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4 Board of Directors
5 President’s Message
Cynthia Carter
6 Welcome to the 2017 DPHA Annual
Conference and Product Showcase
7 Conference Educational Programs
The 5 Elements of a Remarkable Customer
Contented Cows Give Better Milk
Five Commandments to be a Customer-Centric
Sales Training Track Program
9 The Product Showcase
10 Networking Activities
11 Passport to Prizes
13 Agenda
14 Council of Fellows Scholarship
15 Conference and Corporate Sponsors
17 Product Showcase - Exhibitor
43 Attendees
46 Past Award Winners
47 Showcase Floor Plan
DPHA Board of Directors
Cynthia Carter x
Next Generation Marketing
Renaissance Design Studio
Volume 15 Special Edition October 2017
Welcome to Newsleak and the Decorative
Plumbing & Hardware Association
The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association
Ryann Paul x
Summit Architectural Resource
(DPHA) is a cutting-edge nonprofit organization.
Cary Hergenrother x
its members by advancing the business and profes-
Hastings Tile & Bath
Kate Brady x
General Plumbing Supply
Its mission is to create competitive advantages for
sional development of independent dealers, manufacturers, representatives and others involved in
the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.
DPHA’s well-deserved reputation for quality con-
Richard Campbell Belmont Hardware
tent and the ability to create value for its members
Traci D’Antoni D’Antoni Sales Group
Eric Phelps Victoria + Albert
enabled the organization to become the nation’s
largest association exclusively dedicated to advancing the interest of the independent decorative plumbing and hardware channel. Since its
creation in 2001, DPHA has continually produced
Stan Artman Native Trails
many marketing, educational and infrastruc-
Erin Bittner Pierce Hardware
ture products to improve members’ businesses.
Oliver Bleich Keuco
Tony Carter Carter Hardware
David Crossley Colonial Bronze/Baci by Remcraftl
7508 Wisconsin Avenue, 4th Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Robert Foster Foster Companies
Phone: 888-871-6520
Phil Hotarek Lutz Kitchen & Bath
Fax: 301-907-9326
Sarah Jenkinson Barber Wilsons/Sterlingham
Tony Musso ITALBRASS Group
Michael Pechar SIGMA Designer Faucetry
John Smithman The Plumbing Place
Debby Stehr Stehr Enterprises
Steven Weinberg California Faucets
Executive Vice President
Tom Cohn,
Executive Director
Jim Babbitt,
Events Director
Rebekah Covay,
Finance Director
Carolyn Block,
Welcome to Phoenix
Cynthia Carter
DPHA President
Welcome to Phoenix and the 16th
annual Decorative Plumbing &
Hardware Association Annual
Conference. Our Conference
represents the largest confluence of
decorative plumbing and hardware
professionals in North America.
There are more opportunities to
better your business, network with
peers and see firsthand what the
future might hold than at any other
time or place.
When the DPHA Program and
Showcase Committee, under the
astute leadership of co-chairs
Ryan Paul (Summit Architectural
Reoursce) and Richard Campbell
(Belmont Hardware), decided to
return to the fabulous Sheraton
Grand at Wild Horse Pass Resort,
we could hear cheers throughout
the DPHA nation. This outstanding
resort, nestled in the midst of
Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, offers a
unique venue, rich in history and
tradition that is complemented by the
modern amenities and world-class
service that has earned the property
the AAA Four Diamond honors.
Prepare for a marvelous three days
of the best education and networking
available for decorative plumbing and
hardware industry leaders.
The Annual DPHA Conference
attracts a who’s who of the industry’s
leading professionals who understand
and benefit from capitalizing on new
trends and seizing new opportunities.
We all know the disruptive impact
that technology has had on our
lives. Our world is much flatter.
Within a few clicks of a mouse, we
can connect with almost anyone,
at any time anywhere. However,
there’s something special about
meeting face-to-face. That’s the
reason why NFL stadiums are full
every Sunday. Attending the DPHA
Conference, networking with peers,
having first access to new products
and exchanging ideas offers an
psychological and emotional benefit
that you can’t get by staring at a
computer monitor.
The DPHA Conference is considered
a must-attend event because it offers
access to information that is not
available from any other source.
During the next three days, we
encourage you to build relationships
with peers from across the continent,
and be open to new technologies
and strategies that will make your
showroom more compelling and your
ability to operate it a little less taxing.
I can’t wait to hear Doug Stephens’
keynote address offering guidance
on how to deliver more compelling
customer experiences. He certainly
looks at our business through a
different lens and will provide you
with a new perspective that can help
differentiate your showroom from the
Attracting and retaining top talent
remains one of the biggest challenges
in our industry. That’s why we have
invited Richard Hedden to present
his signature program Contented
Cows Give Better Milk.
Chris Ramey returns to DPHA with
a new message that addresses the
intangibles that consumers value,
and he will share how you can use
that information to become a more
customer-centric operation.
I want to extend a special welcome
to our first time attendees who
are participating in the new Sales
Track Training Program. They
will not only benefit from the
outstanding educational programs
and networking opportunity, but will
also have the good fortune to receive
Robb Best’s guidance for improving
sales techniques. Robb is one of the
industry’s leading sales gurus and his
message is guaranteed to resonate
with everyone who attends his
workshop. You will realize quickly
that DPHA is more reminiscent of
a family than a trade organization.
DPHA members are friendly,
outgoing and most importantly
willing to share.
What’s new, what’s hot, what will
trend tomorrow? You’ll find it among
the 69 companies exhibiting at the
Product Showcase.
It has truly been an honor and a
pleasure to serve you the past two
years. I am confident that incoming
President Gary Erickson and the
entire 2018 Board of Directors will
continue to expand on the DPHA’s
tradition of excellence and
outstanding service as well as
ensuring that DPHA remains the goto source for practical education and
networking in our industry.
Enjoy your time in the Phoenix area
and at DPHA.
Cynthia Carter
Welcome to the 2017 DPHA Annual Conference and
Product Showcase
• Guidance for creating truly compelling customer experiences
• Tips to become an employer of choice and attract and retain best-in-class
team members
• Suggestions to place the customer at the center of your universe
• A brand new, exciting and custom workshop specifically for first-time
DPHA Conference attendees presented by the incomparable Robb Best
• A product showcase featuring new products, best sellers and the latest
technologies to keep your showroom fresh and on the cutting-edge
Top Ten Conference Takeaways:
Learn what is truly important to customers and ways to positively
differentiate your showroom from competitors.
2. Learn how to become a destination that attracts and retains top talent.
3. Introduce DPHA education, networking and community to more
members of your team cost-effectively.
4. Make your sales staff more productive, profitable and professional.
5. Develop and orchestrate the kind of customer experience that inspires
lifelong loyalties—and makes word-of-mouth your least expensive but
most powerful marketing tool.
6. Network with dealers, manufacturers and representatives to learn
what is working in the DPH world, what is not and why.
7. Meet one-on-one with leading manufacturers of new products, unique
products and best-selling products.
8. Quality time to think about your business in an environment that offers
all of the amenities needed to deliver luxury experiences.
9. Profit from the successful experiences of showroom peers.
10. Be the first to know the 2017 products and professionals of the year.
The DPHA Conference returns to its roots of providing practical education for the decorative plumbing
and hardware industry that can be taken from the seminar room on Friday and Saturday and applied in the
showroom on Monday.
Keynote Address: The 5 Elements of a
Remarkable Customer Experience
Presented by Doug Stephens
Friday, October 13
10 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Pipai Kave)
Brands struggle to meet and exceed the
expectations of today’s sophisticated customer. Although
it’s widely recognized that brands best positioned to thrive
in the future will compete on customer experience, there’s a
misconception about what “customer experience”
really means.
Join author and internationally renowned consumer
futurist, Doug Stephens, for an amazing tour of the
future, where every aspect of the retail experience as
we know it, will be radically transformed. Stephens will
present what constitutes a truly remarkable customer
experience and explain how DPHA members can create
one-to-one intelligent journeys to deliver connected
shopping experiences to secure their place in the hearts
and minds of tomorrow’s showroom customer.
True customer experience design means digging below
the surface within each interaction to understand the
underlying customer need. It means engineering the
exact combination of people, place, product and process
to deliver delight in every moment, whether online or in
Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail
industry futurists. His intellectual work and thinking
have influenced many of the world’s best-known
retailers, agencies and brands including Walmart,
Google, Home Depot, Disney, BMW, Coca Cola and Intel.
Doug is also listed as one of the retail industry’s top
global influencers by
Prior to founding Retail Prophet, Doug spent more
than 20 years in the retail industry, holding senior
international roles including the leadership of one of
New York City’s most historic retail chains.
Contented Cows Give Better Milk
Presented by Richard Hadden
Friday, October 13
3:15 - 4:45p.m. (Pipai Kave)
One of the biggest challenges for DPHA
members is attracting and retaining
top talent. At this Friday afternoon workshop, you will
learn what it takes to be an employer of choice. Richard
Hadden believes DPHA members could learn a lot
from a message echoed by generations of dairy farmers:
“Contented cows give better milk.” This workshop is not
a management tome. Instead, it is testimony to the power
of treating people the right way. Hadden will present:
• Case studies and new examples from empirical
research in a number of real organizations, as
well as inspiring examples of companies that
know how to do it right, and a few that didn’t.
• Fad-free prescriptive advice informed by
Hadden’s combined four-plus decades of training
and consulting with thousands of managers and
employees, conducting employee engagement
surveys and translating the attendant learning
to management audiences in a form they can
appreciate and use.
Direct from the horse’s mouth, actually the cow’s
mouth, this workshop will teach DPHA members the
bottom-line benefits of having a focused, engaged and
capably led workforce.
Richard Hadden is a leadership and management
consultant with a focus on creating a great place to work.
He is co-author of the book Contented Cows Give Better
Milk: The Plain Truth About Employee Relations and Your
Bottom Line. Richard Hadden also writes a nationally
syndicated column entitled People and Profits.
He is the author of two groundbreaking books, The
Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business for the New Age of
Consumerism” and Reengineering Retail: The Future of
Selling in a Post-Digital World.
Five Commandments to be a
Customer-Centric Company
Presented by Chris Ramey, Affluent
Saturday, October 14
2 - 4 p.m. (Komkatke DEFG)
Products featured in a decorative plumbing and
hardware showroom is the sum of your customer’s
experience with your brand. This presentation will
address the intangibles that consumers value, and how
they relate to your decorative plumbing business. Case
studies will be presented to illustrate how/why your
success depends upon becoming a customer-centric
resource. You’ll go home with a roadmap to changing
how you perceive your showroom and why what you do
is so important.
Takeaways will include:
Sales Training Track Program
Presented by Robb Best, Elkay
Saturday, October 14
1:45 -5:15 p.m. (Scorpion Room)
Since 1988 when neuroscientist Steven
Pinker published his groundbreaking
book How the Mind Works, our seminar leader Robb
Best has been obsessed with understanding the sales
and marketing brain. Throughout his career, Robb has
been a salesperson, selling on the front lines and in most
cases out selling all of his peers. Since he began studying
how the brain works when determining whether to
buy or not, Robb has shared his research, knowledge
and remarkable presentation style with thousands of
marketing and sales professionals just like you.
Robb’s presentation of Customer Experience -Make
Customers Your Most Powerful Weapon explains how to
read in between the lines and better understand and how
to leverage the 60-70% of nonverbal communication that
is transmitted by our body language. He will explain how
to read your customer’s, gestures and movements so you
know when it’s time to ask for the sale and when it’s time
to pack up the tent.
• Understanding the shift from being a product
driven company to consumer-centric company
• How to separate costs of business/entry from
investments in success
• How the 4Ps have become the 4Es
• What customer experience really is (it’s not
water at the front door!)
The Sales Training Track Program is a combination of
• The five commandments to your success in our
both classroom learning and a roundtable workshop
hypercompetitive information-overload economy where your team can learn successful sales and
showroom practices from peers across North America.
An internationally recognized speaker, business leader,
creator, humorist, contrarian and columnist, Chris
Ramey brings substance, style and innovative thoughtleadership to the stage. His clients range from the
Fortune 100 companies and business associations to
global retailers and manufacturers, as well as artisanal
luxury brands, including decorative plumbing and
hardware showrooms and manufacturers.
The Product Showcase
The DPHA Product Showcase features new, best selling
and innovative products. The Showcase will be open as
Friday, October 13
7:30 - 9 a.m.
12 - 3 p.m.
5 - 7:30 p.m.
Open During Breakfast
Open During Lunch
Open During Reception
Saturday, October 14
8 - 11:45 a.m. Open
Manufacturers that elected not to purchase an exhibit
space are prohibited from showing products, catalogs
or other information during Showcase hours inside or
outside the exhibit area.
