This manual is intended for the IMMOTOR GO electric scooter
Access to related resources
1) Users are provided with access to the relevant teaching videos at
2) Users may search “IMMOTOR GO” in the app store to download the Immotor APP
for ios or Android.
*It is strongly recommended that users watch the tutorial videos and read this manual and
all relevant notices prior to using the product to ensure safety and proper user experience.
1. Product overview
1.1 Product introduction
1.2 Product specifications
2. Introduction to IMMOTOR GO
2.1 GO construction and modular functions
2.2 Main body
3. Super Battery
3.1 Battery structure and function description
3.2 How to install and remove the Super Batteries
3.3 Directions for the Super Battery
4. Introduction to IMMOTOR GO APP
4.1 Registration and login
4.2 Main interface of IMMOTOR GO APP
5. Getting started with IMMOTOR GO
5.1 Scooter preparation
5.2 Introduction to IMMOTOR GO configurations
5.3 Deploying the GO's different configurations
5.4 Getting started with IMMOTOR GO
6. Service and maintenance
6.1 Recommendation on daily service
6.2 Common troubleshooting and error codes
6.3 Transportation advice
7. Safe driving and disclaimer
7.2 Prohibitions
7.3 Driving manners
1. Product overview
1.2 Product specifications
1.1 Product introduction
Immotor GO is the world’s most intelligent and portable electric scooter with cloud enabled
technology that delivers a safe and intuitive ‘last mile’ riding experience in tune with today’s
transportation needs. Immotor’s award winning Super Battery technology is the safest and
fastest charging battery in the industry. The Immotor GO foldable electric scooter syncs to your
smartphone and possesses functionality flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. Take it with you on a
plane, train, car, elevator or even a hot air balloon - it never has to leave your side. The GO’s 3-wheel
stability, adaptive suspension, electric brakes and tubeless air cushion tires ensures a user-friendly
experience for riders of all ages and experience levels. The GO is the first foldable electric scooter
for adults and teens that safely solves the first/last mile commuter problem, letting you take charge
of the way you move through your life.
Use cases:
Corporate or educational campus use
Facility or event management
Private security or law enforcement
Private aviation and boating
Tours and tourism
Feature highlights
Minimal, sleek & stylish appearance
Standup for riding and foldable for pulling or stowing
Easy and quick replacement of battery. Faster recharging than similar products
IoT features providing connected user experience
More powerful cloud platform with APP service support
Direct Drive Gearless Hub 350W/48V
Front wheel-6.5 in airless tire/ Rear-6 in airless tire
Dual rear and dual front wheel independent heavy duty springs
300 lbs/130KG
Body Composition
Aluminum alloy/High Impact Plastic
LCD Daybrite
Head/Brake Light
Hi-brite LED
Super Battery
Lithium lon with smart power and battery management system
Max speed 16 MPH (25 Km/h), Minimum speed 1 MPH (1 Km/h)
Hill Climbing
Up to 27% (15 degree slope)
Ride Range
Up to 16 Miles/2 batteries, 8 Miles/1 battery
Recharge Time
2-3 hours
Unit configuration
Smart application
Independent suspension (front and rear)
Front wheel
6.5 inch tubeless run-flat tire
Rear wheels
6 inch tubeless run-flat tire
Bluetooth audio
Front brake
Electronic brake
Anti-theft alarm
Rear brake
Emergency only
‘Find my GO’
Aluminum alloy, high strength plastic
Remote locking
White highlight LED light
Unit self-diagnostic
Red highlight LED light
Display screen
Sunlight readable LCD
USB-A port
Located by LCD
5 Watt speaker
Overall weight
Package contents
Immotor GO Scooter *1
Power configuration
136Wh Super Battery *2
Front-wheel drive
350W / 48V Brushless inwheel motor
Speed limit
16 MPH (25 Km/h)
Speed control
Adjustable speed control settings
Super Battery Quantity
Panasonic 18650 cell
Battery indicator
6 LED indicators
Waterproof grade
Battery case
Aluminum alloy shell
Charging time
2 hours for single battery, 3 hours of dual batteries
Available, c/w dual overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, short
circuit protection. RS485 communication.
