Instruction manual
Electric Kettle
Congratulations on purchasing your new electric kettle!
Safety Instructions
Getting started
Product set
Kettle’s structure
Reusable filter
Utilizing the kettle
Protection from switch-on without water
Turning off the kettle
Boiling the water
Cleaning and maintenance
Danger symbol
A reminder to user about high voltage.
Warning symbol
A reminder to user about the necessity of operating exactly according to the instructions.
When using electrical appliances should take
the following precautions:
• Use the device according to the following
instructions manual.
• Install the device on a stable surface.
• Use only the tools, which are included in the
product set.
• To protect against risk of electrical shock do not
put the cord in water or other liquid. If for some
reason the water got into the unit, contact an
authorized service center (ASC) OURSSON AG.
will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
For repair and maintenance, contact only
authorized service centers meant for repair of
products under the trademark OURSSON.
• When moved from a cool to a warm place and
vice versa unpack it before use and wait 1-2
hours without turning it on.
• In order to prevent electrical shock do not immerse
the entire product or the wires into the water.
• Be particularly careful and cautious when using
the device near children.
• For power supply, use a power grid with proper
• Do not touch any moving parts, as this may
cause injury.
• Do not use the device in areas where the air
can contain vapors of flammable substances.
• The power cord is specially made relatively
short in order to avoid the risk of injury.
• Never attempt to open the device by yourself –
it could possibly be the reason of an electrical
shock can lead to product malfunction and
• Do not allow the cord to hang over the sharp
edge of the table or touch hot surfaces.
• Do not connect this device to a grid which is
overloaded with other appliances: it can lead
to the fact that the device will not function
• Do not install the device near gas and electric
stoves and ovens.
• After use, make sure to disconnect the device
from the power grid.
• Keep the device from bumps, falls, vibration
and other mechanical influences.
• Make sure to disconnect the device from
the power grid before cleaning or changing
• Do not use the device outdoors.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge.
• They can only use the device under the
supervision of the person responsible for their
safety, or after instruction on the safe use of
the device. Do not allow children to play with
the product.
• Use the product for its intended purpose.
• This product is intended only for use in the
• If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced
by a specialist from the authorized service center
(ASC) OURSSON AG to avoid danger.
• To avoid burns, do not touch the hot parts of
the device with bare hands for as long as they
are completely cooled.
• Use only the tools, which are included in the
product set.
• When cleaning the appliance do not use
abrasives and organic cleaners (alcohol,
gasoline etc.).
• When cleaning the unit it is allowed to use a
small amount of neutral detergent.
• To avoid burns protect face and hands from
• The kettle is intended only for heating drinking
water for domestic purposes. Do not heat other
liquids in the kettle. Do not use the kettle for
industrial or commercial purposes.
• Fill the kettle above the MIN mark. Heating
insufficient amount of water may result in
malfunction of the kettle.
• Do not fill the kettle above the mark MAX, as
the boiling water can splash.
• The heating element embedded in the kettle, is
connected to the power source only when the
kettle is on the stand. Use only the stand that
came with the kettle.
• For cleaning and maintenance of the kettle use
recommendations from the manual. Do not
wash the kettle in the dishwasher.
• When exterior surfaces of the kettle, stand,
power cord or plug got wet, unplug the kettle.
For further use of the kettle wait until they dry
and wipe them with a clean dry cloth.
Getting started
• Please read the instruction manual before
using the device. Keep the manual after
reading for further use.
Before using the kettle, follow safety precautions
and follow these steps:
• All illustrations in this manual are schematic
representations of real objects, which may
differ from the actual images.
• Unpack the kettle
• Remove all packing material
• Preserve the original packaging
• Check the product set
• Read the precautions
• Check the kettle for defects and deformities
• Set the sand on a solid, stable, flat, non-metallic
surface away from heat sources. Make sure that
the stand doesn’t slip on the surface.
• Plug in the device.