2017 Showcase exhibitors include:
Accel Group/David Hawkins Design – 113
Accurate Lock & Hardware Co., LLC – 410
AD Waters USA – 213
Amerec – 403
American Standard – 108
Americh Corp. – 509
Amerock – 607
Ashley Norton Inc. – 608
Axent Corporation – 209
AXOR - hansgrohe – 302
Baci by Remcraft – 205
BainUltra – 202 and 204
Barber Wilsons/Sterlingham – 309
Bathroom Butler – 111
Berenson & R. Christensen Hardware – 303
Bravo Business Media – 402
Brizo Faucet Company – 211
California Faucets, Inc. – 504
Cement Elegance – 513
CEU Events – 605
Colonial Bronze – 203
Dezi Home – 502
Dornbracht Americas Inc. – 210
DXV by American Standard – 110
Elkay – 300
Fleurco, Inc. – 510
Frank Allart & Company – 313
Franke Consumer Products – 401
Franz Viegener – 600 and 602
GRAFF – 301 and 400
Grohe America – 110
Hamilton Sinkler – 208
Hastings Tile & Bath Collection – 508
Hydro Systems – 601
Icera – 212
Infinity Drain – 312
Julien, Inc. – 412
Kartners Bathroom Accessories – 405
KEUCO Management Inc. – 201
KWC – 401 and 500
LACAVA – 101
Laufen Bathrooms North America – 604
Lenova, Inc. – 404
MCN European Enterprises – 413
Mountain Plumbing Products – 409
Mr. Steam – 501
MTI Baths – 305
Nantucket Sinks – 612
Nikles USA, Inc. – 503
Oceania Bath, Inc. – 505
OMNIA Industries, Inc. – 100
Palazzani USA Inc. – 103
Pentair Everpure – 310
ROHL, LLC – 408
Ryvyr, Division of Elk Group International – 102
Samuel Heath – 511
SLIK Portfolio – 109
Steamist – 304
The Home Trust International – 610
ThermaSol Steambath Company – 200
THG USA, LLC – 311
Top Notch Distributors – 411
Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd – 105
Vicenza Designs – 104
Victoria + Albert Bath LLC – 308
Water, Inc. – 603
Networking Activities - Have Fun With Your DPHA Peers
The Closing Banquet
Saturday, October 14
7 - 10:30 p.m.
Pipai Kave
Sponsored by
Golf Outing
Whirlwind Golf Course
Wednesday, October 11
12:30 - 6 p.m.
Join DPHA members for a day on the links at the
fabulous Whirlwind Golf Club. Experience a truly
unique Southwest golf experience sensitively designed
to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Gila
River Indian community. Surrounded by spectacular
The closing Banquet celebrates the conclusion of another mountains, this unique golf course is also home to the
fantastic conference. DPHA members will dine on a
PGA’s Nationwide Insurance Tour, Gila River Golf Classic
gourmet feast followed by music and dancing for the
held every year in October. The cost of golf is $200 per
remainder of the evening. Our closing banquet is always person which include golf, cart, range, box lunch and
a highlight of the Conference. Join with fellow DPHA
19th hole reception.
members for a great time to be had by all.
Arizona Food Tour
Wednesday, October 11
5:30 - 9 p.m.
Sponsored by
DPHA foodies unite for this delectable tour of Old Town
Scottsdale’s most interesting food venues. The Taste of
Old Scottsdale Dinner Tour is a walking and cultural
tour full of stories of the old west, demonstrations
and delicious gourmet treats and wine from several
of Scottsdale’s unique and exciting restaurants. This
tour was rated as the top food and drink activity in
Scottsdale by TripAdvisor. The three-hour adventure
takes you back to the wild west, explains how Scottsdale
was established, how it has changed over the years
and current-day attractions. You’ll also stop at four of
Scottdale’s unique eating establishments to same their
fare. The tour is limited to the first 30 who register.
5K Fun Run/Walk
Thursday, October 12
5 - 6:30 p.m.
Spend more quality time with your DPHA peers in a
healthy and fun run/walk. There’s no cost to participate.
Meet in the main lobby.
Passport to Prizes
Friday, October 13
7:30 - 9 a.m.
Saturday, October 14
8 - 9 a.m.
(Akimel O’oatham Ballroom)
Sponsored by:
Join fellow DPHA members in the Product Showcase for a
nosh and an opportunity to see the latest and greatest our
industry has to offer.
We’ve added a little extra spice to the DPHA Annual
Conference and Product Showcase. The 2017 Passport to
Prizes offers an opportunity for our dealer members to
leave the DPHA Conference with a little something extra.
Each eligible attendee will receive a passport card that they
need to have stamped/signed by the following exhibitors to
be eligible to win one of the prizes listed below.
Accurate Lock & Hardware (#410) - Fire HD 8 Tablet
with a set of VIBES High Fidelity Ear Plugs
Barber Wilsons/Sterlingham (#309) - Gift Certificate for
British Foods
Friday, October 13
Noon - 1:30 p.m.
Berenson & R. Christensen Hardware (#303) - Young
(Akimel O’oatham Ballroom)
Living Rainstone Diffuser
Saturday, October 14
Noon - 1:45 p.m.(Pipai Kave)
California Faucets (#504) - Bottles of California Wine
Sponsored by:
Franke (#401 and #500) - Pescara Kitchen Faucet
Hamilton Sinkler (#208) - $300 Apple Gift Card
ICERA (#212) - Bathroom Vanity
Infinity Drain (#312) - Yeti Prize Package
Keuco - (#201) - iLook Move Cosmetic Mirror with 5X
Opening Reception
Friday, October 13
5 - 7:30 p.m. (Akimel O’oatham Ballroom)
KWC (#401 and #500) - LUNA-E Kitchen Faucet
Sponsored by
Lenova (#404) - GV-08 Glass Lav Sink
Oceania Baths (#505) - Kobo Aura H2O Reader
ROHL (#408) - $500 Dean + Deluca Gift Card
Valley Acrylic (#105) - Valley Acrylic Swag Bag
Bar Sponsors
WETSTYLE (#512) - CUBE Bench
Our first extended view of the Product Showcase takes
place at our opening reception in the Akimel O’otham
Ballroom. Speak with Showcase exhibitors about their new
products, trends and partnership opportunities to improve
your showroom. Enjoy hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and the
open bar.
Place your completed Passport to Prizes form in the
designated bin. Around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, October 14,
cards will be drawn at random for the prizes donated by the
Passport to Prizes participants. You must be present in the
Showcase to win.
Coffee Bar
Sponsored by
Friday Afternoon Smoothie Bar
Sponsored by
A Sink that
really works
in the center of every day life.
Chef Center by Franke is the revolutionary
kitchen system sink. It integrates unique
accessories around the key elements of every
kitchen – prep, clean, cook and entertain – into
a single brilliant system. At last, you’ll have a
kitchen that is as stylish and beautiful as it is
functional and connected.
Wednesday, October 11
12 – 1:30 p.m.
Lunch in Exhibit Hall
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
12:30 – 6 p.m.
Golf Outing (Chandler Course/
Whirlwind Golf Club)
1:30 – 3 p.m.
Product Showcase Open
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
5:30 – 9 p.m.
Arizona Food Tour
3:15 – 4:45 p.m.
Contented Cows Deliver Better Milk
(Pipai Kave)
5 – 7:30 p.m.
Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Hall
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
Thursday, October 12
7 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Board of Directors Meeting
(Pipai Kave 2)
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Exhibitor Move-In
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
8 – 9 a.m.
Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
1 – 3 p.m.
Marketing Committee Meeting
(Pipai Kave 2)
8 – 11:45 a.m.
Product Showcase
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
1 – 3 p.m.
Education Committee Meeting
(Pipai Kave 3)
12 – 1:30 p.m.
Awards Luncheon
(Pipai Kave)
3:15 – 5:15 p.m.
Awards Committee Meeting
(Pipai Kave 2)
2 – 4 p.m.
3:15 – 5:15 p.m.
Council of Fellows Meeting
(Pipai Kave 3)
The Five Commandments for
Becoming a Customer-Centric
(Komatke DEFG)
5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
DPHA 5K Fun Run
1:45 – 5:15 p.m.
Customer Experience -Make
Customers Your Most Powerful
7 – 10:30 p.m.
Closing Banquet
(Pipai Kave)
Friday, October 13
7:30 – 9 a.m.
Product Showcase Opens
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
7:30 – 9 a.m.
Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
(Akimel O’otham Ballroom)
9 – 10 a.m.
President’s Welcome and POTY
Awards Announcement
(Pipai Kave)
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Keynote Address by Doug
(Pipai Kave)
Saturday, October 14
Sunday, October 15
7:30 – 9 a.m.
Program & Showcase
Committee Meeting
9 – 11 a.m.
2018 Board of Directors Meeting
Council of Fellows Scholarship Raffle
The DPHA Annual Conference
and Product Showcase features a
raffle whose proceeds benefit the
DPHA Council of Fellows’ Jack Fase
Memorial Scholarship program.
The Scholarship provides two
significant educational grants to a
child or grandchild of employees
of DPHA member firms to pursue
an undergraduate or postgraduate
education. At the 2017 Conference,
DPHA members have a chance to win
the following raffle prizes:
Holland Cruise for two for a week
in the Caribbean or Mexico contributed by Jim Babbitt
American Express Gift Cards (2) of
$250 each - contributed by Bob Lando
and Jim Babbitt
A rare bottle of wine - contributed
by Tom Cohn
A case (six bottles) of 2009 Brunello
wine (valued at $350) - contributed
by Ken Rohl
DPHA 2018 membership renewal
dues - contributed by DPHA
2018 Annual Conference
registration fee - contributed by
Raffle tickets will be sold at the
conference at the cost of one for $25
or five for $100, and can be purchased
from staff or Council of Fellows’
The new, extra-large Quartz Luxe farmhouse was created to
stand the test of time—and look good doing it. Heavy pans.
Scalding-hot pots. They’re no match for its durable quartz
material. And with its nonporous, stain-resistant surface and
the edgeless design of the Perfect Drain®, food and germs
won’t stick around either. So make a mess. Experiment with
your favorite recipes. Quartz Luxe is ready for whatever is on
tonight’s menu. Elevate Everyday.
© 2017 Elkay Manufacturing Company
Product Showcase - Exhibitor Descriptions
Accel Group/David Hawkins Design
325 Quadral Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281
Booth 113
Patricia Striegel
David Hawkins
David Hawkins Design specializes in
plumbing showroom design providing
a complete turn-key program of floor
plan layout, display/interior design
and construction cost budgeting
through installation. Its modular
display system can be easily updated
into an existing showroom or utilized
to create an entirely new showroom
look. Our focus is increasing sales and
branding showroom identity.
Accel Group is a manufacturer of
custom displays and cabinetry for
plumbing showrooms. Accel has
been in business for 35+ years and
working with David Hawkins Design
Management for over 15 years
producing his showroom displays.
Accel is known for very high quality
cabinetry at competitive prices and on
time delivery.
Accurate Lock & Hardware Co.,
1 Annie Place
Stamford, CT 06902
Booth 410
Jeff Graveline
Tarra Del Chiaro
Mark Gallo
Reed Salvatore
AD Waters USA
2255 West Desert Cove, Suite D
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Booth 213
Lloyd Leblanc
Terry Chamberlain
Fiora Shower Bases are designed for
a high-end aesthetic and everyday
comfort and safety. The series can be
installed above the floor or flush to the
floor, for a more discreet look and/or
ADA-compliant design. Fiora shower
bases offer reduced installation time
and cost compared to tiled shower
floors and limit chances of water
leaks. Fiora’s proprietary material
SILEXPOL, made from polyurethane
and minerals and its Nanobath®
technology prevents bacteria from
reproducing (offering bacteriostatical
properties), while repelling surface
stains. The surface is finished with
the company’s Metalface® technology
which guarantees additional
protection against damages and wear.
AD Waters Fiora Shower Base
Extremely adaptable to virtually any
space, Fiora’s shower bases can be
cut on-site to fit within an odd size
setting or to work around an existing
structural element. Fiora shower bases
are UPC certified and approved to be
distributed in the North American
The Sharp washbasin collection is
a nod to geometric shapes and rich
colors. The washbasins come in a
choice of circular, square, oval and
rectangular shapes and in 10 colors
ranging from subtle and relaxed hues,
such as white, to rich and deep tones
like chocolate, anthracite and myrtle.
Glossy finishes in white and black
are available, and matte finishes are
available for all colors.
AD Waters Sharp Washbasin
The basin’s characteristics are
achieved through a highly meticulous
technological process in which the
rim and sink are designed with a
millimeter thickness. The collection
features nine models in total; each
form can be designed with or without
an integrated faucet hole.
17683 128th Place NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
Booth 403
John Gunderson
Ted Barker
The new AX series generator is
designed for long lasting performance
and reliability. Three generator sizes
provide sequential temperature
control and deliver a more consistent
flow of Steam Soft and a more stable,
comfortable steam bath experience.
Intelligent start preheats the steam
bath to be ready when needed and the
A6 Touch Screen Control allows for
ultimate customization of lighting,
temperature settings and different
languages. It is designed to be wall
mounted inside or outside the steam
room and offers a choice of surface or
flush mounting. The display indicates
settings on a numbered scale and
connect it to an external switch or
even link it to most smart home
Amerec’s AX Series Generator
American Standard
One Centennial Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Booth 108
Jeremy Barela
cary Hergenrother
Lisa Bonoma
Mike Donehey
bathroom sinks, faucets, accessories,
furniture and a high-efficiency,
one-piece VorMax® toilet. Reflecting
vintage industrial styling, this
beautifully tailored suite makes it
easy to build a perfectly coordinated
modern bathroom setting.