AC Charger *1
Package content
Protective Carrying Sleeve *1
Phone Holder *1
Protective Handle Bar Grip Cover *2
Quick Start Guide *1
Box size
89cm(L) X 39cm(W) X 29cm(H)
2. Introduction to IMMOTOR GO
3. Headlights: A short press will switch on/off and adjust the lights between low/high beam. After
startup, the headlights are in automatic mode, i.e., they will automatically turn on when the light
Before using this product, please read this user manual fully to understand the characteristics of
sensor detects darkness. Users may set the automatic feature via APP;
this product, so as to ensure a good user experience and to learn the correct and safe riding skills.
4. Front Fairing;
This section will outline the structure and functions of IMMOTOR GO.
5. Loudspeaker;
6. LOGO light: It turns on upon startup and will rotate while the GO is in motion. It may be
2.1 GO construction and modular functions
disabled by APP;
The IMMOTOR GO, mainly made of high-strength aluminum alloy and high-strength plastic,
7. Front wheel;
consists of two modules: Main Body and Footboard. Below is a diagram of the unit structure:
8. Rear fender: soft material, designed to be used as an emergency brake if needed.
9. Rear wheels;
10. Hook: To be used in conjunction with IMMOTOR hanger accessories, capable of holding the
maximum load of 30 lbs (15KG);
11. Battery compartment latch: Press the latch to release the battery cover;
12. Battery compartment cover: Remover the compartment cover, release the metal clips to place
the super battery. The metal clips can be released as follows:
1. Handle Bars: Users control the handle to turn left or right, and may press the buttons for different
functions, such as activating the horn, headlights and switching preset speed modes. The left and
right handle bars are both foldable;
2. Stem: Users may adjust the stem height to suit their comfort for the best posture and riding
experience. The stem, designed with high, medium and low positions, is adjustable by pressing the
red folding button located beneath the “T” Handle;
13. Footboard latch: Step on this latch to fold the release the main body towards the footboard -
3. Camera button (multi-function button):
users may refer to Section 5 for further instruction;
Short press: Bluetooth connection with your smartphone may be enabled with a short press, but it
14. Footboard;
will be automatically disabled if there is no connection within two minutes. When the BLE
15. Tail light: Activates when unit is powered on, and will be highlighted when brake is activated. It
connection has been established, a short press of this button will trigger the user’s smartphone
will blink regularly during firmware updates or to communicate system errors;
camera while in the GPS section of the Immotor APP;
16. Multi-function trigger latch: It is used to release the footboard when unfolding or folding the
A long press of this button for 2 seconds will toggle the preset speed mode of the scooter between
GO. The bag hook on the latch is capable of holding a maximum load of 30 lbs (15KG);
Mode 1: maximum 4 MPH (6km/h), and Mode 2: maximum 13 MPH (20km/h). Sports mode can be
enabled in Mode 2 via the APP to reach a maximum speed of 16 MPH (25km/h);
4. Cruise Control button: When pressed while riding at a certain speed, the scooter maintains its
current speed without needing to pull the throttle; users may press this button again, or quick
press brake/throttle to deactivate cruise control;
6. Headlight button: Give a short press to this button to turn on headlight or off. While the headlights
7. USB port: This USB-A port allows users to connect their smartphone via USB cable to charge it
5. Horn button: A short press or long press of this button will sound the horn;
are on, a short press of this button will toggle the headlights between high or low beam;
while on the move. The port will not provide a charge if the GO is powered off;
8. Power button: A short press of this button will wake up or put the scooter to sleep. The button is
inoperative during ride. Note: When powered on, the scooter will automatically go to sleep if there
is no operation within 5 minutes; Do not remove the rubber cover off the button.
9. LCD: Detailed battery status, mileage, speed and other information and necessary reminders are
displayed while the scooter is powered on. Here is the function description of the icons on the LCD:
Signal bar
1. Brake Lever: Pull it to slow the scooter down when riding It is an electronic brake system whose
sensitivity is positively correlated with speed. Please use brake after releasing throttle and avoid
emergency braking to ensure safe driving. In the event both the brake and throttle are engaged,
the brake automatically overrides the throttle;
2. Throttle Lever: Pull it to accelerate the scooter. The speed depends on the selected speed mode
Cruise Control
Anti-theft Lock
Battery 1 Status
Battery 2 Status
Remaining Range
and the pressure applied to the lever. Please try to keep steady to ensure safe driving;
Time: When the scooter is connected to a smart phone via BLE Bluetooth, the scooter time will be
10: T handle: Follow the diagram below to pull out the T handle. When folded up, the scooter
automatically synchronized with the system time of the mobile phone;
can be pulled along by this handle. Note: Please do not hang any items on the T handle.
