GI 8120 scanning instructions If you find any missing

GI 8120 scanning instructions
Part one, a complete rescan
Press 'Menu' on remote.
1. Select 'install' - by pressing ok on remote
2. Select 'satellite install' - should be on Astra 2a,b,d etc - 28.2E (press o.k, you will see tick on screen)
3. Red button to scan frequency, mode will be highlighted, select fta unless sky, in which case press 'all'.
This will scan all fta frequencies the box has listed. Once you have selected option, press o.k to scan.
If you find any missing channels after the scan above, you may find that some frequencies are
missing from the receiver, you can also repeat the procedure, but select the NIT scan as on.
Part two – scanning in single channels
Follow steps 1 & 2 in part one
Press yellow button marked TP on the bottom of the screen, find frequency you wish to scan, press o.k to
select (should see tick), then red button to scan.
If you cannot find frequency on the frequency list page, then press green button 'add' where you can
manually input the frequencies, press o.k when finished, you will now see the new frequency on on list
then press red button on frequency page to scan new 'highlighted' frequency.
Using the 'exit button' on satellite receiver remote will usually take you back a page, if you need to
correct anything.
Using USB.
1. Make sure usb is formatted to the receiver. if you attach memory stick or external hard drive and is not
recognised or you cannot record, follow below instructions.
Pvr/hdd setting on left
Hdd format, red button
To record via timer
1. Menu, channel, organizing timer, yellow button for new timer, select service (channel) and all related
perameters, press exit to save. You can go back into this menu to see all timers programmed.
2. Press epg button on remote
Yellow button for timer
Select hdd record, press o.k
Select program record number, channel service on & off times, once filled in press o.k to save then exit.
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