237 Frelinghuysen Avenue
118 Exmore Road
Mooresville, NC 28117
Booth 607
10700 John Price Road
Charlotte, NC 28273
Joe Kastelic
Booth 509Gary Sforzo
Dino Pacifici
Michelle Zeller
Stacy Nguyen
Margie Puchalski
Ed Richmond
Lynn Hardy
Amerock® will feature its new St.
Vincent Collection. It is an updated
The two-tone Neena freestanding
bathtub is 32” wide and 66” long,
making it super comfortable. It’s
a nice clean look with no exposed
piping. With a list price of $4500, it
comes with white on white and an
integral drain. Upgrading to a linear
drain produces an extra inch of water.
Customize the outer shell color for an
extra $400 (list price).
The tub is constructed with a factoryinstalled integral drain eliminating the
extra $500 cost for a typical exposed
drain. The factory installed integral
drain also saves time and money on
Showcasing statuesque form and
tapered design lines, the new
Townsend suite includes a selection of
contemporary design with clean and
sophisticated angular shapes. This
faceted design blends crisp lines with
metallic reflective surfaces. Available
in four finishes.
Amerock St. Vincent Collection
Americh Neena Freestanding Tub
American Standard Townsend Suite
drain options are available, allowing
for one-of-kind customization. The
inside bathing well is 46 x 22”.
The inside and outside of this
American-made tub is hand-polished
leaving the tub with a shiny high gloss
finish. The unique design resembles
a horse trough look – a throw back to
a retro look. Different tub color and
The Esquire Collection’s sophisticated
and modern industrial composition
pairs an upscale cross-hatch texture
with smooth metallic ends for a
cutting-edge design. Available in four
Amerock Esquire Collection
The Glacio Collection combines old
world charm and modern glamour. It’s
sleek and minimalist design blends
crystal-clear accents with beautifully
finished metallic mountings. Available
in five finishes.
Amerock Glacio Collection
The Ashby Collection sets a new
standard for style and sophistication
with elegant cup pulls. The finishes
and shapes are crafted for understated
glamour with an innovative comfort
grip. Available in six finishes.
Revitalize is elegant yet classic.
Available in eight finishes.
Grace Revitalize offers delicate points
with gentle curves of the timeless
design of the quatrefoil. Available in
four finishes.
Amerock Revitalize
Ashley Norton
210 West Parkway
Suite 1
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
Booth 608
Ashish Karani
AXENT PRIMUS tankless toilet
works completely without electricity,
saving space and resources. The
patented VACUUM V FLUSH is
integrated into the ceramic. PRIMUS
only uses 5l per flush and features a
silent seat and easy clean glaze that
makes cleaning a breeze. This toilet
features a 12” rough-in dimension.
Ashley Norton will introduce two
new finishes: white medium and
satin bras. Both new finishes are
available in the entire Solid Bronze
Collection. The company also will
introduce its new Angular Suite in
solid bronze, including interior/entry
sets, cabinet knobs/pulls and other
decorative home accessories. Manzoni
will be featured at the display. It
is an extensive line of innovative
cabinet hardware encompassing
contemporary, transitional and ornate
styles available in multiple finishes.
Axent Corporation
3 Musick
Irvine, CA 92618
Booth 209
Keith Dagarin
Austin Kelly
The AXENT.ONE intelligent toilet
offers smart design and hygienic
surroundings. This award-winning
smart toilet is characterized by slim
design and innovative features such as
a rear wash, front wash, warm-air dry,
VACUUM V FLUSH, patented easy
clean glaze and a convenient remote
control and seat heater. AXENT.ONE
features 12” rough-in dimension.
Several collections offer dual
installation capabilities, as well as a
metal grip to keep knobs from losing
tension and turning.
AXENT.ONE Intelligent Toilet
AXENT PRIMUS Tankless Toilet
AXOR/hansgrohe, Inc.
1490 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Booth 302
Sharon Murray
Mathew Young
Created by Phoenix Design, the
industrial-styled AXOR Montreux
collection merges traditional elegance
with superior German engineering
and modern details. Inspired by
the Belle Époque aesthetic, the line
includes single-hole and widespread
lavatory and kitchen faucets and a
showerhead. The standard finishes for
this solid brass faucet include chrome,
steel optik and polished nickel. Some
fittings are accented with porcelain
AXOR Montreux Widespread Faucet
The AXOR Montreux 240 1-Jet
Showerhead pairs high-design with
water-efficient shower power. The reengineered design optimizes flow at
lower rates. The engineered, powerful
solutions deliver a voluminous,
luxurious shower. Available in both
2.0 and 1.8 GPM versions, the 240
1-jet showerhead is compliant with
the latest environmental codes, such
as the Title 20 efficiency legislation.
The showerhead’s QuickClean feature
allows limescale to be easily wiped
Baci By Remcraft
12870 NW 45th Avenue
Miami, FL 33054
Booth 205
Jeff Robboy
Daphne Robboy-Alvarez
David Crossley
956 Chemin Olivier
St. Nicolas, QC G7A 2N1
Booth 202 and 204
Elaine Drolet
Louis Gendreau
Maria Verrelli
Baci Basic mirrors represent
tremendous value and are offered as:
BainUltra will be presenting the 2017
newest lines with recently added
features and innovations.
1. Round/single sided model #
2. Rectangular/single sided model
3. Round/Reversible model #EH40
AXOR Montreux Showerhead
The AXOR Montreux two-Spray High
Arc Kitchen Faucet features an easily
retractable sprayhead with two spray
options and runs at an efficient flow
rate of 1.75 GPM. It boasts an easyto-operate ergonomic lever handle.
Lavatory faucets in the line include
the AXOR Montreux Single-Hole
Faucet with Lever Handle and the
AXOR Montreux Widespread with
Cross Handles.
Baci Basic mirrors are LED lit, feature
5 times magnified optical quality
glass and are made of corrosion
resistant materials. Finishes include:
chrome, satin nickel and bronze and
the mirrors come with a three-year
The new Monarch 6638F Grand
Luxury bath with skirt and Opalia
6839, freestanding bath feature
Illuzio, BainUltra’s new invisible
Chromatherapy system. BainUltra has
cleverly tucked away chromatherapy
LED lights inside the structure of the
bath so they are invisible when the
bath is not in use. Otherwise naked to
the eye, Illuzio unveils itself when the
chromatherapy lights are activated.
The six concealed oval shaped
lights glow beautifully through the
translucent acrylic shell to deliver the
most effective chromatherapy bathing
experience that feels like magic.
The alcove and drop-in tubs in
the Monarch Collection combine
quartz and acrylic for the first time
in a tub design. The two materials
complement each other perfectly,
with lovely quartz stonework
outlining the perimeter of the tub. The
Grand Luxury option (available since
September) offers a beautiful one-
Baci EH 40 Basic LED Mirror
AXOR Montreux Kitchen Faucet
The EH-40 is a sleek, reversible,
LED wall mirror with a mirror head
less than one-inch thick. The LEDs
are powered by a 12-volt direct
current that runs through small
contact posts in the side of the mirror
body rather than directly wiring
into the LED array. This technique
allows the mirror head to rotate 360
degrees around its axis without any
BainUltra Monarch Tub
piece quartz slab deck surface. Adding
luxury to this elegant collection, the
quartz skirt is available in the same
choice of quartz deck colors and can
be added to rectangular and one-sided
curved models. No other tile surfaces
are needed to complete the deck,
creating an elegant and highly durable
accessories that complement the
modern sharp lines currently
featuring in bathrooms today.
Bathroom Butler’s Towel Dryers will
also be shown with new Complete
Smart Control Wifi that allow users to
easily program the towel dryer to turn
on and off according to their schedule.
All of Bathroom Butler’s towel dryers
are Dual Entry and therefore can be
wired on either the left or the righthand side.
Barber Wilsons Monarch in Rose Brass
BainUltra Opalia 6839
The Opalia 6839 draws the eye with
its fascinating curves and enticing
ellipse configurations. The inner
shell of the oval bath can be centered,
off-centered to either side or oblique
from the center, creating an intriguing
play of elliptical shapes and boldly
distinctive decks. Crafted by hand
for a seamless appearance, the tub
is made exclusively of acrylic for
amazing durability and lasting beauty.
The Opalia 6839 is available in a glossy
or UltraVelour matte finish. The tub
measures 68” x 39” x 25”.
Barber Wilsons & Co./Sterlingham
312 Roanoke Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901
Booth 309
Sarah Jenkinson
Andrew Healey
Bathroom Butler
5400 NW 32nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33142
Booth 111
Craig Maclaren Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Berenson & R. Christensen
2495 Main Street, Suite 111
Buffalo, NY 14214
Booth 303
Michele Thornton
Darlene Rousseau
Jay Pugliese
Bathroom Butler Shelf and Soap Holder
Bathroom accessories are equipped
with the patented RIGID Loc
mounting hardware that eliminates
the typical set screw. Bathroom Butler
uses a stronger barrel and bolt system
that is guaranteed to keep bathroom
accessories fastened to the wall.
Bereneson offers new 12- and
36-board display towers and a
refreshed brand. To help showrooms
combat comparison shopping, the new
boards do not display part numbers.
Product and collection information is
located on the back of boards.
Bathroom Butler Towel Dryers will
be featured in trending colors such as
brushed brass paired with bathroom
Barber Wilsons will launch its new
Sterlingham brochure, introduce a
new rose brass finish and a challenge
dealers at the conference to put their
hands in a fish tank with a live heated
warmer to become eligible to win a
Berenson’s New Display Offerings
Bathroom Butler Towel Warmer
Brizo Litze Kitchen Faucet
Brizo Vettis Bath Faucet
The Litze™ Kitchen Collection,
Brizo’s largest kitchen launch to date,
reunites creativity and manufacturing.
The full kitchen suite features:
The collection includes single-handle
and widespread lavatories with
open-flow spout, two handle, wallmount lav without open-flow spout,
freestanding tub filler with hand
shower, roman tub spout, pressure
balance and thermostatic valves
with three or six function integrated
diverters, raincan showerhead, hand
showers, body sprays and coordinated
accessories. Available Q4, 2017.
Bravo Business Media
620 W Germantown Pike
Suite 4440
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Booth 402
Brian Michalovic
Glenda McCarthy brings
plumbing showrooms more than
an online presence. The shopping
experience is elevated through elegant
store designs, refined merchandising
and progressive user tools such as
dynamic navigation and natural word
Advanced search engine enablement
and optimization process maximizes
the opportunity for increased organic
search returns helping drive local
prospects to showroom websites and
brick and mortar showrooms.
In-store, sales associates have an
efficient product demonstration
catalog at their fingertips, eliminating
the need to thumb through multiple
catalogs to present special order
options while introducing prospects to
your ‘after hours’ online store.
Brizo Faucet Company
55 East 111th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46280
Booth 211
Jai Robinson
Pull-Down Faucet with optional
SmartTouch® Technology,
available with Arc, Square or
Angled Spouts and Knurled
Lever or Industrial Lever
Bridge Faucet with Side-Sprayer,
available with Arc, Square or
Angled Spouts and Knurled
Lever or Industrial Handles
Articulating Faucet with optional
SmartTouch® Technology,
available Knurled Lever or
Industrial Handles
Bar Faucet, available with Arc,
Square or Angled Spouts and
Knurled Lever or Industrial
Coordinating Wall or Deck
Mount Pot Fillers, Soap
Dispenser, optional 3-Hole
Escutcheon and Hole Cover
Matching accessories offered
through the Litze Bath
Available to order now. Begins
shipping October 11, 2017.
The Vettis™ Bath Collection by Brizo®
reveals an angular-modern design.
The solid, rectangular form of the base
combined with defined linear edges
and clean lines of the spout create
a steady structure. Balancing this
grounded aesthetic, on the open-flow
models is a controlled stream of water
that cascades from all four sides of the
open chamber, providing an elegant
symmetry to an otherwise strong
geometric design.
California Faucets, Inc.
5271 Argosy Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Booth 504
Steven Weinberg
Noah Taft
Jeff Silverstein
Fred Silverstein
ZeroDrain is the world’s first “popdown” drain for the tub. It turns a
formerly utilitarian product into a
design focal point and sports three
groundbreaking features:
California Faucets Zero Drain
Aesthetics: The stopper is level with
the tub’s bottom, resulting in a unique
“zero clearance” design. No more
protruding and unsightly stopper.
Functionality: Simply push down
on the stopper and the tub fills with
water. Push it again, and the stopper
returns to its zero clearance position,
and the water drains seamlessly in the
circular opening that is elegantly flush
with the bottom of the tub.
Ease of Use: ZeroDrain for the tub is
virtually impossible to clog. To clean,
pull up on the stopper and the drain
comes out swiftly. No screwing or
dismantling is required and there are
no blocking components underneath
that are magnets for hair and debris.
Simply rinse off the stopper and drop
it back in. It’s as quick and simple as
Cement Elegance
50 SE Scott Street, #8
Bend, OR 97702
Booth 513
Bayard Fox
Cathy Beauchesne
Lori Prier
Cement Elegance will feature its
lightweight concrete, hand crafted
and manufactured in Bend, Oregon.
Its bath collection is offered in 17
standard colors and 17 lavatory
bowl designs in its Cast Elite finish.
