Welcome to Arvidsjaur Tourist Office
Storgatan 14 B, S-933 31 Arvidsjaur .
Tel. +46 (0)960-175 00. www.arvidsjaur.se/visit
Information & Opening Hours 12
Arvidsjaur ‐ in the centre of Swedish Lapland ‐ has many great experiences to offer 1
Summary of accommodation prices in Arvidsjaur summer 2015
Single room
Double room
Tourist office
Hotell Laponia
Standard 890:-
Standard 990:-
from 495:-/single room walk in
from 590:-/double room walk in
Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur
To rent
Bed and breakfast
Single room
Double room
Lapland Lodge, Bed & Breakfast
Deluxe rooms
700:- /room( incl. breakfast)
990:fr. 740 SEK/room
137 20, 076 847 57 17
Walk in fr. 350 SEK/pers
Wilderness Life Lodge and Cabins
See double room 995 SEK/room
4-p room 1595 SEK/room
Arvidsjaur’s community has many nature reserves.
Communication & transport
Food & shopping
Tjärnheden ”deceased glacial area”
Interesting geological area with more than 365
small lakes. For information see notice board by the
swimming pool in the centre of Abborrträsk village.
Experience the observation tower.
Guided tours, tel. +46 (0)70-537 37 36.
www.natursafari.se, www.abborrtrask.se
Jan-Svensamössan nature reserve
A challanging steep walk to the top of the mountain
(1 kilometer). Amazing view over lake Storavan.
Production Arvidsjaurs tourist office 2014.
With reservation for changes. All prices in Sek.
Lamburträskets bird reserve
The best times for bird watching are at the end of
May, the beginning of June, at the end of August,
and the beginning of September. Visit the Bird
Långträskberget mountain forest reserve
Långträsk mountain is a beautiful place across the
lake from the camping ground in Sjöstjärnan.
Vittjåkk-Akkanålke mountain forest reserve
The reserve offers fishing waters, hiking, boats,
cabins for hire, and caravan parking slots. Booking:
Intersport (in Arvidsjaur), Ph+46 (0)960-104 33.
Hiking maps at the Tourist office.
Gallejaur culture and nature reserve
One of few places with preserved buildings andlandscape that illustrate the history of the first Swedish settlers. See the authentic farm and learn
more about how the people survived in the subarctic climate. You can visit at any time but:
Opening hours main tourist office 15/6-16/8:
Mon-Fri 9.30-18.00
Sat-Sun 10.00-16.30
Rest of the year Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00, closed for
lunch 12.00-13.00.
The visitor’s centre in Gallejaur opens 27/6 and will
be open daily 11.30-16.00 until 9/8.
Daily guided tours at 13.00. Café with coffee,
snacks and lunch 11.30-14.00. www.gallejaur.com
Tel. +46(0)960-220 40, +46(0)70-5172050
Office at the railway station open weekdays when
the Inland train arrives: 12.35 & 15.51 15/6-9/8.
Adress: Storgatan14 B
S-933 31 Arvidsjaur
+46 (0)960-175 00
Single room
Double room
Silvercross 45
Sure answer during evenings
Fr. 275:-
fr. 475:- Also 3, 4 bed room
Holiday villages
2 bed
Camp Gielas (10% off week bookings)
4 bed
6 bed
795:-/ (570:- without water)
850:1.200: -
Slagnäs Camping
320-410: -
520-850: -
Sjöstjärnans Camping
280: -
380: -
Moskosel Camping (no linen)
410-610:-/day. Stay one week and pay for 6 days.
160 52
076-135 98 91
076-135 98 82
070-644 28 62
556 00
65 00 93
073-064 80 37, 073-045 82 04
070-318 78 02, 070-339 83 65
Caravans and tents
Caravan incl el.
Caravan excl el
Moskosel (open June-Sept)
165: -
150: -
070-318 78 02, 070-339 83 65
Camp Gielas (10% off week bookings)
220:-/250:- with electricity
Slagnäs Camping
220: -
190: -
150: -
65 00 93
Sjöstjärnans Camping (open June-Aug)
170: -
150: -
130: -
073-064 80 37, 073-045 82 04
Per night
Abborrträsk (furnished, 1 bedroom)
fr. 600:-/apartment
Also larger apartments and Tipi-tent available
Bring own or rent, small fee
Private cabins
Gråträsk Hembygdsförening (2)
battery lights, gas stove
300: -/500:- d
556 00
070-573 37 36
070-310 62 24
fr.500:-/d, 3000:-/w
070-573 37 36
Myrkulla 5 cabins (outdoor bath tub)
2 cabins
300-850:- /d 2100-3900:-/w
070-309 35 48
Abborrträsk (several cabins)
Different per cabin size
Rent your own island with cabin & boat
No, woodfired stove + sauna 1400:-/d, 8500:-/week
070-573 37 36
Lomträsk (2) (sauna + gas stove in one)
Yes/no (boat & canoe for rent) from 500: -/d, 3000:-/w
070-589 65 16
070-573 37 36
Södra Gatan 17 (Arvidsjaur)
Fully equipped
600:-/d, 3600:-/w
070-209 61 54
Husky Camp Burning Snow
800:-/d, 5000:-/w
073-087 56 01
Trollforsarna rapids
Walking trails, rest cabins and bridges at this beautiful part at the Piteå river. www.pitealv.se
Tel. +46 (0)929-552 50.
