HD6574/20 SENSEO® Coffee pod machine

SENSEO® Latte Duo
Coffee pod machine
• 2 cappuccinos in one go
• Pearl Silver
• Integrated milk container
• Easy-clean function
Enjoy your favorite cappuccino easier than ever!
With new milk container for long lasting freshness
Unlimited choice with SENSEO® Latte Duo coffee machine: cappuccino, latte macchiato,
café latte, strong or mild coffee, or just hot frothed milk. Create your own recipe with the
memory function and enjoy 2 cups of your choice in one go.
Coffee specialties made with fresh frothed milk
• Only SENSEO® Latte Duo serves 2 milk drinks at a time
• Enjoy 4 coffee & milk recipes at one touch of a button
• Patented system for hot, creamy milk froth
Coffee variety for every moment
• Select your coffee strength: strong short or mild long
• Personal coffee memory to remember the coffee you love
• Variety of coffee blends and flavors for different tastes
• SENSEO® Coffee Boost gets the most flavors out of your pad
Easy to clean and fast operation
• Integrated milk container for extra convenience
• Easy clean milk frothing system & descaling program
• Intuitive controls for smart guided operation
• Adjustable tray to fit your favorite cup
Coffee pod machine
2 cappuccinos in one go Pearl Silver, Integrated milk container, Easy-clean function
Hot, creamy milk froth
SENSEO®’s patented frothing system uses
advanced technology for excellent
performance, delivering a perfect, hot milk
specialty every time.
technology that delivers a fuller, richer flavor
through: a new finer distribution of water via
45 aroma nozzles ensuring the hot water is
optimally spread across the entire SENSEO®
coffee pad. Therefore each grain of ground
coffee will release all the aromas and flavors,
delivering a richer, fuller, taste.
Personal coffee memory
Your SENSEO® Latte Duo allows you set the
coffee and milk volumes at exactly at the level
you want. If it is either a long & mild Latte
Macchiato or a short & strong Cappuccino, it
is always to your personal taste.
2 cups at the same time
Smart guided controls
Make your coffee in a convenient and intuitive
way with the unique and smart guided
controls. The LED indicators guide you
through the different functions to make your
coffee experience even more enjoyable.
Integrated milk container
Easy clean system
Enjoy your creamy cappuccino with the milk
you prefer thanks to the dishwasher safe milk
container. It is easy to unplug and store in the
fridge for long lasting freshness. Cappuccino
with every kind of milk has never been so easy.
Brew 2 cups at the same time by touching
twice the button of the beverage. Enjoy making
your coffee specialty in seconds as easy and
effortless as never before.
Strength select function
Coffee Boost technology
Get the most out of your coffee pad thanks to
the innovative SENSEO® Coffee Boost
Prepare your favorite cup of coffee by adjusting
the strength and intensity of its taste. With the
strength select function on your SENSEO®,
you can choose between strong short and mild
long coffee.
Your SENSEO® Latte Duo coffee maker can
be easily cleaned through the One-Touch
cleaning routine after each use. For thorough
cleaning simply disassemble the milk spout and
wash all parts in the dishwasher or by hand.
When it is time to descale, the Latte Duo will
remind you.
Coffee pod machine
2 cappuccinos in one go Pearl Silver, Integrated milk container, Easy-clean function
Country of origin
• Made in: Poland
General specifications
• Special functions: Integrated milk container
• Coffee drinks: Cafè Créme, Café Latte,
Cappuccino, frothed milk, Latte Macchiato
• Suitable for: SENSEO® Coffee pods
• Cups at the same time: 2
• Coffee strength settings: 2
• Customizing per drink: Memo function cup
volume, Adjustable coffee strength
• Ease of use and comfort: Adjustable spout, Direct
start, Removable drip-tray, Removable water tank,
Automatic shut-off, Brew stop
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Automatic descaling cycle, Easy-clean function, Descale
indicator, Dishwasher-safe parts
Material boiler: Metal & glass-filled polyamide
Material water tank: Plastic
Material of spout: Silver chromed plastic
Material drip tray: Plastic
Material of main body: Plastic
• Power consumption stand-by: 0.25 W
• Power consumption brewing: 2650 W
• Made of recycled materials: 90% (paperwork and
• 2-year guarantee
Technical specifications
Brewing time two cups: 75 sec
Brewing time one cup: 45 sec
Capacity water tank: 1 L
Max. cup height: 85 - 135 mm
Cord length: 0.8 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 230 V
Water boilers: 1
Capacity water tank: Up to 7 cups
Pump pressure: 1.2 bar
Capacity milk carafe: 0.5 L
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 218 x 280 x
290 mm
• Weight of product: 2.6 kg
• Color: Pearl silver
Issue date 2017-08-19
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