Hydraulic Mining Excavator RH 90-C

Hydraulic Mining Excavator
RH 90-C
RH 90-C
A Top-Class Winner
The RH 90-C translates its over 170 tonnes operating
Tried-and-tested components from the larger TEREX O&K
weight directly into production. 1,400 tonnes per hour on
excavators as well as proven twin-engine drive, certainly an
average, up to 2,300 tonnes per hour peak performance and
exception in this class, are benefits that give the RH 90-C its
more than 100 delivered units make this a machine to count
long-term on-site availability, mostly well above 90 percent.
on in quarries and open-pit mines. Apart from this outstand-
Additional assets include the modular layout to give easy ac-
ing productivity, reliability is its foremost strength.
cess to components during service and maintenance.
The standard bucket capacity
is 10 m³ for both the shovel and
the backhoe.
The RH 90-C is now also available with Caterpillar C15
engines as an alternative to the Cummins QSX 15 model.
Both versions meet all the world‘s emission regulations. A
combination of high-performance hydraulic system and the
electronic PMS IV controller ensures swift work cycles while
extremely precise movements are no problem thanks to its
variable-flow pumps.
Superior Access
our Concept for large Excavators
O&K Twin-Engine Concept
Apart from loading performance, it is availability that largely
governs productivity. For this reason, the RH 90-C, too, features the proven twin-engine concept. Even if one drive train
fails, the excavator remains fully operative. In this way the
RH 90-C can be relocated out of a blasting zone or continue
its work to avoid cost-intensive downtime. Productivity drops
to approximately 60 percent while digging forces remain
The slewing gears are easily accessible.
The slew ring features internal gearing
and has three rows of roller bearings.
Both gearing and races are linked to the
central lubrication system.
Electric Drive optional
Alternatively, the RH 90-C can be equipped with an
electric drive. In contrast to the diesel version, only one
motor is installed. The electric version requires very little
maintenance and is recommended for mostly stationary
A neatly laid-out superstructure ensures good
Torque Control for added Productivity
accessibility to all components for time-saving mainte-
Slewing cycles combine speed with minimum energy
nance. The hydraulically driven central lubricating system
consumption thanks to the torque control within the closed
is fitted as standard equipment. It feeds all lubrication
loop slewing circuit. While braking, the existing kinetic en-
points. The backhoe can be optionally integrated into
ergy is re-routed to the system.
the system. Available is a replaceable grease vat or a
built-in tank.
A hydraulically lowerable service
station is provided below the
counterweight. With service
fluids easily topped up, refueling
and maintenance intervals are
kept short.
Alongside proven and efficient technology, the operator
is a major “productivity factor.“ So, the cab inside the
RH 90-C offers maximum functionality and comfort. Large
windows provide ample light while, at the same time, the
necessary visibility to front and side. There is even enough
space for a second fold-down seat for training purposes.
Ample space and an ergonomic interior design
assure anti-stress work.
Focus on the Operator
smart and user-friendly Technology
The Board Control System is a standard feature. The newly
developed large color screen is easily legible thanks to the most
advanced transflective technology, even in cases of direct sunlight.
All keys and switches of the operating column are shielded against
dust and water.
Board Control System - BCS
The Board Control System on the large TEREX O&K
occurs. Vital operating data such as oil pressure, water and
excavators, is also a standard feature on the RH 90-C and
oil temperatures are displayed on a large color monitor. BCS
provides all the information relevant for excavator operation.
also provides service information along with a menu-guided
The system uses advanced technology, designed for user-
trouble-shooting program. The ergonomically shaped opera-
friendly monitoring. Sensors spread over the entire machine
tor‘s seat is air- cushioned and features a host of adjustment
permanently record measurements which are compared
options to adapt to a wide variety of needs. The actuating
with the target values or stored curves within the BCS. Thus,
signals from the hand levers are electronically relayed to the
the BCS provides the highest possible reliability and mal-
electro-hydraulic pilot control system.
functions are identified in good time, before major damage
Efficient Equipment Option: the Backhoe
The RH 90-C is a verstile machine as a result of its reach
and digging depth. Various buckets are available to serve
individual application requirements.
TriPower - recognised to be the most
powerful Kinematics
Like all the TEREX O&K excavators with face shovel,
the RH 90-C, too, is clearly superior thanks to its patented
TriPower geometry. Pivoting the boom and the bucket cylinders by a triangular rocker offers decisive advantages when
digging and loading:
• Increasing crowd force throughout the entire crowding action
• Automatic parallel shovel guidance at any crowding level
• Constant-angle bucket position at any boom position and
automatic backtilt limiter – for a high degree of fill at all times
• Raised effective lifting forces
The positioning of the control
block on the boom increases
accessibility to the superstructure components and reduces
the number of hydraulic hoses
to a minimum.
• Constant boom momentum
• Zero-pressure retraction of boom and stick cylinders
TriPower supported hydraulic forces allow the use of smaller-
Lifting heigth
with TriPower
diameter cylinders, thus resulting in much faster work cycles.
Boom Momentum
Only TriPower keeps boom momentum
constant throughout the entire lift. TriPower
makes up for losses incurred by conventional systems.
Whatever the digging height, the shovel is
Constant-angle shovel in any boom position
always held parallel when crowding, thus
making the operator‘s job a lot easier and
and automatic tiltback limiter – hence no
material spillage over the rear of the shovel
as well as added security.
The undercarriage‘s steel construction immediately
typifies the excavator‘s suitability for tough quarrying
and open-cut mining applications. The oversized carbody
rests on the side frames with an L-shaped section. Along
with the bolts, this adds stiffness. Sprockets, idlers, track
and support rollers are lifetime lubricated. An automatic
self-guiding track tensioning system with membrane accumulator matches the crawler to all types of operating
Hydraulic drive for each crawler via axial piston motor combined
with a compact planetary gear unit. The drive unit is safely positioned inside of the track pads.
Excellent accessibility thanks to offset drive units.
Ample ground clearance with
favorable center of gravity:
the low-maintenance RH 90-C
The individually controllable tracks are propelled by a powerful
drive unit. The drive unit and gears are encapsulated and hence
safely shielded against damage. The cover can be removed quickly.
Successful operations
more than 100 times
Coal, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Copper, Kazakhstan
Phosphate, Russia
Iron ore, Peru
Limestone, Germany
Gold, Mexico
Copper, Bulgaria
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