E-mail: arvidsjaurlappland@arvidsjaur.se
Internet: www.arvidsjaur.se/visit
555 00
281 000
Wildbyn, Storberg
Places of interest
Ph + 46 (0)960-
Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur
Newly established hotel located in the heart of
Arvidsjaur. Some of the city’s most well-known and
oldest buildings have carefully been renovated and
as a result we can
offer you a modern
and cozy hotel. All
our 42 rooms are
equipped with
iPads. As a hotel
guest, we offer
both afternoon tea
and supper, free of
charge, perfect for
those both traveling on business and pleasure.
Hotel Laponia
Storgatan 45.
Rooms are fully
equipped with TV,
WC, and shower/
bath. Every kind of
room, double
rooms, single
rooms, family
rooms, mini suites, top suites, dog rooms, smoking rooms. Reception is open 24 hours a day. Pool, solarium, spa,
sauna, gym and conference. Big breakfast buffé
every morning. Shop with local products.
Located 1,5 kilometers from Arvidsjaur town center.
High quality hostel with 6 rooms 1-4 beds and tentipi tent-cot indoors. Shared toilet, shower and pentry. Cleaning, towels and linen included. TV-DVD,
Internet, access to common room, sauna and jacuzzi. Unique chatolic chapel in the building.
Lapland Lodge
Bed & Breakfast
Located by Arvidsjaur church.
designed rooms
equipped with
wash basin.
Three rooms with
bath/shower. Common WC.
Newly built wing with high standard hotel rooms,
see deluxe rooms. In the basement there’s a
sauna, jacuzzi, relaxing room and open fireplace.
The bed & breakfast has 19 rooms and 47 beds in
Steam train locomotive
Arvidsjaur-Slagnäs round trip. Fridays and Saturdays from July 10 until August 8.
Departs 17.45 and returns approx 22.00.
Stops at the beach of lake Storavan for swimming
and barbecue along the Slagnäs route. Restaurant
car. Advance booking is necessary only for groups
more than six persons. Price: 220 SEK, children 016 110 SEK.
Arranged by Arvidsjaur Railway Association.
Ph +46 (0)960-104 56, +46 (0)73-081 93 69.
Bokvist Natur & Fritid, Arvidsjaur
Guided fishing tours.
Tel +46 (0) 70-686 94 74, +46 (0) 960-127 89
Backens Skog & Teknik, Sjöträsk
Various nature excursions and guided fishing.
Tel. 070-628 61 18.
Mountain lake Stenträsket
Fishing for trout and char. Boat rental recommended, large lake. About 12 km north of Arvidsjaur,
beautifully situated in primal mountain forest.
Fishing license and boat rental at
Intersport in Arvidsjaur, tel. +46 (0)960-104 33.
Båtsuoj Forest Sami centre
Camp Gielas
Cabin apartments (4-6 beds) with shared entrance
and hallway. TV, telephone, kitchen, WC, and
shower. Two rooms with two bunk beds and two
sofa beds. Even simpler cabins (4 beds) without
water. Floating sauna available for hire.
Sjöstjärnan Camping
The camping is beautifully situated by a lake 20 km
from Arvidsjaur towards Arjeplog. The cabins have
bed linen, refrigerators and hot plates. Service
building, kiosk, tv-room, pedal boat and boat rental,
fishing, swimming, climbing, and walking in beautiful nature are directly outside the cabin door.
Wildbyn Bed &
Breakfast, Storberg
Located 24 km
south of Arvidsjaur. Two and four
bed rooms with
WC/shower in
each cottage.
Sauna and hot tub.
Close by lake and mountain for
exciting tours! www.wildact.ch
Moskosel Camping
The cabins are well
equipped, some also
with TV. Water and
sanitary space in
separate building
with shower and
laundry room.
