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Electric Ice Shaver
Model #S900A
Instruction Manual
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Table of contents
General Warnings------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Usage Precautions------------------------------------------------------------ 7
Warranty------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
Assembly and Use-------------------------------------------------------------12
Shaved Ice Recipes-----------------------------------------------------------15
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General Warnings and Safeguards
To prevent property damage and personal injury, it is important that
you read and follow all general warnings, safeguards and
Read the instructions provided in this booklet carefully, as
they give important information with regards to the assembly,
use and maintenance. Preserve this manual carefully for
future reference.
This ice shaver is intended for household use only.
This ice shaver has a blade that is extremely sharp. Use
extreme caution during assembly, operation,
disassembly and while cleaning the unit. If the blade
becomes broken or loose, do not use the appliance.
After unpacking the unit and before each use, make sure the
mechanical parts of the unit and all its attachments are
intact. Look for any foreign objects before operating the ice
shaver. In case of doubts, do not use the appliance and refer
to the manufacturer.
To prevent electrical shock to yourself or others, do not
immerse the cord, plugs, motor unit or any other electrical
parts in water or other liquids.
Use extreme caution to make sure that you never place your
fingers or other items into the machine or the machine’s
moving parts.
Do not operate the machine without ice.
Use this appliance for no more than 2 continuous minutes.
Failure to obey this may cause the ice shaver to overheat.
Allow the appliance motor to cool down before repeat usage.
All packing elements (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) should
be kept out of the reach of children, as they are potentially
Before plugging the appliance into a power source, make
sure the voltage details marked on the appliance seal/plaque
correspond to those of your power supply. The seal/plaque
is located on the motor unit.
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than
the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit a polarized
outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet,
reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified
electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
In the event that the wall socket and the appliance plug are
not compatible, have the socket changed by a qualified
professional, who must also ensure that the cross section of
the socket wiring corresponds to the power consumed by the
appliance. Generally speaking, adapters, multiple sockets,
extension cords and/or drop cords should not be used.
However, if necessary, only use single or multiple adapters
and extension cables which comply with the existing safety
standards, making sure that the current carrying capacity
limits, marked on the single adapter and on the extension
cables, as well as the maximum power limit marked on the
multiple adapter, are not exceeded.
Do not use the machine around a hot surface or hot
appliances. Keep the appliance away from stovetops,
broilers, ovens or any other potentially hot appliance. Pay
special attention to the electrical cord to prevent it from
touching a hot surface.
This appliance must only be used for the purposes it was
designed for, i.e. for crushing/shaving ice in the home. Any
other use must be considered improper and therefore
dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for
any damages deriving from improper, incorrect and
unreasonable uses.
The use of any additional accessory attachments not
recommended by Hawaiian Shaved Ice is not suggested.
Failure to obey this warning may cause fire, electric shock or
injury to yourself or others.
The use of any electric appliance involves the observance of
some basic rules.
In particular:
Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands.
Never use the appliance barefoot.
Never pull the electrical cable or the appliance itself to
remove the plug from the electrical socket.
Avoid all contact with any moving parts of the appliance.
Never leave the appliance exposed to the elements (rain,
sunshine, etc.).
Never let children or those unable to operate the appliance
use it unattended. Do not leave the unit unattended while
plugged into a power source.
Before any cleaning, maintenance, assembly or
disassembly, make sure that the ice shaver is
disconnected from the main power supply by
unplugging it.
Should the appliance be out of order and/or operating
inefficiently, switch it off and do not attempt to tamper with it.
For any repairs, only approach the manufacturer and request
the use of original spare parts. Failure to comply with the
above might result in the compromised safety of the
Should you decide to stop using the appliance, it is advisable
to render it unusable by cutting the electrical cable, after
unplugging it from the main power supply.
Furthermore, it is also advisable to render all hazardous
parts of the appliance harmless, particularly for children, who
might play with the discarded appliance.
Installation must be carried out in compliance with the
manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrect installation can cause
damage to people, animals or objects for whom the
manufacturer may not be held responsible.
In order to avoid dangerous overheating, it is advisable to
unwind the electrical cable completely and use the appliance
as recommended in the “Usage Precautions” paragraph.
Never leave the appliance plugged in when not needed.
Unplug from the power supply plug whenever the appliance
is not used.
Never obstruct the openings or slits for ventilation and heat
Should the electrical cable of this appliance be damaged,
have it replaced only by an after-sales service center
authorized by the manufacturer, as special tools are
The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes
considered necessary for industrial, commercial or design
improvements or to comply with particular standards. It is
advisable to pay particular attention to those warnings
highlighted with the symbol .