Classic Bluetooth: This icon can be in either Flashing/Pairing or ON/Paired status: 1. Flashing: classic
11, 12: Handle Bar release buttons: press them to release and fold up the handles.
Bluetooth is detectable; 2. ON: classic Bluetooth has been connected;
Signal bar: It shows the current GPRS signal strength, which depends on the surrounding
How to pull out the drawbar handle and install the phone holder
environment and network service provider; Normally it takes 30 seconds to search for a signal and
establish communication in an environment with good network quality.
Missed calls ( for Android devices only): The icon will blink briefly if any call is missed during the
Locate the center hole of the
ride after a smart device is connected to the scooter via BLE Bluetooth, Unread messages ( for
multi-function trigger latch (marked
Android devices only): The icon will blink briefly if there is any message unread during the ride after
clearly with a white ‘up’ arrow inside),
a smart device is connected to the scooter via BLE Bluetooth.
as shown above, put your finger in
Battery 1: The current battery level of battery 1;
and flick it upward to push the
Battery 2: The current battery level of battery 2;
T Handle up; press down on T Handle
Total battery level: The total battery level of batteries 1 and 2;
to retract back into the body.
Remaining range: An estimate generated by the system based on real-time riding conditions;
Recharging: It is normally on during recharging process, signaling that the Super Batteries are
being recharged;
Cruise Control: When cruise control is engaged, the icon appears;
Headlight: When powered on, the scooter is in automatic headlight mode by default (the light
icon shows a superscript A), and when users manually turn on the scooter headlight, the
superscript A disappears;
Speedometer: The current riding speed is displayed;
Error code: The current error code, refer to the table of error codes, Section 6.2 herein for
more information; “00” means the scooter has no errors.
Lock: This icon means the motor is locked, but unlockable through APP after powering on
the scooter;
Riding mode: MODE 1: Low Speed , 4 MPH (6 km/h) at maximum, shown as 1 ; MODE 2: High
Speed, 13 MPH (20km/h) at maximum, shown as 2 ; Top Speed(to be unlocked from APP):
16 MPH (25km/h) at maximum;
Odometer: Total distance ridden on the GO;
Current Trip Odometer: The mileage of current trip, calculated afrom each time the GO
is powered on;
*Note for the phone holder: Please check the holder and port before using the holder; please
check the front mounting slot and ensure that the holder is installed in the correct direction. Make
sure that the installation is correct and there is a click. Do not put the phone on until the holder is
secure. IMMOTOR will not be liable for any damage to the holder or smartphone.
Communication features
The scooter is provided with a built-in SIM card supportive of GPRS (2G)/WCDMA(3G)
communication, depending on the local network and available at certain cost. Please contact your
local network service provider for details. IMMOTOR provides users with limited data traffic service
for a year from the initial use of the scooter.
3. Super Battery
3.1 Battery structure and function description:
The structure of the battery interface is as follows:
1: positive electrode
2,3: negative electrodes
4,5: communication ports
*Note: Do not connect the positive and negative electrodes of battery in order to avoid
malfunction and potential danger after placement into IMMOTOR GO;
The super battery is designed with following protection features, and users may connect the
scooter with IMMOTOR GO APP to manage the battery status and information:
Temperature protection: When its temperature is too high or too low, the super battery will trigger
high temperature or low temperature protection. At this point, please place the battery at room
temperature for a while until its temperature returns to normal working range (0 °C ~ 40 °C ), then
Super battery is a TSA compliant high-performance battery module independently developed by
IMMOTOR based on the 18650 cell. It has two versions - 136Wh and 99Wh - featuring insertion and
reverse insertion, IP65 rated protection, and BMS (battery management system). A single battery
is sufficient to drive IMMOTOR GO. When two batteries are in use at the same time, IMMOTOR GO
system will automatically allocate them for more smart and efficient use, saving users from balancing
the voltage of the batteries. When the battery is removed from the scooter, voltage output will be cut
off at both positive and negative ends, effectively rendering the battery inert and totally safe.
the temperature protection will be automatically relieved;
Voltage protection: When the recharging voltage is too high, the super battery will trigger
over-voltage protection, and, after the recharger power is cut off for a short while, super battery
will resume recharging; when its voltage is too low, the super battery will trigger under-voltage
protection, calling for prompt recharging;
Current protection: When the recharging or discharging current is too large, or when a short circuit
occurs, the super battery will trigger self-protection. At this point, after the super battery is cut off
for a short while, the protection will be automatically relieved.