• Make sure there are no sparks or burning smell
in the joints of the plug and socket. If there are
sparks and a burning smell, unplug the device,
contact an organization serving your electrical
network, and authorized OURSSON AG service
• Wash the inner surface of your new kettle with
the use of non-abrasive cleaners. Dry the kettle.
Wipe the kettle with a clean dry cloth.
NOTE! Do not open the lid while water is
NOTE! The operation of this device in any
case does not imply application of any force
to it, as this may damage the product due to
user fault.
• Boil the maximum amount of water in a safe
manner as described in the previous section.
Monitor for no leaks, sparks, melting of body,
stand, excessive heating of the power cord,
plug, and burning smell during first two boilings.
If necessary, contact an authorized OURSSON
AG service center.
• Boiled water from the first two boilings is not
recommended to use in food. You can use it for
everyday needs.
Product set
Reusable filter
The kettle....................................................... 1 pc.
Anti-scale filter............................................... 1 pc.
A stand with cord and cord storage............... 1 pc.
Instruction manual with warranty card........... 1 pc.
To remove the filter, open the lid and press the
filter down (Pic.1). Filter can be washed under the
running water. To put it back, attach it to the spout
and press until you hear a click (Pic.2).
Kettle’s structure
Spout with a reusable filter
Water level indicator
Lid open button
ON/OFF button
Stand with a cord
Utilizing the kettle
Turning the kettle
The kettle is intended only for heating drinking
water. Use the kettle only in domestic purposes,
following the precaution measures.
Turning off the kettle:
1.Push ON/OFF button, when the device is
2.When the kettle is working, remove it from the
Protection from switch-on
without water
TIf you turn on the kettle with no water or less
then MIN mark, the device will turn off after a
few seconds. After cooling the heating element,
the kettle will get back to working condition. To
accelerate the cooling of the heating element, you
can fill kettle with cold water.
• Automatic power-off
• Water level indicator
• Concealed heating element
• Protection from switch-on without water
• Cord storage
• Cordless body
• Body freely rotates on 360 degrees
• Anti-scale filter
• Various colors:
BL – black,
WH – white,
DC – dark cherry,
GA – green apple.
NOTE! The kettle turns of automatically.
Boiling the water
Cleaning and maintenance
• Remove the kettle from the base.
• Open the lid by pressing the button on the
handle of the kettle
• Fill it with water
• Close the lid
• Put the kettle on the base.
• Plug it in.
• Push ON/OFF button.
• After boiling the water, the kettle will
automatically turn off.
Hard water can leave scale in the kettle. Use
special cleaners for descaling. Follow the
instructions of the used detergent.
• Fill the kettle halfway with water.
• For every 2 cups of water, add 6 tablespoons
of white vinegar 8%.
• Bring to a boil.
• Repeat the procedure if necessary.
Allow the kettle to cool and rinse it twice with cold
water. Unplug it. Make sure the kettle is cold. Wipe
the outside of the kettle with a clean, soft, damp
Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Rinse
the kettle. Let the kettle and stand dry completely
before reuse.
NOTE! On the stand can be some
humidity. This is normal, it’s not a
NOTE! Let the kettle cool for about
15-20 second after reusing it.
NOTE! You may also use 8% white
vinegar to clean the scale in the kettle.
Power consumption, W
Rated voltage
~220-240V; 50 Hz
Capacity, L
Level of protection
Storage and transportation temperature
from -25 °C to +35°C
Operating temperature
from +5 °C to +35°C
Humidity Requirements
Weight, kg
Size of the device, mm
NOTE! Reparation of the kettle must be performed only by a qualified personnel authorized
by OURSSON AG service center.
Company OURSSON AG expresses great
appreciation to you for choosing our products.
We have done everything possible so that this
meets your needs, and the quality corresponds
to the best world standards. If your OURSSON
branded product will need maintenance, please
contact one of the authorized service center
(hereinafter – ASC). A complete list of ASC and
their exact addresses can be found on the website, as well as by calling
free hotline number OURSSON AG.
