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Introduction ............................................................................................ 2 Important Safety Information .................................................................. 3 Site Selection and Installation ................................................................ 7 Startup.................................................................................................. 20 Water Balancing ................................................................................... 23 Topside Control .................................................................................... 24 Cover.................................................................................................... 26 Frequently Asked Questions ................................................................ 27 Troubleshooting ................................................................................... 30 Maintenance and Care ......................................................................... 33 Certificate of Verification ...................................................................... 37 Important: Z Series is dedicated to offering you the best in customer satisfaction
and service. Be sure to read, complete, sign, and send in the limited warranty
card within 30 days of purchase to ensure you understand what you are
entitled to in terms of service. If you have any questions, you can call our
customer care center, at 727.573.9611.
Printed in the U.S.A.
Version 2.2
Revised 09/10
Part # 7618
Copyright © 2010, Premium Leisure LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this manual may be reproduced in any manner
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local electrical requirements. Dimensions are approximate. Patents pending.
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Your choice of a Z Series Hot Tub indicates that you are devoted to excellence.
The management and staff appreciate your patronage and takes pride in the
tradition of quality hot tubs that our company represents.
To properly acquaint yourself with your hot tub, we suggest that you take time to
read through this manual before hook up and operation. Doing so will familiarize
you with important operating and safety procedures, thereby ensuring an
enjoyable experience right from the start.
If you need any more information than this manual provides, feel free to visit our
Web site at www.PremiumLeisure.com or call our customer care center, at
WARNING: This manual was written to ensure the proper use and installation
of your hot tub. Any modifications to the procedures outlined in
this manual may result in voiding your warranty.
This manual and its contents are subject to change without notice. Although we
have prepared this manual as accurate as possible, we are not liable for errors or
omissions; loss, injury, or damages caused by improper installation; or use of hot
tub (improper or otherwise).
You new hot tub is made with quality synthetic cabinet materials. Synthetic
materials won’t fade and are nearly invulnerable to mold and mildew. Where
wood splits, cracks, and stains, synthetic materials stand in timeless perfection.
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Important Safety Information
Your physiological response to hot water depends on subjective factors such as
age, health, pregnant women, temperature sensitivities, chemical sensitivities,
and medical history. Always consult a physician before using a hot tub to
understand your particular tolerance and limitations.
WARNING – To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit children to use this
product unless they are closely supervised at all times.
A wire connector is provided on this unit to connect a minimum 8 American Wire
Gauge (AWG) (8.4mm ) solid copper conductor between this unit and any metal
equipment, metal enclosures of electrical equipment, metal water pipe, or conduit
within 5 feet (1.5 m) of the unit.
Danger – Risk of injury.
* For cord connected / convertible units:
Replace damaged cord, immediately. Do not bury cord. Connect to a grounded,
grounding type receptacle only.
** For units with GFCI:
Warning – This product is provided with a groundfault circuit interrupter located in the main panel. The GFCI must be tested
before each spa use.
RISK OF ACCIDENTAL DROWNING: Extreme caution must be
exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children. To avoid
accidents, ensure that children cannot use this spa unless they are
supervised at all times. Always cover the hot tub and use safety
locks when it is not in use.
RISK OF INJURY: The suction fittings in this spa are sized to match
the specific water flow created by the pump. Should the need arise
to replace the suction fittings or the pump, be sure that the flow rates
are compatible. Never operate the spa if the suction fittings are
broken or missing. Never replace a suction fitting with one rated less
than the flow rate marked on the original suction fitting.
RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK: Install at least 5 feet (1.5 m) from all
metal surfaces. As an alternative, a spa may be installed within 5
feet of metal surfaces if each metal surface is permanently
connected by a minimum 8 AWG (8.4 mm2) solid copper conductor
to the wire connector on the terminal box that is provided for this
RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK: Do not permit any electric appliance,
such as a light, telephone, radio or television, within 5 feet (1.5 m) of
a spa. Do not operate such an appliance from either inside the hot
tub or when you are wet, unless such appliances are built-in by the
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The water in a spa should never exceed 40˚C (104˚F).
Water temperatures between 38˚C (100˚F) and 40˚C
(104˚F) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower
water temperatures are recommended for young children
and when spa use exceeds 10 minutes.
Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential
for causing fetal damage during the early months of
pregnancy, pregnant or possible pregnant women should
limit spa water temperatures to 38˚C (100˚F).
Before entering a spa/hot tub, the user should measure the
water temperature since the tolerance of water temperature
regulating devices varies.
The use of alcohol, drugs or medication before or during
spa/hot tub use may lead to unconsciousness with the
possibility of drowning.
Obese persons and persons with a history of heart disease,
low or high blood pressure, circulatory system problems, or
diabetes should consult a physician before using a spa.
Persons using medication should consult a physician before
using a spa/hot tub since some medication may include
drowsiness while other medication may affect heart rate,
blood pressure and circulation.
Do not connect auxiliary components (such as headphones, cables,
and additional speakers) to the stereo (if equipped).
Do not use a hot tub immediately following strenuous exercise.
Do not use your hot tub alone.
Lock the cover on your hot tub when not in use.
Persons with infectious diseases should not use a hot tub.
Replace audio components only with identical components.
Do not leave the CD access door open on the stereo (if equipped).