Product is offered in stain and crack-
Cement Elegance Countertop
free finishes that are UPC/IAPMO
approved. Cabinet mount and wall
hung selections are available in all
designs ranging from 21” to 120” and
everything in between.
Bronze will
more than 35
new cabinet
hardware and
appliance pull
designs with
subtle accents
and exquisite
including five
Colonial Bronze New Colors
new Tanners
Craft designs and ten new Edelman
leather colors for the Tanners Craft
line of leather-accented hardware.
CEU Events
1200 Violeta Drive
Alhambra, CA 91801
Booth 605
Martin Siwy
Colonial Bronze will showcase its
customization capabilities that
enable showrooms to differentiate
their capabilities and create unique
offerings. Colonial’s unparalleled
bespoke hardware capabilities have
produced more than 46,000 different
items in the past 17 years.
CEU Events
CEU Events is an industry-first
platform for RSVP invitation
creation, management of instructors,
presentation assets and events.
CEU Original Series™ for Showroom
and Representative enable showroom
professionals and representatives to
become an approved instructor to
present our AIA, ASID, IIDA, IDC
and NARI accredited CEU Original
Series™ courses. All presentations
are provided in PowerPoint, Keynote,
PDF, Audio and Video formats for
flexible delivery.
Colonial Bronze
P.O. Box 207
Torrington, CT 06790
860-489-9233, ext. 111
Booth 203
Jamie Gregg
Joanne Gregg
All products are solid brass,
fabricated, hand-finished and
electroplated in the USA.
All products contain 94% preconsumer recycled brass.
All product carry the industry’s
only Lifetime Finish Guarantee.
Dezi Home
5231 Argosy Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Booth 502
Debbie Cusolito
Tina Silverstein
Dezi Home has added 9” and 30”
towel bars to its most popular
collections. Matte black finish has
been added to the four current
available finishes offered.
Dezi Home will feature PVD finishes
that are now available in the Modular
Door Handle program, which includes
lifetime polished gold, satin gold, satin
brass, satin bronze, matte black and
uncoated polished brass.
Dornbracht Americas Inc.
1700 Executive Drive South, Suite 600
Duluth, GA 30096
Booth 210
Pat Jarvis
Katharina Adrian
shower experience and refreshing
cold water leg affusions to a balancing
massage shower that relieves
muscle tension. Available with both
horizontal and vertical jets, WaterFan
targets the upper and lower back
with a pressurized spray to enhance
relaxation. A full-body rejuvenation
WaterCurve can be added to a shower
application as its pressurized cascade
stream targets the neck area.
corrosion and scratches. It is applied
and baked onto the steel body.
Glaze and steel form an inextricable
Alape Assist Shelves
Dornbracht VAIA
VAIA: A delicate spout is paired with
the choice of a functional lever or
classic cross handle. The soft, conical
shape of VAIA carries through the
complete product range, creating a
seamless transition between faucet
and surface. VAIA is available in
polished chrome, platinum matte and
a brand new dark platinum finish.
Dornbracht WaterFan/WaterCurve
WaterFan and WaterCurve can be
controlled either electronically or
with a manual thermostat. Life Spa
focuses on rejuvenation and health
through water treatments aimed at
different targeted areas throughout
the body.
ALAPE Bi-Color: A variety of Alape’s
sit-on and column sinks will be
available in a new Bi-Color finish – a
white bowl with a black coating on the
Alape Assist Shelves: Alape Assist
is a new aluminum powder-coated
shelving system in black matte
incorporating an integrated towel bar
that comes in a variety of different
sizes to keep bathroom essentials
organized. The shelves are available
with an integrated soap dispenser and
add-on American hazelnut makeup
box to store bathroom accessories.
DXV By American Standard
21210 Old North Church Road
Frankfort, IL 60423
Booth 110
Lacy Martinez
Inspired by the iridescence and allure
of cultured pearls, a gleaming new
Pearlescent finish lends an opulent
and luminous beauty to select DXV
Dornbracht Finishes
Finishes: Dornbracht offers a variety
of finishes from a timeless platinum
or exuberant gold to an elegant 23k
brushed durabrass or transitional dark
platinum finish.
WaterFan/WaterCurve: These new
body sprays are a focal point of
Dornbracht’s new Life Spa model.
The concept focuses on different
treatment zones, from a natural rain
Alape Bi-Color Sink
All Alape basins are made from
glassed steel (3 mm thin), a titanium
reinforced steel – making it extremely
durable (harder than granite) yet
lightweight. The glaze is made from
glass and natural minerals that form
a nonporous surface resistant to
DXV’s Pearlescent Finish
2222 Camden Court
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Booth 300
Michele Brown
Shannon Dupuy
ELXU2522MA0–Quartz Luxe
25” x 18-1/2” x 9-1/2”, Single Bowl
Undermount Sink, Maraschino. Elkay
Quartz Luxe sinks are exceptionally
tough and silky smooth to the touch.
They come in statement-making
striking colors. These sinks are
constructed through a proprietary
manufacturing process that combines
natural quartz with high-performance
UV-stable acrylic resins that repels
dirt, food, liquid and stains; prevents
the spread of bacteria.
DUAL MOUNT: Versatile design
allows the sink to be installed as
a top mount or undermount.
Organic fibers offer extra impact
resistance; fiberglass mat molded
onto underside of the sink
reinforces the most used work
AND EASY CLEAN: Match sink
to your décor; vibrant color
won’t fade; heat safe to 535°F;
wash with damp cloth and soapy
QUIET: Sound-deadening
material minimizes sound and
placement provides more usable
space on the bottom of the sink
and in the cabinet below.
ELGRU13322SL0 – Quartz Classic
33” x 18-7/16” x 9-7/16”, Single Bowl
Undermount Bar Sink, Slate Quartz
Classic sinks have a smooth surface
and a visible depth to their structure.
They come in a variety of vibrant UVstable colors that adds an unexpected
pop of color. Classic sinks offer
durability to take on tough kitchen
tasks. This sink is also easy to clean
and stain resistant and offers an offset
beneath the countertop creating
a seamless appearance between
the sink and the countertop.
RESISTANT: Molded from fine
quartz sand to resist chipping
and scratches; heat safe up to
535° Fahrenheit.
QUIET: Sound-deadening
material minimizes sound and
EXTRA DEEP BOWLS: Highcapacity bowls offer more room
inside for stacking dishes, filling
stockpots and handling large
baking sheets and roasters.
installed beneath the countertop
creating a seamless appearance
between the sink and the
Highest quality 18-gauge
thickness and Type 304 stainless
steel for lasting durability,
performance and lustrous beauty.
geometric design offers straight
sidewalls and a flat bottom for
a modern look and more usable
space; easy to clean.
EXTRA DEEP BOWLS: Highcapacity bowls offer more room
inside for stacking dishes, filling
stockpots and handling large
baking sheets and roasters.
CROSS BREAKS: Creased accent
lines in the sink bottom deliver
superior drainage and give the
sink a professional appearance.”
Elkay ECTRUD31199R Crosstown Stainless Steel Sink
ELXUFP3620CN0 Quartz Luxe
35-7/8” x 20-15/16” x 9” Single Bowl
Farmhouse Undermount Sink with
Perfect Drain is a cleaner, more
hygienic sink.
Elkay ELGRU1322SLO–Quartz Classic Sink
ECTRUD31199R Crosstown Stainless
Steel 32-1/2” x 20-1/2” x 9”, Offset
Double Bowl Undermount Sink.
Elkay ELXU2522MA0–Quartz Luxe
WATER DECK: Lowered faucet
deck helps keep the countertop
dry and free from buildup.
Elkay ELXUFP3620CN0 Farmhouse Sink
This sink offers superior strength, is
quiet, has an extra deep bowl and an
offset drain.
material is extended to the front
panel of the sink, adding a stylish
design element to a kitchen.
AND EASY CLEAN: Match sink
to existing décor; vibrant color
won’t fade; heat safe to 535°F;
wash with damp cloth and soapy
Fleurco, Inc.
4575 Boul. Poirier
Montreal, QC H4R 2A4
Booth 510
Greg Gappa
Michael Salamon
Frank Allart & Company
25 Sylvan Road North, Suite N
Westport, CT 06880
Booth 313
Nick McGrail
Judy Mulloy
SWUF3320WH Fireclay 33” x
20” x 10-1/8” 60/40 Double Bowl
Farmhouse Sink White with Aqua
can be installed with either
a traditional flat front or a
decorative band feature at the
handcrafted from fine fireclay
and has a smooth surface.
DURABLE: The surface is
scratch and stain resistant.
QUIET: Fireclay material
naturally minimizes sound and
reduces condensation.
Custom-sized board is designed
to fit into place in specific Elkay
EXTRA DEEP BOWLS: Highcapacity bowls offer more room
inside for stacking dishes, filling
stockpots and handling large
baking sheets and roasters.
Fleurco Luna Lighted Mirror
Fleurco Petite Crescent Tub
Frank Allart will showcase new
designs of select series of door knobs
with suited cabinet knob collections.
Fleurco Tide Vanity
Franke Consumer Products
800 Aviation Parkway
Smyrna, TN 37167
Booths 401 and 500
Lars Christensen
Daniel Schwab
Tammy Nixon Massoud Salessi
Oliver Bahr
Fleurco Kinetik Door
Fleurco will feature its shower
enclosures, acrylic bases with zero
threshold designs, freestanding tubs,
lighted mirrors and powder room
Elkay SWUF3320WH Fireclay Farmhouse Sink
Franke Pesca Kitchen Faucet
Pescara Sinks are made from the
highest quality Franke 18-gauge
stainless steel. They are exceptionally
resistant to staining, rust and
corrosion, remarkably durable and
an embodiment of contemporary
elegance. The collection is available in
seven sizes that range from a 14”prep
sink to a 31” single bowl sink with
tight corners, square drain designs
and Franke’s patented integral ledge
system that incorporates a shelf grid
to create a raised surface, making it
easier and more comfortable to work
at the sink. A complete selection of
custom accessories maximizes the
efficiency of each sink.
dispenser complete the suite. All are
available in polished chrome, matte
black, polished nickel and satin nickel.
Franz Viegener
4000 Porett Drive
Gurnee, IL 60031
Booths 600 and 602
Josef Moskovic
John Weinstein
Gerry Villarreal
Franz Viegener will introduce its
new Premium Collection Skyline
Freestanding Tub Filler Faucet. The
Skyline Tub Filler Faucet is solid
brass and has an extremely efficient
high-flow ceramic mixing cartridge
providing an outstanding 14 GPM. The
finish is polished mirror. Available late
Franke Pescara Faucet Hero
Award-winning Pescara faucets have
architecturally precise lines and are
sold in a variety of styles. The SemiProfessional FF4400 model features
an innovative rear-docking spray
head. The clean design and detailed
craftsmanship make Franke’s Pescara
faucet line ideal for those who savor
The Absinthe collection offers a full
suite of unique high-quality kitchen
faucets. Options include a side spray
and pull-down and pull-out faucet
heads. A wall-mounted pot filler,
prep, bar, filtration faucet and soap
Franke Absinthe Kitchen Faucet
Franz Viegener Skyline Freestanding Tub Filler
3701 W Burnham Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Booths 301 and 400
Ziggy Kulig
Chris Kulig
Justin Berkowsky
Celine Marcotte
Susan Lauersdorf
GRAFF is debuting Finezza, Tephi
and Sospiro in their new Sleek-Stone®
material in a variety of silhouettes
including round, oval, rectilinear
and square. GRAFF’s array of sink
installations include free-standing,
countertop, drop-in and wallmounted.
GRAFF Finezza Collection
The Finezza Collection pays homage
to the Art Deco movement, which is
underscored by the collection’s curved
lines and symmetrical ornamentation.
Finezza’s layered structure and 18K
gold finish option further elucidate
the fixtures’ inspiration. The
collection blends grace and elegance,
enriched by architectural, refined
details and clean, essential lines.
Finezza UNO faucets incorporate
three distinct and defining beauty
rings fitted to the base of the products,
giving dimension to each fixture and
emphasizing the collection’s inherent
The Finezza DUE faucet collection is
characterized by a soft, elegant line
connecting the faucet’s body to the
base without interruption. In both
UNO and DUE designs, the faucet’s
main body has been developed
in a shape that relies on a unique
GRAFF Finezza UNO Widespread Faucet in Olive Bronze
horizontal section, wider at the base
and at the top, slimmer in the middle.
The spout recalls the design of the
body, starting with a trapezoidal
section that expands slightly at the
end to accommodate the water-saving
The two-part collection provides two
stunning opportunities for those who
prefer designs based upon geometric
forms - one offering focused on
embellishment and one on a classic,
minimalistic style. Complementing the
faucets are the Finezza Freestanding
Bathtub and Drop-in or Countertop
Sink, each featuring art deco-inspired
trapezoidal shapes and crafted from
GRAFF’s exclusive Sleek-Stone®
GRAFF Finezza DUE Single Pull Faucet
The contemporary Tephi Freestanding
Bathtub, a sculptural soaking tub,
employs a serene shape and matte and
gloss white finishes. Complementing
the bathtub is the Tephi Freestanding
Pedestal Sink. Characterized by a
unique pillar shape, the sink and
bathtub are distinguished by GRAFF’s
exclusive Sleek-Stone® material, a
durable surface that embodies the
tactile qualities of natural stone and
is easy to maintain. Tephi’s elegant
design is inspired to resemble the bow
of a traditional sailboat. The crisply
cut angles flow seamlessly into the
gently curving ends, conveying the
sea-faring inspiration, which is further
emphasized by the symmetrical shape.