3.2 How to install and remove
the Super Batteries
1) Insert finger in the battery compartment latch, press down on
the latch and pull slot away from main body to open the battery
2) Release the two metal clips by lifting on tabs located in the center,
then pivot them outward.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
How to remove the Super Batteries
1) With the 3-pin contact facing down (and logo on top), slide
the Super Battery (2) into the storage slots.
2) Close and secure the metal clips again to secure the Super
Batteries in place.
3) Shut the battery compartment door.
1) Insert finger in the battery compartment slot, press down on the
latch and pull away from main body to open the battery
2) Release the metal clips that are securing the battery. Remove the
Super Batteries from their slots.
Charging time:
3.3 Directions for the Super Battery
Recharging time for 1 battery: about 2 hours;
Recharging time for 2 battery: about 3 hours;
The required ambient temperature for recharging is between 10 °C ~ 40 °C
Recharging mode: users may recharge the super battery using the following two methods:
1. Place it into the battery compartment and connect the AC charger;
*Note: please check the limit before plugging/unplugging the recharger by specified steps.
Don’t pull the cable hard.
2. Place it into the IMMOTOR dual dock charger;
Recharge Status: Depending on the different recharging methods, users can monitor the
Discharging: Users may discharge the battery by putting the battery into the battery compartment
recharging status in real-time in the following manner:
or using IMMOTOR accessories,.
1. If the battery is being recharged in the scooter, the battery bar on the LCD will flow and
indcate the real-time battery level percentage; after the LCD automatically goes off in 5
Batter level indicator: Upon a press of the button on the battery, LED indicator lights on the battery
minutes, users may power on the scooter to see the real-time battery level;
will be turned on in the number correlated to the battery level:
2. If recharging on the IMMOTOR dual dock charger, the corresponding recharging indicator
light will be solid red.
Recharging completion status: for different recharging methods, the indicator of recharging
Battery level
completion are as follows:
1. If it is being recharged in the scooter, the battery level is 100% as indicated on LCD.
2. If it is being recharged on the IMMOTOR dual dock charger, the corresponding recharging
indicator light turns solid green.
4. Introduction to the IMMOTOR GO APP
IMMOTOR GO APP is a mobile application specifically designed and developed for the IMMOTOR
GO smart electric scooter. It connects smartphones and the scooter via Bluetooth to perform smart
control, data acquisition, data transmission, data analysis and other functions. IMMOTOR GO APP
is available in both Android and iOS versions. Normal connection and data transmission are not
available unless the scooter is paired with a smartphone.
4.1 Registration and Login
For each user, the first use of the IMMOTOR GO APP requires user to create an IMMOTOR account
associated with user’s mobile phone number. Please note that:
1. The user is required to correctly select the country or region, telephone number, phone
verification code, password and other information;
2. The user is also required to select the correct country or region to log in.
4.2 Main interface of IMMOTOR GO APP
1. Lock/unlock: Once the scooter is connected with a smartphone via BLE Bluetooth, users
After successful registration or login, users will enter the main app interface, as illustrated below.
may tap this button to lock or unlock the scooter. The scooter, when locked, will sound a
Clicking the icon in upper left or upper right (or swiping left or right) will lead to the left or right
horn, then go into sleep mode and can only be unlocked via APP. If someone attempts to
menu bars:
move the GO when locked, it will sound an alarm and flash it’s lights. After locking, the lock
icon will display on the scooter LCD; when connected with GPRS , the GO allows users to
remotely lock it through the network. Note: lock/unlock is only possible when the scooter is
powered on; 2. Share: This function allows the owner to, by scanning the QR codes of other users via
IMMOTOR GO APP, authorize designated users to ride the GO and use certain functions such
as unlock/unlock, lighting and other functions through a limited version of the app;
3. GPS: Touch this icon to enter the map page of the APP where users can set route navigation, location and access their camera to take pictures and video from within the app.
4. Real-time status: The app home screen shows the real-time battery level,
real-time speed and estimated remaining range, beneath which the user’s
scooter name will be displayed. When the scooter is connected to a smartphone via BLE, the Bluetooth status will turn into “Bluetooth is connected”.