Some types of hair dye can react with the sanitizers in your hot tub
water causing your hair to change color. Use at your own risk.
Water normally splashes out of a hot tub during typical use. Install
an adequate perimeter that provides sound footing.
Do not turn your hot tub on/off from a wall switch, ground fault circuit
interrupter, circuit breaker, fuse, or by plugging/unplugging it.
Remove all jewelry, metal, and watches from your person before
entering your hot tub.
Keep all breakables away from the hot tub area.
Maintain water balance in accordance with instructions.
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For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Warning Sign
Warning Sign Must Be Posted – The red
WARNING sign like the one shown is packed
with your new hot tub. This sign must be posted
in a prominent place in close proximity to the hot
tub installation site immediately upon completion
of hot tub installation.
Important: It is extremely important that this sign be permanently placed in clear
view of persons using the hot tub. Occasional hot tub users may not be aware of
some of the dangers hot water poses to pregnant women, small children,
seniors, and people under the influence of alcohol. If you did not receive a
warning sign or your sign has become damaged, please call your local dealer for
a replacement.
To reduce the risk of injury, the water temperature in a hot tub should never
exceed 104˚F (40˚C). Water temperatures between 100˚F (38˚C) and 104˚F
(40˚C) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are
recommended for young children, senior citizens, persons with sensitivities, and
when hot tub use exceeds 10 minutes.
Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level
several degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.6˚F (37˚C). The
symptoms of hyperthermia include drowsiness, lethargy, and an increase in the
internal temperature of the body. The effects of hyperthermia include:
Unawareness of impending hazard
Failure to perceive heat
Failure to recognize the need to exit hot tub
Physical inability to exit hot tub
Fetal damage in pregnant women
Unconsciousness and danger of drowning
If you sense any of the symptoms of hyperthermia, safely exit the hot tub
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Basic Safety Guidelines
Your hot tub is meant to be enjoyable, healthful, and relaxing. Below are some
basic safety guidelines to follow every time you use your hot tub.
Always check the temperature of your hot tub before entering. High water
temperatures can be hazardous to your health.
Persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure,
and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using your hot tub.
Persons under the influence of medication, drugs, or alcohol should not be
allowed into your hot tub.
Remove all jewelry, metal, and watches from your person before entering
your hot tub.
Do not allow children to use your hot tub without continuous supervision of
an adult.
Do not use your hot tub alone.
Test the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker prior to using your hot
tub each time to ensure it operates properly.
Any electrical devices near your hot tub must be GFCI protected and out of
reach from inside the hot tub.
Keep all breakables away from the hot tub area.
Lock the cover on your hot tub when not in use.
Enter and exit the hot tub slowly. Wet surfaces can be slippery.
Prolonged immersion can be hazardous to your health.
Maintain water chemistry in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
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Site Selection and Installation
Proper planning is an important consideration when installing your new hot tub.
Site selection is a critical step and requires serious thought. Planning ahead
makes the installation process easier. The following information is provided to
assist you in site preparations.
Always comply with local building codes and obtain any necessary permits.
You may also need to consult with an engineer to address your specific
design needs.
Contact an electrician to assess your electrical needs, install wiring, and
assure a safe operation.
Position your hot tub with proper access to water, drainage, and electricity.
Place your hot tub on a uniform solid, flat surface designed to properly
support its weight. For external installations, a 4-inch (10 cm) thick cement
pad suffices.
For internal installations, check the load carrying capabilities of the floor on
which the hot tub will reside. Most homes meet the requirement of 80
pounds per square foot.
Assure that your hot tub will fit into the space you have chosen and the
delivery route will accommodate its large size.
Provide adequate ventilation for the humidity created by your hot tub. In
most cases, a Hot Tub Hard Cover is sufficient.
Protect the pump and all equipment from the weather by ensuring the
cabinet panels are secure at all times.
Allow 36 inches (1 meter) of unobstructed access to all sides of your hot tub
for normal servicing. Your hot tub is not designed to be recessed in the
ground or in a deck.
Figure 1 – Clearances and Support
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10) Consider positioning your hot tub out of or adequately protecting it from the
wind. Just as people can get cold on cool/windy days, so can your hot tub.
Windy environments can significantly increase operating costs.
11) Consider using an insulating pad. In cold climates, the ground can rob heat
from the hot tub and increase your operating costs.
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Electrical Specifications
Important – Qualified and licensed electricians must perform all electrical
hookups. The following specifications must be followed in order to ensure proper
performance and safety.
WARNING: Starting an incorrectly wired hot tub could cause severe damage
to the mechanical equipment or even bodily harm. Have your
licensed electrician verify GFCI (or RCD) wiring with the
diagrams on page 10 prior to starting the hot tub or call the
technical support line at 727.573.9611.
Caution: Failure to abide by specifications listed may result in damage to the
equipment and will void the warranty.
All hot tubs must be wired with the appropriately sized wiring. Failure to do so will
cause equipment damage and will not be covered under your warranty.
All hot tubs must be over current protected with a built-in GFCI (or RCD for
export models) in the service panel.
WARNING: Disconnect electrical power before servicing. Before obtaining
access to terminals, all supply circuits must be disconnected.
WARNING: Test the GFCI (or RCD) before each use.
Our hot tubs are certified by Intertek Testing, SNAa Ltd.
