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ANPR Camera Series
High Definition ANPR Camera
The Phantom Camera uses 1080P to deliver a
superior performance and characterises the new
generation of number plate capture cameras and
provides a breakthrough in ANPR technology
resulting in high quality images up to a width of
10.0 metres. Also featuring remote control lens
functions using our unique CCA control board.
Integrating camera, lighting, Remote zoom lens and electronic lighting control into a neat
production unit. Each unit is pre-calibrated and tested for simple installation.
The Phantom Camera is designed to achieve high quality images of number plates 24 hours
a day, every day in line with the HOSDB Guidelines.
A unique cabling and power supply system ensures no risk simple installation minimizing
time spent on site.
The Phantom Camera has a read range of 5-30 metres at up to 10.0 metres road width. The
camera incorporates a remote control zoom lens enabling the installer to adjust the
camera including zoom and focus from our software, either on site or via the Internet The
camera controls automatically adjusts using the unique Suilvision set up Monitor software
providing high focal accuracy for road widths up to 10.0 metres.
Unique to all the Suilvision Cameras is the use of one camera to provide both the plate read
and the associated overview image. The Phantom Camera will provide a plate read
anywhere within its field of view using the unique plate reading software found in the X
range of processors. Once the plate has been captured by the Phantom Camera it will be
sent to the processor where the plate image will be cut out along with a cut out overview
image providing a complete picture of the event.
Suilvision Limited | Unit E | Birch Business Park | Whittle Lane | Heywood | Lancashire | OL10 2SX
Phantom Camera
The principal features are:
10.0 metre road width coverage, using 1080P pixel sensor
Reading multiple number plates in a single field of view
Superior Low Light Performance : 1/2.7" CMOS Censor
15Vdc Power Supply
7.0 - 22mm remote vari-focal lens for viewing distance up to 30 metres
Plate image and overview from one unit utilising a single cable
Simple set up using the Suilvision Viewing monitor - control all functions
Optimised MJPEG streaming of the video @ 1080P
18 LED’s to illuminate 10.0 metres of road width
Standard Mounting
LED Quantity
3 \IR Lamps
Infra Red Light Maximum Range
Optimised 10-30 metres
Infra Red Beam Angle
10 degrees
Power input
Protection Level
Temper Glass Thickness
200(L) x 120(W) x 130(H)
Net Weight
3.35 Kgs
Housing Construction
Extruded Aluminium Alloy
(10- 35mm/f1.2):
Factory set read region
Scale 5mm = 1m
Max Lens Angle
Field of View of
Read points in this region
require focal length
(magnification) adjustment
Illumination Angle
IR200D (20.32°)
Lens Angle
Reading at greater range than the factory setting requires user adjustment of lens focal
length (magnification). Adjustment of the lens must be such that the FOV at the read point
does not exceed 10.0 m
FOV = 5.0m
D = 25.00m
F = 26.75mm
FOV = 10
. 0m
D = 40.00m
F = 26.75mm
Factory set minimum
read range
Factory set resolution
limited read range
FOV = 10.0m
D = 22.32m
F = 17.84mm
Shortest range at which
resolution limited FOV can be
obtained by adjusting focal
length (illumination angle limited)
FOV = Horizontal field of view
F = Lens focal length
D = Distance from camera to read point along optical axis of camera
Suilvision Limited | Unit E | Birch Business Park | Whittle Lane | Heywood | Lancashire | OL10 2SX
FOV = 10.00m
D = 55.60m
F = 40.00mm
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