5. Virtual fence: Users may enter the Virtual fence function by pulling up the
up arrow on the bottom of the APP home page and clicking on any part of
the map. Settings of the virtual fence allow users to effectively monitor their
own scooters, so that they can only be ridden within the specified radius
(0-10 miles). Once the scooter exceeds the range, the APP will notify the rider
with a warning via the app;
6. Notifications: Touch this icon to enter the notification bar. The notification bar displays the
history of three separate warning notifications: virtual fence alarm, illegal movement alarm,
and battery over-heating. Users can select real-time push notification preferences and the
type of notifications they receive on their smartphone;
*Note: For Android devices, users should allow the IMMOTOR GO APP to run in the
17. Bluetooth Settings: Once the smart key is enabled, smartphone may automatically
background and enable “Receive new notifications” ; For iOS devices, users should enable
connect the scooter via classic Bluetooth, after which, the scooter will automatically be
IMMOTOR GO APP push notifications in the iOS system settings.
unlocked and the smart phone may play music through the scooter speakers;
7. Profile: Touch this icon to go to the user profile page where users may set custom avatar,
18. Systems Check: Users may perform a check of eight modules: GPS, GPRS, SIM card, central
nickname, phone number, gender, individual signature and more. The user QR code is not
control, peripherals, control system, engine, and battery. Once the check is completed, the
user can save the results to the Immotor Cloud or Device History and generate a report
card scoring the scooter by 100,80,60,40,20 or 0 . A score below 60 (exclusive) denotes that
8. Album: Users can view photos and videos taken through the control panel during ride. All
there are potentially unsafe issues or a malfunction may occur with the scooter. In this case,
media is geo-tagged;
users should contact IMMOTOR after-sale service. A score between 60 to 100 means that
the scooter is in normal conditions. If there is any factors adverse to user experience, please
9. Add scooter: Users may scan the QR codes or input the scooter’s SN to add a scooter or
adjust or service the scooter according to the physical examination report. Please refer to
send a borrow request to its owner;
Section 1.6 for details on maintenance and service.
10. Borrow request: Users may check this menu to view all the borrow requests. When an
19. Super battery: This tab allows users to monitor the battery information for the batteries
owner accepts the request made by another user to borrow the scooter, the borrower may
in the scooter, including the charge level of each battery, current temperature and capacity.
run the APP to set the lock/unlock, riding, lighting etc.
The page also provides users with battery ID, recharge and discharge counts, use counts,
recharging current, rated voltage, battery cell count, etc.;
11. Scooter name: This lists the names of all the scooters that have been paired with by the
user. The user can switch between devices to monitor each independent unit;
20. SIM Usage: This feature allows users to view the data usage of the built-in SIM card;
12. Accessories: It lists other IMMOTOR smart accessories (ex: dual dock charger) detected by
21. Horn Sounds: This feature allows users to select the audio effects for the horn;
the smartphone through Bluetooth;
22. GO Settings: This feature allows users to re-name their scooter, view manufacturing date,
13. Settings: Users may view “About Us”, “Feedback”, “IMMOTOR Official Website” and “Logout”
serial number, QR code, un-pair from the scooter, view user manual, and update firmware.
under this menu.
*Note: Upon each login, the IMMOTOR GO APP will automatically detect the need for a
14. Annual mileage: Users may view the traveling track of the scooter per travel, day, week,
firmware update. Before firmware update, please make sure that the battery level of both
month, year:
smartphone and scooter is over 50% and the BLE and network connections are normal. If
the firmware update is interrupted, users may restart the APP to update the firmware again.
15. Mileage ranking: This page ranks the users by mileage ridden per week, month and year.
16. Device history: Users may view the pairing/unpairing history and systems check results of
the scooter. Also, users may add records;
5. Getting started with IMMOTOR GO
5.1 Scooter preparation
Refer to Section 2.1 for detailed inspection of the scooter. Prior to using this product, please make
5.2 Introduction to IMMOTOR GO configurations:
Users may unfold or fold up the GO to select one of the 3 unique configurations to suit different
occasions or travel needs. The 3 configurations are Ride, Power Assist and Stand By:
sure it is in good operable condition.
Before the first use, users are required to download IMMOTOR GO APP, and pair the scooter to their
smartphone via the APP by following these steps:
1. Scan the QR code and download the IMMOTOR APP (for either Android or iOS devices)
2. For the first run of the IMMOTOR APP, use your phone number to register an account
according to the prompts on the page, and follow the prompts to scan the QR code on the
footboard (above rear wheels) to pair the scooter with your smartphone. Please ensure that
your cellphone network has proper signal strength for pairing.
*Note: For a better, more connected user experience, users are strongly advised to pair their
smartphones with IMMOTOR GO before the first use of the scooter.
