Winter is a time where we
all like to be warm at home
– and the good news is
that it’s possible to use less
energy, keep your bills down
and still stay comfortable in
your home this winter.
> In Victoria, households produce
30 percent of our greenhouse gas
emissions. To reduce our impact on
climate change it is important we all
make an effort to cut down on the
amount of energy we use at home.
Here are some simple everyday
actions you can easily do around
the house to reduce the amount of
greenhouse gas you produce while
still keeping your family warm during
the chilly months.
Most of these actions don’t cost
anything. The ones that do require
some investment will soon pay for
themselves and start saving you
money through lower energy bills.
• Keep curtains and external blinds
closed at night and on cloudy days
to keep the cold out,
• Open curtains to let the winter sun
in when it’s shining,
• Consider installing double glazed
• Block off unused fireplaces to prevent
heat being sucked out,
• Insulation is an excellent year-round
investment because it will keep your
house warmer in winter and cooler in
summer; reducing the need to spend
energy and money on heating and
• Topping up or installing insulation in
your ceiling is the easiest and most
cost-effective way to insulate your
home - it can save you up to 41,800
balloons and $350 a year.
> DID YOU KNOW – Up to 35
percent of your home’s heat
can escape through doors,
windows, walls and ceilings.
1 Don’t overheat your house
3 Use hot water wisely
• Keep your thermostat set to 20ºC
in winter,
> Producing hot water every time you
turn on the tap uses lots of energy.
Reducing how much hot water your
family uses will help shrink your
energy bill.
• Install a timer or program your
heater’s thermostat so it will turn off
when not needed,
• Consider wearing warmer clothes or
putting an extra blanket on your bed
before turning the heater up.
> DID YOU KNOW – that if you
turn your heater’s thermostat
down just 2ºC you could save
up to 17,800 balloons of
greenhouse gas and $150 off
your heating bill every year.
2 Help your home hold its heat
> Energy saving at home can be as
easy as closing a door! Don’t heat
areas in your home which you don’t
regularly use. There is little point
wasting energy and money heating
storage areas or spare bedrooms.
• Close off rooms that don’t need
heating and save up to 7,100
balloons and $60 a year,
• Wash clothes in cold water and save
up to 2,600 balloons a year. Cold
water washing detergents are widely
• Fix the dripping hot tap and you’ll
save both energy and water,
• Don’t rinse dishes under running
water. Use a plug in the sink, scrape
plates first and use cold water when
• Invest in a front-loading washing
machine when you need to replace
your machine – they use less energy
and less water than top loading
• Install a solar hot water heater and
you can save up to 18,100 balloons
and nearly $160 a year,
• Take a 4 minute shower instead of a
7 minute shower and each person
• Seal draughts and gaps around
in your house can save up to 2,300
external doors and windows and save
balloons and 13,800 litres of water
up to 4,900 balloons and $40 a year,
each year,
*One balloon represents 50 grams of greenhouse gas
• Install a 3 star showerhead and the
average household can save up to
an additional 5,600 balloons and
nearly $150 a year.
> DID YOU KNOW – A large portion
of your home’s hot water usage
happens in the bathroom.
4 Not using it? Switch it off at
the wall!
> Appliances such as televisions,
microwaves, stereos, mobile phone
chargers and computers continue
to use electricity whenever they are
switched on at the power point, even
if you have turned them off with the
remote control or have removed your
phone from the charger.
• Turn electrical appliances off at the
power point every time you finish
using them and you can save up to
7,700 balloons and $50 a year,
• Only turn on the second fridge
when it’s needed,
• Switch off lights in rooms not
being used,
• Replace regular light globes with
energy saving ones and save up to
2,800 balloons per globe, per year.
Energy saving globes are up to 80
percent more efficient and last up to
eight times longer,
• Turn your hot water system and
heating off when you go away for
appliances use nearly as much
energy on ‘standby’ as they do
when you are using them.
For more ways to
save energy, money and
reduce your impact on
climate change, call
1300 363 744 or visit
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