PQ219/18 Philips Electric shaver

Clean and convenient shave
for confidence
The Philips PQ219 rechargeable electric shaver combines the close cut shaving
system with unique Reflex Action technology. You can be confident you will look
your best every day
For close efficient shaving
comfortably close
Comfort Contour Following
Follow the curves of your face
Reflex Action system
Long lasting for up to 2 years
Self-sharpening blades
Efficient power system
Rechargeable shaver
Integrated power plug for easy charging
Electric shaver
Close cut system
Self-sharpening blades
Maintenance: Cleaning brush
Ease of use
Charging: 8 hours, Rechargeable
Shaving time: Up to 30 minutes
imported shaving head gives you comfortably
Self-sharpening blades give long lasting for up
close shaving experience
to two years.
Independently floating heads
Rechargeable shaver
Replacement head for China: Replace within 2
yrs with HQ4+
Replacement head outside China: Replace
within 2 yrs with HQ56
2-year guarantee
Shaving Performance
Contour-following: Reflex Action system,
Individual floating heads
Shaving system: CloseCut, Imported from
Align the razor sharp blades of the Philips
shaver closer to your skin for exceptional
closeness; the independently floating heads
follow the curves of your face.
Rechargeable shaver, up to 30 minutes
cordless shave.
Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
Max power consumption: 2 W
Integrated power plug
Reflex Action system
Integrated power plug so no charging cord
Automatically adjusts to every curve of your
face and neck
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