Streamlined in form, yet sophisticated
in concept, Tephi is a timeless design
that can be paired with an endless
number of accessories and fittings,
including GRAFF’s elegant Sade
points, both the single-hole and bridge
designs separate hot and cold water at
their origin, providing an innovative
method for advanced sanitation.
GRAFF Tephi Freestanding Bathtub
The Sospiro Collection offers a
contemporary twist on a traditional
style. Balancing the classic
silhouette of a bridge faucet with
sleek, curvilinear lines, the Sospiro
collection harmonizes with popular
elements in modern kitchens and
bars. Minimalistic in theory, from
the clean, continuous spout to the
singular, slender circular base ring,
the faucet also qualifies as maximalist
with several luxurious finish options
available, including polished chrome,
brushed nickel, polished nickel and
olive bronze™.
With a bridge and single-hole design,
Sospiro can be specified for both
kitchen and bar settings. The Sospiro
bar fixture’s compact footprint
delivers optimum water flow and
offers a minimalistic style in scale with
petite bar sinks.
GROHE America
160 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Booth 110
Caroline Root
The GROHE Essence Semi-Pro
kitchen faucet is the latest addition
to Grohe’s Semi-Professional product
GROHE Essence Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet
Hamilton Sinkler
31 East 32nd Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Booth 208
Rob Suri
Courtney O’Connor
GRAFF Sospiro Bridge Faucet
From concept through installation,
Sospiro is emblematic of its
inspiration, the famous bridges of
Venice. Emulating the elegant arches
that connect the classic canals of the
historic Italian city, Sospiro is graceful
and strong in aesthetic. Similar to
a bridge with two distinct starting
Hamilton Sinkler Revival Collection
The Revival Collection offers new
levers, knobs and rosettes, which
are now offered with hammered and
knurled detailing. Cabinet hardware
is offered in a hybrid textured and
machined-polished look. The new
detailed products in the Revival
line are competitively priced and
conveniently illustrated for showroom
staff. New cabinet hardware additions
offer unique designs. The company
also will feature new levers from the
Metropolitan sculpted series and P&I
Hastings Tile & Bath Collection
711-8 Koehler Ave
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-741
Booth 508
Bob Gifford
Michael Homola
Rich Kucera
Hastings will introduce the VOLA
Exclusive Color Series and showcase
VOLA accessories that complement
the company’s iconic faucetry. VOLA
now offers its timeless masters in
seven exclusive new colors: brushed
black chrome, black chrome, deep
brilliant black sumptuous golds –
opulent and luxurious sensuous
coppers – raw and contemporary: pale
gold, dark gold, brushed copper and
Hastings Tile & Bath VOLA Exlcusvie Color Series
The new 5.Zero vanities are
characterized by their sleek chrome
handle insert and clear and clean
contemporary styling. The collection
includes a coordinating LED
lighted mirror and is available in
an assortment of drawer and door
configurations (one to four-drawers)
and in a wide selection of Larch wood,
matte or glossy lacquered finishes. An
optional matching side shelf pouch
with soap pad and container/holder is
available. The countertop is available
either in solid-surface or ceramic and
both are designed with an integrated
Hastings Tile & Bath Azzurafiera
Hydro Systems
29132 Avenue Paine
Valencia, CA 91355
Booth 601
David Ortwein
Ramiro Ponce
Kevin Steinhardt
Hastings Tile & Bath 5.Zero Vanity and LED Mirror
The new URBAN vanity collection
takes design flexibility to new heights.
The collection features consoles with
matte black legs, thick 5-1/8” tops,
which have 10 porcelain tile options
with integrated sinks. The tops are
also available in nine high-pressure
laminate top finishes. These are woodlook finishes that are water-resistant
and require no maintenance.
The shelves are available in the
same HPL finishes or 17 decorative
3D finishes that have the look and
texture of wood, cement or leather.
The wall-hung vanities are a modular
system; users can pick either a single
or double drawer and customize each
unit configuration to spec. They have
the same countertop options as the
floor-standing console but the wallhung vanity also includes a 1/2” thick
porcelain top option. All wood finishes
are the same, and there are also 45
matte or glossy colors to pick from.
Sizes will range from 27-1/2” to 86”
single or double sinks. Coordinating
LED mirror wall cabinets with
exposed or closed shelving are also
available in all finishes. Tall wall
cabinet storage is also an option.
The Château freestanding bathtub
was inspired by the Pittock Mansion
in Portland, Oregon. This mansion,
built in 1914, was the private residence
of the famous newspaper publisher,
Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana.
The house, much like the tub, merges
the grandiosity of French architecture
with the softness of a country house.
The Château Freestanding Tub
offers straight lines and graceful
curves to imbue a sense of old world
sophistication. Every element of this
tub was carefully considered, from
the prominent pedestal and ledge
to its elegant bateau shape. With
unforgettable details that evoke
a European-inspired façade, the
Château proves that classic design and
quality construction can withstand
Hydro Systems Château Freestanding Tub
the test of time. A more transitional
spin on a traditional tub, the Château
is handcrafted from Hydroluxe and
is equipped with a built-in deck for a
faucet mounting. At 66” x 32” it is the
perfect blend of size and comfort.
Tankless instant water system for
unlimited warm water spray
Ultra high-efficiency flushing at
a low 1.0gpf volume
Low-profile slim seat
Adjustable water temperature
and pressure
Adjustable, self-cleaning
aluminum-plated nozzle
Heated seat with adjustable
Infinity Drain
18 Secatoag Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050
Booth 312
Barbara Kratus
Rakesh Ramkarran
Kimberly Frechette
Hydro Systems Breanne Freestanding Tub
The Breanne Freestanding tub is
equipped with extra thick reinforced
fiberglass – making it both durable
and long lasting. The delicate curves
bring the grace and luxury of an
antique freestanding bathtub into
modern times. The Breanne’s ability
to fit into contemporary as well as
classic design schemes makes it one
of Hydro Systems’ most versatile
freestanding bathtubs. A new spin
on the traditional two-piece acrylic
freestanding tub, this tub is factory
assembled into a one-piece design
that allows for access to the faucet
deck and an integrated linear waste
and overflow. While this tub exudes
quality and style, it is aggressively
priced to fit any budget.
P.O. Box 27777
Santa Ana, CA 92799
Booth 212
John Curby
Travis Williams
ICERA Muse II Toilet
The ICERA 1-Piece Richmond II
Skirted Toilet is a high efficiency (1.28
GPF) traditional design featuring a
skirted bowl for easy maintenance and
a clean profile.
ICERA Integrated Bidet Toilet
Infinity Drain USG Durarock Shower System
The USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain
Shower System offers a completely
waterproofed, linear drain shower
system that’s easier and faster to
install than traditional shower
construction. This integrated shower
system pairs high-performance
USG Durock brand shower system
components with Infinity’s
decorative linear drains. The system,
appropriate for residential and
commercial application, includes a
pre-sloped floor and wallboard with
waterproofing facer factory-applied
to the surface. This saves time on the
job site and decreases the potential
for installation error. Accessories such
as benches, niches and curbs round
out the offering. The shower system
comes with a warranty.
The ICERA Muse II 1-Piece Toilet
offers a rimless wash action in a highefficient 1.28gpf water closet.
ICERA will feature an integrated bidet
toilet with the following features:
Skirted toilet bowl with
integrated bidet seat
ICERA Richmond II Toilet
Infinity Drain Center Drain
Infinity Drain expanded its center
drain offering to make a higher quality
product at a competitive price. New
decorative center drains come in
seven patterns and are available in 4”
and 5” square and 5” round strainer
options. The magnetic hold has been
replaced by an engineered resistance
fit tray. Product is available in multiple
stocked finishes in standard or highflow rate versions.
Infinity Drain Center Drain
The new Solid linear drain grate
features a 3/16” thick stainless steel
cover with a minimally sized gap
surrounding the grate on all sides to
efficiently evacuate water. Available
in satin or polished stainless finishes.
Fixed size linear drains only: FX, FF,
FT Series.
Infinity Drain Solid Drain
The new Slotted grate reflects the
contemporary style of Wedge Wire
at a lower price point. 16-gauge 304L
stainless steel is used to construct
the grate that comes with height
adjustment feet. Available in satin
stainless, polished stainless, oil rubbed
bronze and satin bronze finish. Fixed
size linear drains only: FX, FF, FT
935 Lachance Street
Quebec, QC GIP 2H3
Booth 412
Kim Falby
Maxine Lanouette
place to concentrate overflowing and
splashing activities without showering
the counter. The drying rack on this
level is ideal for rinsing and draining
foods and cooking instruments.
Also, the SmartStation sink is the
first and only Home Refinements’
special collection sink designed to
accommodate some of the À la Carte
options. The online configurator,
enables showrooms to easily add a
built-in drain board, change the drain
position or add a built-in drawer to
hide brushes, cleaning pads and other
cleaning supplies.
Julien SmartStation Sink
The SmartStation sink is built from
commercial quality 16 gauge stainless
steel and features an attractive
combination of vertical square corners
of the UrbanEdge collection and the
slightly rounded corners (7 mm) of the
J7 collection.
The SmartStation sink has a ½’’
accessory ledge on the front and back
of the bowl that can accommodate
any standard 17’’ Home Refinements
accessory. 18’’ Home Refinements
accessories can be used directly on
the countertop. A choice of about 30
accessories can slide from side to side
of the bowl on the two levels. The sink
comes with a bottom grid, a colander,
a cutting board and a drying rack
included. A choice of wood essence for
accessory handles is offered in maple
and walnut.
SmartStation sink allows accessories
to crisscross, combine and overlap
on two levels, according to needs.
The first one, located right on the
countertop, is the perfect place to
prepare meals at a comfortable height
with a cutting board or a tray. The
midbasin ledge, thanks to its strategic
position midway between the top and
bottom of the bowl, is the designated
Kartners Bathroom Accessories
1146 15th Street NW
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M9
Booth 405
Tom Brook
Darren Cooper
will feature
its newest
Porto and
Lisbon. Both
collections are
crafted with
100% brass
and feature
Kartner’s Lisbon Robe Hook
to fully
customize the offering.
384-A Clinton Street
Costa Mesa, CA92628
Booth 201
Glenn Ridenour
Oliver Bleich
Diane Hutter
freedom and reliability. The slim line
basic shapes and a modern soft edge
design add timeless elegance to a
KEUCO Royal Lumos LED Mirror Cabinet
KEUCO will introduce a brand-new
generation of LED mirror cabinets
and mirrors, including the majestic
and awe-inspiring Royal Lumos, the
versatile Edition 400, the sleek Royal
Match and Royal Reflex.2 and the
slender Royal L1. Covering a broad
pricing spectrum in the premium
segment, these new products offer
contemporary lighting solutions for
progressive clients in residential and
commercial projects.
New KEUCO mirror cabinets and
mirrors feature homogenously
illuminated LED lights that provide
glare-free lighting, adjustable and
dimmable light colors to mimic
morning, day and night settings
and top and bottom light accents
to highlight specific objects for a
soothing ambiance in the bathroom.
KEUCO Royal Match
KEUCO Edition 400
KEUCO Royal Reflex.2
KEUCO Royal L1
All LED modules in KEUCO’s new
mirrors and mirror cabinets have been
developed and designed in-house.
800 Aviation Parkway
Smyrna, TN 37167
Booths 401 and 500
Lars Christensen
Daniel Schwab
Tammy Nixon Massoud Salessi
Oliver Bahr
Visually stunning, highly practical
and very easy to clean – KWC’s
newest faucet line, SUNO, features
a minimalist design that blends into
modern kitchens with straight lines.
The high spout version allows plenty
of working space.
KWC LUNA E is the evolution of
a classic design that offers a new,
wide variety of models designed
with trusted, popular features of the
previous generation for even greater
Both SUNO and LUNA E faucets
are easy to keep clean. The jetclean
faceplate prevents limescale buildup,
and does some of the cleaning on its
own. When water flows, the coneshaped holes on the faceplate expand,
dislodging any stubborn limescale
deposits. The holes go back to normal
size when the water flow is switched
off. If limescale deposits do build up
on the faceplate of the faucet, the
faucet’s turn-and-clean fastening
mechanism can manually and easily
clean it. Both collections are available
in chrome and splendure stainless
LACAVA Eleganza Faucet in Brushed Gold
6630 W. Wrightwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60707
Booth 101
Carmine Lacava
Nick Robinson
Patrick Meidl
The Eleganza line of faucets and
fixtures is available in polished
chrome, polished nickel, brushed
nickel and brushed gold. Fixtures
can be ordered with knob, lever
or cross handles. The collection
includes a range of faucets, control
mixers, shower heads and bathroom
indivisible unit. The delicate metal
frame available in polished or brushed
stainless steel, matte black or brushed
brass, surrounds and enframes the
wooden stack or multiple drawers
available in several different finishes.