Usage Precautions
Before using this appliance for the first time, or after a long
period of disuse, wash the ice molds and the ice crusher cup
in warm water with dish soap, rinse and dry thoroughly.
Before each use of the appliance, check that it is
mechanically intact. The motor unit, the container cup and
the support base must not be cracked or broken in any way.
The sheath and the plug should not be cracked or broken. In
the event that they should be, remove the plug immediately
from the socket and take the appliance to the manufacturer
for the necessary checks.
Before plugging in the appliance, check that the button is in
not pressed “on”.
Ensure that the ice shaver and the cable are not too close to
the edge of the table or work surface, and that it is not
touching heat sources; ensure also that it is not near a sink.
Never immerse the motor unit in water or other liquids.
Ice blocks that have not been made using the molds
supplied should never be placed in the container cup. Most
ice cubes from residential ice shavers may be used in the ice
Substances other than ice that have been made using the
molds supplied with the appliance should never be place in
the container cup.
Never run the appliance while empty.
Never run the appliance before it has been correctly
mounted on its base.
Never place fingers into the container cup as the blade is
very sharp and could cause injury.
Do not damage the blade by introducing metal implements.
Do not attempt to sharpen the blades; if necessary,
replacement blades may be purchased.
To avoid overheating, do not run the appliance for longer
than 2 consecutive minutes. If you need to crush a large
quantity of ice, do so leaving pauses in between.
Ice Shaver Specifications
Model S900A, Electric Ice Shaver
Power: 120v, 60 Hz, 55W max
ETL approval
Made in China
Product Warranty
Ice Shaver 1 Year Limited Warranty
Mary Mack’s, Inc. DBA Hawaiian Shaved Ice
warrants to the original purchaser that the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker (Ice
Shaver) # S900A shall be free from material defects in material and
workmanship under normal household use for a period of one (1) year from
the original date of purchase provided that all the ice shaver is used in
accordance with all general warnings, safeguards and instructions found in
this instruction manual.
If the product is determined to be materially defective during the warranty
period, your sole remedy and Mary Mack’s, Inc, sole and exclusive liability
shall be limited to the repair or replacement of this product with a new or
refurbished product at Mary Mack’s, Inc. option. This warranty does not
cover exterior or interior finish or damage caused by misuse, scratching,
accident or negligence.
This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and does not apply
to commercial use, or to damage to the product (not resulting from defect or
malfunction) while in the possession of the original consumer. Mary Mack’s,
Inc, claims no responsibility for consequential, foreseeable, incidental, or
commercial losses caused by the use of this product.
If a problem with this ice shaver develops during the warranty period, please
contact, Mary Mack’s, Inc for service. Send a brief letter explaining the
problem along with a purchase receipt or other proof of date of original
purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered. Be sure to
include your name, address and phone number.
Any ice shaver submitted for repair must be sent (transportation charges
prepaid) to the following authorized repair center:
Mary Mack’s, Inc
Attn: Ice Shaver Repair.
321 Goldsboro Street
Newton Grove, NC 28366
If you have any questions concerning the use and care of this product or
comments regarding your experience with the product, we would like to hear
from you. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-620-2869 or email us at
This warranty is only valid in the United States of America and Canada.
Assembly and use:
1. Always ensure that the appliance is switched off, and that it is
not plugged into an electrical outlet before you assemble and
dismantle the ice shaver.
2. Fill the ice molds (Figure A. 5) with water. Place the ice molds
on a level surface in the freezer until the water is completely
frozen. Once frozen you will have a small round block of ice. If
needed, additional ice molds may be purchased.
3. Standard household ice cubes that are produced from most
residential refrigerators may be used instead of ice blocks
however the shaved ice produced from ice cubes will not be as
fluffy as shaved ice produced from ice blocks.
4. To assemble the ice shaver, place the support base (Figure A. 1)
on your work surface.
5. Insert the ice crusher cup (Figure A. 2) into the support base
(Figure A. 1) ensuring that the ice crusher cup is completely
inserted into the support base (Figure A. 1).
6. Position the non-slip mat on the support base (Figure A. 6).
7. Place a small bowl (not supplied) or ice cup (not supplied) on the
support base (Figure A. 1) and under the ice crusher cup (Figure
A. 2). The small bowl or ice cup will be used to catch the shaved
ice produced by the ice shaver.
8. Take the frozen ice molds out of the freezer. Remove the frozen
round ice block from the plastic ice mold.