Ontario, Canada to CSA-C22.2 No. 218.1-M89 and ANSI/UL
1563 standards.
Parts with extra low voltage not exceeding 12v must be inaccessible to a person
in the hot tub. Earthed appliances must be permanently connected to fixed
wiring. Parts incorporating electrical components, except remote control devices,
must be located or fixed so that they cannot fall into the hot tub.
Means for disconnection must be used in fixed wiring in accordance with wiring
Important – To allow the 240V GFCI to function properly, connect the white
Neutral wire from the hot tub to the Neutral terminal on the GFCI breaker, not the
Neutral bus in the GFCI breaker box. An improperly connected Neutral causes
the GFCI breaker to trip.
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Wiring Diagrams
Figure 2 – 240V GFCI Wiring
Figure 4 – 120V 20A Wiring Diagram GFCI and Plug Test/Reset
Page 10
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 5 – U.S. and Canada Wiring Diagram
Page 11
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 6 – European 1x32A Wiring Diagram
All wiring is 3x4 mm , solid copper
Note: Make sure that the DIP switches in the hot tub Pack are properly
set for 50Hz operation and Jumper A is in place.
Page 12
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 7 – European 2x16A Wiring Diagram
All wiring is 5x 1.5 mm2, solid copper
Note: Make sure that the DIP switches in the hot tub Pack are properly
set for 50Hz operation and Jumper A is removed.
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Single-phase 240V Domestic Version
Figure 8 – VS500Z Board Diagram
Figure 9 – Board Diagram and Panel Positions
Single-phase 240V Domestic version
Page 15
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 10 – VS515Z Board Diagram
Single-Phase, 240-Volt Domestic Version
Page 16
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 11 – Board Diagram and Panel Positions for
Single-phase 240V Domestic version
Page 17
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 10 – VS515Z Board Diagram
for Single-Phase, 240-Volt Domestic Version
Page 18
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Figure 11 – Board Diagram and Panel Positions for
Single-phase 240V Domestic version
Page 19
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Important – Read these step-by-step startup procedures before starting your hot
tub. Failure to follow any of these steps listed may result in damage to the
equipment and may void your warranty.
Note: If you are unsure of any of the above startup procedures, please call our
customer care center, at 727.573.9611. For best results, read each step in
its entirety before proceeding.
Caution: Running the hot tub pump dry (without water running through it) can
cause IMMEDIATE damage and will void the warranty! Be sure that
the hot tub is installed properly in accordance with the instructions in
this manual.
Before Adding Water
Before adding water, go through these simple steps now to prevent common
issues when setting up your hot tub for the first time. Verify that the following
have all been rechecked.
Turn off all power to the hot tub at the main breaker panel.
Open the side panels to access the internal components.
Check that all slide valves are opened (Thandles pulled out) to the heater and all
Check that there are no obvious signs of
loose wires or broken pipes.
Figure 16 - Valve Open/Closed
Check that the two heater unions are
hand tight.
Caution: Do not use a wrench. Overtightening may cause damage
to unions and gaskets, which
will not be covered under
Figure 3 - Unions Tight
Check that the unions on all pumps are tight.
Clean out any foreign debris from within the service access area or inside of
the hot tub itself.
With the drain open and filters removed, thoroughly rinse out the hot tub with
warm water until the drained water runs clear. Run water through the
filtration canister and jet lines to remove any incidental dust, dirt, and debris
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that may have accumulated during shipment or installation. Drain all water
Make sure that the hot tub drain valve is closed and the cap is on tight (see
page 37).
10. Install the filter(s) in the filtration canister.
11. Check that all of the hot tub jets are open (turned full counter-clockwise).
12. Now is the best time to clean and polish the surfaces of your hot tub (see
pages 31).
Filling Your Hot Tub
Now it's time to fill your hot tub with water. Do not turn on
the electricity yet until the hot tub is completely filled. To
properly fill your hot tub:
Make sure that the filters (in the filtration canister) are
gently screwed into place. Turn them clockwise until
they stop being careful not to over-tighten them (this
avoids cracking the filter).
Connect a standard garden hose to a faucet with
regular cold tap water (not softened water or hot water).
Figure 4 – Filtration Canister
Caution: The water from your hot water tank should not be used to fill the hot
Put the pre-filter (if equipped*) on the other end of the hose, point the prefilter into a suitable drain, turn on the water, and allow any sediment to be
flushed down the drain. Once the water stream runs clear, turn off the hose.
Put the pre-filter (if equipped) into the filtration canister and turn on the hose.
Fill slowly. If too much water pressure is used, foaming water can force air
into the pipes and cause startup problems.
Important: To assure that the pump is properly primed, fill the hot tub
through the filter area only.
Fill the hot tub until the water level is about 1” above all jets (or about ½”
below the pillow). Do not over fill.
Note: Every person entering a hot tub displaces a given volume of water, so
adjust water level to the number of people regularly using the hot tub.
Turn off the hose and check again for any small leaks.
Pre-filters are available by calling 877.530.PARTS
Page 21
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Operational Checks
Caution: Do not turn on any pump until your hot tub is properly filled with
water. Running any pump without water in your hot tub can cause
IMMEDIATE damage, which is not covered under warranty!