Wilderness Life Lodge
is beautifully situated 26 km north of Arvidsjaur with
the nature around the corner. It features a sauna, a
wilderness shop as well as a comfortable Lounge
where you can relax after the day's activities. The
entire Lodge, including the rooms is decorated in
true wilderness style. The rooms are equipped with
TV, internet and bio-fireplace. We also offer a huge
range of exciting activities for the whole family.
Here you will also find our Wilderness Café that
besides coffee also serves food and drinks.
www.wildernesslife.se Tel: +46 (0) 761 35 98 91
Slagnäs Camping
Cabins in different price classes & sizes available.
Abborrträsk Natursafari
Excellent fishing for Arctic Char, and other spieces,
in some of the best lakes in the country.
Beaver and moose safari. Coffee, guide, 3 hours
Min: 2 persons. Walking tour on the Nasaleden
hiking trail. Price example: Guided tour incl. coffee
780:-. Whole day on request. Also canoe tours and
other excursions. Accommodation availible in cottages & apartments Tel. +46 (0) 70-573 37 36.
Reivo/Myrkulla cottages
Reivo: 1 cabin with no electricity. In the cabins you
can find a diesel heater, wood stove, LPG stove
and a fridge or food cellar. Fully equipped, no linen.
Myrkulla: 5 cabins, 2 of them with electricity. The
rest of them has diesel stove, LPG stove and LPG
lighting. Fully equipped, sauna and boat included.
Huskycamp Burning Snow, Tjappsåive
Two double rooms in a cosy cottage with lake view,
4-6 beds. Open fire & toilet. Sauna house. Kitchen
in separate building. www.burning-snow.com
Slagnäs Camping
Fishing for large trout in rapid waters. Fishing season starts beginning of June-mid August. Boats for
rent, sales of fishing permits.
Ph +46 (0) 960 65 00 93.
Open daily 11.00-18.00, 15/6-15/8. Drop in visits
from 290:-/person. Children under 12 years of age
free of charge. Longer visit, with learning about
schamanism, herbs and healing starts at 15.00 and
ends with a dinner. Price: 600:-. Visit with overnight
stay in the cot; 1.100:-. For different contents or
more info, call or visit our homepage. Closed during
midsummer 19-21/6. Tel. +46 (0)960-65 10 26, +46
(0)70-642 31 66. www.batsuoj.se
Fishing in Arvidsjaur
Fishing licences are available at the tourist office,
Intersport, OKQ8 petrol station and in the villages
where the fishing licenses apply. For more information about fishing, contact the tourist office or one of
the companies offering guided fishing services.
Orrkammens Go-kart & Cross kart
Cross country track for cross-carts. Café with refreshments. Summer open daily 13.00-17.00 4/7 9/8. Cash payment. Also open other times on demand: +46 (0) 960-500 61, +46 (0) 70-563 51 19.
Payment in cash!
Fishing in Arvidsjaur - Wilderness Life
Wilderness Life arranges fishing adventures,
courses in Bushcraft & Survival and jewelry
making. Let the experienced guide help you with
the fishing or participate in an inspiring Bushcraft
Course, where you will learn more about our
ancestors knowledge of survival in a natural
environment and none the least, learn more about
your selves. www.wildernesslife.se 076-13 59 891
Hiking trails
Short hikes aroud the town or longer hikes in the
wilderness! Visit interesting nature areas and experience the silence and calm in person. Find your
maps and pointers at the Tourist office or on the
web page. Phone nr: +46 (0) 960 17500
Burning Snow Husky Camp, Tjappsåive
Guided hikes, moose safari, excursions to Trollforsen rapids, fishing. Vast network of hiking trails on
the mountain Harrejaurliden and in the Reivo forest
reserve. We offer comfortable accommodations,
delicious moose and reindeer meals, a guided tour
in the kennels & other exciting activities!
PLOV (30 km W of Älvsbyn)
Daily rafting tours from May to September in the
vincinity of Storforsen. Book at ph +46 (0) 929 211
66 el. +46 (0) 70 605 74 79. www.plov.se
Byske äventyr (10 km NW of Byske)
Rafting tours every Saturday where single customers can book. Other times booking for groups of
at least 8 persons. More info and booking at +46
(0) 70 543 32 32
Tour in the kennel
Enjoy a summer day with our Alaskan Huskies.
Walk your own dog and learn more about their
living and work. Grilling and coffee by the fire.
Half day, 3 hours 1-4 persons 650:-.
Full day, 6 hours 1-4 persons 950:-.
Central water park and swimming pool
Small water park and exercise pool indoors and
large swimming pool outdoors. Indoors Waterfall,
waterslides, Jacuzzi etc. Open daily 11.00-18.00
6/6-23/8, the outdoor facility is open from 25/6-10/8.