If you have questions or problems with OURSSON
AG products, please contact in writing form the
organization authorized to accept and meet the
demands for the products of poor quality, – «BBK
Service Center», 109202, Moscow, Fraser Highway,
17A , 1A or email
Warranty obligations OURSSON AG:
1.Warranty obligations OURSSON AG, provided
ASC OURSSON AG, apply only to models
designed OURSSON AG for the production
or supply and sale within the country where
the warranty service is provided, purchased
in this country, certified for compliance
with the standards of this country, and also
marked the with official marks of conformity.
3.OURSSON AG sets for its products the
following terms of use and warranty periods:
of use
Microwave ovens
induction hobs
kitchen processors,
electric kettles,
electric grills,
hand blenders,
hand mixers,
meat grinders,
Kitchen scales
4.Warranty obligations OURSSON AG shall
not apply to the following products, if their
replacement is assumed and is not connected
with disassembling products:
• Batteries.
• Cases, straps, cords for carrying, mounting
accessories, tools, documentation that came
with the product.
2.Warranty obligations OURSSON AG operate
within the law on protection of consumer
rights and are regulated by the laws of the
country in which they are provided, and
only when the product is used exclusively
for personal, family or household purposes.
Warranty obligations OURSSON AG shall not 5. Warranty does not cover defects caused due
to violations of the rules of consumer use,
apply to uses of goods for business purposes
storage or transportation of the goods, actions
or in connection with the acquisition of goods
of third parties or force majeure, including but
to meet the needs of enterprises, institutions
not limited to the following cases:
and organizations.
• If the defect was a result of careless handling,
used for other purposes, violations of
conditions and rules of operation set forth in
the instruction manual, including as a result
of exposure to high or low temperatures, high
humidity or dust, traces of opening the device
independently and/ or self-repair, mismatch
state standards for power grids, getting
liquids, insects or other foreign objects,
substances inside the device, as well as longterm use of the product in extreme operational
• If the defect of the product was a result of
unauthorized attempts to test the product
or make any changes in its construction
or software programs, including repair or
maintenance in unauthorized service centers.
• If the defect of the product was a result of use
of non-standard and/or low quality equipment,
accessories, spare parts, batteries.
• If the defect of the product is associated
with its use in conjunction with additional
equipment (accessories), other than additional
equipment recommended by OURSSON AG
for use with this product.
of guarantee and documents that confirm
the fact and date of the contract of retail
purchase. In the absence of such documents,
warranty period is calculated from the date of
manufacture of goods. It should be taken into
• Setup and Installation (assembly, the
connection, etc.) of the product described in
the documentation attached to it, does not
enter the scope of warranty OURSSON AG
and can be performed by the user as well
as the specialists of most authorized service
centers on a paid basis.
• Work upon maintenance of products (cleaning
and lubricating the moving parts, replacement
of consumables and supplies, etc.) are made
on a paid basis.
7. OURSSON AG is not responsible for any
damage directly or indirectly caused by
their products to people, pets, property, if
it occurred as a result of non-observance
of the rules and conditions of use, storage,
transportation or installation of the product,
intentional or negligent actions of consumer or
third parties.
OURSSON AG is not responsible for
the quality of the additional equipment
(accessories) manufactured by third parties,
for the quality of its products together with
such equipment, as well as the quality of
the work of the additional equipment of
OURSSON AG together with the products of
other manufacturers.
8.Under no circumstances, OURSSON AG is
not responsible for any special, incidental,
indirect or consequential loss or damage,
including but not limited to: lost profits,
damages caused by interruptions in the
commercial, industrial or other activities,
arising from the use of or inability to use the
6.Product defects detected during the lifetime of
the product are eliminated by the authorized
service centers (ASC). During the warranty
period, elimination of defects is free of charge
with the presentation of the original certificate
9.Due to continuous product improvement,
design elements and some technical
specifications are subject to change without
prior notice from the manufacturer.
