Philips Saeco
Silicon milk pipe set
for Saeco Espresso machines
Remove coffee oil for a perfect espresso
Pipe set for your cappuccinatore or thermal jug
With the Saeco silicon milk pipe set CA6802/00 you can ensure a clean and fresh milk
system for your Saeco espresso machine. Enjoy cappuccinos and other milk specialties as
tasty as ever.
Dishwasher safe
• One to use and one to wash
Easy to install
• No expertise needed
Silicon milk pipe set
for Saeco Espresso machines
One to use and one to wash
• Quantity: 2 silicon pipes + connectors
The Saeco Milk Pipe Set is dishwasher safe allowing
you to always have your espresso machine ready to
deliver your preferred coffee specialty.
No expertise needed
Just follow the instructions to easily replace the milk
pipes and connectors of your thermal or
cappuccinatore. This set is compatible with all Saeco
coffee machines with a thermal or cappuccinatore
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