Syllabus -FCS Department – GFHS
Bison Baristas
Room 104 A & Coffee Cart
Mrs. Kessner
Course Description: The Bison Barista class is an introductory course that will train students to become
familiar with the job skills necessary to work in the Culinary Arts industry as a professional Barista. This
class can be taken in conjunction with a Culinary Arts class or as an independent study. Students will
participate in training sessions to gain technical skills to become successful employees in a student run
Barista business. Food production will be integrated throughout the semester. Opportunities for student
leadership will be available. Internships in the community will be explored.
Course Requirements: Bison Baristas is an experience for students that would parallel all expectations
of workers in the hospitality industry. Regular attendance is essential to success in this class as a
participation grade. Soft skills acquired in this business setting will be evaluated by customers &
instructors using standard rubrics. Health standards are emphasized in the area of personal hygiene,
food safety, storage, and sanitation. Weekly meetings with management are required.
Grades are based on: Daily Points, Participation, Demonstrations, Performance, Barista Skills, Soft skills,
Quizzes, Checking for Understanding, Writing Assignments, Job Performance Evaluation.
Bison Barista Policies:
*Students will act in a professional, attentive, courteous manner as assigned, working with all students.
* Students are expected to be independent learners and self motivated to provide service to GFHS
students and staff members.
* Students must monitor grades in Power School on a regular basis. Any Barista sessions missed will be
made up before school or during lunch periods.
* As employees of the Bison Baristas students will follow student code as spelled out in the GFHS
student handbook.
* Students will be working with technology in an appropriate manner.
Course Topics: Information Coffee Industry, Food Safety & Sanitation, Serving Safe food, Food
preparation techniques, Steaming Milk, Pulling espresso shots, Identify various beverages, Create
espresso beverages, Create blended drinks, Recipe Development, Nutritional Analysis, Latte Art, How to
properly care for and clean Espresso machine, Soft Skills, Square System, Counting Change, Helping
customers, Troubleshooting, Handling customer complaints, Ordering, FIFO, food organization, Invoices,
Textbook: Barista Fundamentals
The FCS department is fortunate to offer student a unique real world opportunity to train students in
the Culinary Arts field. Funding for this project was made possible by Perkins funding and through the
Great Falls Public School Foundation. If you have questions or concerns about this experience we
encourage you to contact us at any time.
Laurie Kessner at
Kathy Goodman at
Andrea Meyer at
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