Guided hiking tour in Reivo forest reserve
Including grilling & coffee by open fire.
5 hours: 950:- per group (1-4 persons).
Ph. +46 (0)73-087 56 01. www.burning-snow.com
Husky Camp Wildact, Storberg
Enjoy guided beaver safari, excursions with fishing
and/or canoeing. Hiking trail on the Akkanålke
mountain. Rent our cosy guesthouses, for a day or
more We offer breakfast and dinner. Available
every day, advance reservation. All the activities
include transfer from the airport or Arvidsjaur.
Guided husky kennel tour for the whole family
Two hours in touch with our friendly Alaskan huskies, coffee, price 350:-/ person. Children under 12
years for free. Transfer 100:-/person Arvidsjaur t/r.
19 Midsummer celebration
Slagnäs Camping at 14.00. Dragspel, lekar och
upptåg för hela familjen!
23 Music in the summer evening
Medborgarhuset in Arvidsjaur 19.00 , Rock camp
final concert.
21 Music in the summer evening
Arvidsjaur church 18.00, with students from Piteå
summer academy.
30 Music in the summer evening
Arvidsjaur church 19.00, Jakob Grubbström and
Anna Wikenius, guitar and song.
28 Music in the summer evening
Glommersträsk church 18.00 , with Lars Långströms quintet.
31-1 Homecoming days
with a variety of activities in Glommersträsk.
5 Guided tour of Tjärnheden
Anders Vikström is your guide of Tjärnheden.
Gathering at the store in Abborrträsk 13.00
2 Music in the summer evening
Glommersträsk kyrka 18.00 , Lennart Johansson
singing the songs of Einar Ekberg.
7 Grill evening with Jazz
Moskosel church 19.00 , Jan-Ove Nilsson and Ulf
6 Music in the summer evening
Arvidsjaur church 19.00 , Baker´s Cottage, jazzy
folk music.
8-11 The Lauker week
Activities in Antegården and in the village cultural
area. ”Café Ante”, open every day during the week
11.00-21.00 www.lauker.se
7-8/8 Thunderball Car & Bike meet
Motor event of the summer in Arvidsjaur. Cars,
bikes and snowmobile show. Dragracing on water
in the lake. More info at:
9 Musik in the summer evening
Arvidsjaur church 19.00 , Anders Winterstam, organ
5 hour guided hike with our huskies. Accompanied
by our friendly huskies you can hike to the top of
our mountain hut - Alkenalkke located 750 meters
above the sea level. You will be connected to your
husky with a specially designed waist belt worn
around your waist. As you venture deeper into the
forest you will find mushrooms, berries and, with
luck, might spot some reindeers. At the view point a
delicious meal cooked over the open fire will be
prepared for you. Lunch included. Price 700:-/
Both facilities are closed for cleaning and maintenance before and after the season and June19-20.
the indoor facility opens again in the fall and is
open through winter.
Entrance fee: Adults 55:-, under 17 years 45:Information regarding opening hours and prices the
rest of the year, please call us on tel. +46 (0)960157 74. www.centrumbadet.se
Outdoor pool in Abborrträsk
Open from June to August depending on the temperature. 16 m pool, mini golf, bouncing mats.
Free entrance. Close to store with ice cream and
Dinner at the Huskycamp
Delicious dinner (reindeer or salmon) at Huskycamp, Dessert and coffee, short guided Tour
through the kennel and many information about
sleddogsport, everyday, advance reservation.
Price 450:-/person.
Outdoor pool in Glommersträsk
Open 1/7-23/8, 10.00-20.00 every day.
16 m pool. Entrance fee adult 20 SEK, children
under 18 year. 10 SEK. Whole season entrance
family 150 SEK.
Beaver Safari
2-3 hours, guided safari to learn more about the
beaver, visiting “working” area and spotting.
Coffee. Price 350:-/pers. Children u. 12 years free.
Two day canoe roundtrip and canoe rental
Food, canoes and tent equipment included. With
guide 1.650:-/person. On your own 550:-/person.
Information and booking: +46 (0)70 836 44 98,
(0)70 631 60 52 or www.wildact.ch
16 Music in the summer evening
Arvidsjaur church 19.00 , Anders Stenman with jazz
Camp Gielas
Outdoor lake beach with bridges.
Phone: +46 (0) 960 556 00, www.gielas.se
8 Folk music fair
Start at 12.00, music, food and fika, in the park in
10 A-smällen
Traditional street market where our shops move out
into the street.
8 Dance to traditional dance band
19.00-22.00 Folkets Hus in Abborrträsk
10 Steam train opening night
Arvidsjaur-Slagnäs return trip. Pause by the Storavan lakeshore for bath and sausage grilling.
