Handheld charging vacuum cleaner
Operating instruction
Please keep properly the operation instruction
Please read the operation instruction carefully before use.
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Safety Instruction
Safety in use
1. Please read the operation instruction carefully before using the vacuum cleaner.
2. Keep the host, power adapter away from the fire and water to avoid the electric shock and
3. Please pull the power cord out of the socket before cleaning the vacuum cleaner or conducting
other maintenance.
4. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum cement, gypsum, calcimine, burning cigarette
ends, matches and flammable agents, etc, otherwise it will cause vacuum cleaner clogging,
motor burnout and other failures.
5. This vacuum cleaner can not be uses as toy for children to play with.
6. Please use soft cloth infiltrating neutral detergent to wipe the vacuum cleaner body and
attachment surface, but do not use high volatile detergent.
7. This product should not be close to high temperature for operation or storage.
8. When using the vacuum cleaner, the dust cup must be put in place correctly..
9. Please use the product in accordance with the instructions, and only use the manufacturer's
recommendation or sales of accessories.
10. Do not touch the power adapter and the wire with wet hands during charging.
11. F or the damage of switch, motor and power adapter of the vacuum cleaner, it shall be repaired
by the serving station professional staff specially invited by our company to repair and replace.
12. If any unexpected noise, odor, smoke, trouble or damage occurred during use, you should
shut down the vacuum cleaner immediately, do not repair yourself, and send to our special
maintenance station to repair.
About power supply
● Be sure to use the original rechargeable batteries and power adapter.
● Charge the host according to the name label of the power adapter.
● Protect carefully the power cord to avoid pulling and twisting.
● After the completion of the charge, the power plug should be pulled out of the socket.
● Please follow the local environmental protection regulations to deal with waste battery, and send
to the specified recovery point.
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Product formation
Technical parameter
*Due to the continuous improvement needs of the product, the company reserves the right of any
technology, design changes, and reserves the right for final interpretation.
Working voltage
Power rating
Battery and specifications
Lithium battery 2200mAh
100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.8A
24VDC 1000mA
Component Name
Dust indicatrix
Power Switch button
telescopic tube
Floor brush
LED indicator
Dust cup
Battery button
Dust Max line
[2 in 1 crevice]
Elastic push button
[Power adapter]
Power adapter
charging head
Charging indicator
Power Indicator
Power adaptor connection port
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Host charging
- Plug the power adapter head into the charging port, that can charge the battery.
- The charging indicator will light when charging:
- The charging indicator is red when the electricity less than 50%.
- The charging indicator is orange when the electricity more than 50%.
-The charging indicator will turn green when the battery is full.
Note : • During charging, the host will be automatically shut down, cannot be used.
• Charging time is generally within 3 hours.
• When the battery need to charge, the host will be automatically shut down, and the
power indicator will be flashing.
Telescopic pipe
- Connect the aluminum telescopic tube, brush in serial, and press the elastic push button to
adjust to the appropriate length. Choose different accessories according to needs, the connection
method is same as above.
- Hold the handle, press the switch button to use, and the power indicator will turn blue.
- Press the switch button again to stop working.
Automatically throw dust
- Press the dust cup release button, and hold the dust cup handle to remove the dust cup.
- Move the dust cup component
above the garbage, open the
cup bottom buckle, and the
dust cup bottom plate will be
automatically opened, and the
dust will fall into the garbage.
Dust Cup
Dust cup
Cup bottom
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Product maintenance
Host and power adapter
Host cleaning: confirm the switch is off, infiltrate the duster cloth with water or neutral detergent,
after twisting to wipe the product, but do not let water penetrate into the product.
Power adapter cleaning: pull out the power plug, and then perform the above steps.
Wide Turbo Brush Cleaning instruction
When the wide turbo brush inhaled too much dust (e.g. hair), brush roller may not rotate smoothly,
you can clean the brush by following steps below:
- Flip over the brush, turn the small button clockwise and take off the locking block
- Take out the brush roller
- Clean the dust on the brush roller and inside the airflow pipe.
- After cleaning, install the brush in reverse order and make sure the brush roller rotate flexibly.
Pet mini turbo brush cleaning instruction
Based on different using scenarios, the soft rubber cover on pet mini turbo brush can be rotated as
When the pet mini turbo brush inhaled too much dust (e.g. hair), rolling brush and pneumatic
wheel may not rotate smoothly, you can clean the brush by following steps below:
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Product maintenance
1. Rotate the knob in clockwise direction and move the knob down.
2. Open the pet mini turbo brush.
3. Take out the brush roller and drive belt, then clean hairs and other fabrics winded.
4. Clean the dust on the pneumatic wheel
5. After cleaning, install the brush in reverse order and make sure the brush roller and pneumatic
wheel rotation flexibly
Cleaning dust cup and filtrating HEPA
- Remove the dust cup components.
- Hold the dust cup handle and turn the dust cup cover in counterclockwise direction to remove the
cup cover filter assembly
- Clean the dust attached on the inner wall.
- Pull out the filter component.
- Remove the HEPA filter from the lower part.
- Clean up the mesh and filtrate the dust adhered to internal and external walls.
- Beat the HEPA filter to remove the ash adhered to HEPA, if necessary, the HEPA can be washed,
after dry it could be used again.
- After cleaning up, install it in the opposite order.
Top cover
Filter case
Top cover
Hepa filter
Filter case
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Product maintenance
Battery box replacement
- If having a spare battery box, you can replace it by yourself.
