Your GRUVeKit is supplied with two manual batteries (where the ‘draw’ is activated by pressing a
button as you draw on the ecigarette). The batteries will be either 650 mAh or 1100 mAh. We
recommend 650 mAh batteries for those that smoke fewer than 20 cigarettes per day and the 1100
mAh batteries for people who smoke more than that.
Your kit also includes: 2 clearomisers (or ‘tanks’), 1 USB charger, 1 USB Wall adapter, 5 ml of
GRUVeJuice and 1 carry case.
For safe and effective use of your GRUVeCigs, please read the following information carefully.
Charging your battery for the first time.
Your batteries will already be part-charged, so you can start vaping right away. So take one battery
and use it for your first vape – simply fill your tank and screw it onto the battery - see below for how
to do this. Take the second battery and put it on charge – this is done by screwing it into the USB
lead (supplied) and then inserting the USB lead into the USB wall adapter (supplied). The light on
the USB lead will be red at this point. Simply leave the battery to charge, and, when charged, the
light on the USB lead will turn green.
Your battery is now ready to use, and we recommend that you then use this battery to vape, and put
the first battery on charge. One of the real plus points of our batteries is that the ‘vape time’ is
much longer than the charge time, so you should always have a charged battery available when your
first battery runs low and needs a recharge. This is indicated when the button on the battery flashes
on and off.
The Battery Button, and how to ‘vape’
Your GRUVeCigs battery has a child safety feature. By pressing the button five times quickly, the
battery will deactivate. Press 5 times quickly again, and the battery will be turned on.
This button is also used, of course, to get your ‘vape’. Remember that vaping is different to smoking.
If you use an ecigarette as you use a normal cigarette, you will cough! The key to a good vape is to
press the button slightly before you draw. This allows the coil in the tank to heat up a little before
you draw on the ecigarette. The draw should be slow and even – if you want more ‘hit’ you should
draw longer not harder – the intensity of the draw makes no difference with an ecigarette (unlike an
‘analogue’ cigarette). Hold the button down and gently ‘toke’ on your GRUVeCig, and maybe once
more, to really warm things up nicely before you inhale. Don’t inhale too deeply at first – an
ecigarette will take you by surprise, and you will find that it gives every bit as much satisfaction as a
traditional cigarette – but the experience is a bit more like smoking a pipe than smoking a cigarette.
It will take a little practice to develop a technique that suits you, but once you’ve ‘got it’ you will find
it to be a much more satisfying and enjoyable experience than what you are used to.
Warning: Do not use the charger in damp conditions, or near to a heat source. Do not pierce the
battery or charger. If either the charger or the battery becomes overheated whilst charging, turn off
the power supply to it. The batteries should only be charged with the USB charger supplied, and the
USB charger should not be used to charge any appliance other than the batteries supplied with this
kit. Please keep all components of this kit out of the reach of children and animals.
Filling your tank (clearomiser)
Unscrew the mouthpiece of the clearomiser. Fill the clearomiser at a 45 degree angle slowly,
dripping the e-liquid down the inside of the clearomiser, being careful not to drip any e-liquid down
the central shaft. Do not fill past the 1.6ml mark. Then screw the tip back on to the clearomiser.
The clearomiser should be filled whilst it is not attached to the battery – this should avoid liquid
spilling onto the battery, which will affect battery performance. It is best to wait for a few seconds
before vaping, to allow the liquid soak into the wicks. Alternatively, you can prime the tank by
drawing on it once or twice before connecting it to the battery, to suck the juice onto the wicks.
If you overfill the tank, you will get a ‘gurgly’ vape, and may get eliquid on your tongue
(unpleasant!). Take the tank off the battery and blow through the mouthpiece onto a tissue, and
any excess liquid will be expelled. At this point you should clean the battery and tank threads.
The life of a tank depends on how you look after it, what kind of liquids you use, and how much you
vape. We guarantee tanks for two weeks, but you will usually get more life than that if you take care
of them, if you vape less and if you use ‘non-sticky’ liquids that caramelise less quickly on the wicks.
‘Sticky’ liquids would include RY4, caramel, vanilla, banana and other ‘yellowy-brown’ liquids. Also,
some liquids (like the DEA liquids) tend to be less gloopy.
If the vapour being released from the clearomiser is significantly reduced, despite it containing
enough e-liquid, and the battery is fully charged, or if the vape is becoming harsh or unpleasant, the
clearomiser may need to be replaced. With some of our tanks you can buy replacement coils (these
are very easy to replace) and so you do not have to replace the entire tank. The tanks in your
GRUVeKit, however, will have to be replaced.
Do not let the clearomiser run completely dry before re-filling with e-liquid. This will result in a
harsh burnt vape.
Keeping the terminals of the battery, the USB charger and the clearomiser clean will ensure optimal
performance of your GRUVeCigarette. A small amount of e-liquid may occasionally find its way onto
the battery. If this happens, gently clean both the threads on the battery and clearomiser with
Failure to keep your battery clean will result in the floating pin inside the battery becoming clogged
up and this will result in an otherwise good battery failing to yield a good vape (or any vape at all). If
this happens, you should clean inside the battery with a tissue, and the central floating pin can be
gently prised upwards, using a thin object such as a needle or a toothpick. The battery should then
function again without difficulty.
The battery can be recharged up to 300 times, and, with proper care and maintenance should last
you at least 3 months.
Switching from smoking to vaping really is easy! Once you get into it, you will find vaping a much
more pleasant experience, as well, of course, as being much cheaper and many orders of magnitude
safer. We love it – you will too.
Happy Vaping!!!!
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