Using the product when after the terms of use
1. Lifetime set by OURSSON AG for this product
applies only when the product is used
exclusively for personal, family or household
needs, as well as the consumer observes the
correct operation, storage and transportation
of products. Under the condition of careful
handling of the product and compliance with
the rules of operation the actual life may
exceed the lifetime set by OURSSON AG.
for proper treatment and disposal in accordance
with federal or local law. By disposing correctly this
product, you will help to conserve natural resources
and preventing the product from damaging the
environment and human health. For more information
on the collection point and recycling of this product,
please contact your local municipal authorities or the
enterprise for household waste disposal.
2.At the end of the product lifetime, you should
contact an authorized service center for to
conduct a preventive maintenance of the
product and determine the suitability for
further use. Work on conducting a preventive
maintenance of the products is also made in
service centers on paid basis.
Date of manufacture
3.OURSSON AG does not recommend the
use of this product after the end of its lifetime
without its preventive maintenance by the
authorized service center, since in this case,
the product can be dangerous to the life, health
or property of the consumer.
Serial number is located on the rear of the
product, on the package and the warranty card.
Each product has a unique serial number in the
form of alphanumeric row and is duplicated with
a barcode that contains the following information:
name of the product group, date of manufacture,
serial number of the product.
Product Recycling and Disposal
After the expiration of the lifetime, the product cannot
be disposed with another household waste. Instead,
it shall be deposited in the appropriate recycling
collection point for electrical and electronic equipment
The first two letters- correspondence to the
product group (electric kettle – EK).
The first two digits – year of manufacture.
The second two digits – week of manufacture.
The last two digits – serial number of product.
NNote! To avoid misunderstandings, we highly recommend you to read carefully the instruction
manual and the warranty obligations. Check the correctness of the warranty card. Warranty card is
valid only if the following are correctly and clearly stated: model, serial number, date of purchase,
clear stamps, buyer’s signature. The serial number and the model of the device must be the same
as in the warranty card. If these conditions are not fulfilled or the data specified in the warranty
card was changed, the warranty card is invalid.
OURSSON AG hotline provides complete information about the company’s activity in Russia, CIS and Baltic
countries. Professional operators quickly answer to any question. You can contact the unified center for
service support, for recommendations about the setup and connection, to get information about local sales,
with questions about the promotions and yearly drawings conducted by the company, as well as with any
other questions about the company’s activities on the territory of Russia,
CIS and Baltic countries.
Any questions? Call us, we can help!
Hotline OURSSON AG (free calls from fixed phones)
8 800 100 8708.
The hotline work schedule is: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 (Moscow time). Saturday, Sunday and public
holidays are rest days.
This manual is under protection of international and Russian copyright law. Any unauthorized use
of the instructions, including copying, printing and distribution, but not limited to, involves the application
of the guilty person to civil liability and criminal liability in accordance with Article 146 of the Criminal Code
and the administrative responsibility in accordance with Article 7.12 of the Administrative Code (previously
Article 150.4).
Contact information:
Manufacturer of goods – OURSSON AG (Orson AG) Utokvay 39, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland.
Organization authorized to accept and meet the demands for the goods of poor quality, – «Management
Service Company», 109202, Moscow, Fraser Highway 17A, 1A. Ukraine LLC «Universal Distribution
Company», 03065, Kyiv, blvd. I.Lepse / Academica Kablukova, 51/16.
Certification information product available on the website
Importers of products OURSSON AG: Russia: OOO “Orson”, 125171, Russia, Moscow, Leningrad Highway
16A, 2. Republica Moldova: S.C. «PLAI VERDE» S.R.L. MD-2002, str. Munceşti highway., 271/A, Chişinău.
Ukraine: TOV “Universal Distribution Company “, 03065, Kyiv, blvd. І.Lepse / Akademіka Kablukova, 51/16.
Product Suppliers OURSSON AG:
Belarus: “Nikita plus”, 220094, Minsk, 2nd Cycle lane., 30, office 603.
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