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1. Place your steam generator on a stable, horizontal heat-resistant surface.
2. Remove the water tank by pulling the handles upwards (1).
3. Fill the water tank taking care not to exceed the maximum level (2).
4. Replace it fully in its housing (3).
Humid steam button
(depending on the
Sole plate temperature
Steam control button
Removable water
tank filler cover
Control panel
water tank
cord to the
boiler unit
Handles for
removing the
water tank
on/off switch O/I
Boiler (inside
the base unit)
Electric power cord
Electric power cord
storage space
Boiler drainage
button cover
Green “steam
ready” light
Your steam generator has been designed to operate using tap water.
However, if your water is very hard, mix 50 % tap water 50 %
distilled water.
Types of water to be avoided ?
Do not add anything to the contents of the removable water tank and
do not use water from clothes dryers, scented or softened water,
water from refrigerators, batteries or air conditioners, pure distilled
water or rain water. These contain organic waste or mineral elements
that become concentrated when heated and cause spitting, brown
staining or premature wear to the steam generator. Use of these
types of water will negate the guarantee provided with the product.
1. Completely remove the power cord from its storage space before connecting to an earth socket.
2. Press on the illuminated on/off switch O/I (located
on the front of the appliance) ① : the green light
(located on the control panel) flashes and the boiler
heats up ②. It will take around 2 minutes for steam
to be produced which is indicated when the
green “steam ready” light stops flashing (4).
• The first time the steam generator is used, there may be some
fumes and smell but this is not harmful. They will not affect use
and will disappear rapidly.
• When starting, and regularly while it is being used, your steam
generator’s electric pump injects water into the steam generator
boiler. It makes a noise but this is quite normal. If you are
pressing on the steam control button at this time you may lose
a little steam for a few seconds. Again this is normal.
Flashing green light : the water is heating up in the boiler.
Continuous green light : steam is ready for use.
Continuous red light : the water tank is empty.
Boiler reset button: to be activated after each refill (see chapter 6)
Steam output
control dial
• Before cleaning, ensure that the steam generator is unplugged and
that the sole plate and the iron rest have cooled down.
• Do not use any cleaning or descaling products for cleaning the sole
plate or the boiler.
• Never hold the iron or the base unit under the tap.
• Do not place the iron on a metal rest as this could damage it.
Place it on the iron rest on the base unit : it has non-slip pads and
has been designed to withstand high temperatures.
Removable water tank :
Empty and rinse the removable water tank (11).
The iron sole plate :
For the stainless steel sole plate, we recommend the
ROWENTA soleplate cleaner PC05. This is available from
ROWENTA dealers.
The high-quality sole plate of the iron makes ironing smoother and protects your laundry. For this reason, when you are not ironing, always place
the iron on the non-slip pads of the base unit.
Do not place the iron on rough surfaces. Do not scratch or scrape the sole
plate. Never use abrasive cleaning agents to clean the sole plate.
The base unit :
Clean the plastic parts occasionally with a soft cloth.
Be careful :
To extend the life of your boiler and to avoid any build up of scale, it is
essential that you rinse out the boiler after every 10 uses. If your water is
hard, increase the frequency.
Do not use descaling agents for rinsing out the boiler, as they could
damage it.
1. Check that the generator is cold and unplugged for more than
2 hours, and that the removable water tank is empty.
2. Place your steam generator on the edge of your kitchen sink.
3. Remove the boiler drainage button cover located on the side of the
appliance (12).
4. Using a coin, unscrew the boiler drainage button (13).
5. Holding your steam generator in a tilted position, and using a jug, fill
the boiler (in the base unit) with 1/4 litre of water (14).
6. Shake the base unit for a few moments and then empty it completely
over a sink or bucket (15).
1. Set the iron temperature control and the steam output
control dial (located on the control panel) to the
maximum position.
2. Hang the garment on a coat hanger and hold the
fabric slightly taut with one hand.
3. Holding the iron in a vertical position, press continuously
on the steam control button (beneath the iron handle)
moving the iron from top to bottom (9).
Recommendations :
For fabrics other than linen or cotton, hold the iron
a few centimetres from the garment to avoid burning the fabric.
8. HUMID STEAM FUNCTION (depending on the model)
The humid steam button adds water vapour to the steam
output. Press 2 or 3 times on the humid steam button (10)
to obtain a more powerful, heavier burst of steam :
• for ironing thicker fabrics,
• to eliminate creases,
• for powerful vertical steam ironing.
With delicate fabrics (● setting), turn the steam output
control dial to the minimum position and press the steam
control button (under the handle of the iron) intermittenly
to avoid water droplets appearing with the steam.