• Hold the battery box, and press the battery box lock to remove the battery box.
Attention: when removing the battery box, you must
hold it by hand, to prevent the battery box
• Load the spare battery box into the corresponding
position, and push it up hard up to hearing a click.
Battery box locking
1. Just Connect the pipe and Pipe connector
2. When you want to disassemble, if customer twist a bit
pipe, if so, easy to disassembled easily
3. Please Don’t up-set the dust bin and Don’t shake the
dust bin, if so, dust emission will happen even with
our protector
Disposal of Used Electrical & Electronic Equipment
The meaning of the symbol on the product, its accessory or packaging indicates that this
product shall not be treated as household waste. Please, dispose of this equipment at your
applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic equipments waste.
In the European Union and Other European countries which there are separate collection
systems for used electrical and electronic product. By ensuring the correct disposal of this
product, you will help prevent potentially hazardous to the environment and to human
health, which could otherwise be caused by unsuitable waste handling of this product. The
recycling of materials will help conserve natural resources. Please do not therefore dispose
of your old electrical and electronic equipment with your household waste. For more
detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office,
your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
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Trouble shooting guide
Please check the following details before you have your appliance repaired in an authorized
servicing department.
Motor does not work
Possible Reason
1. Check if Led Lamp is off
2. Check Battery is discharged
In charging the battery, Slow 1.Check if the Battery box connect
blinking of Red LED Lamp
When charging the battery,
Faster blinking of Red LED
Wide turbo brush can’t
Telescopic pipe
disconnected easily
1.Battery temperature protector
could be started
2. Check if the battery box
assembled well
1. Check if Dust is too much in the
brush roller
2. Check if Hair is winding on the
brush roller
1. Check if pipe is connected well
1. Charge the battery before
you use
1. After disassemble of battery
box and assemble more tightly
1. After 1min. later, Battery
temperature could be lower,
And then charge the battery
1. Clean Turbo brush roller as
Instruction manual
1. Twist a bit pipe and connect
Warning & Caution guide
Please don’t decline and don’t hold the dust bin upside down when you separate the dust bin and
waste dust in the box. In these cases, Dust in the dust bin could be drop down on the floor.
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Limited Product Warranty
Moneual guarantees a two(2) year functionality of this product (except batteries), with exclusion of the following limitations.
This warranty is only effective in the country in which it was bought.
Please keep following informations ready when contacting our service.
Product Name
Purchase Date
Model Name
Serial Number
Invoice Number
Two (2) years product warranty
Six (6) months battery warranty
MTG GmbH in Eschborn/ Germany is responsible for our customer service. Every customer request will be answered within 7 working days. The
warranty service takes place within 20 working days after first request. There’s no warranty claim for any devices of other manufacturers or devices
bought from non-authorised dealers.
Warranty Service
→ For warranty service please first contact your dealer.
Otherwise e-mail to:
For devices in commercial use, there is no warranty claim.
DOA (Dead on arrival)
Within warranty time
The product will be replaced by a
new one*‘** or refund.
The product will be replaced by a
new one or free repair. *‘**
Free repair*‘**
An error occurs while first commissioning, latest 7 days after
delivery date.
An error occurs within 6 months after delivery date.
Ein Defekt tritt innerhalb von 4 Wochen nach Austausch an einem Free repair*‘** or refund.
The Product works
demonstrably incorrect within Ersatzgerät auf.
warranty time and without
three (3) times cause of same defect.
Multiple repair
customer debt.
five (5) times cause of different defects.
MTG GmbH lost the product.
No spare parts available.
Paid repair
Product will be replaced*‘** or
refund of utility value*** + 10%
Repair is economically unviable.
Defects cause of intent, misuse Irreparable
or lack of maintenance by
After warranty time
Offer for replacement product or
free disposal.
Paid repair or free disposal.
Refund of utility value*** + 10% or
offer for replacement product.
Offer for replacement product
Paid repair, free disposal or offer for
replacement product.
Offer for replacement product or free
Paid repair or free disposal.
(While warranty time, MTG GmbH got several redress possibilities discretion in their own.)
* except shipping costs.
** Subsequent exchange, resale or replacement or rather a subsequent repair of the product will not lead to a renewal of warranty or to the beginning of a new warranty
period. Each parts of the product or other devices, which have been replaced, become property of MTG GmbH. For repair or replacement, new, as new or refurbished
products or parts can be used.
*** Value after use:
Compensation for use
Purchase date
(% Of purchase price)
up to 6. Month
7. – 12. Month
13. – 18. Month
19. – 24. Month
If you submit a service application and no defect can be found, MTG GmbH will have the right to raise a handling fee.
Please read the user’s manual attentively before you contact customer service!
Cases without warranty claim:
- Product without defect
- normal wear (f.ex. batteries, filter, wheels, brushes, mops and water tank)
- Use of inadmissible cleaning supplies
- Use of replacement or exchange parts, which are not provided or recommended by us.
- Defects caused by misuse or lack of maintenance.
- Connection to an inappropriate power grid
- Bumps or Falls
- Use of inadmissible cleaning supplies
- Damage caused by tried self-repair
- Disregard of the user’s manual’s safety instructions.
(water damage, stair fall, a.s.o.)
- Damage caused by improper packing
- Other Cases
- Force majeure
- Life time of consumer
goods is expired
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