The whole assembly is covered
with a thin inset gloss solid surface
countertop. The extra extended metal
frame creates enough space for a
floating inset shelf matching the top
and a towel bar. Linea vanities are
available in standard widths: 24”, 30”,
36”, 48”, 60” and 72”.
LACAVA Navi Vanity and Flou Faucets
LACAVA Flou Faucet in Matte Black
The Flou faucets and tub fillers,
featuring flowing curves and
contemporary shapes, are available in
polished chrome (CR), brushed nickel
(NI) and matte black (44). Fixtures
include single lever and two-lever
deck faucets, wall-mount faucets,
shower or tub mixers and floor
standing tub filler with hand shower.
The Linea
into one
LACAVA Linea Vanity
Laufen’s new products include:
A new sleek Euro-design water
closet with an affordable price
Ino wall-hung washbasin
with integral countertop with
maximized bowl and integrated
Laufen also
will feature its
Val washbasins
by simple
edges and
fine surface
Laufen Euro-Design Water Closet
Made from
Saphir Keramik, the Val range
includes washbasins, washbasin
bowls, trays, bathtubs and new
bathroom furniture from the Space
The Navi collection of vanities
intentionally combines various
materials, namely metal with wood
and solid surface, to showcase the
great characteristics of each. The
metal frame supports and defines
structure, wood adds warmth and
solid surface provides clean and wearresistant countertop surface.
Navi vanities are available in standard
widths: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”.
The choice of 20+ wood finishes and
four metal finishes render countless
possibilities to create the perfect
combination for any space or decor.
Laufen Bathrooms North America
7610 NE 4th Court, Suite 104
Miami, FL 33138
Booth 604
Stephen Barry
Frank Liebetrau
Laufen Ino Wall-Hung Washbasin
Laufen Wall-Hung Vanity
The rectangular, wall-mounted
washbasin, is available in 6 widths
from 450 to 950 mm. Its trademark,
straight geometric lines and walls
with small radii and gently rounded
corners emphasize the humane and
friendly character of the delicate
Kartell by Laufen Washbasin with
console legs offered in chrome or
matte black.
Laufen Wasbasjn with Console Legs
Laufen will also feature its new
“BASE” with Pro vanity combinations
with ceramic sinktops – superior
Blum drawer glides and touch latch.
4580 W. Roosevelt Road
Hillsdale, IL 60162
Booth 404
Dick Isaacs
Jay Beaumont
Shower panels, shower valves
and showerheads
New stainless-steel kitchen
New touch kitchen faucet
Apron sinks that fit into standard
Thermostatic valves that are +/- 1
degree accurate.
New additions to its popular
solid stainless-steel kitchen
faucet line.
An affordable touch kitchen
faucet to its apogee line.
MCN European Enterprises
14441 N73rd Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Booth 413
Michael Isaacs
Travis Schelling
Mountain Plumbing Products
PO Box 630008
Irving, TX 75063
Booth 409
Bruce Reidel
Ryan Reidel
Sergio Varela
The Mountain Re-Vive Collection
Shower Rainheads and Hand-Held
Showers are made from 304 stainless
steel. They are ultra slim 2.4mm, flow
at 1.6 GPM and self-pressurizing,
which allows for more water pressure
to pass through the nozzles to deliver
a relaxing shower experience.
Mr. Steam
43-20 34th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
Booth 501
Barton Gorelik
Martha Orellana
MrSteam iStream3
New iSteam®3 enables users to control
their temperature, time, aroma
infusion, chroma lighting and music
with nothing more than the swipe of
a finger. Featuring flat-panel elegance
and touch-screen simplicity, iSteam3
is the third generation of MrSteam’s
most technologically advanced
The new SteamLinx System is
the latest in mobile steam shower
technology. This innovative system
puts simple, convenient control
of home steam shower functions
wirelessly through a smartphone app.
Lenova PermaClean Apron Front Ledge Prep Sink
New Lenova products include:
Vanities and tops upgraded with
choice of tops, dove tail drawers,
drawer organization and outlet
for bathroom electrics.
Mountain Plumbing Products Re-Vive Collection
Rainhead and Hand Shower
New ChromaSteam®3 System suffuses
the steam shower with a spectrum
of color from air blue to sensual red.
This Chroma System allows users to
select color and modes directly from
the iSteam®3 Control touchscreen
and works with the new SteamLinx
System mobile app. ChromaTherapy®
uses a lighting system that activates
transformative qualities.
MrSteam ChromaSteam3
New AudioSteam®3 - links with
Pandora, Spotify or iHeart music,
enabling users to listen to Internet
radio from a smart devise or the
built-in FM radio. Using Bluetooth®
technology, the AudioSteam®3 with
moisture resistant speakers, interfaces
with the iSteam3 control and the new
SteamLinx System with mobile app.
MrSteam’s New Lexington Collection
of towel warmers brings sophisticated,
contemporary elegance to bathrooms.
Standard with digital timer and
matching timer cover plate, there is
a style to suit almost everyone in this
collection of designer-inspired towel
The new Teak Shower Seat drops
for use, folds for storage and has
several available designer finishes
for the brackets, ensuring that it will
complement any shower.
Nantucket Sinks
342 Compass Circle, Unit D4
North Kingston, RI 02852
Booth 612
Ron Raffel
MTI Baths
670 North Price Road
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
Booth 305
Jeff Sherrill
Matt Ceren
The Halo Pedestal Sink is an elegant
cylinder with graceful curves that
comes in at a compact 18” round by
36” high yet has a generously sized
bowl of 17” round. It is compatible
with a freestanding or wall-mounted
faucet and made of MTI’s proprietary
SculptureStone™ material.
MTI Baths Halo Pedestal Sink
The gently rounded, elegantly
simple Luna vessel sink is available
with a rounded or flat rim to enable
it to fit into a variety of design
settings. Available in two sizes:
14” and 16” diameter. Made out of
SculptureStone™ material.
Nantucket Sinks will showcase new
one-of-a-kind real gold, platinum and
copper finishes for fireclay farm sinks
and hand-finished fireclay lavatories.
Nikles USA, Inc.
1725 Corporate Drive, Suite 335
Norcross, GA 30093
Booth 503
Korbinian Kohl
Johnn McDermott
Ashley Mussman
Oceania Bath
591 Avenue des Entreprises
Thetford Mines
PQ, Canada G6H 4B2
Booths 505
Eli Couture
Robert Calabrese
MTI Baths Luna Vessel Sink
MrSteam Lexington Towel Warmer
Both products cater to baths with
smaller footprints. The actual basins,
however, are generously sized and
practical for daily living.
Oceania Bath Tahoe Freestanding Bathtub
Tahoe freestanding bathtub: 66” x 36”
freestanding innovative technology
entirely made in North America. This
bath has slimline lip and walls and
a unique shape that morphs from
rectangular to an oval. It’s a onepiece tub that is seamed but without
any paint on the seam. The Tahoe is
available with a matte white acrylic
skirt and available in all Lucite lcrylic
Florence freestanding bathtub
measures 67” x 29”. This freestanding
bathtub, double slipper is one
comfortable and sexy looking bathtub.
Oceana Florence Freestanding Bathtub
Quick Install and Leak-Proof Shower
base is the first shower base that
doesn’t need mudding, and has no
flexing or cracking. Also equipped
with the first ever leak-proof barrier,
making it even safer to install for
home owners.
OMNIA Industries
P.O. Box 330
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Booth 100
Alex Comini
John Barwick
Palazzani USA Inc.
345 NW 171st Street
Miami, FL 33169
Booths 103
Mani Majano
Marco Palazzani
Pentair Everpure
5730 North Glen Park Road
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Booth 310
Ivan Morales
Neal White
Pentair Everpure’s commercial
grade filtration systems ensure crisp,
refreshing water.
The H-300-NXT drinking water
system is the first of its kind
to be certified by NSF to NSF/
ANSI Standard 401, to reduce
pharmaceuticals that may be found
in water. The EF-Series full flow
filtration systems easily install under
any sink where quality water is
desired: kitchen, bathroom, pot-filler,
wet bar, coffee and espresso machines,
ice maker and more!
Some Everpure filtration systems
offer added protection against VOCs,
THMs and MTBE; others include a
bacteriostatic that combats the growth
of bacteria in the cartridge.
3 Parker
Irvine, CA 92618
Booth 408
Brad King
Vik Szemerei
Named for Piazza del Campo in
Sienna, Italy, the ROHL Italian Bath
Campo Bath series celebrates the
famous systems of conduits that bring
water to the area. In the 14th century,
miles of tunnels and aqueducts
were built, delivering water to the
famous Font Gaia – or Fountain of
the World. The Campo handle and
escutcheon design emulate the valve/
stem combination used in the building
of industrial conduit systems. The
faucets are authentically crafted in
Piemonte, Italy.
Pentair Everpure Filtration System
Unlike solid carbon block filtration
systems, Pentair Everpure’s H-300NXT and EF-Series product lines
feature an accordion-folded filter
membrane covered with Micro-Pure,
a very fine activated carbon coating
on both sides of the membrane. This
combination results in incredibly
reliable performance.
ROHL Campo Bath Faucet
The exclusive pre-coat filtration
removes off-tastes, odors and particles
as small as 0.5 micron in size,
including lead and chemicals, making
drinking water as clean as possible.
ROHL San Giovoni
Named for Villa San Giovanni, the
main access to Southern Italy, the
ROHL Italian Bath San Giovanni
series epitomizes the industriousness
of this region. The area was known in
the mid nineteenth century as “little
Manchester” (England) for its large
number of fabric spinning mills and
industrial pipe factories. The lines
of this collection are derived from
the industrial lineage of the pipe
manufacturing mills. The escutcheons
carry a nuts-and-bolts like detail
reminiscent of mechanical fittings
from the late 1800s.
Ryvyr, Division of Elk Group
12 Willow Lane
Nesquehoning, PA 18240
Booth 102
Jason Evans
David Tremblay
Perrin &
Georgian Era
Faucet is
made from
solid brass
and is plated
to a thickness
ROHL Perrin & Rowe Georgian Era
that is
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
more than
double industry standards. This
ensures a deep, protective coating
that is resistant to wear and tear, yet
also pleasing to the eye. The faucet
is assembled by hand and each is
individually water tested before
leaving the factory.
Samuel Heath
Cobden Works, Leopold Street
Birmingham, England B12OUJ
44 121 7722303
Booth 511
Stephen Hardy
Stacy Mendelsohn
Rosalyn Morrison
ROHL Italian
carries an
softness that
the feminine
ROHL Perrin & Rowe Patrizia PullThe faucet is
Down Kitchen Faucet
tailored, with a subtle hint of flirty
curve. Slimming details along the
spout and on the pull-down handle
make this faucet the perfect mix of
feminine style and strength.
LMK Industrial is faithful to the
rational functionalism redolent of
Bauhaus and a modern interpretation
of the values and style of the designs
it pioneered. The collection fuses
raw with refined in a celebration of
contemporary design. The result is
an authentic reflection of the era, but
with an individual identity secured by
the finest craftsmanship.
Ryvyr is offering free freight for any
display ordered at the Conference and
by November 30, 2017.
Samuel Heath
will showcase
its new LMK
inspired by the
Bauhaus School
of design. LMK
consists of two
Pure with its
Samuel Heath Pure
concise and
direct lines
and Industrial
with its
bold and
urban styling.
LMK Pure has
overtones of the
original Bauhaus
aesthetic and
builds on the
Samuel Heath Industrial
foundations of
Samuel Heath’s Fairfield and Style
Moderne Collections.
Slik Portfolio
145 Northfield Drive West
Waterloo, ON N2L 5J3
Booth 109
Jonathan Cloutier
Maxime Cloutier
25 E. Union Avenue
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Booth 304
Jeff Noll
Jeff Carney
Fred Fedewa
Steamist showcases its new 550
Digital Control equipped with a
myriad of in-demand functions and
features that enhance shower design
and elevate user experience. The new
550 Digital Control features a large,
high-definition touchscreen display
offering multiple-language capabilities
and easily adjustable font sizes. The
Steamist 550 Digital Control
ThermaTouch 8.0 is a new integrated
App, featuring live TV, news, weather,
video content, music and more. It’s
fully waterproof design allows for
the ThermaTouch to be installed
anywhere in the shower, bathing area,
patio or other locations.
control can be installed vertically or
Compatible with Steamist’s TSG or
SM Plus steam generators, the 550 can
operate all Total Sense™ Spa Options
such as AromaSense, ChromaSense,
AudioSense and ShowerSense.
Two user profiles can be programmed
for instant access to temperature,
duration and spa option preferences.
Another breakthrough is Steamist’s
patent-pending dual-temperature
technology, which allows for superior
temperature accuracy standard on all
Steamist digital controls, including the
450 and 250 models.
Steamist Modern Steamhead
The Round Steamhead (3199R) adds
another option for a fully customized
look within the steam shower. The
3199R is available in polished chrome,
polished nickel, brushed nickel,
polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze
Steamist has added three new
steamhead models. The new options
include a Bilateral Steamhead,
Modern Steamhead and Round
The sleek and slender Bilateral
Steamhead offers a streamlined look.