Be careful :
Use the humid steam function very carefully because
of the exceptional power of steam that may cause
• Your steam generator is an electrical appliance : It should be used under normal conditions. It is intended
for domestic use only.
• Your generator is fitted with 2 safety systems :
- a pressure release valve which, in the event of malfunction, releases any excess steam ;
- a thermal fuse for preventing any overheating.
• Connect your iron only to alternating current of the voltage specified on the rating plate and only to a
socket with an earthed connection.
• This iron complies with EEC Regulations 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC.
• Completely remove the power cord from its storage space before connecting to an earthed socket.
• Always plug your steam generator into :
- An electrical installation with a voltage between 220 V and 240 V. Connecting to the wrong voltage may
cause irreparable damage to the appliance and will invalidate your guarantee.
- An earthed socket. If you are using a mains extension lead, ensure that it is correctly rated (10 A) with an
earth, and is fully extended.
• Should the power cord mechanism or the boiler cord linking the iron to the base unit become
damaged, it must be replaced by a ROWENTA Approved Service Centre to avoid the risk of danger or injury.
Be careful :
• The sole plate and generator iron-rest can become very hot and cause burns : never touch these parts.
• Your appliance gives off steam which can cause burns.
• Handle your iron carefully, particularly when using the vertical function.
• Do not direct steam at people or animals.
• Take care to ensure that you do not come into contact with electrical cords with the hot iron sole plate.
• Always keep the steam generator away from children.
• Never leave the appliance unattended :
- when it is connected ;
- until it has cooled down (around 1 hour).
• Never pull the plug out of the socket by the cord.
• Always unplug your appliance :
- Before filling the removable water tank or rinsing out the boiler,
- Before cleaning your generator,
- After each use.
• Before unscrewing the boiler drainage button, wait until the generator is cold (unplugged for more than
2 hours).
• Never fill the boiler through the drainage hole (except for rinsing).
• Never immerse your steam generator in water or any other liquid. Never hold it under the water tap.
• If the appliance falls, receives a violent blow or is not operating correctly, do not dismantle it : take it to
a ROWENTA Approved Service Centre, to avoid any danger.
• If you lose or damage the boiler drainage button, have it replaced by a ROWENTA Approved Service
• This product has been designed for domestic use only. Any professional use, inappropriate use or failure
to comply with the instructions, ROWENTA accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply.
• Always put the iron with the sole plate down on the iron rest plate, never resting on its heel.
The mains lead is fitted with a BS 1363 13 A plug.
If the plug supplied with the product is not suitable for your socket
Brown or
outlet, then it must be removed (cut off, if it is a moulded-on plug)
and a suitable 3 pin plug fitted in accordance with the instructions
Green and
given below.
or green
Blue or
WARNING : Dispose of a plug that has been cut from the power
supply cord, as such a plug is hazardous if inserted in a live 13 amp
Use cable
socket outlet elsewhere in the house.
How to connect the cord to a U.K. plug :
IMPORTANT : The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code :
Green & Yellow
Please read the instructions given below before connecting the cord to a plug. If you are in any doubt please
consult a qualified electrician.
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings
identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows :
• The wire that is coloured GREEN & YELLOW must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with
the letter E, or the earth symbol
, or coloured GREEN or GREEN & YELLOW.
• The wire that is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or
coloured RED.
• The wire that is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured
• This appliance requires a 13 amp fuse.
• Should the fuse need to be replaced an ASTA marked fuse, approved to BS 1362, of the same rating must be used.
• Always replace the fuse cover after fitting a fuse. The plug must NOT be used if the cover is omitted or lost until a
replacement is obtained – make certain that only the correct fuse cover is used and fitted.
• For plugs with a detachable fuse cover, the replacement must be the same as the colour insert in the base of the
plug, or as directed by the embossed working on the base of the plug.
• If the detachable fuse cover is lost, a replacement may be purchased from a Rowenta Service Centre (see enclosed
Service Information leaflet).
If you have any product problems or queries with your product, please telephone our Customer
Relations Team on:
Consult our web site :
0845 602 1454 – UK (calls charged at local rate)
(01) 412 3000 – Ireland.
Details of the Rowenta guarantee are shown on the guarantee card enclosed with the
appliance. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
Should service or further information be required please contact the Rowenta Customer
Relations Department (see Helpline or enclosed Service Information leaflet).
Do not attempt to dismantle the generator yourself – this will negate the guarantee.
