Nuova Simonelli Musica from Zuccarini Importing (416) 537-3439

 The Simonelli Musica is a “heat exchange” (HX) type
of home or office machine, back-lit or black or with a
stainless steel body to compliment any décor.
Like a commercial machine, this semi-commercial or
“prosumer” espresso machine allows you to create
perfect espresso and SIMULTANEOUSLY access
powerful, virtually endless steam pressure for
incredibly fast cappuccino or lattes. The full-motion,
multi-jet steam wand easily locks for continuous
steam or pulses for instant cleaning, and incorporates
Simonelli’s professional and sought-after “latte art” tip.
As well, you have SIMULTANEOUS access to hot
water for Americano, tea or other uses.
The Musica’s sound-insulated and pressure-regulated
pump - combined with the unique Simonelli thermocompensated brew group - delivers water to the
portafilter with the most stable and consistent
pressure and temperature, for the richest espresso
and crema. And single or double shots (and hot
water) can stop automatically when using one of the
Musica’s several programmable buttons.
58mm ergonomic commercial brass portafilter and
group for rich, hot espresso
Solenoid valve system instantly releases pressure
from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use
Full-motion, multi-jet stainless steel steam wand
with latte art tip, for fast micro-foamed milk at the
same time as you are brewing your espresso
Steam control lever easily locks for hands-free
steaming, or pulses for cleaning
Large 2-litre 1200 watt copper & brass boiler for
abundant steam pressure and instant hot water
Boiler primes itself from the 3-litre water reservoir
with safety shut-off, so it can be left on longer
Cup-warming surface on top to heat your cups
Stainless Steel in Back-Lit or Black
Height: 43cm/17”
Width: 32cm/10.5”
Depth: 40cm/15.75”
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