Engineered to direct steam both
up and down, its innovative design
ensures even dispersion for optimal
user comfort. The Bilateral Steamhead
features a solid brass cover plate and is
available in polished chrome, polished
nickel, brushed nickel, polished
Steamist Bilateral Steamhead
gold, brushed bronze and oil-rubbed
The new Modern Steamhead features
a sharp, square silhouette. Its clean
lines create a contemporary design
that make it a perfect match for the
new state-of-the-art 550 Digital
Control. It is offered in polished
chrome, polished nickel and brushed
• Over-the-air updates, exactly like
your smartphone
• In-shower water proof interface
• Runs the Full ThermaSol product
• Bluetooth connectivity
• MicroTouch 3.0
• Unique Infrared Temperature
• Unique Capacitive Touch
• Minimalist Design
• Fully re-engineered with a 25%
sleeker design.
Steamist Round Steamhead
The Home Trust International
401 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Booth 610
Chris Ramey
ThermaSol ThermaTouch 8.0
The Home Trust International is an
industry digital design center, referral
network and a niche marketing firm.
ThermaSol Steambath Company
1958 Steam Way
Round Rock, TX 78665
Booth 200
Jari Ristola
Nick Larrick
ThermaSol MicroTouch 3.0
251 Thames Street, Suite 3, Box 7
441 NW 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Booth 311
Produced in collaboration with
Limoges porcelain manufacturer
Haviland, Infini features Haviland’s
pattern in a
radiant new
design for the
bath. Using
an exclusive
and delicate
executed by
hand, Infini
THG Haviland
boasts both a
matte and glossy finish combination.
The elegant, yet simple design of
the curved spout brings a touch of
modernity to the intricately engraved
Haviland has designed porcelain for
President Lincoln, the Emperor of
Japan and the Royal Court of Monaco.
Its classic Infini pattern, modeled
after sunbeams, brings a level of
elegance truly worthy of royalty.
THG® Paris’ collaborated with
internationally-recognized interior
designer, Timothy Corrigan to create
West Coast and Grand Central. The
sophisticated, classic styles were
inspired by beautiful 1920s silver
and jewelry
designs of
Cartier and
The West
Coast line
elegance with
THG West Coast
comfort. Inlays within the faucet
handles and are available in either
black or white onyx or a guilloché
metal pattern. Guilloché is a
decorative technique, popular on the
fine watches and jewelry of the 1920s,
in which a highly precise pattern is
mechanically engraved with a rose
engine lathe.
a mix of the
so popular
in recent
years with
the lyrical
of the early
THG Grand Central
20th century.
The spout and handles incorporate
fluted metalwork inspired by the
columns outside New York’s Grand
Central Station. Grand Central
features black or white onyx inlays
within each handle, as well as belted
waist and finial details on all handles
and spouts.
Top Notch Distributors
80 Fourth Street
P.O. Box 189
Honesdale, PA 18431
Booth 411
Michael Flynn
Dave Prouty
Paul Ehmke
Top Notch Distributors offers over 100
market-leading brands of residential,
commercial and electronic access
control systems. The company will
feature its key decorative hardware
brands at DPHA.
The Dean adds
a nostalgic
spirit to the
collection, but
with a modern
and timeless
spin. Knurled
secure each
valve base
THG Dean
in place and
each lever is smooth, comfortable and
inviting. The natural and soft curves of
the two different spout variations also
add a simplicity to Dean that is gentle
but purposeful, creating a remarkable
interplay of contemporary and
transitional styles. Dean is available
for basins, showers and baths and with
a coordinated accessories line. This
series is available in a wide choice of
finishes, including chrome, gold, soft
gold, nickel, rhodium silver and rose
Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd.
33778 North Railway Avenue
Mission, BC V2V 1H6
Booth 105
Ravi Beech
Aditya Bansal
Top Notch Distributors Hardware Offering
Valley Acrylic features its acclaimed
designer tub ONYX and its newest
illuminated undermount and vessel.
Onyx’ stunning, diamond faceted
edges taper this geometric bath to fit
the curve of the body with a multifaceted design, reclined back slope
and a fully integrated pop-up drain
style that creates a seamless, smooth
surface across the entire bathing well
for maximum comfort. Onyx has an
extra-wide Roman-style faucet deck
space to accommodate a wide range of
Vicenza Designs
4675 Vandenberg Drive
North Las Vegas, NV 89081
North Charleston, SC 29406
Booth 104
William Johnson
Sarah Kindsvater
Valley Acrylic Onyx Tub
The illuminated Cube and Luxe
custom-sized basins are handcrafted
and kiln-formed Aura stone products,
made in North America. The
illuminated basins come in both the
Cube vessel and Luxe undermounted
with soft, icy illumination in more
than 15 remote controlled, energyefficient LED color combinations.
Valley Acrylic Illuminated Cube
Valley Acrylic Onyx Undermount Sink
Vicenza Designs San Michele Collection
San Michele Collection was inspired
by various locations and churches
in Italy, the most well-known being
Isola di San Michele, an island in the
Venetian lagoon in Northern Italy.
Vicenza Designs brings the Venetian
look and feel through the San Michele
collection of knobs, pulls, door
handles, bathroom accessories and
Victoria + Albert Bath LLC
4750 Goer Drive, Unit A
North Charleston, SC 29406
Booth 308
Eric Phelps
Tara Charbonneau
Victoria + Albert will be discussing
the brand experience to support its
widening product offering.
Water, Inc.
704 Kings Hill Place
Carson, CA 90746
Booth 603
Rick Tarantino
Tom Dugan
Water, Inc. Ozone
Faucet cleans food
reduces pesticide
residues on food by
75% and extends
the storage life of
meat, fruits and
vegetables up to
3 times. Great
for cleaning and
killing bacteria on
baby bottles and
toys. Ships with
two types of faucet
tips. It is available
in chrome or satin
Water, Inc. Touch
Faucet allows
for convenient
touch operation
anywhere on the faucet. Clean and
minimal design fits most décor. AA
battery operated for easy installation.
Works with any cold-water drinking
water filter. Available in chrome,
polished nickel and satin nickel.
Water, Inc.’s new stainless steel
instant hot tank with a new smaller
footprint saves space and delivers
up to 200 degree hot water with a
3 quart reservoir. All stainless steel
construction with a stainless steel
heating element, storage tank, tubing
and outer tank. Can be used with
all Water, Inc. EverHot instant hot
faucets and EverHot hot/cold faucets.
Water, Inc. Independent Disposer
has an antimicrobial additive to
protect against odor. The fully
balanced grinding system ensures
the combination of the quietest and
strongest operation. Easy 3-bolt
mounting system.
Freestanding and wall-mounted
versions, as well as a variety of sizing
options, allow for Déco to outfit a
wide range of bathrooms. Déco is
available in 24’’ to 72’’ sizes and is
complemented by an offering of round
and rectangular backlit mirrors.
276 St-Jacques, Suite G02
Montreal, QC
Canada H2Y 1N3
Booth 512
Pat Henaire
Katie Hyle Bungeroth
Edouard Bourgault-Parise
The C2 vanity delivers aesthetically
and functionally, providing ample
storage and simplistic style. Perfect for
powder rooms, guest bathrooms and
small apartments, C2’s powder-coated
black stainless steel frame, made
complete with three rungs and a wood
wall-mounted storage unit afford
bathroom environments with multifunctional elements.
WETSTYLE’s new bathroom vanity
collection, Déco, is inspired by the
glamour and decadence of the Art
Déco age. The collection’s designers,
Joël Dupras, Pierre Belanger and
WETSTYLE Design Lab, infused the
vanity with softened geometric forms
and luxurious finish details creating a
one-of-a-kind statement for the bath.
Premium and exotic wood finishes,
including Torrified Eucalyptus and
Mozambique, elevate the vanity’s
appeal, alongside soft-touch matte
lacquers and metallic accents for a
style all its own.
The C2 Collection vanity is offered
in 24” and 30” and can be combined
with the WETSTYLE Element
Collection sinks in 24” and 30”
sizes. Additionally, the vanity can be
accessorized with WETSTYLE’s 24”
Backlit Mirror with dimmable lights
and a decorative wood shelf.
The sinks and countertops are molded
by the company’s proprietary material,
WETMAR BiO, which is eco-friendly
and thermo-insulating. The material
mixes soy and mineral stone. The
result is a surface that is naturally
stain and bacteria resistant, nonslip, with superior strength and heat
Déco is available with a variety of
WETSTYLE’s integral lavatory
and above-counter vessel sinks.
Kathy Adamson, Mission West Kitchen
& Bath
Katharina Adrian, Dornbracht Americas
Mark Albers Associated Sales
Decorative Plumbing, Inc.
Ada Aldana, Designer’s Plumbing &
Hardware, Inc.
Melissa Allen, Cobblestone Court
Nikki Allen, ProSource, LLC
Daphne Robboy-Alvarez,Baci by
Roberto Alvarez, Baci by Remcraft
Mary Ambrose, Westheimer Plumbing &
Essa Ammari, Renaissance Design Studio
Paul Ardente
Stan Artman, Native Trails
Maureen Ashe, Purcell Murray Company
John Aykroyd, Luxury Products Group
Jim Babbitt, DPHA
Oliver Bahr, Franke Consumer Products
Aditya, Bansal, Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd
Jeremy Barela, American Standard
Ted Barker, Amerec
Stephen Barry, Laufen Bathrooms North
John Barwick, OMNIA Industries, Inc.
Michael Battista, Monique’s Bath
Cathy Beauchesne, Cement Elegance
Jay Beaumont, Lenova, Inc.
Ravi Beech, Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd
Justin Berkowsky, GRAFF
Erin Bittner, Pierce Hardware
Alan Bleecker, Capitol Hardware, Inc.
Oliver Bleich, KEUCO Management Inc.
Jill Bogard, Central Arizona Supply
Andrew Boico, Classic Kitchen & Bath
Lynn Bonney, Best Plumbing Group, LLC
Edouard Bourgault-Parise, WETSTYLE
Kate Brady, General Plumbing Supply
John Brannan, Magruder Associates
Julie Bright, The Rain Company
Tom Brook, Kartners Bathroom
Michelle Brown, Elkay
Susan Butler, SIGMA Designer Faucetry
Robert Calabrese, Oceania Bath, Inc.
Richard Campbell, Belmont Hardware,
David Campos, General Plumbing
Norm Cannon, Purcell Murray Company
Kristin Cano-Crawford, Carter
Hardware, Inc.
Jeff Carney, Steamist
Cynthia Carter, Next Generation
Tony Carter, Carter Hardware, Inc.
Debra Carter, Carter Hardware, Inc.
Matt Ceren, MTI Baths
Sterling Chafey, Central Arizona Supply
Terry Chamberlin, AD Waters USA
Tara Charbonneau, Victoria + Albert
Bath LLC
Daniel Chinitz, Creative Bath Sales
Tricia Chinitz, Creative Bath Sales
Alex Chiok, General Plumbing Supply
Lars Christensen, Franke Consumer
Jonathan Cloutier, SLIK Portfolio
MaximeCloutierSLIK Portfolio
Tom Cohn, DPHA
Samuel Coker, Level 5 Sales and
Alexander Comini, OMNIA Industries,
Darren Cooper, Kartners Bathroom
Dawn Corbo, Torrco Design Center Torrington Supply Company
Mireille Couture, Oceania Bath, Inc.
Rebekah Covay, DPHA
Walter Cox, Ultimate Marketing
Associates, Inc.
John Coyle, Signum LLC
David Crossley, Baci by Remcraft
John Curby, Icera
Eddie Curiel, Premier Bath & Kitchen
Debbie Cusolito, California Faucets, Inc.
- Dezi Home
Traci D’Antoni, D’Antoni Sales Group
Kane Dabir, Sidler International
Keith Dagarin, Axent Corporation
Claus de Rond, Silver Creek Supply LLC
Tarra Del Chiaro, Accurate Lock &
Hardware Co., LLC
Heather Domingue, Milestone Water
Mike Donehey, American Standard
Jeff Dougherty, The Sales Group
Leila Douglah, Douglah Designs, Inc.
James Dozois, The Sales Group
Elaine Drolet, BainUltra
Tom Dugan, Water, Inc.
Sharon DuPuy, Elkay
Paul Ehmke, Top Notch Distributors
Christine Elderkin-Campos, Decorative
Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Christy Ellis, Sandpiper Supply
Gary Erickson, Renaissance Design
Howard Esbin, EWS - Environmental
Water Systems
Jason Evans, Ryvyr, Division of Elk
Group International
Kim Falby, Julien, Inc.
Jan Fase, Alno Inc.
Fred Felder, Simon’s Supply
Kathy Anne Fennema, Santa Fe by
Bob Ferraro, Central Arizona Supply
Philipe Filion, Baril Manufacturier Inc.
Jason Fleming, Central Arizona Supply
Michael Flynn, Top Notch Distributors
Robert Foster, Foster Companies
Garret Foster, Foster Companies
Bayard Fox, Cement Elegance
Robin Frank, Carr Company
Howard Frankel, Central Plumbing
Kimberly Frechette, Infinity Drain
Michelle Freydenlund, Premier Bath &
Wendy Frutchey, Sierra West Marketing
Mark Gallo, Accurate Lock & Hardware
Co., LLC
Greg Gappa, Fleurco, Inc.
Noel Garcia, Decorative Sales Associates
Margarita Garrity, Central Arizona
Louis Gendreau, BainUltra
Bob Gifford, Hastings Tile & Bath
David Goldberg, Union Hardware Inc.
