Stinger SB10 Exploder
Technical Properties
Firing Capacity
The SB 10 will reliably fire 1 to 10 standard electrical
detonators connected in a single series with 3.0 metre tails
of 0.5mm (25SWG). Total resistance, 36 Ω includes firing
lead-in cable.
Recommendations for Use
The SB10 is a compact capacitive discharge exploder,
enclosed in an ultra violet resistant nylon case. The SB10 is
powered by a replaceable 1.5V AA battery. The firing
terminals have rubber covered captive nuts, for insulation,
and 2.8mm rebated holes in the posts for positive securing of
the lead wires. A removable magnetic key controls security
of the firing mechanism and a push button operates the firing
circuit. A READY light illuminates when the firing capacitor is
fully charged. The complete unit is enclosed in a leather
carrying case with shoulder strap.
It is the Shot Firer’s responsibility to ensure that relevant
legislation, standards, and approved safety procedures are
complied with. The magnetic key should not be kept with the
SB10 to prevent unauthorised use of the device. The key
should be removed after firing. Firing of the SB10 is
disabled until the firing capacitor has reached the required
charge. The READY light will only illuminate when the
capacitor is up to a charge that will guarantee the maximum
number of detonators can be fired. Firing can be safely
aborted after the READY light has illuminated by removing
the magnetic key. The exploder will not operate if the battery
level is too low to guarantee adequate charge. Rubber
covered terminal nuts minimise the risk of electric shock to
the user.
CAUTION: do not touch terminals or cables when firing,
potentially lethal voltage across terminals when firing. The
complete unit complies with the recommendations of
Australian Standard AS2187 - Part 2, 1993.
The SB10 exploder is suitable for use in all mining,
quarrying, construction and general blasting applications
except in underground coal mines.
Capacitor discharge
10 shot, 160µF, 100V, 0.8J
135 x 75 x 50mm
0.500 kg
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Connect firing cable leads to the exploder terminals. Screw
down the terminal nuts firmly. Insert the magnetic firing key
into the white socket. The ready light will illuminate after
approximately 6 seconds. Press the red PRESS TO FIRE
button to fire the charge. Remove the key after firing. If the
ready light does not illuminate after 10 seconds then change
the AA battery.
The SB10 is supplied in a cardboard box with operating
instructions. Each unit is stamped with its serial number on
the leather strap.
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