)
66 ft (20 m)
106 ft (32 m)
168 ft (51 m)
31 ft (9.5 m)
50 ft (15 m)
80 ft (24 m)
126 ft (38 m)
33 ft (10)
52 ft (15.8 m)
83 ft (25 m)
39 ft (11.9 m)
63 ft (19 m)
45 ft (13.7 m)
56-70 A
71-79 A
268 ft (81.7 m)
201 ft (61 m)
132 ft (40 m)
100 ft (30.5 m)
72 ft (22 m)
56 ft (17 m)
426 ft (130 m)
320 ft (97.5 m)
211 ft (64 m)
160 ft (48.7 m)
115 ft (35 m)
89 ft (27 m)
80 ft (24 m)
A2081-9280 Battery Cabinet, Additional Wiring Information:
1. Internal battery cabinet output fuse is 80 A for battery protection.
2. In-line battery fuse requirement: To protect the output conductors, install a line fuse rated properly to the load current in the battery plus (+)
side of each output pair. Wire per applicable local code.
3. Battery output connects to multiple conductor terminal block for connections to other panels requiring external battery power.
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AC2081-0012 Rev. 5 6/2013
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