By now you have rechecked your hot tub’s mechanical connections and filled it
with water to about 1” above all jets by adding cold tap water through the prefilter (if equipped). Turn on power to the hot tub at the main breaker panel and
test the operation of the electrical system. If you encounter a problem, please
reference the troubleshooting guide on page 33.
Turn on the breaker and test the operation of the Ground-Fault Circuit
Interrupter (GFCI) breaker by pushing the small button. This should
automatically trip the hot tub's circuit breaker.
DANGER: If this breaker does not trip, immediately call your electrician.
Do not use your hot tub!
Only if pushing this button successfully trips this circuit breaker should you
reset this breaker and proceed to the next step.
Go to the topside control panel. The hot tub first goes into a 5-minute
Priming mode, indicated by “Pr” message. Water heating is disabled during
priming. To exit Priming mode and begin normal hot tub operation, press
“Up” or “Down” button.
Press the Jets button. You should hear the pump turn on, see water
circulating, and see the Jets light illuminate on the panel.
Press the Jets button again. You should hear the pump turn on a higher
Caution: If water is not flowing from the jets after 2 minutes, turn the
power off at the main panel and bleed air from the system (see
page 30). Turn the power on again. Sometimes momentarily
turning the pump off/on will help to prime. Only do this four
If the water is running smoothly through the lines, open the air control valve
to the jets and you should see an increase in jet pressure. Check and adjust
the water and airflow of every jet if necessary.
Each jet in your hot tub can be adjusted for massage intensity and
directional flow. Turn the outer jet dial counterclockwise to increase the
water volume and clockwise to turn it off. Pivot the angle of a jet to achieve
an optimal massage.
An air mixture intensifies the level of your massage. Turn the air control
valve counterclockwise to increase the air mixture and clockwise to turn it
To minimize heat loss, close the air control valve when the hot tub is not in
Page 22
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Press the Jets button a third time to turn off the pump.
Press the Light button to turn on the light. Verify that the light is on.
Press the Light button a second time to turn off the light.
If equipped, press the Blower button. You should hear the blower turn on,
see water bubbling, and see the blower light illuminate on the panel.
Note: The pump remains on if filtration or heat is needed.
10. Press the Blower button again to turn off the blower.
Water Balancing
Note: Perform water balancing weekly and whenever your water is
changed (or when the hot tub is first filled) to assure proper water
Once your hot tub reaches 95ºF, use our Bromine Test Strips (not included) and
add the necessary chemicals (not included) to stabilize your water chemistry.
Turn Pump 1 on high speed before starting your tests to distribute chemicals
evenly. Wait 5 minutes between measurements to allow added chemicals to mix
Important: Test the condition of your water in the following order:
Total Alkalinity (80-120 ppm) – Use our Alkalinity Increaser to raise total
alkalinity and Alkalinity Decreaser to lower it. Low total alkalinity has little
buffering capacity making the pH erratic. High total alkalinity has too much
buffering capacity making the pH difficult to change.
pH (7.2-7.8) – Use Spa Up to raise the pH level and Spa Down to lower it.
Caution: A pH lower than 7.2 can harm the metal surfaces of your hot
tub and irritate your eyes and skin. A pH higher than 7.8 can
create calcium deposits (scaling) on the shell and equipment.
Hardness (150-400 ppm) – Add Increase Calcium until the proper level is
achieved. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to lower the native water
hardness other than using a different source of water when filling your hot
tub. Low hardness causes equipment corrosion and water foaming.
Sanitizer (3.0-5.0 ppm) – Use our Deluxe Bromine Kit to add Bromine until
the proper level is achieved. Neglected hot tub water can breed bacteria and
algae causing bather discomfort, skin rashes, and/or irritation.
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness
80-120 ppm
150-400 ppm
3.0-5.0 ppm
Table 4 - Recommended Ranges for Balanced Water
Page 23
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Topside Control
Programming Instructions Domestic
Figure 5A – Topside Control Panel
(MVP 260 Domestic)
When the Jets lamp is on steady, the system is in a filtration cycle.
When the Temp lamp is flashing, the system is checking the water
When the Temp lamp is on steady, the system is heating the water.
Water Temperature
Press Cool or Warm to select the desired temperature. The desired temperature
setting displays for five seconds to confirm your new selection and then displays
the actual water temperature. The default temperature is 100ºF.
Filtration Cycle
Start Time – Reset the controller by power cycling (power off). After the five
minute priming, the filtration cycle starts 12 hours later. To skip the priming
period, press Cool/Warm.
Duration – Press Cool/Warm, then Jets. Press Cool/Warm to adjust to 2, 4, 6, or
8 hours, or to continuous filtration (as indicated by FC on the display). Press Jets
to exit. The default duration is 2 hours.
Frequency – The filtration frequency is fixed at twice a day.
Standard, Economy, and Sleep Modes
Press Cool/Warm and then Light to set the operating mode. Press Light to
advance between modes.
Standard (Std) mode maintains the desired water temperature all the time.
Economy (Ecn) mode turns on the heater only during filtration cycles and
tries to maintain the desired water temperature.
Sleep (SLP) mode turns on the heater only during filtration cycles and drops
the water temperature 20°F (11°C) below the desired water temperature.
Page 24
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
Note: Some models may use the following topside control where you have
one “TEMP” button to control the temperature and one “AUX” button
to control the Air Jet Bubbler (blower).
