The Ultimate Machine for Filter Coffee.

The Ultimate Machine for Filter Coffee.
The Cafina XT180 TMC from Melitta is the ultimate machine for filter coffee. In the same design as
their new generation automatic coffee machines, the XT180 TMC is sleek and functional, taking the
manual elements out of brewing delicious filter coffee.
The perfect solution for batch brewing, the Melitta Cafina XT180 TMC can make up to 125 cups
of fresh filter coffee per hour. Ideal for self-service at the table, the XT180 TMC suits the large 2.2L
non-insulated and insulated stainless steel pump-system jugs (each sold separately).
• Robust touch display with LCD panel and LED signals
• 2.2L non-insulated and insulated stainless steel pump-system jugs
• 1 full jug = 15 cups of filter coffee
• Easily choose your quantities using the touch display panel
• Jug detector which automatically stops and interrupts the brewing process
For more information or a demonstration, contact us via the details below.
Melitta XT180 TMC - 2.2L SS Jug
p: 1300 724 249
Lights + Sounds.
LCD touch display panel, LED
signals, and sound alerts to help you
know when your brew is complete.
Strength to Strength.
Change the flow of water and brew
time to affect your coffee strength
with the AromaSelector.
Stop + Go.
The jug detector automatically
closes and opens the filter outlet to
start, stop, or interrupt the brewing
Set + Sip.
Programme to your taste with
bloom, heating, and standby mode
No Scale for You.
With the descaling setting
(CALC button), the machine tells
you when it’s ready for a clean.
Dishwasher? Sure.
The filter is super easy to clean:
simply wash by hand in warm soapy
water or clean in the dishwasher.
• Dimensions: 230mm (W) x 420mm (D) x 635mm (H)
• Weight: 6.0kg (approx.)
• Water tank capacity: 2.2L
• Hourly output: 125 cups/hour
• Immediate output: 15 cups/6.5 mins (1x full jug)
• Power supply: 200-240V, 50-60Hz; 1470-2110 W
• Noise level: <70 dB
1 x 20 Pack Melitta Pyramid Paper Filters
1 x Plastic Measuring Scoop
1 x Product Manual
1 x Water Jug
p: 1300 724 249
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