P5100A 500 MHz 100X High Voltage Probe Instructions

Operating Information
Standard Accessories
The P5100A Probe is a high impedance probe with
100X attenuation that is designed for use with Tektronix
ground-referenced oscilloscopes.
The probe includes the accessories shown below.
WARNING. Do not substitute accessories from other
products for use with this probe. Only use the
accessories that are included with this probe.
Connect the probe as shown in the illustrations below.
To avoid electric shock when using the probe or
accessories, keep your fingers behind the finger guard
of the probe body and away from the shaded area shown
in the accessory illustrations below.
500 MHz 100X High Voltage Probe
Compensating the Probe
Due to variations in oscilloscope input characteristics,
the low-frequency compensation of the probe may need
adjustment after you move the probe from one oscilloscope
channel to another.
Connect the probe to the oscilloscope channel that you
plan to use for your measurements.
Connect the probe to the probe compensation output
terminals on the oscilloscope front panel.
WARNING. To avoid electric shock, only connect to the
Probe Comp signal on the oscilloscope when making
this adjustment. To avoid electric shock, only use the
insulated adjustment tool when making compensation
x P071288202*
Push AUTOSET or otherwise adjust your oscilloscope
to display a stable waveform.
Adjust the trimmer in the probe until you see a perfectly
flat-top square wave on the display. (See illustration.)
Reorder Tektronix part number
Common spring (TACS)
Use this accessory to limit
aberrations on high frequency
signals caused by common
lead path inductance.
Bend the spring to reach
nearby connections (~1 in).
Small hook tip (TASH)
Use this tip to access test
points in tight spaces. Screw
the hook tip onto the probe tip
and then clamp the hook onto
the circuit.
Rating: 1000 V CAT II
Note: Only the 1000 V CAT II
rating is applicable when used
with the P5100A probe
Reorder Tektronix part number
Color bands
Use these bands to identify
the oscilloscope channel at the
probe head.
Reorder Tektronix part number
Large hook tip (TALH)
Screw the hook tip onto the
probe tip and then clamp the
hook onto the circuit.
Rating: 1000 V CAT II
Reorder Tektronix part number
016-1886-xx (5 pairs)
Note: Only the 1000 V CAT II
rating is applicable when used
with the P5100A probe
Reorder Tektronix part number
Common leads
(6 in and 18 in) (TACL)
Slide the lead over the probe
head and snap it into place.
Connect the banana plug
end directly to your circuit
common, or use the crocodile
clip included with the probe.
Reorder Tektronix part
6 inch: 196-3526-xx
18 inch: 196-3527-xx
Crocodile clip
Attach the clip to the banana
end of the common lead and
then to your circuit common.
Adjustment tool
Use only this insulated tool for
compensation adjustments.
Reorder Tektronix part number
Optional Accessories
The accessories shown below are available for the probe
and are rated ≤30 V unless indicated otherwise.
Part number
BNC to Tip Adapter,
Rubber Spring Tip
Probe Holder
Service Information
Characteristics Description
Performance verification and adjustment procedures
are available on the Tektronix Web site. Go to
www.tektronix.com/manuals and enter P5100A in the
search field.
Equipment Recycling. This product complies
with the European Union’s requirements
according to Directive 2002/96/EC on waste
electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
For more information about recycling options,
check the Support/Service section of the
Tektronix Web site (www.tektronix.com).
Table 1: Electrical and mechanical specifications
Bandwidth (–3 dB)
500 MHz
System rise time (typical)
<700 ps
System input capacitance
2.5 pF
Compensation range
7–30 pF
Propagation delay
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-031:07/A1:2010
IEC61010-031; IEC 61010-031/A1:2008
Table 2: Environmental specifications
Safety Summary
~6.1 ns
System attenuation accuracy
100:1 ±1.75%
System input resistance @DC
40 MΩ ±1%
Cable length
Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and
prevent damage to this product or any products connected
to it. To avoid potential hazards, use this product only as
specified. Using the probe or accessories in a manner not
specified could result in a shock or fire hazard.
Maximum input voltage
(see Performance Graphs)
1000 VRMS CAT II, 2500 Vpk
Performance Graphs
0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F)
–40 °C to +71 °C (–40 °F to +159.8 °F)
5% to 95% relative humidity (%RH) up to
+30 °C, 5% to 75% RH above +30 °C up
to +50 °C. Noncondensing
5% to 95% RH up to +30 °C
5% to 75% RH above +30 °C to +65 °C
5% to 45% RH above +65 °C up to +71 °C.
Operating: up to 3000 m (9842 ft)
Nonoperating: up to 15420 m (50,000 ft)
Table 3: Certifications and compliances
Characteristics Description
Copyright © Tektronix, Inc. All rights reserved.
Compliance was demonstrated to the following
specification as listed in the Official Journal of
the European Communities:
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC:
EN61010-031/A1: 2008
CAT III: Distribution-level mains, fixed
CAT II: Local-level mains, appliances, portable
CAT I: Circuits not directly connected to mains.
Degree 2
Do not operate in environments where conductive pollutants may be present (as defined in
IEC 61010-1). Rated for indoor use only.
To Avoid Fire or Personal Injury
Ground-Referenced Oscilloscope Use. Do not float the
reference lead of this probe when using with ground
referenced oscilloscopes (for example, DPO, MSO, and
TDS series oscilloscopes). The reference lead must be
connected to earth potential (0 V).
Connect and Disconnect Properly. Connect the probe output
to the measurement instrument before connecting the probe
to the circuit under test. Disconnect the probe input and
the probe reference lead from the circuit under test before
disconnecting the probe from the measurement instrument.
Avoid Electric Shock. To avoid injury or loss of life, do not
connect or disconnect probes or test leads while they are
connected to a voltage source.
Observe All Terminal Ratings. To avoid fire or shock hazard,
observe all ratings and markings on the product. Consult
the product manual for further ratings information before
making connections to the product.
Avoid Electric Shock. When using probe accessories, never
exceed the lowest rating of the probe or its accessory,
whichever is less, including the measurement category and
voltage rating.
Avoid Exposed Circuitry and Do Not Operate Without
Covers. Do not touch exposed connections and components
when power is present.
Inspect The Probe and Accessories. Before each use,
inspect probe and accessories for damage (cuts, tears,
defects in the probe body, accessories, cable jacket, etc.).
Do not use if damaged.
Do Not Operate in Wet/Damp Conditions.
Do Not Operate in an Explosive Atmosphere.
Keep Product Surfaces Clean and Dry.
Safety Terms and Symbols Terms in This Manual.
These terms may appear in this manual:
WARNING. Warning statements identify conditions or
practices that could result in injury or loss of life.
CAUTION. Caution statements identify conditions or
practices that could result in damage to this product or
other property.
Symbols on the Product. These symbols may appear on
the product:
Contacting Tektronix
Web site:
Tektronix, Inc.
Department or name (if known)
14200 SW Karl Braun Drive
P.O. Box 500
Beaverton, OR 97077 USA
Warranty Information
For warranty information, go to
Avoid Electric Overload. To avoid injury or fire hazard, do
not apply potential to any input, including the reference
inputs, that varies from ground by more than the maximum
rating for that input.
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