Stand-On Disc Scrubber
• High Productivity
• Excellent Maneuverability
• Flexible Cleaning to address varying
soil levels
• Designed to Provide maximum clean
and safety
• Extremely Quiet for daytime cleaning
Trusted. Reliable. Efficient.
Stand-up to increased performance
and productivity
A cost-efficient cleaning solution
Clarke has been helping cleaning professionals increase cleaning effectiveness and
productivity for 100 years. Now we are pleased to introduce the SA40 stand on
scrubber to further enhance your cleaning productivity. Designed to deliver reliable
cleaning performance, the SA40 stand-on scrubber provides a flexible, extremely
maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas.
Maximum productivity
Clarke has set the standard for robust, productive, easy to use and reliable cleaning
equipment. The Clarke SA40 is designed with a large 12 gallon solution tank and low
flow rate, which can provide up to 75 minutes of scrub time without refilling, so you
will spend more time cleaning. The SA40 is also engineered to provide increased down
pressure at 75 pounds to enable you to enjoy maximum clean in a single pass.
Consistent, easy cleaning
The SA40 ensures consistent, reliable cleaning with solution flow rate control right at
your fingertips. Select from low, medium or high flow rates to match the job at hand
without stopping the machine. This not only minimizes cleaning solution waste but also
reduces time spent on dump and refills. For simple operation, all scrubbing parameters—
brush pressure, solution flow and vacuum—are controlled with individual buttons, and
are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read, LCD graphical display.
True Blue sustainability
With the SA40 you can enjoy a high level of cleaning performance without sacrificing
sustainability. The SA40 is designed to allow you to clean with minimal consumption of
detergent and water so that real savings can be gained without compromising
performance or the environment. All Clarke auto scrubbers feature important benefits
such as low noise levels, enhanced user ergonomics, onboard chargers and superior
pickup to ensure you are left with clean, dry and safe floors.
Control Panel
Easy Maintenance Access
Solution Filter
Simple, intuitive controls minimize
operator training.
Flip-up lid and tilt-back tank provides easy
access to the recovery tank, debris catch
cage and batteries.
Externally mounted solution filter is easy to clean
and minimizes exposure to chemicals.
Large recovery tank opening,
complete draining and
smooth interior for
easy cleaning
Front fill port allows
easy, flexible tank filling
Front polyurethane tire
for outstanding traction
and high durability
Wrap-around squeegee
ensures 100% water
pick-up and dry floors
Quiet mode for daytime
cleaning and cleaning of
noise-sensitive areas
Safety dead-man switch
and GO pedal provides
easy-to-control operation
Rear fill port allows easy,
flexible tank filling
Low foot platform height
for easy on/off
Rear polyurethane tires for
outstanding traction and
high durability
Scrub Deck
Battery Compartment
Clam Shell Design
One-Touch™ scrubbing.
The scrub deck features a rugged
industrial 3-lug attachment system
for maximum durability and low
total cost of ownership.
The SA40™ is available with wet or
AGM maintenance-free batteries.
The clam shell design makes
charging easy, with virtually no
increase in the machine’s foot
print. This allows it to easily fit
into a cramped janitor’s closet.
Model Numbers
56104484 – SA40™ 20B with 208 Ah wet batteries
56104486 – SA40™ 20B with 140 Ah (AGM) batteries
Scrub Head
Scrub Path
20 in (51 cm)
Solution Tank
12 gal (45 L)
Recovery Tank
12.5 gal (47 L)
Machine Voltage
24 V
Vacuum Motor
0.66 hp (492 W) 3-stage
Scrub Motor
0.51 hp (380 W)
Scrub Motor RPM
Low Scrub Pressure Max
51 lb (23 kg)
High Scrub Pressure Max
75 lb (34 kg)
Drive Motor
0.375 hp (280 W)
Max Transport Speed
3 mph (4.8 kph)
Max Scrub Speed
• Genuine Linatex® squeegee blade kit – 56104326
• Squeegee blade kit, polyurethane – 56104325
• White pad, 20 inch, case of 5 pads – 976067
• Red pad, 20 inch, case of 5 pads – 976068
• Blue Microfiber Pad, 20 inch – 56390079
• Short trim pad holder with pad retainer,
20 inch – 56505790
• Prolite disc brush, 20 inch – 56505795
• Prolene disc brush, 20 inch – 56505794
• MidLite Grit 180 disc brush, 20 inch – 56505798
2.6 mph (4.2 kph)
Max Coverage
26,400 ft2 (2,453 m2)
Max Sound Pressure Level
(IEC 60704-1)
63 dB A / .029344 μPa
Minimum Aisle Turn Width
59.5 in (151 cm)
Squeegee Width
26.5 in (67.3 cm)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Accessories and Replacement Parts
48.5 x 24 in x 52.5 in (123.2 x 61 x 133.4 cm)
Gross Weight (standard machine w/o
718 lb (326 kg)
options; w/full solution tank, empty recovery tank
and heaviest batteries installed) – without rider
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Ease of Use
• Dashboard with high contrast
LCD display
• Large operator compartment
accommodates all operators
• Intuitive icon buttons for brush
pressure, solution flow and
quiet mode require minimal
operator training
• Wide range of accessories to make
the cleaning job as fast and
productive as possible
•20% larger tank size for its class
•Fast travel and scrub speed
•Steering wheel makes cleaning
obstacle intensive environments
fast and easy
•High down pressure for one pass
•Dashboard flow rate control for
on-the-fly adjustments
•Easy to clean tank for quick clean
up after use
•Efficient double scrubbing kickstand
requires less time and effort
• Thoroughly tested, high-quality
• Larger brush and drive motors than
other machines in its class.
• High quality bearings, switches,
motors, chassis and electrical
components throughout
• Simple to clean and maintain due to
its surface finishing
• Fast installation and removal of
squeegee blades
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