Ride: Users may fully unfold the scooter to turn it into ride mode in which users of all ages and
abilities can easily ride the GO thanks to its 3-wheel stability.
Power Assist: Users may fold up the footboard with the wheels remaining in a tri-pod formation to
use the GO in Power Assist. In Power Assist, the GO functions as a caddy, carrying your belongings
for you as you walk beside it. Users may adjust the speed via the IMMOTOR GO APP v(the “Power
Assist” control tab in the APP provides Fast, Normal, Slow speed settings).
Stand By: Users may fold up the GO into its most compact configuration to pull it along like a
suitcase, or carry it when the situation only allows for limited space (ex, in an elevator, subway,
boat, suor trunk of a car, etc.).
5.3 Deploying the GO's different
5.3.1 Stand By to Ride
“T” Handle
Figure A
WARNING: When folding up your Immotor GO, never place
your hands or fingers between footboard and main body
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
1) Insert finger below the latch to the back of the slot, then lift
to pop “T” handle up. (Figure A)
2) Pull up the “T” handle until it stops
(About 5 inches)
“T” Handle
“T” Handle
Main Body
Main Body
1) While holding “T” handle, lift trigger latch
to disengage footboard from body.
2 &3) Gently kick rear wheels away from main body as you lower the
footboard toward the ground until it latches onto the rear axle.
Foot board
1) With one hand on the “T” handle in up position, step on the footboard, with one
foot, and with opposite hand push red button located under the
“T’ handle with thumb to pull “T” handle up and extend fully.
Select Handle Bar Height
• Once stem is locked into an “up” position, lift up the handle bars (both sides) into horizontal position.
1) Once handle bars are locked into their
horizontal position, you may select one of 3 preset handle bar/stem
heights by pressing the red button and sliding the stem up or down until
it locks at desired height.
2) Stow the “T” handle by pushing it down
into its slot.
5.3.2 Ride to Stand-By Mode
1) Press the square button behind the handle bar to release the handle bars.
2) Fold the handle bars down until it is parallel with the stem.
3) Repeat with other handle bar.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
“T” Handle
Main body
• Lift up the “T” handle. While holding it, press the red button
under “T” handle to release and push the stem down until it
retracts fully into the main body.
1) While holding the “T” handle with one hand, step on the top
of the foot latch located where the footboard meets the body to
release the hinge.
2) Pivot the whole body down using “T” handle to connect to the
footboard and press until it clicks into place.
* The body should now be connected/latched to the footboard.
Power Assist
1) Using “T” handle, lift GO upwards again until it stands and locks into
Power Assist mode.
2&3) Lift the latch to release rear wheels and fold/lock the wheels into
Stand-By Mode.
• Push the handle down to close
5.3.3 Stand By to Power Assist
1) Insert finger below the latch to the back of the slot, then
lift to pop “T” handle up.
2) While holding “T” handle, lift and release trigger latch in order to push
rear wheels backwards until they lock into place, forming a triangle base
as shown above.
3) Press red button located under the “T” handle with thumb and pull “T”
handle up to extend. Raise handle bars.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
5.3.4 Power Assist to Ride
1) While holding the handle bar with one hand, lift the trigger latch to
release the footboard.
2) Lower the footboard toward the ground until it latches
onto the rear axle.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
5.3.5 Power Assist to Stand By
1) Press the square button behind each handle bar to release and fold
them down until parallel with the stem.
2) Lift up the “T” handle. While holding it, press the red button under “T”
handle to release and push down until retracted fully into the main body.
3) Lift the trigger latch to release rear wheels and fold/lock the wheels
into Stand-By mode.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
5.3.6 Ride to Power Assist
1) While holding the “T” handle or handle bars with one hand, step on
the foot latch located where the footboard meets the body to release the
2) Lower the whole body to connect to the footboard - press down on
body until it clicks into place.
*The body should now be connected/latched to the footboard.
3) Using “T”handle or handle bars, lift GO upwards again until it stands
and wheels lock into Power Assist mode.
*Tutorial videos are available on the App and at
5.5 Getting started with IMMOTOR GO
Power on: Press the power button on the right hand side of the LCD, wait for the LCD to turn on
and for the GO to play the startup chime;
Acceleration: Pull the throttle lever on the right handle bar to accelerate the scooter. The throttle is
progressive – the harder you pull, the faster the scooter accelerates.
*Note: Please select speed in accordance with the road conditions, local regulations, and the
surrounding environment - try to avoid full throttle. Please ride as steadily as possible to ensure
your safety and the safety of those around you.