Figure 19B – Topside Control Panel (MVP260 Domestic)
Programming Summary
Figure 21 – Programming Summary
Follow the above steps to set the filter cycle and water temperature.
To set the operating modes domestically with the MVP 260 controls,
follow the steps above except instead of pressing “Mode” – press
Page 25
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Place the insulated cover on your hot tub. Keeping the cover in place anytime the
hot tub is not in use reduces the heating time and minimizes operating costs. The
time required for initial heat-up varies depending on the starting water
temperature, ambient temperature, and the capacity of your hot tub.
Figure 22 - Cover Callouts
Lock-down tab
Double-stitched seams
Marine-grade cover material
Edge overlap material
Grip handle
Aluminum channel
Heat-sealed insulation
Chemical-resistant vapor
9. Polystyrene seam stoppers
10. Reinforced edges
11. Breathable underside material
Use the lock-down tabs to prevent access to the
hot tub by children and to prevent the wind from
lifting the cover off.
Figure 23 Lockdown Tabs
Sitting, standing, and snow buildup on the cover will break the cover. Dragging it
over rough surfaces will scuff or tear the fabric. Always lift by the handles or use
the optional cover lift device.
Page 26
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I call for warranty information or service?
Call our customer care center between 8AM and 5PM EST Monday through
Friday at 727.573.9611. Our representatives are eager to assist or you can get
help online at www.FitnessSpas.com.
Who are the service companies in my area?
Z Series contracts with several service companies in your area to ensure the
best possible response time. Our customers are guaranteed to receive service
response priority. If you encounter a matter that can’t be easily resolved over the
phone, a local technician can be dispatched to your home. The service
technician may assess reasonable travel charges during on-site repairs. Call our
customer care center, at 727.573.9611.
How do I bleed air from my system?
When draining and refilling your hot tub, the pump may become air locked. Airlocked pumps stop water from flowing in your hot tub and is easily resolved by
bleeding off the trapped air. To do this:
Turn off the GFCI breaker
Open the access panel below the topside control panel
Loosen a heater union until you hear the trapped air escape
Once water drips out in a continuous stream, hand tighten the union until the
water stops leaking
Once water drips out in a continuous stream, hand tighten the union until the
water stops leaking
Turn on all pumps to make sure that there are no leaks
Put the access panels back on
Turn on the GFCI breaker
Figure 24 - Bleeding Air
Page 27
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
What happens when my warranty expires?
Z Series will continue to provide service for your hot tub after your warranty has
expired via our customer care center at 727.573.9611.
Where can I get more Chemicals or other accessories?
Visit www.hottubparts.com or call 877.530.PARTS.
How should I clean my hot tub?
Use non-sudsing cleaners and non-oily polishes (see page 38). Our Citra Bright
Spray Cleaner and our Tub Rub cleaning pad quickly removes scum lines and
helps restore your shell’s original beauty. Rinse all filters, covers, pillows, and
surfaces thoroughly with warm tap water. Our Filter Clean concentrated cleanser
is a safe, effective way to clean and re-use your filters and our Jet Clean
plumbing cleanser cleans the inside of all plumbing in your hot tub. Call
727.573.9611 to order these easy-to-use cleaning products.
How often should I drain my hot tub?
You should drain and refill your hot tub every 1-3 months depending on usage.
Every other time you drain and refill, you should also replace the filters and wipe
down the hot tub (see page 34).
How do I adjust my jet?
Simply turn the jets counterclockwise to open and clockwise to close. Be careful
not to overturn the jets, as damage can occur.
Caution: Do not turn off too many jets at the same time. This can create
backflow and possible damage to your hot tub!
Are the jets removable? Interchangeable? Replaceable?
Most jets are made removable and adjustable for customized hydrotherapy.
What is the insulation made of?
We use a Thermazone™ process to fully
insulate all of our hot tubs. First, the bottom
of each shell is blanketed with a thick layer
of solid-cell, high-density insulating foam.
Second, an layer of insulation is added to
interior of the cabinet. Third, an air-tight
base prevents heat loss. Fourth, a 5-inch thick insulating cover is included.
Page 28
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
What is the shell made of?
We use Lucite® Cast Acrylic with
Microban® Antimicrobial Protection for all
of our hot tub shells.
Microban antimicrobial product protection
is built-in to Lucite acrylic during the
manufacturing process to help prevent the
growth of stain causing bacteria on the
surface of the hot tub.
Microban protection works continuously to
keep the surface of the hot tub cleaner
and won’t wash off or wear away for
protection that lasts the lifetime of the hot
Page 29
For HELP, call 727.573.9611
If a problem arises, you can check this list for a quick solution. If this does not
resolve your problem, please call our customer care center, at 727.573.9611.
Additional information is also available at www.FitnessSpas.com. You will need
your serial number to access this site.
Important – Most problems can be quickly resolved by resetting the
GFCI breaker. Try this first before proceeding.