Every Friday and Saturday July 10- August 8.
8-9 Gardening and handicraft days
at the info centre in Gallejaur.
10-11 Nattivalen
Summer festival at Laponia Sameland.
13-15 Street market
in Arvidsjaur
15 Tailgate flea market and plant market
Gamla Prästgården local museum, Arvidsjaur.
11 Pjesker Trolling
Start 11.00. Fishing competition for boat owners, 1
prize is a boat!
28 Concert and opening
Sami music by Pia-Maria Holmgren and friends.
Opening night for Storstämningshelgen in Arvidsjaur church, starting at 18.00.
12 Auction in Abborrträsk
Showing in the park from 11.00, the auction starts
at 12.00.
12 Mill festival in Järvträsk
Start at 12.00
12 Harvest day
at the Infocentre in Gallejaur.
28-30 Storstämningshelgen
Traditional Sami church wwekend with competitions, activities and auctions in Lappstaden in
Café Holken
In shopping centre ”Ugglan”, Arvidsjaur. Hot sandwiches, pies, today´s special e.t.c. Oening hour’s
June 22-July 31: Mon-Fri 07.30-16.00, Sat 10.0013.00. Rest of year: 05.30-16.00, Sat 08.00-13.00.
Seating up to 36 persons. Tel. +46 (0)960-100 75.
Restaurant Cazba
Storgatan 8 a. Pizza, pasta, various meat dishes,
today’s special. Open: Mon-Fri 10.30-21.00, Sat &
Sun 11.30-21.00. Seating for 42 people.
Tel. +46 (0)960-215 24. or +46 (0)72-701 41 35.
Road 95 eastbound;
Orrkammen Go-kart and Cross kart
Café with refreshments, ice cream, hot dogs etc.
Open daily 4/7-9/8, 13.00-17.00. Seating for 50
people. Also open on demand, please call.
Tel. +46 (0)960-500 61 or (0)70-563 51 19.
Payment in cash!
Rävlyans Lekland & Café
Indoor playground in roomy facilities in Arvidsjaur
town with lots of fun for both children and adults!
Open every day 11.00-17.00 during summer!
Glommersträsk´s Settlers Museum
A local heritage centre with unique collections of
settlers items. Twelve buildings and 3.000 utensils
from self sufficient households from the eighteenth
and nineteenth centuries, in the 10th largest farming village in Lapland.
Open June 23-August Tue-Fri 8.00-17.00, Sat
10.00-14.00. Sun-Mon closed. Guided tour 40 kr/
person. Booking for goups at other times
+46 (0)960-200 30, +46 (0)70-672 12 56,
+46 (0)70-607 05 08, +46 (0)70-801 93 53
Glommersträsks Värdshus
Restaurant. Open Mon-Thursday 10.00-18.00, FriSat 10.00-20.00, Sun 11.00-18.00. Seats 80 persons + 40 outdoors. Tel. +46 (0)960 202 66, (0)70
681 19 91, (0)73-028 62 22.
Pizzeria Tre Kronor
Stationsgatan 25 a. Pizza, pan pizza, kebab,
lettuce, daily special. Open Mon-Thu 11.00-21.00,
Fri-Sat 11.00-22.00, Sun 12.00-21.00. Seating for
14 people + outdoor seats. Tel. +46 (0)960-210 02.
Summer Restaurant & Café in Gallejaur
Local food, snacks and sandwiches and more.
Daily 11.30-16.00, from June 27 - August 9. Also by
pre-booking for groups. Tel. + 46 (0)960 220 40, (0)
70-517 20 50. www.gallejaur.com
Situated by the town square. Hamburger restaurant
with beer and wine license. Open Mon-Fri 10-21,
Sat-Sun 11-21. From July 1-August 10. Mon-Fri 1023, Sat-Sun 11-23. Seating for 48 people.
Public toilets.
Tel. +46 (0)960-216 60.
Road 95 westbound;
Summer Café Renvallen
Enjoy fresh baked waffles and coffee in cozy atmosphere. Ice cream, pastries, soft drinks. Summer
open every day 10.00-19.00. Tel. +46 (0)960-121
05. www.arcticglas.se See more on pg 7.
A-Grillen (Frasses)
Storgatan 32. Hamburger restaurant. Open: MonFri 10.00-21.00, Sat & Sun 11.00-21.00. Today's
special 10.00-14.00. Seating for 30 people.
Tel. +46 (0)960-123 70.
Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur
Cocktail bar on the terrace summer Wed - Sat evenings from 15.00 throughout the summer.