*Note: To ensure the safety of first time users, in the first kilometer (0.6 miles) of your IMMOTOR GO
ride, the scooter will travel in mode 1 (max speed of 4 MPH) by default. Once you have completed
the first kilometer, the higher speed settings will be accessible.
Brake: Pull the brake lever on the left handle bar to brake the scooter. The brake system of
IMMOTOR GO is a linear electronic one, whereby the scooter will gradually decelerate upon
activation, and the braking strength is positively correlated with the speed, i.e., it will react more
Verify whether the wear and tear of the left and right tires is significant and even on a regular basis.
If the wear and tear is serious, contact IMMOTOR after-sale service or designated distributor for
replacement. (Note: tires & wear-and tear parts not covered by warranty)
Check whether the moving parts are in reliable condition regularly, if there is any problem, contact
IMMOTOR or designated distributor.
Check whether the footboard rlease latch and the multi-function trigger latch are functional, if they
are not functional, contact IMMOTOR or designated distributor.
Check whether the outer parts are damaged, if there is any need for replacement, contact
IMMOTOR or designated distributor.
Users are prohibited to disassemble any internal components. Any unauthorized disassembly will
result in a voided warranty.
6.2 Common troubleshooting and error codes
List of common error codes:
aggressively the faster you go and the harder you pull on the lever. When the brake lever is
pulled, the brake light is highlighted.
Error code
*Note: Please ensure a long enough braking distance proportionate to your current driving speed.
Please apply the brake slowly and avoid abrupt stops.
System error
For more button functions, please refer to Section 1.2.
6. Service and maintenance
Power failure
Battery failure
liquid, nor wipe the carriage with a dripping rag.
storage in high temperature environment. To store the battery for a long time, please discharge the
Check the tire assembly periodically by shaking the rear wheel against the rear axle shaft by hand
to see if the assembly is loose. If so, check the nuts of the wheel assembly and tighten them. This is
Please try to unplug the battery - wait a
minute or so before re-inserting it.
Please store the scooter in a cool and dry place to avoid prolonged direct sunlight and long-term
battery to about 70% in advance (4 illuminated LED indicator lights on Super Battery).
Please try to restart the GO or remove
and replace the battery one or more
times - if the error persists, please contact
after-sales service
Wipe the scooter with a soft rag soaked with a small amount of clean water on a regular basis to
closed. The waterproof rating of the scooter, IP54, implies users should not soak the product into
6.1 Recommendations on daily service keep the scooter clean. Before cleaning, unplug the battery and make sure the recharging port is
Please try to restart the scooter – multiple
restarts may be necessary. Should the error
persist, please contact after-sales service
for rear wheels only;
Error code
Peripheral fault
Please move to an open space and restart
the scooter
Please top up the SIM card
Please try to restart the GO or remove
and replace the battery one or more
times - if the error persists, please contact
after-sales service
Before starting to use this product, users are advised to check every part and the battery and make sure
the scooter is in good condition. Checklist includes but is not limited to:
1. All the buttons are functional
7. Safe driving and disclaimer
2. The LCD is functional;
3. The unit is free of any damage on physical structure, mechanical problem, and obvious
appearance defect;
4. Wheels, tires, and suspension systems are in good condition;
5. The headlights, taillights and horn are functional;
6. The battery is in good condition, fully recharged;
7. The protection cover of the recharging port is functional;
8. The mobile phone is of sufficient power and capable of communicating with the scooter properly;
6.3 Transportation advice
9. The phone holder is installed correctly and securely;
If any abnormality is found during the inspection, please contact IMMOTOR after-sale technical support.
Battery transportation
If you need to travel by airline with your GO, remove the super batteries from the GO - do not place
As a smart means of transportation, the technology and production processes of IMMOTOR GO are
them in your checked luggage. Place them into your carry-on baggage and do not carry more than
strictly certified and tested. However, falling, lack of control, collision and other mishaps, including
2 of them at a time – Current TSA regulatons allow for carry one of 2 batteries less than 150Wh.
non-compliance with this manual, regardless of time and place, may result in personal injuries of users
Please consult with your airline or airport security company for more detailed information;
in the course of use. To reduce risks and avoid injuries, please read this manual carefully and watch the
Handle the battery gently during transportation and do not place any heavy object on it. Package
relevant safety videos. It is recommend to wear protective gear before driving.
it with paddingif necessary;
Please pay attention to the changes in aviation authorities’ polices regarding the transportation of
*Note: Immotor Technology Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss or personal injury resulting from
Lithium Ion batteries. IMMOTOR takes no responsibility for any consequences from policy changes.
non-compliance by users with the manual nor for any obligation not specified by laws and regulations.
