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XTR Water Conditioner
“Quality Water Treatment Equipment”
to the
Last Drop
“The Most Effective No Salt System Available”
We have incorporated the latest technology in scale control & water
conditioning to create the best alternative to water softening. Uses
a proven technology for scale control along with specially blended
media for the reduction of chlorine and chloromines.
Benefits Throughout the Home:
• Water Will Feel and Taste Better
• Automatically Filters Out Incoming Dirt and Sediment
Made in the USA
• Reduced Hard Water Spotting on Shower Doors and Dishes
• Reduced Hard Water Deposits on Fixtures
• All Water Using Appliances Will Last Longer
9” x 56” Tall
10 gpm
1 to 2 Bathrooms
4 Stage SS Unit
10” x 60” Tall
14 gpm
2 to 3 Bathrooms
4 Stage SS Unit
1” to 1.25” Service
12” x 62” Tall
18 gpm
3 to 4 Bathrooms
6 Stage SS Unit
1” to 1.5” Service
3/4” to 1” Service
Larger Sizes Available.
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13” x 60” Tall
22 gpm
4 to 5 Bathrooms
6 Stage SS Unit
1.25” to 1.5” Service
Current Flow Rate
Flow rate going through the system in gpm
Peak Flow Rate
Highest flow rate in gpm passing through the
system since last reset
Total amount of gallons that have passed
through the unit since start up or being reset
**Can Indicate when the media should be replaced
Easy to Access
Hours Between
Last Two Cleanings
Amount of hours between the last two
automatic cleaning cycles
Hours Since Last
Cleaning Cycle
Amount of hours since the last automatic
cleaning cycle
Volume Remaining
Amount of gallons before next automatic
cleaning cycle
• Cleans Itself Automatically
Based on Gallons Used
• Advanced Premium Media
Blend for the Reduction of
“Quality Water Treatment Equipment”
Chlorine and Chloramines
• Patented Scalestop Media is
the Most Effective Alternative
2 Tank Technology
Combined in a
Single Unit
to Scale Control
• Easy Installation
• Small Footprint
• LCD Backlit Display
• Flow Rates to 35.0 gpm
Patented ScaleStop Media for
Scale Prevention. Individual
Chambers Increase the
Contact Time Between the
Water and Media, Enhancing
the Effectiveness of the Media.
Coconut Based Activated
Carbon for the Reduction of
• 3/4” to 1.5”
• Full Flow Bypass
Catalytic Carbon for the
Reduction of Chloramines
• Easy Programming
• Reliable and Durable
• Nema - 3R Rated for outside
• Uses Navrom for power
backup. No batteries or
reprogramming needed after a
power failure.
Filter Media for the Removal
of Sediment and Dirt.
Captured Sediment is
Automatically Back Washed
During the Cleaning Process
*This product does not produce soft
water. Please call to discuss the
proper application for this product.
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