Info: +46 (0)960 281 000.
OK-Grillen (Frasses)
Storgatan 5. Hamburger restaurant. Open Mon-Fri
10.00-22.00, Sat 11.00-22.00, Sun 11.00-21.00.
Today's special 10.00-14.00. Seats 36 people.
Tel. +46 (0)960-215 33.
Hotell Laponia
Disco evenings, entertainment and troubadour
evenings now and then during summer in rhe restaurant. Ph: 0960-555 00
Road E45 northbound;
Wilderness Life
We serve coffee, waffles and other food &
beverage. The café is located 26 km north of
Arvidsjaur in scenic surroundings and the serving is
done in a true Wilderness Lodge. Open 22/6-middle
of August 11.00-20.00 every day except Mondays.
www.wildernesslife.se +46 (0) 761 35 98 91
Adress: Västra Skolgatan 17C.
Massage Jan Renberg +46 (0)960-101 21, (0)70648 58 99.
Acupuncture Karin Barklöf +46 (0)73-032 27 19.
45ans hantverk/ Rallarmuseét in Moskosel
Local food, reindeer stuve or potatoe dumplings.
Café with home baked. Open daily from June 15August 23, 10.00-18.00. Seats 30 persons.
Tel. +46 (0)70-339 83 53, (0)70-205 12 68.
LM´s foot care and massage,
Järnvägsgatan 55. Energy massage, medicinal foot
care, sujok and waxing.
Tel. +0046 (0) 960-213 41, (0) 70-560 32 45.
Moskosel Camping
Beach restaurant with excellent smoked char. Also
café, home baked bread and breakfast. Seating for
20 people indoors, 30 outdoors.
Tel +46 (0)960-302 00.
Hotell Laponia
Storgatan 45. Spa Mon-Fri 17.00-20.00 from June
27. Booking: +46 (0)960-555 00.
For spa menu, please visit www.hotell-laponia.se
Tennis, mini golf, sports hall, gym Camp Gielas.
Mini golf at Camp Gielas Holiday village and at the
outdoor bath in Arvidsjaur & Abborrträsk.
Exercise tracks by the indoor rink & Camp Gielas.
Boule by the Medborgarhuset. Free loan of balls in
The nearby library. 15.00 is the usual time for a
match during the summer. Tel +46 (0)960-103 19.
Glommersträsk Hattmuseum
Explore more than 150 hats from 4 decades left
over from a hat store.. Also a department with the
hair stylist fashion from the 1950- and 60:ties!
Adress: Storgatan 103, Glommersträsk.
Tel. 070-313 52 06. Call in advance before visit.
Arvidsjaur Golf Course
Beautifully located 9-hole course with par 72,
grass tees. Season end of May-Sep. Soft spike.
Booking time at: Ball chute. Driving range.
Tel. +46 (0)960-571 30. www.arvidsjaurgolf.se
Gamla Prästgården, Arvidsjaur local museum
The museum, the old rectory, displays artefacts
from the turn of the century used by settlers and the
Sami native people. Café & museum shop with
sales of crafts. Open 22/6-16/8 Mon-Fri 10.0016.30, Sat & Sun 10-15. Admission free. 19-21/6
12.00-15.00. Tel. +46 (0)960-124 28.
Tel. +46 (0)960-
Moskosel Camping
302 00
104 33
Sjöstjärnan, also pedal boats 073-045 82 04, 073-064 80 37
Slagnäs Camping
65 00 93
Moskosel Camping
Slagnäs Camping
302 00
070-310 62 24
65 00 93
160 52
Fishing equipment
104 33
Life vests
Tourist office
175 00
Rallarmuseét Moskosel
Hotel Laponia (book the day before)
555 00
Hertz, Forslunds Bil
Golf equipment
Car test exhibition
Exhibition about the history of car testing in the
largest winter test area in the world. Go to Arvidsjaur Airport and enter the arrival hall. Opening
hours during summer Mon-Fri 07.00-17.00, Sat
12.00-14.30, Sun 14.30-21.00.
Arvidsjaur Church
Open weekdays 08.00-21.00, weekends 10.0021.00 During June 22-August 2. Other times open
weekdays 08.00-16.00. Divine service every Sunday 11.00. Evening music concerts, see “events”,
page 9.
Tel. Arvidsjaur Congregation, ph 0960-478 00.
The Sami Town in Arvidsjaur
Traditional cots and storage houses used by
the Sami native people by church visits. More
than 80 buildings. Daily guided tour 18.00
from 15/6-9/8. Price: 100:-/pers.
Group booking ph +46 (0) 70-379 76 37.
