Espresso from freshly ground beans
quickly and easily.
Paulig Coffelle brews each cup one at a time and is an ideal solution for offices,
customer meetings, lobbies and wherever you want to have fresh coffee available quickly and easily. In addition to the espresso bean container, Coffelle has
three other containers for materials that serves to provide a very large selection
of beverages. The machine makes cappuccino, americano, hot chocolate and
hot juices and teas from high-quality ingredients. A base cabinet with a cold
water system is an optional feature available for the machine.
The machine is reliable and extremely easy to use with the new colour touchscreen. It comes with an automatic cleaning programme and a unique patented espresso filter unit. The Coffelle has two display languages which can easily
be changed using the touchscreen.
A cup or a carafe
The cup sensor ensures that the cup is always placed correctly. Coffee strength
can be adjusted for each cup. The Coffelle will also make a quick cup of freshly
ground coffee as the machine includes a fast, high-quality Ditting grinder. The
machine is equipped with separate dispensers for coffee and hot water to avoid
blending drops of coffee in water.
Frequent cleaning guarantees high-quality beverages
Cleaning the machine frequently ensures the high quality of each cup and uninterrupted availability of good coffee. The cleaning programmes are easy and
fast: the machine is rinsed once per day and cleaned with detergent weekly.
The detergent used in non-toxic. The machine display indicates when coffee or
filters are running low and when the drip pan is full.
A base cabinet with a paper guide set and a large waste bin, a cold water
­system, payment systems, Brita water filters.
• Country of manufacture: The Netherlands
• Water connection: ¾” outer thread, water pressure between 0.2–8.5 bar
• Electricity: 230 V / 2250 W
• Bean hopper: 1.2 kg
• Other containers: 3 x 2 l
• Capacity: 80 cups per hour
• Dimensions (D × W × H mm): 390 × 350 × 740
Installation dimensions (ID × IW × IH mm): 690 × 650 × 1015
• Dimensions with the base cabinet (D × W × H mm): 390 × 350 × 1683
• Weight: 34 kg
As an optional feature,
a base cabinet with a
paper guide set which
directs the grounds
and the used filter to
the waste bin in the
base cabinet.
Energy efficiency with an intelligent power saving technology
Paulig Coffelle's VIPS (Veromatic Intelligent Power Saving) technology
records the operation history during the first week of use. After that,
the machine automatically switches to a power save mode when not
used. VIPS reduces energy consumption by as much as 22–43%. You can
switch back to the dispensing mode by swiping the touchscreen. The
machine can also be programmed to switch to power saving mode at
night and on weekends. Paulig Coffelle's energy classification is A+.
Tel. +358 20 737 0000
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