MusicMan® BT Dongle
User Manual
Please find the Declaration of Conformity for this device under following internet-link:
Read the instructions carefully before using the device.
Charge the battery about 3–5 hours before using the device the first time.
Support routes calls and music from a smartphone through car speakers
Seamlessly switches between calls and music
Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR for superior wireless performance
Built-in high performance stereo audio codec
Supports HSP (Headset Profile), HFP (Hands-Free Profile), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution
Profile), AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Pofile)
Supports AUX-IN when connected to car stereo
Embedded microphone mounts anywhere on the dashboard for the best voice pick-up
Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, 3.5mm – 3.5mm phone jack cable, User Manual
Function Table
RED light
Flashing RED light
Low batterie
Steady BLUE light
Playing or pairing done
Steady PURPLE light
BT music is connecting status for charging
Rapid flashes of BLUE light
Searching previous pairing
Slow flahes of BLUE light
Searching new pairing / Incoming phone call
First flashing PURPLE then BLUE light of flicker Power ON
RED and BLUE light of flicker interlace
Power OFF
Control Button
When playing music
Tap to button
Tap to button again
Double tap the button
Playing the next song
When phone incoming call
Tap to button
answer call
Tap to button again
End call
When device does not find pair, or you go away more then
10m in distance for 2 minutes, device will go to Standby mode
Press and hold button, then it works again
Micro USB port
When RED light flashes
Low battery
You have to plug in the Micro USB charging cable and charge
directly from your PC
When light is RED
Device is charging
When RED light went off
Device is fully charged
Reset power
Power ON / OFF
Press ~5 sec. the power button until LED slow BLUE light
Power on (new pairing mode)
Press power button for 3 seconds
3.5 – 3.5mm female phone jack
Power ON / OFF
Plug the audio cable to 3.5mm female phone jack input
System requirement
This device is Bluetooth V3.0 backward compatible. So if your Bluetooth device is V4.0 which have
to be V4.0 backward compatible that you can pair with this device.
More Features
Support any Bluetooth transceiver
mobile device, e.g. iPhone, iPod,
iPad series, Android, Windows
High Speed Transmission
High Quality Music
Easy to carry
Easy to use
Let you easily switch between
calls and music in the car.
Because of built-in battery you can listen to
music everywhere.
Technical Specifications
Bluetooth profile
Bluetooth V3.0 with EDR
HSP (Headset Profile)
HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
Effective range
Working / Charging / Standby time
AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile)
Class 2
Re-chargable with 240mAh capacity
~10 hours / ~3 hours / ~7 hours
Weight / Dimensions of device
26g / 52 x 52 x 13mm
Setting the device
Step 1: Connect the device to your home stereo / speaker.
Step 2: Press power button until LED is flashing the slow
BLUE light then it will into paring mode.
Note: The device can be record 5 different devices, so if it
pairs the previous device, LED will flash the fast BLUE light.
Pairing the Bluetooth Music
Go to the Bluetooth manager of your iPhone / iPad / iPod and turn on “Bluetooth”.
Follow the onscreen instructions. Click on “Pair” and the device will be connected.
If LED shows a steady BLUE light after a few seconds, device pairing is done.
Go to the Bluetooth manager of your Android phone and turn on “Bluetooth”.Follow as shown
below. If LED shows a steady BLUE light after a few seconds, device pairing is done.
Note: 1) “Bluetooth Music” in the text = Device itself
2) Android phone just show “Connected to phone audio” or “Connected to media audio” on
screen, then the device just have one function.
3) Android phone only shows “Connected to media audio” on screen, the device do not have phone
audio function. You can play music on the device only!
If you meet “Connected to phone audio” or “Connected to media audio” of situation, reconnect to
the device.
Use the device
Start playing music on your smartphone.
You can play / pause music on the device or your smartphone. Press the control button on the
Play / Pause music. Double press the control button on the device
Play next song.
And you can directly control volume on your smartphone / stereo.
Security and Disposal Hints for Batteries
Hold children off batteries. When a child swallowed a battery go to a doctors place or bring the child into a hospital promtly!
Never short, open or deform batteries! There is a risk of injury by leakaged batterie fluid!
There is a risk of explosion!
NEVER throw batteries into fire!
Look for the right polarity (+) and (▬) of batteries! Always change all batteries, never use old and
new batteries or batteries of different typs together.
Hints for Enviroment Protection: Packages materials are raw materials and can be recycled. Do not disposal old /
defective devices or batteries into the domestic waste.
Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and pollution. Only clean the device with soft cloth or drapery, avoid to use rough or
coarse-grained materials. Do NOT use solvents or other aggressive cleanser. Wipe the device after cleaning accurately.
Important Notice: Should battery fluid leak from a battery, wipe the battery-case with a soft cloth dry!
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