Carriage transportation
7.2 Prohibitions
Please transport the scooter in the Stand By mode. Handle it gently;
Since the size of the GO, even in Stand By, exceeds the limits specified by airline companies for
Do NOT ride the scooter in any country, region, relevant management unit off limits to such vehicle;
carry on baggage size, it is recommended you check it in a hard travel case;
Do NOT ride on motorway. In some countries and regions, such scooters are banned from even
If you need to place the GO into some other form of transportation, it is recommended to remove
non-motorized lanes, in such case, local regulations shall prevail;
the battery in advance. Do not put any heavy object on the GO to avoid impact damage;
Do NOT modify any part without authorization nor ride a modified scooter, otherwise it will affect its
to see if the assembly is loose. If so, check the nuts of the wheel assembly and tighten them. This is
performance or damage it;
for rear wheels only;
Do NOT ride it in bad weather and on slippery ground, for instance, heavy rain, gale, muddy roads;
Do NOT ride it on road with sporadic obstacles, such as small branches, garbage, pebbles, broken glass, nails;
Do not drive in bad light. Please drive at a low speed, keep alert and turn on the headlights if necessary;
Do NOT ride it on occasions not compliant with requirements of the use of the product or risky
Let pedestrians cross the road first, especially children; When overtaking pedestrians from behind, warn
environment, such as deep pits, large cracks, slopes steeper than 15°, water deeper than 5 cm;
them and pass them from the left side at a reasonable speed. Pass oncoming pedestrians from the right
(the wading time and depth are to be determined, but the recharging port should be covered)
side at a reasonable speed;
Do NOT drive it in unsafe environment, such as places where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, dusts,
Control your speed - make sure your own safety and that of others is always observed and be ready to
fibers, etc. may lead to fire or explosion or other dangerous events.
stop the scooter any time;
It is intended for ride by one person only. And Do NOT carry two or more people;
Keep your body relaxed when driving;
Unskillful users are prohibited to ride it on roads and in public places;
When the remaining power level is lower than 15%, please get off the scooter in time and recharge it;
Pregnant women, alcoholics, psychiatric patients, heart patients, old people over 70, people with limited
It is recommended to use the GO in temperatures ranging from 0~ 40°C. High temperature, slope
mobility, and minors below 14 are prohibited to drive it;
climbing will increase the internal temperature of the scooter quickly, leading to a premature loss of
Do NOT drive it when you are ill or unable to comply with the instructions or warnings of this manual;
performance and a reduction of its service life. An unreasonably cold (below 0 C) environment will have
Do NOT drive it when alcohol or drugs start to act on the driver;
a certain impact on battery performance. Therefore, we do not recommend users to use this product in
Do NOT remove your hands from the handle bars while riding, or lean your body against the central control;
such an environment for a long period of time;
Do NOT lift either sole of feet off the footboard while riding;
The use of the rear wheel fenders as a brake is recommended for emergency purposes only;
Do NOT back the scooter for a long distance;
Do not park scooter in such places that would obstruct pedestrians and means of transportation;
Do NOT ride the scooter up and down the stairs;
Do not put any other items on the footboard;
Do NOT lift the scooter up in the air in any situation (such as riding it over any bump at high speed);
Should any traffic accident occur while driving, please stay in place and wait for relevant authorities to
Do NOT use this product for extreme sports;
arrive and handle the accident in a reasonable and lawful way;
Do NOT ride the scooter sideways on any slope;
Avoid jamming of any part of you body between the tire and the fender at the risk of serious injury;
Do NOT ride the scooter sideways on any slope;
Service and maintain the scooter on a regular basis as required.
Do NOT use this product to drag any items along;
Do NOT hold any item more than 15KG on the hanger.
Do NOT make/answer calls, eat, or otherwise distract the driver himself/herself etc when riding;
Do NOT violate other provisions of the manual, especially those expressly prohibited by Warning and Caution.
7.3 Driving Manners
Before lending the scooter to others, make sure they have read this manual carefully and have watched
the safe driving videos.
Users should exercise their driving skills before they get on the road;
Before driving, please ensure that the scooter is in good condition and the battery is full (remaining
battery level should be higher than 90%);
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