9. For the fluffiest ice, allow the ice blocks or ice cubes to thaw for
about 5 -7 minutes before shaving. This will produce a fluffier
10. Place the ice block or ice cubes into the ice crusher cup (Figure
A. 2). Make sure that the ice block is removed from the plastic
ice mold before placing into the ice crusher cup (Figure A. 2).
11. During the freezing stage, the block of ice may become domeshaped. If this should happen, place the dome-shaped side of
the ice block down into the machine. The flattest side of the ice
block should be facing up.
12. Place the motor unit (Figure A. 3) on top of the ice. Plug the ice
shaver into an electrical outlet. Gently press and hold the grey
on/off button (Figure A. 4) while applying pressure to the top of
the motor unit. The motor unit will begin to shave the ice block
or ice cubes. To stop the motor unit from shaving, remove your
hand from the on/off button (Figure A. 4).
13. Apply your favorite premium HawaiianShavedIce.com shaved ice
flavoring and enjoy!
14. Unplug the ice shaver from the electrical outlet immediately after
15. After shaving an ice block or ice cubes, a thin block of ice will
remain inside the ice crusher cup (Figure A. 2). The remaining
ice must be thrown away before a new ice block is inserted into
the ice crusher cup (Figure A. 2). When removing the remaining
ice block, use caution and pay special attention to the blade and
avoid all contact with the blade to prevent injury to yourself or
Dismantle the appliance in the reverse order to the procedure
described for assembling it.
During cleaning, use caution and pay special attention to the ice
shaver blade and avoid all contact with the blade to prevent injury
to yourself or others.
Avoid using abrasive detergents or cloths.
The motor unit may be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth but do
not soak or immerse the motor unit in water or other liquid.
All the machine parts other than the motor unit (Figure A. 3) may
be washed in warm water with a mild soap and rinsed with water,
or washed in a top rack of a dishwasher at a temperature no
higher than 150°F.
NEVER wash the motor unit (Figure A. 3) in the dishwasher.
Dry all the parts paying particular attention to the blades before
putting the appliance away.
Have fun with Shaved Ice
There is so much more that you can do with shaved ice than just simply
shaving ice in a bowl and adding flavor. Try these great recipes below for
fun and easy treats.
The Classic Shaved Ice – Shave a mountain of fluffy snow into a small
bowl or ice cup. Add premium shaved ice flavor from
HawaiianShavedIce.com and enjoy. The flavor will be absorbed into the ice.
Remember that a little flavor goes a long way. You want to eat shaved ice
with a spoon not drink it with a straw!
Dipped Delight – Take a small bowl or ice cup and add a scoop of vanilla or
your favorite flavor of ice cream to the bottom of the cup. Shave ice on top
of the ice cream and top with your favorite syrup from
HawaiianShavedIce.com. Enjoy the combination treat! A big seller at
shaved ice stands all across the country!
Rainbow Shaved Ice – Shave a mountain of fluffy snow into a small bowl or
ice cup. Take two or more flavors and pour over the shaved ice to create a
rainbow effect. Try mixing colors like yellow and blue to get a green stripe
down the middle. Very popular!
Slush Drinks – Dilute one part shaved ice syrup to three parts water. Add
the mixture over a tall cup of shaved ice. Pour just enough syrup mixture to
cover the ice to keep it slushy. A great refreshing treat!
Soda Ice – Nothing helps make your favorite soda more refreshing than a
tall cup of shaved ice. Pour your favorite soda over shaved ice and enjoy!
Fruit Ice – Instead of shaved ice syrup or soda, try natural fruit juices,
lemonade or even tea over shaved ice. Serve these treats at your next party
and it will be a hit!
Mixed Drinks – Instead of having your alcoholic drink on the rocks, try
serving it over shaved ice. This also works well with margaritas, smoothies
and other frozen drinks!
Shaved Ice Toppings
Sweetened Condensed Milk/Sweet Cream – This is the most popular
topping used at shaved ice stands. Purchase a can of sweetened
condensed milk from your local grocery store. Then, simply pour a small
dose of sweetened condensed milk over your flavored shaved ice treat and
Evaporated Milk – If you want to give your shaved ice a creamy flavor, add
a dose of evaporated milk over the top of your flavored shaved ice treat. Mix
gently with your spoon and enjoy! This is especially great with Vanilla,
Peach, Banana, Pina Colada and Coconut.
Marshmallow Topping – Add a dab to your next shaved ice treat to make it
extra special.
Fresh Fruit – Try adding a fruit garnish to your shaved ice treat to make it
tasty! Popular garnishes include cherries, pineapples, bananas, oranges,
lemons and limes.
Other Shaved Ice Uses – Use shaved ice to make an ice bed for serving
shrimp, seafood or other cold items.
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