65 45 53
The Railway Builders Museum
The museum is located in Moskosel station building, 40 km north of Arvidsjaur. Restaurant, handicraft & guided tours. Open daily 10.00-18.00 from
8/6-23/8, other time on request. Tel. 070-205 12 68.
571 30
Wood fired hot tub Myrkulla
Own island with sauna & hot tub 070-573 37 36
Camp Gielas, sauna + shower for rent
556 00
Camp Gielas Holiday Village
Gallejaur Culture and nature reserve
Visit an autenthic settlers village. The info centre in
Gallejaur is open every day 11.30-16.00 from June
27 to August 9. Food, coffee and exhibitions.
Daily guided tours 13.00. Tel. 070-346 58 54
More information at: www.gallejaur.com
556 00
The Silver museum, Arjeplog
Vast collections from the rich history of the area.
The dia slide show is recommended (included in
the entrance fee). Opening hours 2015: 09.0018.00 every day, June 8-August 9. Other time
10.00-17.00 weekdays, closed for lunch 12.0013.00. Saturdays open 10.00-14.00. Entrance 80:-,
ch. u. 16 yrs free. Tel +46 (0)961-145 00.
Arvidsjaur Taxi
Example fixed price: within the town of Arvidsjaur
80:-, on a public holiday 100:-. Arvidsjaur Airport Arvidsjaur 100:- (own car 300:-). Book flight transfer
24h in advance. Tel. +46 (0)960-104 00.
Hertz Rental Car Agency
Storgatan 81. Tfn +46 (0)960-65 45 53.
Adolfström, Arjeplog mountains
Unique fishing, hiking and canoeing in roadless
land. Cabins, helicopter service.
Arvidsjaur Airport
Booking: +46 (0)960-173 80, or visit: www.ajr.nu
Handicraft and Souvenirs
Hotell Laponia
Storgatan 45. Lunch buffé in hotel weekdays 11.0014.00. Also á la carte restaurant ”Laponiakåtan”
across the street. Open every day 17.00-22.00,
Saturday-Sunday 12.00-22.00 from July 4. 130
seats, inside and outdoor seating. Pub, grill, food,
coffe, ice-cream etc. Tel. +46 (0)960-555 00.
Anna-Lisa´s Souvenirbutik
Stationsgatan 3, close to the railway station.
Here you will find everything! Open Mon-Fri. 09.3017.30, Sat 09.30-14.00. Tel. +46 (0)960-106 33,
+46 (0)70-591 89 39. www.presentbutiken.se
Storgatan 15. Postcards, souvenirs, presents and
interior design. Scrapbooking. Open: Weekdays
9.30-17.30, Sat 10-14. Other times booking.
Phone 0960-120 08. www.anglafrojd.se
Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur
Daily lunch buffet 11.00-15.00, dinner buffet every
day 17.00-21.00. A la carte dinner open Wed-Sun
Restaurant Afrodite
Storgatan 10. Á la carte, greek grill, reideer- and
moose meat courses, pizza, pasta and salads.
Outdoor seatin during summer, fully licensed.
Daily special Mon-Fri 10.30-14.00.
Open Mon-Thu 10.30-21.00, Fri 10.30-22.00, Sat
11.00– 22.00, Sun 11.00-21.00. Seats 42 people.
Ph + 46 (0)960-173 00.
45:ans Hantverksbutik
In The Railway Builders Museum in Moskosel.
Local handicraft for sale. Open daily from June 8 to
August 23 10.00-18.00. Midsummers eve closed.
Ph 070-205 12 68. www.45anshantverk.se
Storforsen rapids
Europe’s largest rapids, 1,5 hours north east of
Arvidsjaur. Easy access to the rapid by a 400 meter
public footpath, also suitable for the disabled.
Also tourist office, open every day 10:00-18:00 Juni
15-Augusti 23. Storforsen shop open every day
11.00-17.00. Café in summertime.
Ph +46 (0)929-310 82.
Lindmarks Handicraft
Hedgatan 9. Knives, handicraft and guitars.
Open Mon-Fri 12-17.00. May be closed for some
week during the summer. Call ahead. Info ph 070247 92 17. www.matslindmark.blogspot.com
Svansele Wilderness Centre
Amazing exhibitions of wild animals from Lapland.
Good food made from local raw materials. Drop-in
22/6-9/8 every day 12-18. Other times booking.
Info +46 (0)915- 210 10, 210 03. www.svansele.se
Hans på Hörnet - Café & food
Storgatan 21. Enjoy good coffee, ice cream, lunch,
sandwiches, pies, salads and more in a cosy setting. 50 seats inside + outdoor seats. Open Mon-Fri
08.30-17.30, Saturday 10.00-15.00.