Barton Gorelik, Mr. Steam
J.T. Goulet, Chown Hardware
Bryan Gover, Central Arizona Supply
Jeff Graveline, Accurate Lock &
Hardware Co., LLC
Jamie Gregg, Colonial Bronze
Joanne Gregg, Colonial Bronze
David Gregory, Pinnacle Sales Group
John Gunderson, Amerec
Tom Handschuh, TCB Sales Inc.
Lynn Hardy, Americh Corp.
Stephen Hardy, Samuel Heath
Ted Havel, Equity Plumbing
David Hawkins, David L. Hawkins
Design Management Inc.
Andrew Healey, Barber Wilsons/
Pat Henaire, WETSTYLE
Cary Hergenrother, Hastings Tile & Bath
Marilyn Hermance, Westheimer
Plumbing & Hardware
Michael Homola, Hastings Tile & Bath
Matt Hooper, Jack London Kitchen &
Bath Gallery
Phil Hotarek, Lutz Bath & Kitchen
Diane Hutter, KEUCO Management Inc.
Katie Hyle Bungeroth, WETSTYLE
Dick Isaacs, Lenova, Inc.
Michael Isaacs, MCN European
Henry Jacobi, Simon’s Hardware & Bath
Tina Jacovino, Torrco Design Center Torrington Supply Company
Pat Jarvis, Dornbracht Americas Inc.
Sarah Jenkinson, Barber
Jorge Jimenez, Crosswater Limited
William Johnson, Vicenza Designs
Joe Kastelic, Amerock
Austin Kelly, Axent Corporation
Kim Killgore, The Rain Company
Gary Kimmey, Milestone Water
Sarah Kindsvater, Vicenza Designs
Brad King, ROHL, LLC
Dan Klagenberg, Premier Bath & Kitchen
Korbinian Kohl, Nikles USA, Inc.
Barbara Kratus, Infinity Drain
Rich Kucera, Hastings Tile & Bath
Chris Kulig, GRAFF
Ziggy Kulig, GRAFF
Alex Kuruvilla, Hamilton Sinkler
Mary Labowitz, Premier Marketing
Carmine Lacava, LACAVA
Aaron Laine, Fixtures & Fittings, Inc.
Bob Lando
Maxime Lanouette, Julien, Inc.
Nick Larrick, ThermaSol Steambath
Susan Lauersdorf, GRAFF
Lloyd Leblanc, AD Waters USA
Frank Liebetrau, Laufen Bathrooms
North America
Kathy Lilleness, Best Plumbing Group
Kayla Liseth, Belmont Hardware, Inc.
Rafael Lopez-Morton, RL Morton Bath
Design, LLC
Craig Maclaren, Taylor Bathroom Butler
Colin Magruder, Magruder Associates
John Magruder, Magruder Associates
Mani Majano, Palazzani USA Inc.
Jim Malcolm, Alno Inc.
Angie Manuson, Chown Hardware
Jeff Maples, Creative Bath Sales
Sam Marano, Bird Decorative Hardware
& Bath
Celine, Marcotte, GRAFF
Tonya Martin, ProSource, LLC
Lacy Martinez, DXV by American
John Matlack, Level 5 Sales and
Matt Matragas, Alpha Sales Company
Glenda McCarthy, Bravo Business Media
Johnn McDermott, Nikles USA, Inc.
Nick McGrail, Frank Allart & Company
Staci Mendelsohn, Samuel Heath
Michael Merkli, Sidler International
Dennis Mezzapesa, TCB Sales Inc.
Brian Michalovic, Bravo Business Media
Ivan Morales, Pentair Everpure
Melissa Morrisette, Best Plumbing
Group, LLC
Rosalyn Morrison, Samuel Heath
Josef Moskovic, Franz Viegener
Nat Mucha, Fairmont Designs
Judy Mulloy, Frank Allart & Company
Sharon Murray, AXOR - Hansgrohe
Ashley Mussman, Nikles USA, Inc.
Kory Nelson, Premier Marketing
Kylie Nelson, Premier Marketing
Stacy Nguyen-Yos, Americh Corp.
Adrienne, Nienkamp, Immerse
Tammy Nixon, Franke Consumer
Jeff Noll, Steamist
Martha Orellana, Mr. Steam
David Ortwein, Hydro Systems
Dino Pacifici, Americh Corp.
Marco Palazzani, Palazzani USA Inc.
Tina Pappalardo, General Plumbing
Ryan Paul, Summit Architectural
Resource LLC
Michael Pechar, SIGMA Designer
Jerry Pedulla, Creative Bath Sales
Eric, Phelps, Victoria + Albert Bath LLC
Ramiro Ponce, Hydro Systems
Mickey Preston, Repnet, Inc.
Lori Prier, Cement Elegance
Dave Prouty,Top Notch Distributors
Margie Puchalski, Amerock
Jay Pugliese, Berenson & R. Christensen
Paula Quan, Bobier Sales, Inc.
Ron Raffel, Nantucket Sinks
Chris Ramey, The Home Trust
Rakesh Ramkarran, Infinity Drain
Thomas Ramos, Thomas Ramos &
Robert Raposo, Group 2C, Inc.
Bruce Reidel, Mountain Plumbing
Ryan Reidel, Mountain Plumbing
Paul Reigelsberger, Immerse
Kathy Richardson, Pierce Hardware
Glenn Ridenour, KEUCO Management
Michael Risser, Bronzes de France &
Bagues Paris
Jari Ristola, ThermaSol Steambath
Blake Rivas, TCB Sales Inc.
Jeff Robboy, Baci by Remcraft
Nick Robinson, LACAVA
Lisa Roosevelt, Naples Plumbing Studio
Merrisa Roosevelt, Naples Plumbing
Caroline Root, Grohe America
Jim Rossitto, Pinnacle Sales Group, Inc.
Darlene Rousseau, Berenson & R.
Christensen Hardware
Ron Routhier, Belmont Hardware, Inc.
Stephan Roy, SH Immersive
Michael Salamon, Fleurco, Inc.
Massoud Salessi, Franke Consumer
Reed Salvatore, Accurate Lock &
Hardware Co., LLC
Kathy Sanders, Pierce Hardware
Vicki Sarracino, Anew Kitchen & Bath
Travis Schelling, MCN European
David Schlocker, DRS & Associates
Daniel Schwab, Franke Consumer
Robert Schwarz, Santa Fe by Design
Mindy Sevinor, Salem Plumbing Supply
Gary Sforzo, Amerock
Jennifer Sheffield, Premier Bath &
Jeff Sherrill, MTI Baths
Joe Sifuentez, Belmont Hardware, Inc.
Fred Silverstein, California Faucets, Inc. Dezi Home
Jeff Silverstein, California Faucets, Inc. Dezi Home
Tina Silverstein California Faucets, Inc. Dezi Home
Stacey Singer, Alno Inc.
Martin Siwy, CEU Events
Brad Sledge, Pierce Hardware
Jeremy Smith, Central Arizona Supply
John Smithman, The Plumbing Place
Marco St-Pierre, The Galley, LLC
Debby Stehr, Stehr Enterprises
Kevin Steinhardt, Hydro Systems
Ryan Steves, Decorative Plumbing
Supply, Inc.
Patricia Striegel, Accel Group
Leigh Suffian, Immerse
Michael Sullivan, Artelinea USA
Rob Suri, Hamilton Sinkler
David, Swanson, Carter Hardware, Inc.
Vik Szemerei, ROHL, LLC
Noah Taft, California Faucets, Inc. - Dezi
Rick Tarantino, Water, Inc.
Andrew Taylor, Bathroom Butler
Michele Thornton, Berenson & R.
Christensen Hardware
David Tremblay, Ryvyr, Division of Elk
Group International
Mark Truncale, EWS - Environmental
Water Systems
Jodi Vallejos, Central Arizona Supply
Jim Van Landingham, Purcell Murray
Sergio Varela, Mountain Plumbing
Michael Varian, Alpha Sales Company
Andy Vasquez, Renaissance Design
Maria Verrelli, BainUltra
Frank Vesci, Bobier Sales, Inc.
Gerry Villarreal, Franz Viegener
Karen Visage, Pierce Hardware
Darrin Walhberg, Alpha Sales Company
Faith Walker, Danze, Inc.
Julie Waters, Repcor
Bryce Weaver, W.T. Weaver & Sons Inc.
Patrick Weidl, LACAVA
Steven Weinberg, California Faucets, Inc.
- Dezi Home
Kymberly Weiner , Best Plumbing Tile &
John Weinstein, Franz Viegener
Neal White, Pentair Everpure
Jerry Williams, WMS Decorative
Travis Williams, Icera
Corey Wing, Purcell Murray Company
Christy Winter, Aptations, Inc.
Kim Wooden, Stehr Enterprises
Jason Xuereb, General Plumbing Supply
DanielleYankovich, DeLux Design +
Sales + Marketing Inc.
Megan Yee, Purcell Murray Company
Mathew Young, AXOR - Hansgrohe
Michelle Zeller, Amerock
Past Award Winners
Showroom Professional of the Year:
• Kymberly Weiner, Best Plumbing
Tile & Stone - 2016
• Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg, Salem
Plumbing Supply - 2015
• Ada Aldana, Designer’s Plumbing
& Hardware - 2014
• Jeremy Smith, Central Arizona
Supply - 2013
• Kaye Powell, Chown Hardware
- 2012
• Maureen Ashe, General Plumbing Supply - 2011
• Gary Erickson, Renaissance
Molding & Design - 2010
• Tim Murphy - Klaff’s - 2009
• Melissa Allen, Cobblestone Court
- 2008
• Marilyn Hermance, Westheimer
Plumbing and Hardware - 2007
• Faye Norton, Designer Hardware
by Faye - 2006
• Debbie Miller, Millers Decorative Plumbing and Hardware
- 2005
• Julie Koch, Elegant Additions 2004
• Charles Goldberg, Union Hardware - 2003
Representative Professional of the
• John Matlack, Level 5 Sales &
Marketing – 2016
• Kim Killgore, The Rain Company
- 2015
• Ray Whitehead, Sr., Whitehead &
Associates - 2014
• Paula Quan, Bobier Sales - 2013
• Cynthia Carter, Next Generation Marketing - 2012
• Dale Domingo, Associated Sales
- 2011
• Jerry Williams, WMS Decorative
Resource - 2010
• Dennis Mezzapesa, TCB Sales 2009
• Tim Vander Wall, InterArchitecturProducts - 2008
• Bob Marshall, ACS Marketing 2007
• Dan Beaudet, Dan Beaudet Company - 2006
Jim Babbitt, Hot2Cold - 2005
Debby Stehr, Stehr Enterprises
- 2004
Mary Labowitz, Premier Marketing - 2003
Manufacturer Professional of the
• Cary Hergenrother, LIXL Brands
- 2016
• Martha Orellana, Mr. Steam 2015 Javier Korneluk, Laufen
- 2014
• Henry Brunelle, BainUltra - 2013
• Jeff Noll, Steamist - 2012
• Martin Siwy, Thermasol - 2011
• Sarah Jenkinson, Barber Wilsons
& Co./Black Country Heritage 2010
• Kim Frechette, BainUltra - 2009
• Larry Brodey, JACLO Industries
- 2008
• David Crossley, Duravit, USA 2007
• Jamie Gregg, Colonial Bronze 2006
• Naomi Neilson, Native Trails2005
• Ken Rohl, ROHL, LLC - 2004
• Jeff Valles, Phylrich International - 2003
Customer Service Department of
the Year:
• Infinty Drain - 2016
• GRAFF - 2015
• California Faucets - 2014
• Colonial Bronze - 2013
• Sun Valley Bronze - 2012
• JCR Distributors - 2011
• Stone Forest, Inc. - 2010
• Legacy Brass - 2009
• JACLO Industries - 2008
• ROHL, LLC - 2007
• Environmental Water Systems 2006
• BainUltra - 2005
• JACLO Industries - 2003
DPHA Showroom of the Year:
• Pierce Hardware - 2016
• Clyde Hardware - 2015
• Moinque’s Bath Showroom 2014
• Union Hardware - 2013
• Allied Kitchen & Bath - 2012
• Banner Plumbing Supply - 2011
• Billie Brenner Ltd. - 2010
• Designer’s Plumbing Studio AND
Morrison Supply - 2009
• Klaff’s and Sante Fe by Design 2008
• Chicago Brass and Miller’s Fine Decorative Hardware - 2007
• Community Home Supply and
Sonoma Kitchen & Bath - 2006
• Designer Hardware by Faye and
Euro Bath + Tile - 2005
• Waterware, Chicago, IL and Renaissance Design Studio - 2004
• The Bath & Beyond - 2003
Rep Agency of the Year:
• Associated Sales - 2016
• Next Generation Marketing 2015
• WMS Decorative Resource 2014
• TCB Sales - 2013
• Decorative Sales Associates 2012
• DeLux - 2011
• Gotham Sales Group - 2010
• The Doliner Group AND Pinnacle Sales Group - 2009
• Amorello Sales AND Western
Sales Company - 2008
• Magruder Associates AND Silvertip Marketing - 2007
• Cool Lines and Hot2Cold - 2006
• Luxury Marketing - 2005
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