Afternoon Tea
At Crewe Hall, we strive to bring the best quality teas & coffees from around the
world with food freshly prepared from our Victorian Kitchens served on elegant tea
stands to The Sheridan Lounge.
Made with care & passion, our team of chefs incorporate foods based around
traditional ideas from the past including various contemporary styles & concepts.
Our afternoon tea is inclusive of freshly brewed tea selection chosen from around
the world as well as traditional coffees also.
Variety of four classically filled & freshly cut traditional sandwiches on
white & brown bread.
Freshly baked original & fruit scones, served with clotted cream & homemade
Assortment of four desserts & hand crafted cakes.
Monday to Friday £22.50
Saturday and Sunday £24.50
Cream Tea
At the Sheridan Lounge we also sell cream teas which consist of warm homemade
scones, served with clotted cream & homemade conserve.
1 Scone and a choice of tea, coffee or soft drink - £8.00pp
2 Scones and a choice of tea, coffee or soft drink - £10.00pp
Why not make it the Perfect Afternoon Tea Experience by enjoying a glass of Champagne..?
We sell Lanson Pere et Fils, Brut for £10.00 per 125ml glass, £51.00 Bottle
Teas are served Monday – Sunday 12.00pm to 5.00pm
Please call 01270 253 333 to reserve a table.
The Ritual of Tea
Choose from these three very different but equally special tea rituals
British Afternoon
Anna Maria, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, is credited with the invention of afternoon tea
in 1840. She is said to have experienced what she called a ‘sinking feeling’ in the middle of the
afternoon due to the long gap between light luncheon and her evening meal. To relieve her
hunger pangs she asked her footman to bring her a pot of tea and a little light refreshment. She
enjoyed this ritual so much she began to invite her friends over for tea and gossip about the
latest scandal. The ritual caught on and afternoon tea became all the rage among the upper crust.
Soon all of fashionable London was indulging in afternoon tea, as you can too with this classic
British institution. Follow in the Duchess of Bedford’s footsteps and indulge your sense of fantasy with our
Afternoon Tea Ritual. Simply choose from the following range of fine teas and enjoy this uniquely
British experience.
The word ‘tisane’ originates from the Greek word ‘ptisane’, a drink made from pearl barley, but is
by definition any herbal infusion other than one from the leaves of the tea bush. Tisanes can be
made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, generally by pouring boiling water over
the plant parts & letting them steep for a few minutes. The tisane is then strained, sweetened if
so desired, and served. Herbal ‘tea’ is best known for its medicinal effects. Though very little scientific evidence
exists of its actual efficacy, herbal tea is still highly regarded as a preventative treatment for certain ailments.
Choose from a range of light and refreshing infusions, which will brew to give
a delicate and fragrant taste and aroma
The origin of tea dates back to 2737 BC and Chinese Emperor Shen Nung’s discovery when the
leaves of a nearby tea tree fell into some water his entourage were boiling. From its Chinese routes
Japan started to learn about and drink tea in the 7th/8th century AD, developing its own distinctive
tea ceremony Cha-no-yu, based on the Buddhist search for spiritual refreshment & harmony with
the universe. The traditions of the Far East have always been very different to that of the western world, as
have their tea rituals. This Oriental tea ritual is a combination of both Chinese & Japanese
ceremonies, taking you back to the Eastern origins of tea by combining notes from both tea cultures
to create a delicate & elegant Oriental ritual
around the following fine teas.
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