Ph. +46 (0)960-102 10. hanspahonet.blogspot.com
Arctic Glas - Glass handicraft
The Inland Railway
During 15/6-8/8 the northbound train arrives in Arvidsjaur at 15.51, departs at 16.06. The southbound
arrives during 16/6-9/8 at 12.35, departs at 12.45.
The tourist office has an branch office at the railway
station. For rail round trips incl. Arvidsjaur, see the
Inland Railway catalogue.
Central booking number, Swedish telephone 077153 53 53 or, from abroad call +46 (0)63-19 44 09.
The longest cableway in the world
Explore a part (13 km) of the almost 100 km long
cableway. Daily departure 27/6-2/8 at 13.00.
The ride lasts 2 hours + return transport, which is
included. We recommend buying the lunch, eaten
during the trip. A film is shown from 12.15. Extra
rides may be booked from 1/5-30/9. Booking: +46
(0)918-210 25. www.linbanan.com
Stambanan (The main railway trunk-line)
Departure with night-train from Stockholm in the
evening. Arrival in Arvidsjaur next morning.
Change to bus in Jörn or Älvsbyn, included in the
train ticket. Going south the same times.
Booking tel. 0771-75 75 75. www.sj.se
Ájtte-Swedish Mountain & Sámi museum
Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum situated in
Jokkmokk. Open: 15/6-17/8, Mon-Sun 09.00-18.00.
Other periods Tue-Fri 10.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 12.0016.00. Entrance 80:-. Phone: 0971-170 70.
Bus Connections
For timetables call Länstrafiken, ph 0771-10 01 10
or Arvidsjaur Busstation, ph 0960-103 07.
www.ltnbd.se or ask at the Tourist office.
Granbergs Buss AB
Buses 9-60 persons. Phone: +46 (0)960-132 25.
E-mail: info@granbergsbuss.se
Aha Lodge - Sorsele
Horseback riding in the wilderness of Lapland from
one hour to full day trips and longer with outdoor
overnight, canoeing, fishing. We offer also cabins.
Contact AHA LODGE 0952-450 00, 073-802271.
Café L´Amanda
Storgatan. Café with salads, sandwiches, cakes
and more for take away. Open Tue-Fri 06.30-14.30.
Saturday 11.00-15.00. Sunday & Monday Closed.
Tel. +46 (0)76-594 60 77.
Tant Sveas café
Stationsgatan 20A. Always fresh coffee with something delicious to eat, warm and cold sandwiches pasties and pies. Todays lunch 11-14 weekdays, outdoor seats, wireless internet. Opening
hours Mon-Tue 07.00-18.00, Wed-Fri 07.00-21.00,
Sat 10.00-16.00, Sun 12.00-16.00.
Tel. +46 (0)70 589 80 41
In Renvallen, by inland road (Inlandsvägen) 3 km
west of Arvidsjaur. Glass, frosted in our workshop,
many designs from Lapland. There is also café,
beautifully situated by the river Svärdälven.
Open every day from June 15,10.00-19.00.
Other times: Mon-Thu 12.00-18.00.
Please call +46 (0)960-121 05.
www.arcticglas.se + www.lappland-shop.se
Camp Gielas Holiday Village
Reception, internet café and kiosk open June 23Aug 10 daily 07.00-22.00. Rest of the year; weekdays 07.00-21.00, weekends 09.00-19.00, closed
for lunch 12-13. Seating for 45 people. Tel. +46 (0)
960-556 00. www.gielas.se
Gamla Prästgården, Arvidsjaur local museum
Local handicraft, museum & café. Mon-Fri 10.0016.30, Sat & Sun 10-15. Other time of the year Mon
-Fri 10.00-16.30, Saturdays 10.00-14.00.
Tel. +46 (0)960-124 28. See more on pg. 5.
Arvidsjaurs Local Heritage Museum
(Gamla Prästgården) Café, home baked bread.
Mon-Fri 10.00-16.30, Sat & Sun 10-15. Other time
of the year Mon-Fri 10.00-16.30, Saturdays 10.0014.00. Seating for 48 people. See more on pg 5.
Tel. +46 (0)960-124 28.
Sportware and equipment. Fishing licenses.
Tel.: 0960-104 33
Also see;
Hostel Silvercross 45 Ph +46 (0)70-644 28 62
Hotel Laponia
Ph +46 (0)960-555 00
Moskosel Camping
Ph + (0)960-302 00
Rävlyans Lekland & Café
Indoor playground and café close to Dollarstore in
Arvidsajur. Open every day 11.00-17.00 during
summer! Ph +46 (0) 960 103 03