In line with a policy of continuous product improvement, Rowenta reserves the right to
change product specifications without prior notice.
• The steam generator ON light does not light up.
• The iron temperature control light and the on/off switch
are not illuminated.
• The appliance is not switched on.
• Check that your appliance is correctly plugged in
and press the illuminated on/off switch (located on
the front of the appliance).
• Water runs through the holes in the sole plate.
• You are using steam before the iron is hot enough.
• Decrease the steam output while ironing at low
temperature (steam output control dial on the
control panel).
• Wait for the iron temperature control light to go out
before ironing.
• Press the steam control button away from your
ironing board until the iron produces steam.
• The water has condensed in the pipes because you
are using steam for the first time or you have not
used it for some time.
• White streaks come through the holes in the sole plate.
• Your boiler has a build-up of scale because it is not
rinsed out regularly.
• Rinse out the boiler after every 10 uses. (see chapter
10). If your water is hard, increase the frequency.
• Brown streaks come through the holes in the sole plate
and stain the linen.
• You are using chemical descaling agents or additives
in the water for ironing.
• Never add this type of product in the removable
water tank or in the boiler (see our recommendations regarding water to be used).
• Ensure linen is rinsed thoroughly to remove any
soap deposits or chemicals on new garments which
have been sucked up by the iron.
• Your linen is not rinsed sufficiently or you have
ironed a new garment before washing it.
To obtain the best result, we recommend that this operation is done twice.
• You are using starch.
• See our recommendations regarding temperature
control setting.
• Always spray starch onto the reverse side of the
fabric to be ironed.
• There is little or no steam.
• The boiler does not operate, or the red light on the
control panel comes on even though there is still
water left.
• The removable water tank is empty
(red « water tank empty » light on).
• The steam output control dial is set at minimum.
• Check that the removable water tank is securely in
place and press the boiler reset button located on
the control panel.
• Fill the removable water tank and press the boiler
reset button located on the control panel.
• Increase the steam output (control dial on the
control panel).
• Steam escapes from the drainage button.
• The drainage button has not been tightened correctly.
• The equipment is faulty.
• Tighten the drainage button correctly.
• The sole plate is dirty or brown and may stain the linen.
1. Press the illuminated on/off switch O/I and unplug the generator.
2. Place the iron on the iron rest plate.
3. Leave the iron (and the iron rest) to cool down for 30 minutes.
You can now put your steam generator away.
There is no more steam. The removable water tank is
empty (8).
1. Remove the water tank and fill it up.
2. Ensure the water tank is replaced securely and press
the boiler reset button located on the control panel
to continue your ironing.
1. Place the iron’s temperature control to the type of
fabric to be ironed (5).
Synthetics (low temperature)
Silk/wool (medium temperature)
Cotton/Linen (high temperature)
7. Important : before re-closing, make sure no water remains in the
8. Replace and tighten up the boiler drainage plug with a coin.
9. Replace the boiler drainage button cover.
Recommendations :
To prime the steam circuit, either before using the iron for the first time, or if you have not
used the steam function for a few minutes, press the steam control button several times in a
row, holding the iron away from your clothes.
This will enable any cold water to be removed from the steam circuit.
• Iron temperature control setting :
- Start with fabrics to be ironed at a low temperature (●) and finish with those which need
higher temperatures (● ● ● or Max).
- Mixed fibre fabrics : set the ironing temperature to the setting for the most delicate fabric.
- Woollen garments : press repeatedly on the steam control button to obtain short burst of
steam, without placing the iron on the garment itself.
• Steam output control dial setting :
- Thick fabric : increase the steam setting.
- At a low temperature : set the steam output control dial to the low position.
• To iron without using steam :
- Do not press the steam control button under the iron handle.
• If you are using starch, it should be sprayed onto the reverse side of the fabric to be ironed.
• Ironing Board :
- For best results a mesh type (vented) ironing board should be used to allow any excess
steam to escape.
Boiler reset button
Red “water tank
empty” light
3. Adjust the steam output control dial
located on the control panel (6),
eg : less steam for low temperatures.
4. To obtain steam, press on the steam
control button beneath the iron
handle and keep it pressed (7).
The steam will stop when you release
the button.
Note : It is normal for the connection
cord to become warm during use.
The water to use in your steam generator :
Iron temperature
control light
Iron rest- plate
2. The iron temperature control light turns on.
Be careful ! the steam generator is ready when the iron temperature control
light goes out and when the green « steam ready » light stays continuous.
• Steam escapes under the appliance.
• You are ironing at too high a temperature.
• Stop using the generator and contact an Approved
Service Centre.
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