Philips Avance
Coffee maker
The only coffeemaker with 2in1 water & coffee tank
• With thermal jug
• Black & metal
simplified coffee preparation
Enjoy tasty filter coffee with this unique Philips Avance coffee machine HD7688, that is:1.
Faster to fill: fill water and coffee in one go, 2. Easier to clean: Dishwasher water & coffee
Easy to experience
• 2-in-1 detachable loader for easy water and coffee filling
• Easy access from the front
• Smart water level indication for easy filling
• Direct automatic shut-off for energy saving and safety
• Drip stop to pour a cup of coffee whenever you like
• Cable storage for easy placement in your kitchen
• Auto shut-off after 30 min. for energy saving and safety
Designed around you
• Stainless steel architecture
• Matching the Avance breakfast set
Great taste and aroma
• Unbreakable stainless steel, double-wall thermal jug
Coffee maker
With thermal jug Black & metal
2-in-1 detachable loader
Direct automatic shut-off
enables placing the coffee maker nicely in your
Automatic shut-off (30 min)
Now you can brew a jug of coffee in one go!
The 2-in-1 detachable loader allows you to fill
in water and coffee at a stroke.
After brewing your coffee, the coffeemaker
switches off automatically for energy saving
and safety. The thermal jug will ensure that the
coffee stays hot.
Full frontal access
Drip stop
30 Minutes after brewing your coffee, the
coffeemaker switches off automatically for
energy saving and safety. This is according to
EU regulation, which is applicable for all coffee
makers in the EU. If you want your coffee to
stay hot longer, Philips offers coffee makers
with a thermal jug.
Stainless steel architecture
The design of this Philips coffee maker
combines stainless steel with high quality
plastics for a unique architecture that will
attract attention.
With this new design there is no need to move
your coffee maker anymore. All the parts are
accessible form the front.
The drip stop allows you to pour a cup of
coffee before the full brewing cycle is finished.
Smart water level indication
Cable storage
This smart water level indicator is integrated
into the water tank, allowing you to follow
easily how many cups you filled.
Spare cable can be stored in the cable
compartment under the coffee maker. It
Matching the Avance set
The coffee machine matches the stainless steel
toaster and kettle of the Avance range.
iF Design Award
The iF product design award is one of the
most important design awards worldwide.
Each year, the iF seal of quality, which is
recognized the world over, is awarded to
excellent design in the three disciplines of
product, communication and packaging
Coffee maker
With thermal jug Black & metal
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions of packaging (WxDxH: 270 x 250 x
360 mm
• Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 250 x 270 x
360 mm
• Weight of product: 2.81 kg
General specifications
• Coffee drinks: Drip filter coffee
• Suitable for: Ground coffee powder
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Descale indicator,
Dishwasher-safe parts
• Ease of use and comfort: Removable water tank,
Water level indication, Automatic shut-off, Drip
Brewing time for a jug: 10 min
Capacity water tank: Up to 15 cups
Capacity water tank: 1.2 L
Coffee temperature: 80 - 85 degree
Pump pressure: 0 bar
Water boilers: 0
• Included: Unbreakable thermal jug
Country of origin
• Made in: China
• Material of main body: Stainless steel & plastic
• Material water tank: Plastic
• Color: Black & Metal
Technical specifications
• Voltage: 220-240 V
• Frequency: 50-60 Hz
• Cord length: 0.85 m
• 2-year guarantee
• Power consumption brewing: 1400 W
Issue date 2017-08-19
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