Breaker trips
Foamy water
Light doesn’t
Low/no jet
Moved my hot
tub and
now it doesn’t
Wiring error
Wrong GFCI
Ozonator (or
blower) wet
Soaps, skin
oils, or
Drain open
LED burnt out
Loose wire
Loose plug
Air lock
Dirty filter
Closed jets
Closed valves
ACV open
Low water
Wiring error at
No power to
hot tub
Breaker has
Fuse blown
Pump not
No power to
hot tub
Load Neutral wire not connected to GFCI
(connected to Neutral bus)
GFCI breaker is wrong size
Remove tube from ozonator (or blower) and
allow 2 days to dry out
Close the air control valves and allow
filtration cycle to run
Add defoamer
Drain and clean your hot tub
Clean or change filters
Rinse all bathing suits before bathing
Check and hand-tighten unions at heater &
pumps, or clamps on jets
Close drain valve or replace cap
Replace bulb
Check wiring harness to LED
Reseat J20 plug on hot tub pack
Bleed air from the system (page 30)
Check and clean or replace filter
Open all jets by turning CCW
Open all T-handle shutoff valves on heater
and pumps
Close air control valves
Fill hot tub 1” above all jets
Check Neutral wiring of GFCI (see diagrams
on pages 10-19)
Reset circuit breakers on GFCI panel and
main circuit breaker panel
Check and reset breaker. If problem
persists, check for loose electrical
connections. Check for Neutral wiring error
at GFCI.
Check for blown Fuse 4 (F4) inside of spa
Reset circuit breakers on GFCI panel and
main circuit breaker panel
Page 30
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Water does
not flow
Water too hot
Water will not
Air lock
Closed jets
ACV open
High set
High ambient
Thermostat is
set too low
Air open
Dirty filter
Blown fuse
Slide valve
Cover off
Hot tub in
Bleed air from the system (page 28)
Open all jets by turning counterclockwise
Close air control valves
Turn down set temperature on topside
control panel
Remove the cover
Check and reset to desired temperature
Close air control valve
Check and clean filter
Check and replace fuse
Check and open all valves
Put the cover back on
Press the Standby button and take out of
Economy (see Economy Mode on pages
Error Codes
No message on
display. Power has
been cut off to hot
The hot tub has
shut down from
high heat
detection. One of
the sensors
detected 118ºF
(48ºC) at the
The hot tub has
overheated and
shut down. One of
the sensors
detected that the
hot tub water is
110ºF (43ºC).
Potential freeze
condition detected
The control panel is disabled until power
returns. Hot tub settings are preserved.
Do not enter the water. Remove the cover
and allow the water to cool. Once cool, push
any button. If the hot tub does not reset, turn
off the GFCI and call service.
Do not enter the water. Remove the cover
and allow the water to cool. At 107ºF (42ºC),
the hot tub resets automatically. If the hot
tub does not reset, turn off the GFCI and call
No action required. The pump will
automatically operate regardless of the hot
tub status.
Page 31
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Sensor A is not
working correctly.
Hot tub is shut
Sensor B is not
working correctly.
Hot tub is shut
Sensors are out of
A substantial
difference between
sensors was
detected (possible
flow problem).
Low Flow –
persistent problem.
Displays after the
fifth occurrence of
the "HL" message
within 24 hours.
Heater shuts down
but other hot tub
functions run
Inadequate water,
poor flow, or air
bubbles detected in
the heater. Hot tub
is shut down for 15
Inadequate water
detected in heater.
Displays on third
occurrence of "dr"
message. Hot tub
is shut down.
When the hot tub is
first activated, it
goes into Priming
Check the sensor "A" plug connection to
circuit board. The problem may appear
temporarily in an overheat situation and
disappear when the heater cools. If the
problem persists, contact service.
Check the sensor "B" plug connection to
circuit board. The problem may appear
temporarily in an overheat situation and
disappear when the heater cools. If the
problem persists, contact service.
If this alternates with the temperature, it may
be temporary. If the display shows only this
message (periodically blinking), the hot tub
is shut down .If the problem persists, contact
Check water level in hot tub and add water if
necessary. Be sure that slide-valves are
open. Make sure the pump is primed and
has power. If the problem persists, contact
Heating ability of the hot tub will not reset
automatically; press any button to reset.
Check the water level and add water if
necessary. Be sure that slide-valves are
open. Make sure the pump is primed and
has power. Press any button to reset
(automatically reset within 15 minutes). If the
problem persists, contact service.
Check water level in hot tub. Add water if
necessary. Be sure that slide-valves are
open. Make sure the pump is primed and
has power. Press any button to reset.
The Priming mode runs for up to four
minutes and then the hot tub begins to heat
and maintain the water temperature in
Standard mode.
After the pump has been running for two
minutes, the temperature will be displayed.
Page 32
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Temperature not
After the pump runs for two minutes, the
temperature displays
The hot tub is in either Economy or Sleep
modes and the pump has not run for a while.
To view the current temperature, switch to
Standard mode or operate Jets 1 for at least
one minute.
Maintenance and Care
Important – The warranty on your hot tub and equipment depends on proper
sanitation (see page 38). In addition, the following maintenance procedures must
be followed periodically.
Your cabinet is made from a polymer that combines the durability of plastic with
the beauty of simulated wood. To clean the cabinet, a mild soap and water
solution easily removes residue.
The 5-inch thick tapered cover on your hot tub is made from a weatherproof
marine-grade vinyl. Your cover will last much longer if you heed the following
Don’t drag the cover on the ground; wearing of the vinyl could easily develop
into a tear.
The insulating foam in your cover is not designed to hold the weight of a
person or an animal.
Important – Cracked foam in the cover is not covered under warranty! Do
not stand on it.
Occasionally clean the inside of your cover with our special All Purpose
Cleaner rinsed with warm water. (Using soap or vinyl cleaners on the inside
of your cover causes foamy water.) Call our order line at 727.573.9611 to
order our All Purpose Cleaner.
Our special Vinyl Cover Cleaner applied to the outside of the cover and
stitching once yearly will keep your cover looking better longer. Call our
order line at 727.573.9611 to order our special Vinyl Cover Cleaner.
Do not lift the cover by the safety straps, they are made to secure the tub to
the cabinet and may tear.
Page 33
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Draining and Refilling
Figure 25 - Drain Operation
Turn off the GFCI breaker.
Remove hot tub cover and allow water to cool down.
Select a safe, suitable drainage area capable of safely assimilating 300 plus
gallons of water that may contain unsanitary contaminants and chemical
residue that could cause harm to plants or grass.
Locate drain valve at front of the hot tub. Hold the rear body to prevent it
from turning, then loosen and remove the front cap.
Attach a garden hose to the exposed threads and route the hose downhill to
your drainage area.
Twist the drain fitting 1/3 turn counterclockwise to unlock the drain valve and
pull it outward to open completely. The water will drain by gravitational flow.
After the hot tub drains, perform steps 3-5 in reverse order to close the drain
prior to refilling hot tub.
Attach the garden hose to a thoroughly-flushed pre-filter (not included,
rinsed of all residual sediment) and refill your hot tub through the filtration
After refilling, turn on the GFCI breaker to the hot tub.
If the pump runs but no water flows, see page 30 to see how to bleed air from the
The filters in your hot tub should be removed and cleaned every 2 weeks with our
special Filter Clean concentrated cleanser and typically replaced every 4-6
months (depending upon use). You can clean your filters with the water pressure
from the end of a garden hose then rinsed with warm water. This ensures that
the water is being filtered properly.
DO NOT USE BLEACH. We recommend having replacement filters on hand that
can be swapped between cleanings. Doing so enables you to quickly exchange
the dirty filters with clean ones and immediately start your hot tub again. Call our
order line at 727.573.9611 to order replacement filters and our special Filter
Clean concentrated cleanser.
Page 34
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Remove and clean the jets as needed using our special our Jet Clean plumbing
cleanser, water, and a cloth or soft-bristled brush. Call our order line at
727.573.9611 to order our special our Jet Clean plumbing cleanser.
Drain the hot tub and clean the light lens as needed using an optical cloth and an
eyewear cleaning product specifically designed not to scratch optical surfaces. If
the back side of the lens is also dirty remove the rear panel, remove the light
from the holder, and clean in this same manner.
Remove and clean the headrest pillows as needed using our Citra Bright Spray
Cleaner and our Tub Rub cleaning pad and rinsed thoroughly with warm water.
Call our order line at 727.573.9611 to order our Citra Bright Spray Cleaner and
our Tub Rub cleaning pad.
Sanitation level is influenced by two factors:
Filter Cycle (filtration) time (see page 25/27)
How much you use your hot tub each week
If your water chemistry and water clarity are all proper and your sanitation level is
still too low/high, you can adjust the sanitation intensity up/down by adding
more/less sanitizer a little at a time and testing the water again after two days.
Shutdown / Winterizing
Your Z Series hot tub is designed to operate year round. If you plan to
leave your hot tub unused for long periods of time in severely cold
weather, you should winterize your hot tub to avoid accidental
freezing due to a power or equipment failure.
We highly recommend that you have a hot tub professional winterize and
restart your hot tub.
WARNING: Damage from improperly winterizing or restarting your hot tub is
not covered under your warranty. You can call our customer care
center, at 727.573.9611 for recommended service organizations
to assist you in properly winterizing your hot tub.
The acrylic surface of your hot tub should be cleaned with our Citra Bright Spray
Cleaner and our Tub Rub cleaning pad and thoroughly rinsed with warm (not
cold) water before refilling. (See also page 31.) Call our order line at
727.573.9611 to order cleaners.
WARNING: NEVER use paint solvents, acids, acetone, benzene, lacquer
thinner, tolulene, xylene, or similar chemicals to clean your hot
tub shell.
Page 35
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Water Management
Our chemical water purification system is a perfect match for your hot tub.
Depending on usage, the water in your hot tub should be changed every 1-3
months. Upon each change of water it is a good practice to wipe down the hot
If your water quality seems improper, increasing the time the hot tub filters the
water (see page 25/27) may clear up your problem.
Below are some answers to common water chemistry questions.
on cover
green or
It is common to have pH fluctuations after adding chemicals to your
hot tub or after a party. Let your jets run and give your water time to
stabilize. 9 times out of 10, your pH will come back into the 7.2-7.8
range on its own.
Mildew usually grows in the folds and seams of your cover and then
drips into your hot tub water causing cloudiness and/or odor. Clean
with our special Citra Bright Spray Cleaner and then rinse the inside
of your cover with clean warm water.
Foam typically results from soap residue on your skin and hair, or
laundry detergent residue on clothing. Take a soapless shower and
rinse all clothing in warm water prior to bathing.
Your “source water” most likely has dissolved heavy metals. When
this is the case, use a respected brand of demineralizer found at
any local pool/ hot tub store. Using a pre-filter can remove these
contaminants before they get into your hot tub (see page 22).
Algae can be resolved by adding a respected brand of algaecide.
Although a normal condition immediately after filling that dissipates
after time, with stabilized water this is a visual indication that the
total alkalinity or pH or both are at improper levels. Test your water
weekly and maintain proper water chemistry (see page 24).
If your water develops an odor and/or cloudiness, clean your cover
and filters and try increasing the amount of time the hot tub filters
per day by turning your filtration cycle time or duration up.
After a period of heavy use, your hot tub may cloud. Shock your hot
tub with 2 ounces of non chlorine shock and wait 36 hours.
Page 36
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Five (5) Year – Z Series Spa Structural Warranty
Premium Leisure LLC warrants the Z Series spa shell structure against the loss of water through the fiberglass
laminate of the shell caused by defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Five (5) years from the date of
purchase. Contact manufacturer if you have any questions concerning warranty issues.
Two (2) Year – Z Series Spa Surface Warranty
Premium Leisure LLC Warrants the Z Series interior acrylic spa surface against blisters, cracks, or delaminating
resulting from a defect in the acrylic surface material for a period of Five (2) years from the date of purchase, based on the
following formula: Suggested retail price divided by months covered (24), multiplied by months owned = replacement
Lifetime Manifold Plumbing Parts Warranty
Premium Leisure LLC warrants the Z Series plumbing manifolds, fittings, and parts to be free of defects in
materials or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the spa.
One (1) Year – Limited Spa Equipment Warranty
Premium Leisure LLC warrants the Z Series Spa electrical equipment and components to be free of defects in
materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year on major spa components (electrical system, spa controls, motors)
and ninety (90) day, authorized field service on these items. Ninety (90) day (Parts ONLY) Limited Warranty on all
optional accessory items (optional cabinets, fixtures, trim kits, skirts, CD & MP3 players, all other music and video
devices, ozone, waterfall assembly, LED lighting, etc). All perishable, cosmetic or owner serviceable items, spa cover,
light bulb, light lenses, fuses, headrests, cabinet, filters, cover-lift, spa drain, jet inserts, etc are warranted to be free of
defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery. These items may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty,
which may have a longer duration than this Limited Warranty. Premium Leisure LLC may serve as an agent in presenting
claims under the manufacturers’ warranties, but disclaims any liability there under. In the event Premium Leisure LLC
provides parts to replace an alleged defective part under warranty owner will be billed for the cost thereof and credited,
minus freight, upon both the defective part being returned to Premium Leisure LLC and the manufacturer of said part
accepting warranty claim.
In the event of a suspected defect, under the terms of this Limited Warranty, notify manufacturer. Use all reasonable
means to protect the spa from further damage. A service representative will provide the technical labor only, to affect the
repair subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Limited Warranty. The service representative may assess
reasonable travel charges. Visits to simply diagnose, troubleshoot, or inspect problems are not covered under this
Limited Warranty. If we determine that repairs are not feasible due to functional defect, we reserve the right to provide a
replacement part or spa in lieu of repair. We will replace with a part of value equal to the original purchase. In such
event, owner is responsible for expenses including removal, shipping, and re-installation of the existing or replacement hot
tub. The replacement spa or part will carry the balance of the original spa’s warranty, if any. Either party’s waiver of any
breach or failure to enforce any of the terms or conditions of the warranty shall not in any way affect, limit or waive such
party’s right at any time to enforce strict compliance with every term and condition thereof.
This Limited Warranty applies to spas sold after January 1, 2008. This Limited Warranty takes effect from the date the
unit was originally purchased or six months from the date of manufacture whichever comes first. This Limited Warranty
applies only to the Original Purchaser and terminates with any transfer of ownership. This Limited Warranty does not
apply to a spa used for any commercial, rental, club purposes or for any spa used outside of the United States. The
purchaser must establish the date of purchase by dated sales invoice of delivery receipt.
This Limited Warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, or neglect including any installation,
operation, maintenance or use of the spa other than in accordance with the Owner’s Manual of the spa. Damage caused
by operation of the spa at water temperatures outside the range of 32 degrees F. and 120 degrees F., damage caused by
dirty, clogged, or calcified filter cartridges, damage to the spa surface caused by improper use of chemicals or cleaning
agents, allowing un-dissolved spa sanitizing chemicals to lie on the surface, damage caused by improper pH balance or
other improper water chemistry, damage caused by failure to provide even and sufficient support for the spa, are
considered abuses and may invalidate this Limited Warranty. Damaged caused by repairs or alterations performed by
anyone other than an authorized service representative is not covered. Failure caused by accidents, acts of God,
nonstructural normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes and other causes beyond our control are excluded.
The warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall manufacturer be liable for incidental or consequential damages.
The spa owner is required to provide unencumbered access to the spa for any warranty repair or inspection.
Manufacturer shall not be liable for loss of use of spa or other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages,
which may include, but are not limited to water damage, or the removal of a permanent deck or other customer fixture.
Under no circumstances shall we, or any of our representatives be held liable for injury to any person or damage to any
property, however arising. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights. No service
company, or other party is authorized to change, modify, or extend the terms of this Limited Warranty in any manner what
so ever. The jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising with respect to the transaction evidenced by this warranty
shall be the Circuit Court in and for Pinellas County, Florida and Buyer hereby agrees to such jurisdiction and venue.
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